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Hello friends and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you. Oh boy, am I ever looking forward to this day of cooking, family time, lots of conversation, and just a day to exhale and relax with my family of 5. Like many it will be just us, a much smaller group than usual and I have to say I am kind of looking forward to a more chill day. Of course I really miss celebrating this day with my parents and sister and family but we are all doing whats right. So since it’s just us 5, if I want to stay in my robe until noon, so be it:)

Though our world right now is in major turmoil and there is sadness everywhere we look, I am choosing to focus on my blessings today. My family first and foremost, having a roof over my head and food to eat, feeling loved by special friends and of course a special appreciation for all my readers/customers/followers. You have enriched my life far more than you could ever imagine and I am incredibly grateful. I have made friends from all over the place that I would otherwise never have met. Such a blessing!

I am also grateful to all our servicemen and women not able to be with their  own families, keeping us safe. All the front line works, doctors, nurses who are heroes in the fight against Covid. Many giving up Thanksgiving with their own families to help others. There are many unsung heroes out there.

Finally got my little table for 5 together.Getting there was a true comedy of errors. I was due to get gardenia in and they missed the shipping date so never came, then Weston Farms was shipping me one of their exquisite centerpieces and Fed Ex lost it.

Thankfully a friend stopped by our warehouse yesterday and bought me beautiful hydrangeas and another friend 10 days ago sent me roses from Grace Rose farm and with those two and some foliage from the yard, I came up with a very last minute arrangement. I put the arrangement together and loved it but then  felt wasn’t “Thanksgiving-y” enough, though so beautiful!

So I went “shopping” in my own home late last night and my gorgeous faux amaryllis came to the rescue along with my lifetime supply of pine cones, and pears:) I went into the yard, cut some fresh greens and voila, it all came together, You know what they say about those best laid plans! I used my beautiful Mottahedeh china, pretty linens and called it a day.

Wishing you a most happy, joyous and mostly safe Thanksgiving with you and yours.


My beautiful square chargers (click here) and stunning Blue Imperial china from Mottahedeh to save the day!

Nothing sets a table quite like a perfectly starched linen monogrammed napkin! (We will be holding our semi annual holiday monogram napkin sale within the week)

Used my reeded ball flatware, such an elegant pattern (click here)

Never underestimate the power of a sugarcane and some fruit (faux) I keep big plastic bags of them and use them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, they make a beautiful mantle too!

Oh and here is the arrangement I call the friendship arrangement because it was made with the gift of flowers of two special friends:)

My dearest friend brought the beautiful huge hydrangeas and greenery so I mixed them in with the roses in our. large pierced etched silver planter (click here)

A special shout out to Grace Rose Farm for these roses that lasted a whopping 10 days!!! I kept them outside at night but wow, did they ever come in handy!


And now my friends its time to go and start prepping for our early dinner later today. I wish for you,  many blessings on this day of thanks and feel incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful group of people from all over the world that I call my friends! Lucky indeed. Happy Thanksgiving!

PS Several have asked if we are having a Black Friday sale, yes, it will start after 7pm tonight until Friday midnight!

Miss Teddy every Thanksgiving, how he loved those leftovers!

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Fran W. on

Gorgeous table! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Chana Robinson on


Such joy and happiness. Love, Love to
you and yours.

Betty B on

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours also.
Thankful for the beauty you bring to me and many many more!

Eve on

Wishing you and yours a Very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Mary Anne on

Happy Thanksgiving ??? to you and your family! Always grateful to see your beautiful posts !! Keep up your fabulous work!! Enjoying the many purchases I’ve made from your shop.

JoAnn on

Happy Thanksgiving!

Louise Gorham on

Thank you for sharing such beauty along with your many talents with us.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Paulette P. on

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to the talented Tina who shares with us her amazing talents. We are grateful to you for giving us unique ideas and graciously presenting them to all your fans. Your reeded ball flatware is absolutely stunning, and your floral creation in your etched silver platter is so beautiful. Your two friends must be beaming for sure to see their flowers arranged so distinctively by the master of all things of beauty. Enjoy this special day with your dear family.

Lucia Donahower on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Tina!?????

Catherine Gershman on

Beautiful table setting.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Denise A. on

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing your lovely table, and the inspiration you exude all year long. It brings a much needed pick-me-up in these trying times. Thank you ~ and many blessings to you and your family.

Leigh on

What a spectacular table! You are so talented love the pears and orange slices!
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family thank you for the gift of your blog one of my favorite things !

Ms. Tracey on

We do have an awful lot to be thankful for don’t we Tina? ??

Susan K. on

We miss Teddy too!

Eileen on

The best of Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Bethany on

Thank you, your family, & your blog for providing numerous blessings of kind words, beautiful pictures, thankfulness, etc. throughout the many years beginning with your first blog post of which you continue to give me many blessings whenever I treat myself by reading your posts….Forever Be Blessed…

franki parde on

Just perfect!! franki

Marvin Bouchon on

Happy Thanksgiving Tina. God bless you and your loved ones. Enjoy! Your table is beautiful.

Pattie on

So beautiful nicest table setting I’ve seen in a long time

Lorraine Hutchinson on

Happy Happy Thanksgiving

Charlene on

A lovely Thanksgiving to you and yours???

Marilyn on

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Katie on

Happy Thanksgiving Tina! Thanks for mountains of eye candy all year long!

Julia Whitsitt on

Happiest Thanksgiving to you and your family. I’m grateful for you , your blog and website. You always say so eloquently what so many of us are feeling! Thank you for your encouraging words

Jennifer on

Dear Tina,
Thank you to you too. I always look forward to your emails. They lift up my spirit and I feel like you are just a dear dear friend.

Many blessings to all and to all a good night

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Happy Thanksgiving to You and your family. Stay safe and healthy.

Catharine on

Thanks Tina for a lovely Thanksgiving post. Your table looks beautiful and I think all of us are just thankful for all we have and are embracing our smaller gatherings this year. I actually am enjoying a more low key situation that the covid has brought….not so much fuss but more one on one with the people you are actually with. My little “pod” of 3…husband and son…was wonderful. They were not into the table decor as much as I would have liked…but all was wonderful. A toast to a more festive time next year!!

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