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Hello and happy 2021! So happy to not have to use the words “2020” again, goodbye and good riddance! Wow what a year this has been. Though I realize not much is changing in 2021, I think the idea of  a fresh clean slate with light at the end of the tunnel gives us all much needed hope. If anyone feels like every day is ground hog day, trust me you are not alone!!!

I look forward to starting the new year in hopes that by summer, things will hopefully start feeling “normal” again. We have many exciting things in the pipeline for 2021 and I cannot wait to share them with you as they happen. My business and blog have thankfully kept me very busy during this most unusual year. Teaches you to be grateful for those “silver linings”.

With so many sick now with Covid, including many that we know, we are more careful than ever. This is no time to let down your guard! Call me paranoid, but I have no desire to go anywhere I don’t absolutely have to go. OK onto pretty and uplifting things, let’s get started with this very first post of 2021~


1 CAROLYNE ROEHM AND MY TULIPIERES! Leave it up to talented Carolyne, the queen of beautiful things to create pure magic with our large original tulipiere.Absolutely love this, daisies and white carnations never looked so beautiful! Well done Carolyne!

And her glowing instagram post left me walking on air for days:)


2 INCREDIBLY TASTY PASTA FAGIOLE SOUP Posted this on Instagram and several contacted me to say they thought it was the best soup that they have ever had, full of amazing flavors in every bite, this is one of those soups that can double as a hefty meal when served with a crusty loaf of bread on the side. SO good!

Loved using our new pierced porcelain charger (these will be coming in about 4-5 weeks as many have asked)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Still a few holiday-ish Instagrams as they were just too pretty to not share mixed in with a bit of all around beauty.


4 INSPIRING STORY Just loved this story which is about two amazing deeds, truly touching. I promise it’s worth the watch, it will restore your faith in the basic goodness of humanity.

5 RECENT CUSTOMER PICTURES Just always astounded at the beauty my customers share with me of their beautiful homes featuring our products. It really is such a thrill to see my products being proudly displayed in such lovely places. If you have one of your own to share please email [email protected]

6. TOO BEAUTIFUL TO EAT. This is a Russian based bakery whose confections are the stuff sugar dreams are made of! Just amazed at the sheer artistry of each of these incredible holiday creations. Cannot even imagine how long it must take to master each of these works of art….a true labor of love. Click here to follow Cake_shop5  on Instagram

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Ahhh, the big question of when to take down Christmas decorations. If you remember last year I was very laissez faire about it and didn’t take them down until late Jan. I am not feeling any real motivation to start now either. First, they make everything look pretty and they make me happy, plus there are no rules! I am starting however to take down all the fresh greens as they are all dried up, but not so sure if I am ready to part with my Christmas tree. So…..curious what your take is?


And there you go with the very first post of 2021! I like the ring of that:) Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Supposed to rain here so I will use it as a day to continue working on the what feels like continual purge of my closet! Always appreciate you stopping in, I look forward to getting back to a more regular blogging schedule in the coming weeks. We will also get back to our normal presales, with the first one coming this week.

Lots happening this week, getting in a big tabletop container, finally the wicker box planters, a big porcelain container later in the week and our chinoiserie tole shipment! Phew….tired already. Lots of pretty things coming this way.  Take good care and mostly, stay safe and healthy! Until next time……

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Loved the story of the lost wallet, thank you for sharing this reminder of the good in humanity. Stay well and safe!

Happy New Year Tina! I just answered your poll about taking down Christmas decorations but my answer was not there (technically). December 25th is the first day of Christmas and 12 days later – January 6th (Epiphany) is the end of Christmastide. Of course, everyone has a different opinion-I’ll admit – before the comments flood in that I’m wrong! LOL I take my decorations down after January 6th. So on your poll you have “generally a week or so…” was my response. BTW, I love your 7 on Sundays. I look forward to it every Sunday.

The house looks so beautiful with all the Christmas decorations. I’ll leave them up until at least Epiphany. After all, the twelve days of Christmas start on December 25! I may bake a king cake too.

Happy New Year! I have been a huge fan of Carolyne Roehm for ages. I have always loved her use of anything blue and white and was thrilled I happened onto to your website. Funny, I was thinking today I will start my undecorating. I will take it slowly and hopefully by the end of the week I will be finished. Looking forward to making your soup. My husband is a big fan of soup and this looks like a winner. Stay well and stay safe!

Tina — Thank you for sharing the Pasta Fagiole soup recipe! I have made it twice in the past two weeks for my family as they really enjoyed it .
Could not agree more about the fresh herbs ?- they definitely give this soup a wonderful flavor.
Easy to make and a real crowd pleaser.
Thanks again for sharing !

More than happy to see 2020 go. Looking forward to a better 2021. On to new things! The soup sounds wonderful. Will be making it very soon. Thanks so much for all you do. I, for one, really enjoy your posts.

Loved in the Instagram photo from New Orleans that no matter how elegant the table, the bottle of Tabasco is always right at home. Perfect sentiment for the new year, comfort is forever welcome.

Always love your Seven on Sunday. Thanks for bringing all the beauty to us, it’s something special to look forward to.

Tina, great Seven on Sunday post! I pinned so much of this! Traditionally we leave all Christmas up until the Epiphany (January 6th). But I’m in no hurry to take it down as our home is so magical with it all up. I love Carolyn Roehm and am inspired to go buy flowers for my tulipieres that I purchased from you! Thanks for sharing all the loveliness on this Sunday morning.

Cheers to 2021!!! I made your Pasta Fagiole Soup recipe for dinner last night and it was fabulous! Especially welcome on a chilly night.

Christmas decorations stay up through Three Kings (January 6). Our Magi don’t reach the Holy Family until then. They spend the season traveling throughout the house, hopefully getting closer as they go along. I take occasional pictures with terrible pun captions to send our out-of-state adult kids (it is indeed possible to feel their eyes rolling hundreds of miles away). They’re less than two inches high (the Magi, not my kids), and this year I made them teeny-tiny masks with bits of paper towel and sewing thread. They also maintained at least six of “their” feet from one another. Because they are, after all, Wise Men.

A happy and healthy New Year to all!

Thank you for the lovely post! Thoroughly enjoyed it all, beautiful pictures, recipe and heartwarming story. I live in the Bay Area but had not seen that story about the wallet! Thank you for all the inspirational fuel for the day!

Well, I’m in good company along with Carolyne Roehm and all your followers. I’m enamored with your site too, so much beauty. I look forward to each of your posts. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Tina!
This is such a beautiful post. I adore Carolyn’s creations!

It’s still Christmas until Epiphany (January 6th) so we take down everything the following day. That said, I begin dismantling during the first week of January, such as the window sill candles.

Had fixed my tulipiere with white daisies almost identical to Carolyn Roehm’s…maybe there is hope for me! Adore having it. Even without flowers it is elegant!

Happy New Year, Tina!
Wishing you and your family Health and Happiness!
Thank you for this post, as usual it was wonderful. I look forward to making the soup, it looks delicious!

I’m with you….leave it up all of it. It looks so empty when it does come down and it makes me sad. However, I have informed the Husband “the Christmas decor will be going up Nov 1 from now on”. It is too much work for such a short enjoyment period of time. However, I was told it is “bad luck” to not take it down on the 1st/2nd. After 2020, I didn’t want to chance ANYTHING so I took all my stuff down yesterday – except the faux winter greenery. Of course, they are in your beautiful blue/white porcelains I have purchased over the years. 🙂

Happy New Year. I hope that it will fulfil the hopes and dreams of everyone. I usually take down my decorations after Epiphany, Jan 6th as the visit of the Magi on that day is still part of the Christmas story, but this year I put up the tree on 1st December and despite being watered, it had dried up and was looking miserable and a fire risk so we took it down yesterday 4th Jan. It is hard to keep greenery going in our Australian summer. I have left my artificial trees up though for another few days. If Christmas is just a secular holiday and you don’t connect with the Birth of Jesus story, then taking down the decorations is just a random thing to be done when the mood takes you and you are sick of the clutter. If you celebrate Christmas because the meaning of it is important and the whole ‘reason for the season’, then Epiphany is a vital part of the story. It is the day that we celebrate the arrival of the Magi and many families will have set up a Nativity scene in early December with an empty crib and placed the Magi wandering around the house. The Baby Jesus is placed in the crib on Christmas night and the wandering Magi finally reaching the Nativity scene on 6th January. It also is the day that manifestation of God made flesh in the birth of Jesus was proclaimed to the World and marks the end of the Holy period after which the decorations should all come down. In some cultures, it is Epiphany that is the day for the presents to be given.

Love the daisy and carnation in tulipieres. I fill mine with fiddleback fern in the winter. Some green where we don’t have holiday greenery.

I always enjoy your blog posts. I just took your poll about taking down Christmas decorations… I selected mid January because my true choice wasn’t there… Epiphany. Or in my case the week after Epiphany. I figure you need to keep the decorations up until the Magi make it to worship the Christ child. Plus, since I’m always slow to get my decorations up, despite my annual resolutions; I may as well enjoy them during the bleak mid-winter ?⛄️? Happy New Year!

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