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Hello and how is everyone doing! Here we are with the second Seven on Sunday of 2021! Well I don’t know about you but 2021 has not exactly started with the bang I think many of us were desperately hoping for. It has to get better. I will leave it at that.And on another note, if we are going to have to endure a cold winter, I want to see some snow! Not a drop or flake in the forecast for another 10 days…..just cold, windy and gray:(

As Covid continues to spread almost out of control, it makes me want to hunker inside more than ever. I literally go to my office, the market and that is just about it.We know several with it some of whom are quite sick and 2 who were in the hospital. It is no time to let down your guard. So, while the weekends are rather boring and uneventful, I am counting my blessings just to be OK!

Moving on to a more uplifting subject, my Seven on Sunday-



1 FLOWERS TO THE RESCUE When our world has become a dark and sad place, I am so grateful for the gift of flowers and what they do to my spirits. They just make me so  happy. Many of my amaryllis are still kicking and I went to my local favorite florist and picked up a huge bundle of daisies and some hydrangeas (which I have not arranged yet) play with and add some cheer to a house that slowly is feeling emptier as we continue to take down our Christmas decor.


Don’t underestimate the power of the simple daisy! I got inspired after seeing how Carolyne Roehm filled our large tulipiere with fresh and pretty!

Filled some in our beautiful large and med mint julep cups too…so pretty!

And on the amaryllis front, many are still going strong! They are like the gift that keeps on giving:)

The whites are still blooming with some new buds showing….going to cut back a lot of the dead heads today

Cut these all the way back and look whats shooting up…more blooms!

2 MUST HAVE FOR ANY BLUE AND WHITE LOVER!  These are a must have for any blue and white lover. My sister sent these to me for my birthday, the cutest blue and white Smith and Hawkins rainboots/barn boots for Target! I cannot wait to wear them:) Click here for info


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty round up, even when the world feels like its crumbling to pieces I can always count on Instagram for a beautiful and inspiriting lift!


4 A SOUTHERN CHARMER This lovely home is so pretty, love the soothing palette and welcoming, warm feeling without giving up an ounce of sophistication and beauty. Click here to read more over at Atlanta Homes Magazine.


5 NEW ARRIVALS We are getting some really amazing new products in and are very excited! How about these fabulous new tea caddy lamps in which I am very excited about. How pretty are these





Getting in these fabulous sold out wastepaper baskets in three colors with matching tissues-

And getting a limited number of our fabulous pagoda dog  begs by popular demand (will have a presale on these in about 2-3 weeks)

And some beautiful flatware will soon be heading this way!


6 NEW SERIES FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE Since we really aren’t doing much on a recreational level, tv series and movies have taken center stage. I realize many of you probably already know or have seen some of these, but they are most certainly worth mentioning if you  haven’t seen them. All very compelling and leaves you waiting for the next episode in baited breath!





7 SUNDAYS SURVEY As the Covid vaccine very slowly gets rolled out, wondering how willingly you will be to take it? My parents just got it and two friends that are doctors. I really thought I would be hesitant but must say I will definitely get it as soon as I am able. Enough of this craziness, I am so ready for normalcy! How about you?



And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, and wishing everyone a good, relaxing and mostly safe weekend. Weekends around here have truth be told, been rather boring and very “groundhog day ish”. I am sure I am not alone but better to be bored and healthy than sick!

I hope everyone stays safe, I feel hopeful,  despite a tough January, that later in the year we are going to see a sense of normalcy back and with luck this entire year will be a distant memory and we can all get back to enjoying the pleasures, both big and small in life that we so miss. Take good care! Until next time…..

PS Today and tomorrow every single ginger jar is 20% off! Use code pretty, click here to see our fantastic ginger jar collection


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