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We were without internet, TV, phones, etc…most of the day today due to a storm. Maybe it was for the better:) Anyway better late than never, couldn’t let the day end without wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Hi to my dear readers and customers. Words cannot describe how happy I am that Christmas is here, as in totally giddy that it’s over. It has been a nonstop work month and this little elf is totally utterly exhausted. When on Christmas Eve day, I made my list at 5am of all I needed to do, I realized just how behind I was. Somehow, someway it all got done, just by the skin of my teeth with many comical moments along the way. You either have to laugh or cry, right?

I finally decided to cut myself a break, working 9, 10 hour days just did not allow time to get anything else done. Lesson learned for next year! Christmas shopping and prep begins in JULY. You read it here first:)

Granted this year was unlike any other so I had to shrug it off, that it was very much in keeping with the theme of 2020. Boy will I be glad when this is over! Though we have a long road ahead of us, just turning the page to a new year makes me feel calmer already.

I just wanted to thank you all for being there to support and encourage me, for being the best readers and customers I could ever dream of having. 5 years ago when I started my online business, I never in a million years dreamed it could be what it is today. Not a day goes by that I do not remind myself of how grateful and fortunate I am.

I love what I do and am excited to roll my sleeves up and get to work every single day, and you are a huge part of that. I can say with confidence I think the best is yet to come, 2021 is going to be an incredibly exciting year filled with all kinds of new things, different directions, a fresh new website, and some surprises along the way. I cannot wait to share with you as they happen.

I wish everyone the merriest Christmas, hug those you love just a little tighter because as we have all learned this year, life is a precious gift and can be incredibly fragile. My heart goes out to all those missing a loved one this year, too many families feeling that pain. I am not going to complain one iota because we have our health and we are HERE. I will miss being with my family but recognize that is a tiny price to pay to keep those we love safe.

So here are just a few pictures I snapped before everything went out (including my phone) but thankfully  in the end it all came together just in the nick of time:)


The highlight and hit of our Christmas was my sons new puppy, who is soooo cute!!! I felt like a doting quasi grandmother:) He is still mulling over a few names, so right now he is called “boy” until he decides:)

That face!

He was most curious to see what was in the refrigerator!

All that attention is mighty exhausting:)



And that is a wrap for Christmas 2020. Only was able to take a few pictures until my phone died. All in all a good day despite a few morning hiccups with the storm and winds. Missed being with my entire family but was so grateful to be seated at the table with my immediate family, feeling incredibly lucky to have them by my side. I recognize a number of families were not that lucky. Cheers to a much better year in 2021, may life get back to normal and may the rest of your holiday be filed with happiness, laughter, love and peace. Until next time……

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J. Klug on

Is the new member of your family a Jack Russell?

Phyllis on

How do I get to sale???

Norina on

Merry Christmas!

Catherine Gershman on

Merry Christmas?
Adorable puppy.

Linda Sikes on

I am trying the code a d it won’t apply

Mary Anne on

Merry Christmas ? and thank you for sharing your beautiful shop and inspiration !!
Happy Healthy New Year !
Sweet faced puppy ?

Missy safer on

Beautiful artfully arranged dining room table replete with your “ enchanting” Christmas decor. However, I must say it might have been upstaged by that daring puppy. Hopefully, a name will be selected soon to relieve him of the generic name, “boy!!!” Enjoy your time with your beloved family. Santa thinks you need a long overdue winter nap!

Donna on

Happy Holidays! Love that very sweet puppy!

Lisa on

Merry Christmas . Your home is absolutely stunning . Here’s wishing for a happy and healthy new year. on

May your New Year be merry and bright.

Regina on

You have so much energy, but please take care.♥️

Fiona on

Wow, so happy that your Christmas Day was amazing, you so deserve it, I have been following you for a few years now and love your Seven on Sundays, I never ever comment but I just wanted to say that I love following you, your life is amazing, love the new Puppy, what breed is he/she? Anyway Happy New Year to you and your family and really hope that life gets back to normal in the U.S.A, I live in British Columbia, Canada and we can’t believe what is happening down there, so stay safe, healthy and happy, wishing you the very best in the New Year???

Jo Shafer on

Puppy!! He’s adorable!!

Diane Massanelli on

Merry Christmas and your pictures are beautiful!

Deanna on

What an adorable puppy! I’ll bet he made this Christmas just a little more fun. Thank you for posting! I always love your decor and flowers. Merry Christmas!

Janet mogensen on

Merry Christmas to you , your family and staff! Happy new year❤️

Beth Christoff on

Tina…. I chuckle when I read about preparing for Christmas early because I say that, too (and I’m 55, go figure)! Soooo happy to see a furry little friend at your home. He’s not officially yours, but please keep us posted on the decided name! Merry Christmas!

Peggy Wilkins on

Beautiful photos, Merry Christmas to all!

lori dobson on

I enjoy your posts so very much. Best wishes for a blessed 2021!!

Patti on

I’m loving that rustic (lodgey?) flatware on your first table setting but don’t see it in your shop. Is it discontinued?

Mickey on

That puppy!!! So precious!!

Lucia Donahower on

Merry Christmas Tina! Enjoy the rest.

Karen Tortorella on

OMG!!!! The puppy is so cute. It is like having grandchildren.

Donna DeMarino on

Such a sweet puppy! Adorable! I got my mom a puppy from Sharper Image. It’s very lifelike and recommended for older seniors who can no longer care for a shhh…real dog. She loves it. They have a cat too. But since we always had Golden Retrievers, I got her the puppy instead of the cat. We had a lot of fun with it on Christmas Day.

Donna D on

Such a sweet puppy! Adorable! I got my mom a puppy from Sharper Image. It’s very lifelike and recommended for older seniors who can no longer care for a shhh…real dog. She loves it. They have a cat too. But since we always had Golden Retrievers, I got her the puppy instead of the cat. We had a lot of fun with it on Christmas Day.

Tina on

Are the beautiful vases on your mantle discontinued? Your home is equisite.
Merry Christmas

TheEnchantedHome on

No those are the mid sized double happiness vases, one of our best selling vases. They actually just came back in stock:)

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