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Good morning from snowy NY. We had quite a snowstorm and quite contest with some spectacular entries. This was by no means an easy decision to winnow these down. But you have voted, with nearly 6000 votes and we have two sensational finalists. So the final showdown round is on, please vote for your favorite! The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Many thanks once again to all who entered, and to those who have taken part in the voting. I absolutely love hosting these fun contests. And, here we go-





A really tough choice! And here are some of the others that came in mighty close…

Well if this doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, not sure now  will! Don’t know about you, but I have A. LOT left to do. Hardly a single gift purchased though this year I am doing things a bit differently, buying one or two big gifts. Lots of gift cards going out, just being practical this year and frankly it’s been such a difficult and challenging year, this holiday feels in keeping with the theme. Doing my best to chug along, like many I suspect.

Stay safe and have a wonderful day. Until next time…..

Our deal of the day is one of my favorite mid sized cherry blossom fishbowls, a steal at $105! In fact today, I am setting up a small Christmas tree in one, stay tuned:)  They just came back in stock, click here to view. (sale price comes up at checkout)

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Dawn Ehmann on

Good morning,
Are you able to share where one could find the wicker dog bed?
Thank you,

Lois Munn on

winner of round two photo not showing on todays post!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I so enjoy these photo contests and unfortunately was so busy to participate in this one! I, too, have ALOT to do, but am really trying to enjoy the process ~it helps with Christmas carols playing in the background. Stay warm and healthy!

Elizabeth Moles on

I love every one and I think all of these photos are winners!

Charlene on

Yes, a lot of love and inspiration shown here❣?❣

Diane Love?LEE on

Thank you for sharing the exquisite, comfy, cozy Christmas rooms from other people’s homes. I feel the loving warmth of the hearths right through the photos. Thank you, again.
I’ve never actually seen a real live Red Cardinal. So, the photo of the Red Cardinal perched on snowy tree branch is my favorite. It is said that when one appears, it is a sign that a loved one who has passed, is with you. That’s all I want for Christmas.
I wish all of you at The Enchanted Home, your friends, family and extended families Good Health, Much Love, and Prosperity in every sense of the word.
May God Bless Us All. –
Diane Love?Lee

Suzanne on

Your contests are so much fun. Loved seeing all the beautiful pictures. I’m looking forward to the next one.


Love them all and thank you for doing this. I hope your followers continue to send in photos and you continue to share with us. Whether there is a contest or not. They are so uplifting and I look forward to viewing the photos. Merry Christmas and All the BEST for 2021!

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