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Hello, hope this finds you well. We had a glitch with all comments being removed from my blog (the last 6 years) and I nearly had a heart attack. Thankfully it’s fixed as of last night and we are back in business, phew!

Behind the scenes we have begun the process of a whole new and much improved website, so there may be hiccups from time to time. But comments are back up and working and you can now leave your comments because as you know,  I love hearing from you!

Remember this fun series I started and we all chimed in about? Designing our own custom version of a dream home, we had such fun discussing several rooms of a house with many more to come.  If you missed previous posts, click here. Today we will talk about the laundry room, only in the last 5 years or so has this become an actual “room” that often serves more than just the function of doing laundry. It has become a destination:)

Many will put a desk in there, if space allows, put in a TV, a space for your pet, or even a computer. Some will use it as a gift wrapping room or one that doubles as a cutting room (I have occasionally done that). Today’s laundry room is just not your ordinary laundry room that we knew from the past.

If I were building a new one, it would be big, as in about a 12 x 12 . I would want it to feel very open and I would want a really big window for natural light. Read on for  my ideas, then I cannot wait to hear yours-


I fell in love with this painted cement floor (and may very well really use it in the new PB house) so pretty and adore the color palette! Click here for the bargain of a lifetime…..

Love how big and roomy this room is below ……I would make that window even bigger

I like the idea of 2 washers and 2 dryers for a busy household.

If I were doing the floor that I included in the first picture,  I am almost certain I would go with a very pale blue/gray cabinet to pull the color from the floor. Something like this one on top or below-

Love these cabinets, the color, the height, etc… I would change the light fixture though

I would definitely want a really large oversized sink that could do double duty for my flowers

A few of the bells and whistles I would like would be a cute tucked in doggie eating area like this below, love that it has its own little water filler, so clever!

I had to include this because it is sooo cute though I never see myself having 3 dogs, cute as they may be

Speaking of pooches, this is most certainly, in my eyes,  the ultimate dog washing station in a laundry room!

I mean seriously how cute is this! Such clever people out there:)

Simple things like a drying rod are so simple but often overlooked yet so very practical!

LOVE these ideas below for incorporating and maximizing space to have an area for gift wrap,etc….

Love the idea of being able to have a desk and/or computer in a laundry about being able to multi task!

And if I can carve out a spot for my beloved flowers, this would be a home run! Adore how light and bright this space feels-

So here is a final recap on what I would love this new dream house laundry to look like


OK, don’t know about you but I am totally ready for a laundry room makeover:) Seriously, I am loving so many of these ideas. How about you? Love to hear your input and thoughts and what your dream house laundry room might look like. Next time, we will tackle the living room.

So happy to have our comment section back up and working.  I am looking forward now that the holidays are over to getting back to some of my regular posts, I always say it, writing my blog is like my own personal therapy:)  Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day.

Until next time……

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Susan L. on

I absolutely adore it when you do a dream room! So beautiful and love all of it!

DarcyLea on

Laundry room envy! I would definitely incorporate an ironing board in one of the cabinets for quick touch ups as well as a cabinet that could hold my table linens in an organized fashion

Chana Robinson on

Hello all!

I could not be more excited about next Christmas. I just received all my lovely ornaments. The little wicker pieces likely are my favorite…well, maybe the toppers.. no.. the nutcrackers! Everything is so well-made and they will be in our family for generations.

My sweetheart, as a surprise, presented me with one of the lovely wastebaskets. But he has pronounced that is too lovely to have “snot rags“ tossed in them. I had to chuckle because he’s a pretty proper guy. So now it is a lovely new holder of my floral designs. I wish I could attach a picture.

He also surprised me with a large tulipere. He is as excited as I am.

What a surprise to share these joys with him with his attention to detail. Me a business executive and him a former Navy SEAL. He really chuckled when I reminded him of what we have done professionally and he added, “well of course things would be executed well and created beautifully.” We are both 60 and newly engaged… on Christmas Eve; and have so much to look forward to together. It’s never too late. We are Overjoyed at a time when it is so appreciated and needed.

Thank you for adding happiness to our lives.

BTW, he said “Should we have a blue and white wedding?” LOL! We’re adding on a large multi-purpose space to our home and this article on laundry rooms provides tons of ideas.

Everyone be safe and dare I say, mask up!

Deborah Fahy on

I love your design concepts for your laundry room! I have just completed my primary (master) bedroom in that color palette.
I am now embarking on a laundry room make over. I will be keeping my cabinets and the layout. I had our home built 15 years ago and it just needs a facelift. I am changing the flooring to large 18” x 36” bluish grey slate. I love the timeless look of slate! I have a Blue and white wallpaper from Thibaut. The Shaker style cabinets are to be painted white with a slight glaze for a subtle detail. The counters will most likely be a lightly veined quartz that mimics the look of marble. I had considered actual stained butcher block, but it think the durability of the quartz would be the better choice.
We entertain quite a bit here in Florida. Our homes does not have the space of our homes that we had up north. So the laundry room does serve as our bar area as well. Our appliances are under the counter along with a wine cooler, and recycling center.
I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.

Janet on

I LUV the blue color of the cabinets you like. I have a blue now that just doesn’t satisfy me… blues seem so hard to get right. Do you know who makes it and the color name??

Laura F on

The one thing I did in my laundry room that I’m so glad I thought about is raising the dryer. It’s on a 18” wood platform. No bending.
Did the same in the kitchen with my dishwasher

Kathy on

Love, love, love, all the above!

Charlene on

Wonderful inspiration!

Ann on

Dreams in a laundry room and I am in love! Only addition would be an area for muddy boots and wet outerwear so they could be managed with little tracking.

Evelyn Cochran on

I missed the recipe for stuffed mushrooms a few weeks back. Could you repost it? Thanks

Jo Shafer on

My blue and white laundry room is well lit except for the interiors of the washer and dryer. That’s my only complaint. The walls are blue; the woodwork, including cabinets, are painted white; washer and dryer are white. Along one long wall, my husband mounted a white padded cutting board that’s removable, framed examples of white embroidered altar linens (to showcase my early work), and metal yard sticks and carpenter squares, as well as wood embroidery rings. The ironing board is tucked into an alcove while overhead is anchored a short hanging rod. Whatever would I do without that rod? Oh, and white “plantation blinds” hangs at the one window to filter hot summer sun.

Linda C Wolf on

Just received your large ginger jar Xmas ornaments for next Xmas.I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE them! THANK-YOU! Linda

Ms. Tracey on

Rach Parcell’s laundry room is everything to me. I mean she (her design team) really did that up fabulously. A designated pooch area is a must with their own bathtub. Painted floors or blood beautiful tile would make a laundry room part of the home and not just a functional area.

Blake Seeds on

Love it! Any idea what blue is used on the cabinetry? Or what blue you’d use?

Debra R. Hultquist on

All fabulous ideas! I especially love the picture of the doggie bath area and the gorgeous wall paper and lighting in that particular one. Your floor tiles, cabinet and fixture choice are perfect. I use my laundry room so much…it has a sunny window over the large sink, navy and white geometric wall paper and white quartz countertops, and I love being in there doing laundry! The one problem I have is that the hanging rod was placed over the washer and dryer and are too high for me to reach comfortably. I would prefer a hanging area that is not over the machines, with a lower rod that is easy for us short people to reach, but without anything below so it would work for long pieces as well as short pieces of clothing. I love the three dog beds, but for one dog, I would have one space for the bed, one space for food and water, and one for potty pads that the little dogs use so well.

Dana Cannon on

I was about to embark on a remodel of our small kitchen when I realized that it made more sense to use part of our .75 acre to build a new kitchen in the current patio area and turn the current kitchen into a laundry room as ours is very small. The current laundry room will become part of the new kitchen or a butler pantry. It took me 3 years to figure out my plan. Love hearing about material selections others are using in the comments.

Pat on

That gift wrap station needs all the beautiful wraps and ribbons from Enchanted Home!!!

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