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Wow, I have waited a LONG tome to say goodbye to 2020. Not unlike throngs of many others I am betting:) What a year this has been, there should literally be a new word for it as it is nearly indescribable. Right now it feels like one giant blur, one  I am most happy to erase from my memory and to forge ahead into 2021.

Though I recognize we still have a long road ahead of us, just knowing we are starting a new year,  a fresh clean slate has me feeling a bit more hopeful. I will take those glimmers of hope wherever I can find them! Tonight there are no parties,celebrations or gatherings. Instead we have another couple coming over for an early dinner, a glass of champagne, a few laughs and keeping it intimate and safe.

The time will come again for big gatherings, parties and events, but that time is most certainly not now. Hearing of more and more people in our circle getting Covid, some who are quite sick. A reminder to be very very careful. I am super paranoid so I feel that I am doing this to the best of my ability.

Every year I end the year by posting a favorite post from each month of 2020. I could have easily selected several for each month but narrowed it down and its fun to go back over the year and reflect on various times and memories.  Very few parties, events, get together, weddings, etc….in fact almost none! But flowers saved the year for me and surely added beauty and gave me moments of happiness and fulfillment:) So in case you missed any of these posts,  hope you enjoy-


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This was a profound year in so many ways, it taught me the value of appreciating the wealth of good health, to not have it is life changing


Pick up that phone and call someone next time you want to send a text instead because it’s easier (guilty as charged) I did this to someone I had not spoken to in quite  a while and cannot tell you how much my call meant to her, she confided in me something very sad that had happened. It was if if I was at the right place at the right time to be able to help her.  Sometimes there is no substitute fro the power of the human voice


Trust your inner voice, if it’s trying to tell you something LISTEN. I feel I have excellent intuition and as I get older I listen more clearly than I have ever have.


Quality over quantity- applies to so many things in including people:) I would much rather have a close, loves me unconditionally inner circle than a huge swath of casual friends. I am fortunate to have an amazing core group of wonderful women in my life who I know are there for me unconditionally. Cherish those friendships, not everyone is so  lucky.


I like being with myself:) I used to (when I was younger) always had to be going somewhere, doing something with friends. Almost never alone. Now I have turned a 360, I love being alone! The year of Covid has of course had all of us spending much more time indoors and for me, it was a revaluation. I realized I enjoy my time alone very much. Also being able to be home more than ever was a luxury, since I work full time….those days home were joyful.


Life is short, do what you want to do and forge ahead. I have always admired those who throw catkin to the wind and jsut “go for it”. I have a little bit of that in me, but admittedly also have a chicken side lol. As I get older however, I am getting better at just going for things knowing they may fail but taking my chances because better to have tried than wondered.


Try something new, challenge yourself! I made a pledge to myself last month that every month I will try something new and out of the box. I may not always like it but I will challenge myself to it. To continue to do that is to continue to grow and not wither away. Part of evolving an self improvement is continuing searching for new ways to improve ourselves, expanding our horizons, thinking beyond the box and continue to grow and learn


I learned I think I could easily live on a farm with horses, dogs, a huge flowers and herb garden and be very happy. Very:)


I realized how much I love and miss travel. Every single aspect of it from packing and organizing for the trip, to heading to the airport, to settling into my seat dreaming of the adventure that awaits, I so miss the experience of travel. Cannot wait to make up for lost time (hopefully later 2021)!


You never quite know the impact that you may have on someones life. Never underestimate the power of a simple gesture, an act of kindness, paying a compliment or just smiling at someone. I recently had an encounter and was stunned to know the impact I have had on someones life, far more than I knew. It was humbling and beautiful.


Squeaky wheel gets the oil…one of my many “mom-ism’s I share with my kids. I believe in getting your rights, respectfully of course! My other “momism” which is a popular refrain in my household is ” sometimes the best moves you make in life are the ones you don’t”. In other words triple thing something before acting. It has saved me many almost mistakes:)


Showing and acknowledging gratitude at the beginning of each day can really shape the kind of day you will have I say my prayers in teh morning and always reflect on what I am thankful for that day. I recognize that I am powerless over what will happen but trust God to take care of me. It’s like a 5 minutes mediation I do every morning and it has a really powerful way of centering me as I start my day.


Finally I realize how unbelievable lucky I am, I truly hit the jackpot with my customers and readers. You are not only supremely talented, but such a kind, caring, support and engaging group. From all over the world, I feel like I have met thousands of friends that I otherwise would never met. Most definitely one of my biggest blessings of 2020!


When will cereal makers finally understand every plastic bag inside each box needs a Ziploc, come on!


And speaking of great ideas, how about a miracle spray to spray on fresh flowers that you love to preserve them at least even for a few weeks! I would buy that by the case…hey I can always dream:)


Hope you enjoyed this post…..what are your own reflections from 2020 that you care to share? Learn something new or did something inspire you to carry into the new year? I am overjoyed as in doing a serious happy dance to close out the current year and am eager to wipe the slate clean and begin anew!

Thank you again for following along with me on my journey through many different parts of my life, without your support, friendship, encouraging words and countless emails (which I LOVE to read) this blog and my growing business would cease to exist.

You give me a great reason to get up every morning with serious enthusiasm about what I do!  Cheers to a new year ahead  filled with all great things, good health, happiness, love and plenty of laughter:) Everyone stay safe, wear your mask, socially distance, celebrate the new year responsibly and we WILL get to that light at the end of the tunnel and this will eventually become a distant memory. Cheers to 2021 and speak to you next year:)

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Marion Spark on

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts.

Happy New Year ?

Kelly Hinkley on

Wise words of wisdom. Add the ziploc bags to boxes of crackers too!

Marvin Bouchon on

Happy New Year Tina. May the new year bring you all good things. It has been a joy following you this year and I look forward to hearing more from you in 2021. YES, I repeat, 2021!

Riva on

Beautifully expressed. Thank you.

Mona on

Beautifully said! Wishing you all the best in the New Year..

Melissa on

Happy New Year, I hope 2021 makes up for the deprivations and miseries of 2020 and that the vaccines put that nasty virus back in its box. I can solve one of your wishes right away: don’t worry about keeping your cereal in nasty boxes, decant them into a beautiful large glass jar with a lovely label. It will stay much fresher and look pretty. I do that for everything in my pantry – rices, sugars, flours, dried fruits, etc. Better still, make your own granola by going to shops that sell the individual ingredients in hoppers so that you purchase the amount of nuts and grains that you need, and put that delicious and healthy homemade cereal in your glass jar knowing that you know every ingredient that you are eating with no hidden sugars and nasties, and are avoiding those plastic bags. I only eat homemade granola in warmer weather or overnight Bircher muesli oats, and my own porridge (oatmeal) cooked with grated apples, cinnamon and nutmeg, and raisins in the colder months. I buy my oats direct from a local organic oat farmer in bulk.

Elissa Cron on

Happy New Year! Thanks for all the beautiful posts over this year! They were certainly a bright spot for me over this long and crazy year! Let’s hope for a new and improved 2021!

Fiona on

Happy New Year to you and your family, I loved your message today, good words to live by and 2021 will be a much better year???

Eve on

Wishing you and your a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Charlotte Gibson on

Funny you should mention the zip top cereal bags. I was thinking the very same thing over the weekend as I struggled to open a bag of cereal. They also need to come up with a better way to open the box. I destroy mine every time. Arrgh.
Happy New Year Tina.

Glynis on

Thank you so much for your wonder wisdom filled New Years post. I woke with dread this morning . Then I read your post and I cried. It was like an unexpected gift as if written to me personally it gave me comfort you will never know from your heartfelt wisdom of words. . I am a full time career for my husband who suffered massive stroke 7 years ago. One who knows well how life can change over night. My life changed. Took things from my life. Friends you thought you had even family. I live in the UK I follow your posts. I look forward to them. I am grateful and I do have a lovely home . Your posts inspire me to keep my home and garden beautiful for myself and my husband. Again Thank You

amjean on

Make sure you talk to your doctors about your Vitamin D level. Many people who were seriously ill with Covid had low levels.
Many diseases and/or their medications for create a low level of Vitamin D. I take 4000 units daily of Vitamin D-3 because I have a thyroid issue. Can’t stress this enough. Please be proactive and have your doctors prescribe a blood test for this.

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