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Hello and happy Saturday. Hope everyone is doing well, all things considered. Boy with the state of our world, it makes me want to hunker down and not leave my house for the next five months:) I pretty much am either in my office, home or market. Really don’t go anywhere else, what a surreal change in lifestyle and day to day living.

It will make my appreciation in the future for the simplest things like a weekend getaway or a trip to the NY flower market much more meaningful. As an eternal optimist, I try to find the positive and beauty in everything, a skill that has particularly come in handy during this past year. One thing I wanted to do in our new warehouse is create an office and environment that I would be excited and anticipate arriving to every day and I am thrilled to say that is happening.

I was lucky enough to work with Paul Montgomery Studios and their less expensive line, Mural Sourcesย  to create the prettiest chinoiserie panels in the most beautiful fresh green. Some of you might be surprised I didn’t go with blue but I was seeing the soft green and allowing the blue/white accents to pop against the beautiful green walls.

Wow, did they deliver! This room was super nondescript, actually quite ugly if i am to be honest. We are not there yet so I am not sharing a picture of the fully completed room as we still need to change the horrible black ceiling, waiting for a new desk, and some accessories but here is “in progress” post of how its coming along.

Needless to say I am thrilled with how it is unfolding and hopefully in a few weeks I will share the full reveal. Once our warehouse recovers from the Christmas craziness,ย  we will tidy things up and hopefully offer a tour of that as well, maybe even a video tour if I can figure out how to do it. So stay tuned but in the meantime here is how things are shaping up as of late-


Watching Kevin prep with the paper makes me realize it was a perfect choice

Love it!

And so it begins….

And sure enough it started to really look like “something”

Starting to look like the dream office that was alive in my head for the last year or two:)

Perfect backdrop for all the pretty new painted pagodas (click here to see them)


Visit Mural resources by Paul Montgomery by clicking here

Hoping to have the office done in the next two weeks so will be sure to share the final reveal when it’s ready for it’s close up. Hope everyone is well and safe. Thanks for stopping in, until next time……..

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Lisa Alonso on

Beautiful office!!!!! Enjoy the space you have created.

helen johnson on

Name of your paper hangers…they did a very nice job

Susan Metzger on

I cannot wait to see. Can you share how to order the furniture you have the flowers on? I love! Also, would you share the paint color on your walls? Would love to use this color! Cannot wait to see the final pictures!

Roxanne on


Katie Saunders on

Wow that is beautiful

Michele on

Itโ€™s lovely Tina ๐Ÿ’™

Blythe Wilson on

Do you plan on receiving the large size pagodas in more colors at some point?

Cissie Darien on


Vicki on

Love the wallpaper! Great choice.

Laura on


Jo on

What a great place to create!

Eve on


Tracy Holt on

Absolutely stunning

Eileen on

It looks beautiful already. What a good use of your time during this awful pandemic! I am also working on projects so I can look back(soon, I hope) and say that my time was productive.

TheEnchantedHome on

It was so nice to have something positive and pretty to turn my attention to!

Laurie on

Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

Tydings Design on

Who makes the paper? Great copy of Gracie

TheEnchantedHome on

Thanks, not a copy though its an original design by Paul Montgomery:)

Elizabeth Yingling on

Oh, Tina! The wallpaper is so very beautiful. The perfect backdrop for your lovely products.

TheEnchantedHome on

Thank you so much…yes the blue and white seems to like it too:)

Barbara on

How absolutely gorgeous! An eternal springtime no matter what the weather is doing-just love it.

TheEnchantedHome on

Thank you, yes that is how I feel too:)

Susan on

Tina, you have beautiful taste. A lovely choice. And a true transformation.

TheEnchantedHome on

Thanks so much Susan!

Sharon Cass on

Gorgeous wallpaper. Who’s is it?

Sharon Cass
Design Source

TheEnchantedHome on

Thanks from Paul Montgomery Studios, they do beautiful work!

franki parde on


Ann Marie on

That paper pattern is stunning!! Love the colors and the look it gives.. Giving me ideas!!

Charlene on

That paper is perfectly gorgeous๐Ÿ’™ And your dream is coming true!

Jennifer Thrailkill on

Could not love the paper more. Your office is going to be stunning when you are done!

Suzanne on

Beautiful office.!! Love the wallpaper.

Bonnie on


Ms. Tracey on

Such a gorgeous, inviting space Tina.

Jan on

The color of the paper is absolutely perfect; it looks magnificent hung up. Beautiful!

Carol on

Over the top! Joy, joy, joy

Ann Bailey on

Itโ€™s so beautiful. You will love spending time in your office and people will love visiting you there. I have a mural of the Italian countryside in my laundry room because I knew I would be in there very often and there is no window.

FiveFabulousFrenchies on


Fiona on


Norina on

The work environment should be a happy place that has a warm and inviting feel to it. After all, many of us do spend a great deal of time throughout the day in that environment, so why not make it beautiful. I’m retired now, but, when I was teaching,
I was in the same classroom for over 20 years. I covered my bulletin boards with wallpaper ( champagne color with a moire satin ribbon design) that was in my living room at home. I felt right at home and happy and so were the students !

Sue Yuditsky on

The wallpaper is absolutely beautiful! I would love to see that in a rug as well…

Linda Wheeler on

Absolutely beautiful!

joni cohen on

it already looks great. the paper is amazing

Mary W on

Beautiful, just beautiful.
Your design talent never disappoints.

Diane Massanelli on

It is just beautiful!

Liz on

What a lovely choice! Love the color and the artistry. Perfect backdrop for your shop items!

Fran on

Love the green! Great choice!!!

Rosella DiPede on


Kathy M. on

Absolutely stunning, it will be a very peaceful office. Canโ€™t wait to see the completion.

Mary Anne on

So beautiful!! Happy you are happy !!

Linda Kerekes on

It looks wonderful and shows your accessories to full advantage!

Elizabeth Moles on

It looks beautiful Tina!

Melissa on

What a stunning office space. It perfectly sets the mood for your beautiful line of goodies. I adore the paper. You have such elegant taste.

Kathy on

Beautiful beginnings, Tina! My office sports some of your “pretties” too! Good luck as you pull it all together. We would love a tour of the entire place, to be sure.

Laura Suguiyama on

Stunning!!!! Fabric choice. ๐Ÿ‘

Laura Suguiyama on

Stunning!!!! Fabulous choice. I would love working in that space. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

Suzanne on

Whatโ€™s the name of the mural/wallpaper you are hanging?
Thank you!

Karen defiore on

Did you hang it on muslin, so it can be removed and reused?

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