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Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying a nice and relaxing Sunday. We were in PB for a too short visit but am hoping to get back within the next 3-4 weeks for a longer stay. The wheels are turning on our  new project and it is exciting. I will definite work on a post to share where we are with that sometime in the next few weeks. Hope to get back to both places in a few weeks for a somewhat extended stay, fingers crossed.

Today is Superbowl Sunday! We are supposed to go to someones house, only four of us so however I am now under the weather so I will be watching from the comfort of my room, not exactly how I would have planned it but need to be safe. We are also supposed to be getting about 8″ of snow today on top fo all the snow we came home too so it seems this is nature’s way to telling everyone to stay home and chill! Either way works for me, because if I am to be honest it’s more about the food than the game:) Onward to my post today-



1 OUR NEW WICKER PIECES We have stated getting in some really amazing wicker pieces. I love wicker, always have but some of these are taking decorating with wicker to the next level.Her is a peek at some of what we have and lots of new wicker items coming in soon! We  have a new collection which is truly off the charts, going to do an introductory post on it this coming week, so stay tuned!

And can you wrap your head around how amazing this wicker dog bed is with it’s stylish cushion (will come in 2 color options)

And we have another pet bed almost done that will knock your socks off. Will share in about a week or so!

Click here to see to entire line of fabulous wicker products


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Ahhh this round is so beautiful, has me dreaming of beautiful escapes, magical snowfalls, cookies too petty to eat and interiors that make me want to start tweaking my own:)


3  ENTER OUR ENCHANTED HOME LOVE CONTEST!! We are over half bull but still have room for you to show your talents in your homes featuring our products. Can be from the past and any season, holiday, set……send your 1-2 pictures to info@enchantedhome *put CONTEST on subject line!

And best part is you win THREE MONTHS OF ENCHANTED HOME DELIVERIES (a ginger, silver, melamine sets, chioniserie tole, every month will be a surprise)!

Click here if you to find out more about the contest


4 J MCLAUGHLIN FOR SPRING I am loving so many of J McLaughlins new pieces!! Classic dressing with a fun twist. Makes me so excited for spring and milder weather! They knocked it out of the park with their fabulous new handbags,  shoes and quilted jacket, a perfect go between seasons piece! Click here to see the entire line.

5 A FEW GREAT DOCUMENTARIES In my spare time, we watch a lot of movies, documentaries, etc…a few really good ones worth the mention if you haven’t seen them already

This was fascinating as is the lifelong work of legend David Attenborough

Definitely not a genre for everyone but i love things like this, find this so so interesting and rather mind boggling!

The brain and human body are still such a fascinating subject, this is really interesting and demystifies certain things about the brain I think many of us did not think possible.

6 AN AMAZING HOUSE TOUR Just love this house tour from The Potted Boxwood featuring the beautiful and elegant home of Courtney Petit who happens to also be a customer of ours and it was so exciting to get a shout out (towards the end when they are in the garden room) while featuring many of our products. Absolute adore her beautifully curated home, done alongside Shelly Johnstone. Worth the watch for any design enthusiast!

Click here to follow The Potted Boxwood for other beautiful home tours

And here to see more of Cournney Petits beautiful home

And here to follow the beautiful work of Shelly Johnstone




7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY  This is non covid and I am sure a non Covid related poll is quite welcome! Our tulipieres have continued to be one of our top sellers, right now we are in the middle of a Tulipiere drought but will be replenished fully in the next month or so.

I have had  samples made of solid colors in pale blue, green and pink as these have been in the works for awhile,  some have requested these and I would love to know your thoughts!



That’s a wrap for today. I am going to be taking care of myself to day and resting praying and channeling my non Covid vibes. The anxiety can be as bad as feeling like you have a minor flu or bad cold. Should find out today or tomorrow, fingers crossed! Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day!



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Peggy Gildea on

It makes for a nice day reading your

Teresa Hatfield on

Beautiful Sunday post, Tina!

Kathy on

Have you watched any really good Netflix or Amazon prime movies lately?
Chicago has been zero and 20 inches of snow so any recommendations are welcomed!
Thank you!
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Franki Parde on

THAT WAS the most enjoyable house tour…and marvelous home!! Truly the next best thing to being there. Stay well…franki

Jennifer P on

Tina, I understand how stressful it is to just have a simple cold nowadays. I’m always wondering what it’s going to turn into but you seem like you are very careful so I’m sure it’s just a cold. Thinking of you though! The new dog bed is so pretty and I will be purchasing for my cavalier. I just watched “The Dig” which is new on Netflix and loved it, and rented “The News Of The World” which I liked a lot too.

Vicki on

Love the boxwood house….stunning!!! Please tell the owner to paint the grill above the mirror in the dining room GREEN to match the wall!!! The white stands out like a sore thumb!!!

BJ on

Really interesting post today. Enjoyed the lovely house tour and the recommendation on the David Attenborough Netflix piece, which I had not seen. Thank you.

Fran W. on

Hoping you feel much better soon!

Susan Bonfield on

I don’t care for the pastel tulipieres; white and blue and white are the best.

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Thanks for the beautiful ideas, we are staying home, taking advantage of the cold weather and making a delicious dinner. Hope you feel better and enjoy the chance to rest!

Theresa on

I hope you feel better Tina!

AlisonComstock on

Can’t wait to see the dog beds!! & please bring back the wicker condiment spoons!! A wonderful documentary on Netflix is “My Octopus Teacher”. Also loved the house tour!!

Barb on

Tina I know you love documentaries…try this one…My Octopus Teacher….on Netflix. Started to love this little octopus as well.

Susan on

Praying that it’s just a little head cold. Take care and stay warm.

Joan on

Welcome back Tina, sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Felt a miserable sinus cold coming on last week, was Covid-phobic as well (even though I’m living in a bubble) and took Airborne several days in a row and it did help.
I’m in the snow belt of north-central NJ and we got at least 6″ yesterday on top of the 30″ from earlier this week. Have to say, though, it felt good to bundle up and get out into the fresh air (I even opened up a few windows a crack to let that crisp, fresh air in for a bit ) and shovel out the back patio area while our pup bounced around in the snow and my husband tackled the driveway with the snow blower.
Courtney Petit’s home is so lovely. I know how much of an investment it is to restore a home, not just financial, but in emotional energy as well. It truly becomes a labor of love.
Is it a generational thing, or a Southern thing, but here in the NE, it seems that many young women do not appreciate this style of decorating or are even collecting silver, crystal and china? I volunteer at a fabulous Rummage Sale that raises money for hospice and the number of beautiful china sets and platters, crystal and silver pieces that we receive would make your jaw drop. I just find it sad that families are letting these items go because the new DIL doesn’t want to be polishing silver. I inherited some beautiful trays from my mother and a neighbor whose friends made all the sterling trays for Birks (Canada’s Tiffany & Co). I swear I will come back to haunt any DIL who drops any of these items off at a Rummage Sale!
I second the recommendation of ‘The Dig’. It really is a charming story. Started watching ‘Wayne’ on Amazon. Really off-beat, dark comedy, your young men would probably enjoy it. Very well acted, it’s more like a graphic novel come to life, but it is violent. That being said, the young female lead, Ciara Bravo, is perfect in her role, worth watching just for her performance.
Feel better soon and stay well, all!

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