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Hello and happy Tuesday evening. You may want to take a seat because this is full of beautiful new happenings that you will want to see:)  A few times a year, I put out one of these posts which is like a little newsletter of all that is happening over here, and there is quite a bit, actually A LOT. So many good things heading this way, and yes,  in what has been a dismal year, this is a definite silver lining. Many things coming in are products that I have had alive in my imagination for a long time, and watching them come to fruition has been beyond thrilling.

Our wicker line is really expanding and I am seriously obsessed with a bunch of these new things coming in. Makes me want to plan a party right away just so I can use all of them. I hope one day in 2021 that can become a reality:)

I was somewhat reluctant to hare this sneak peek because it has come to my attention recently that (twice) two large companies copied an original design of mine which is both upsetting yet flattering. It is disappointing that given the large teams of employees they have, that they come up with their own original designs. Sorry just had to vent! Remember you saw there here first!!

Today, focusing on our amazing new colored wicker collection and then will do another newsletter post with the focus on other categories as there is a lot to share, plus a very exciting collaboration in the works. Still a little too early to talk about but I promise you will be one of the first to know once it’s a go.

I have also included a few mini polls as your feedback and input is very valuable and to thank you for your participation, I am  offering a giveaway (details at bottom) So without further ado, lets take a look at all that is new and incoming-


 Our wicker line is growing and growing. I have always loved wicker and just so tickled over these new pieces. Our wicker ginger jars, pagodas and box planters have been a huge hit.

During one of my creative spells, I came up with the idea of a colored wicker line. So,  say hello to these new colored pieces! Can I just tell you I am really really proud of these. These wicker colored planters will be available in 4 sizes- 20″, 12″, 10″ and 8″.

We will be holding a presale on these and other new wicker/tabletop items within the next two weeks so stay tuned!

And then my mind went to Meyer lemon trees in the 20″ planters…ooh la la!



And here are the ginger jars…there is one color not done yet (the mossy green), couldn’t love them more! These too will be on the upcoming presale within the next 2 weeks.

Speaking of beautiful colored wicker, how sensational are the new breakfast trays in 4 colors! I am already planning my first meal in bed:)  They are due in around  March 16th. Getting in a limited number of each size. We will be holding a wicker/tabletop presale in about 10 days which will include everything on this post so stay tuned:)

And last but not least, get ready for this……for the pet who has everything. An amazingly beautiful wicker pagoda bed!! I don’t think there is anything out there quite like it and I am in love:) This almost has me wanting to get a dog!!!

This incredible wicker dog bed to my knowledge is one of a kind and will be introduced as a limited edition. We are only getting 25 of these in meant for a smaller dog or cat. They measures 32″ x 21″ x 30″. The cushion shown will be offered in green/white or blue/white. These will be offered on the wicker presale coming up within the next 2 weeks so stay tuned!




One lucky winner will win our darling wicker pitcher, such a stylish piece for any table! Just participate in the mini polls then leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item shown here today.I will announce the winner on Sunday!

So this is a sneak peek into whats happening over here, plenty  keeping me very very busy.  This collection is absolutely one of my prouder moments.  Thought you would enjoy seeing it, as you are always the first! Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

PS We only have a handful of spots left for our Enchanted Home Love Contest!! Send us 1-2 pictures featuring a product form you us to enter and you could win 3 MONTHS OF ENCHANTED HOME DELIVERIES! Send your pictures to

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Tahani on

I love your page all the time wetting you every think so nice beautiful

Kristen on

Love the colored wicker jars! Can’t wait to mix them in with my natural wicker jars!

Karenann S. on

I really love the dog bed the best. Very cute!

Michelle K. on

The dog that is absolutely amazing! The painted record is so refreshing. I love the lemon tree in the navy planter

Ms. Tracey J on

That wicker bed tray in navy…oh my stars. I love it Tina, just lovely.

Penni Kappmeyer on

Love the soft green planter. Exciting things you are showcasing!

Marta on

I love the breakfast tray and will definitely purchase…..such a good thing to have on hand💕

Liz on

Love all the colored wicker!! Are you doing a plant stand soon? (though I saw one in your office) I would LOVE that.

Dana Munoz on

You really amaze me! Your imagination is endless! Love all your items!

Amber Cooley on

Once again you’ve outdone yourself! Love all the painted wicker. How pretty those pastel wicker urns would look on an Easter table!

Chana Robinson on

I would have to say I love the breakfast tray in pink. It’s nothing like feeling like a princess even at the age of 60. Let breakfast be served

Sinead on

Love the wicker Ginger Jars. Love all the colors, but of course the Navy and White ones are my absolute favorites.

Kas on

I absolutely adore that pet bed! I’ve been looking for a unique, classy pet bed that looks more like a piece of furniture and blends in with my home, and this is perfect!

Elizabeth on

The dog bed is wonderful! Fit for a princess!

Anita Morgan on

Love that you are expanding the wicker collection. The pet bed is perfect for my darling grandpup.

Michelle Vick on

The pagoda dog bed is my absolute favorite! It’s a struggle to find pet furniture that doesn’t detract from home decor, let alone compliment it! Can’t wait to purchase this!

Jenni Toebben on

Everything is fabulous, but the dog bed would be beautiful in my office, with my adorable English Toy Spaniel, Roberta, snoozing in it!

Lily on

Yay! love all the items so much!

Joan on

I love the wicker jars especially in navy.

Ja’Nien Culver on

My favorite new items is the wicker ginger jars-by far! So unique; just love them. Nice work!

Ann on

Really love the mossy green planters. Also, the pet bed is adorable. Just no pet to use it.

Ja’Nien Culver on

My favorite new item is the wicker ginger jar-by far! So unique; just love them. Nice work!

Susie on

Love that dog bed, but my little prince would never sleep in it. He thinks he’s a person!

Nancy on

Can’t wait to order the wicker bedtray. Thank goodness I have time to decide if I should order white or navy. Appreciate the heads up!

Tina on

Love your beautiful wicker items! I like everything you have designed, but my favorite is the ginger jar! I have to have a pair of those! So different! They remind me of something my mom had in the 60’s.

Sandy W on

The colored wicker ginger jars are really pretty and could see an outdoor table setting using these.

Linda C on

My favorite item is the pale blue breakfast tray

Sabra Schroder on

Hi Tina, your taste is really exquisite, and it shows in how you decorate your homes using your amazing creations! Honestly, my favorite item is the giveaway pitcher. You and I both love to hostess and I’ve been a wicker gal for decades.

Constance on

Can’t decide between the breakfast tray and the ginger jars. Both are just wonderful! You have such great ideas.

jan on

I’m hard pressed to pick just one favorite from all these gorgeous wicker pieces. But, if I have to pick just one, I will choose the colored ginger jars. They are too adorable and I can see them with a bunch of flowers throughout the season. Can’t wait to see what your newest/latest ideas are. Also, boo to the company that stole your ideas. How annoying……..and rude.

Bea Dutton on

The fabulous breakfast trays remind me of when I was little & on my birthday I wud get breakfast in bed served on a tray! And of course the Dog Bed is perfection!

Pamela on

I love the wicker ginger jars! Now just need to decide which colors to order!

Mary Peiffer on

We are having our master bath remodeled. I can picture the ginger jar sitting on our new double vanity.

Mary on

Tina, you have made this VERY difficult. ALL of your new wicker items are exceptional! It’s hard enough to pick an item and then narrow down a color. Oh my! ❤️ I will pick the pink breakfast tray. I have a beautiful vintage breakfast set that will match it perfectly!

Sherry B on

Loving the new colors of wicker. A 20in planter with Meyer Lemon for my favorite!

Stephanie Ogle on

I love the navy wicker and the dog bed is precious!

Laurie L Cordeniz on

All items shown are amazing and hard to choose just one but love the dog bed!

Sharon LaRoe on

I just love it all but the ginger jars have my name all over them!! I also love the very adorable and functional tray table for breakfast in bed! My only issue is what color to get?!?!

Sandy on

Your wicker collection just screams SUMMER! I may need a few pieces to get me through this winter.

Linda Owens on

I love the wicker planters in every color. Beautiful!

Marilyn on

My favorite is the wicker breakfast try.

Cynthia on

AMAZiNG!! Such a beautiful collection! I will be eagerly awaiting your pre-sale!

Gina Penner on

I love it all but especially the planters and the breakfast tray!

Allison on

The planters and pagoda dog beds!! I need them in my life😊😊

Waiting on the sale I love it all😊

Donna on

I love the wicker ginger jar in light blue AND the breakfast tray. Gosh, I can’t wait until they are all available!

Susan C. on

I really love the dog bed. I have never seen anything like it. That item would certainly get a lot of favorable comments from my friends and family. I only need a dog now.

Stella on

Can u pre order?

Amy Richardson on

💗💗💗 ALL of the Navy Blue wicker items!!!!

Anne Nelson Morck on

I love the dog bed, but think it’s all fabulous!

Claudia McCauley on

The pale blue wicker jars are simply wonderful…love them!

Sharon F. on

I am definitely getting one of the breakfast trays. I had one of these for 30 years that I just loved. When we retired and moved across country for some reason my husband decided to put it with the things to be donated. I did not know this until we moved. Needless to say he was in trouble! But love prevailed and we celebrated our 50th anniversary last November.

shelley moore on

Love the box planters!! My favorite!

Suzanne on

They are all fabulous! Thank you for your creativity and style.

Lin Cargo on

Have wanted a bed tray for years and yours has it all….magazine holder, edge to keep things from sliding off. Love it!

Susan on

I love the new colored wicker! I can’t decide what piece I will order first!

Sandi on

Just when I think there couldn’t be anymore beautiful pieces, they become available Love the wicker! Great for mountains or beach!

Marsha Natkins on

My favorite item is the wicket pitcher followed by the breakfast tray.
The tray is perfect for use in my sunroom- not eating off of it but working with my laptop. Charming.

Leslie on

Lovd the navy planters

M C on

My favorite pieces are the planters and all sizes of the ginger jars. Looking forward to spring!

Lynda Bechtel on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog bed. It is a must have for my Yorkie D’ARTAGNAN. Of course he already knows that he is British Royalty – but now he can sleep like it too!! 🙂

Miss CC on

The dog/cat bed is too adorable! 🐾

Marge on

Good items to add to your product line. Always have loved wicker and have several pieces throughout our house. The pitcher is pretty as are the planters.

Mary Balagia on

I really like the white and pale blue ginger jars! We’re building a beach home and they will be perfect! Have you considered wicker mirror frames? Hint hint hint

Carolyn Agnew on

The colored ginger jars and planters are my favorites. The pink wicker ginger jar would be so pretty in a feminine bathroom. You could store toilet paper in it if it sat on the floor or put some pretty floral stems in it. I agree the colors look like Springtime. So refreshing.

Terri First on

I love the dog bed and plan to get one. It will compliment her dog bowls. Having function and style is always a plus. Would love if you also offered a back or back and side bumpers for the cushion. And if the little side bell could be sold separately to put on a bell pull/ring for the door to be used to notify me when time to go out.

Diane Massanelli on

Love, love, love the Ginger Jars!!!

Jo Anne on

Love the navy wicker planters. Especially the fact that they come in so many sizes

Beverly on

I especially love the wicker planters!

Deb on

Love all the color wicker…would place an order for the pup bed if my bulldog could fit!

Theresa Havens on

Gives me hope that spring is on the way!!

Sandra Schreiner on

I love the breakfast trays. It has such a vintage look! Perfect!

Jennifer on

LOVE the wicker dog bed, too bad my 80+ pound Golden won’t fit in it!

Susan on

You have won me over on the wicker trans with your new products!

Sherry on

Love all the colored ginger jars! I received some rattan ones last October and they are beautiful:-)

Marion Spark on

I can also see the dog bed as a doll bed !

Lee V on

You really knocked it out of the park, this is going to be an instant sell out. Absolutely in love with that dog bed, I need a navy breakfast tray, a set of the white and pale pink ginger jars and a set of the pale blue and white wicker planters. I am waiting to order!

Kathy Bunge on

Favorite items were the colored wicker planters. They are beautiful!

Jennifer Thrailkill on

The dog bed is amazing. Wish my dog was smaller to fit in it!

Kathryn on

Love all the wicker. Definitely thinking of adding them to our sunroom. All I need to do is decide on which color 👑

L Herzog on

I love the wicker collection, especially the pitcher above and the ginger jars. Such a neat way to add spring freshness to the decor. Thank you!

Joan Webster on

Love everything but favorite is ginger jar!

Jennifer S on

Just love the wicker. Reminds me of wonderful trips to the Bahamas

B. Woodring on

Really loving the wicker colored planters…omg!! Making me excited for spring & summer 🥰

Colleen on

Loving the blue breakfast tray! And those navy planters, which would be easier to keep clean than the white ones 😉

Ginger Stephenson on

I absolutely LOVE the planters and the navy color is amazing! But, I really need that bed tray in white!

Karen Keith on

I love wicker! Beautiful line of products!

Roxanne on

I really love all the wicker shown. Personally, the planters and the breakfast trays are my favorites. I hope I can snag a tray for me and one as a gift for my daughter who really deserves breakfast in bed with 3 little girls and a full time job!

MissLindyS on

The dog bed is “to die for”. What are the dimensions?

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Love all the new pieces, can’t wait to get my order in! They look like spring!

Laura on

Love all the things posted.

BB on

Grandmother would be thrilled with white wicker planters on her 1890 front porch! I’m trying to keep up her darling house. Lovin’ those perfect planters

Jennifer Reece on

I love the navy ginger jars! I already bought the set of natural wicker and I love them!!!

Marguerite on

I LOVE the pet bed, it is my favorite! I was so sad when the metal ones were discontinued, I was about to buy one!

Cynthia McMahon on

Tina, Wish I had a pup to snuggle into the worlds most chic pet bed. Love all the new designs. I really need the breakfast bed tray. That’s on my list for Mother’s Day!

ReneP. on

My mind immediately went to my sunroom, and where I could place a pair of the white wicker ginger jars followed by a large white wicker planter filled with a beautiful lemon tree!! So so pretty!!

Eileen on

This wicker pitcher is just perfect for outdoor picnics. I’m planning a few very careful ones. It would be perfect.

Diane Myers on

I always enjoy receiving the e-mail from The Enchanted Home. It is like opening a page in a magazine and I do really love my decorating magazines. I really like seeing the new products that you are creating and the beautiful pictures from various websites that you post. Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

Kay D on

Love everything! My favorite item is the breakfast tray!

Barb on

love the new wicker, but I think my very favorite is the natural. Hoping to make a purchase this go round!

meg on

Love, love, love the breakfast tray! So happy it has made a come back!

Angela Middleton on

That dog bed is so adorable! I have three Maltese that would look so perfect lying in one of those!

Rose Haas-Frasher on

Love the pet bed!

Carolyn Smith on

My favorite is the navy blue planters, so classy looking. But my very, very favorite is the give away pitcher. Absolutely love 💕

Susan Kayden on

I wish my big Rottweiler could fit on that fabulous bed!!! Oh well…. I love the bed trays, too, especially in navy.

SuZann Bumpers on

Think new collection is exciting! Love the planters!

Susan Hayes Long on

That pet bed is scrumptious and would be superb even without a pet. I do love those wicker planters and the ginger jars in the softer shades would be great in the bathroom for storage. Can’t wait to see the wicker urns and pedestals.

Carolyn Smith on

Love the navy planters. They are so classy looking.
But I absolutely love 💕 the give away pitcher. It is so pretty and extremely useful.

Joan Marie MacDonald on

I love the planters. I just bought a tiny cottage on a lake and I think a green planter on my front porch would be beautiful!

Laura on

The wicker pagoda pet bed is an absolute “10”

Piper B. on

The white wicker planters filled with the topiaries make me think of warm summer days! So beautiful and refreshing!

Elissa Cron on

Just spectacular!!!!!

Jane on

So excited about the breakfast trays!!! I’ve been searching, and these are perfection!

Thompson LaTreva on

My favorite is the wicker pitcher

Eve on

Like you, I have always been a huge fan of wicker. All the pieces are fabulous. Very hard to pick one or two favorites, but the wicker dog/cat bed is beautiful!

Lauren on

Beautiful Tina! You are a true visionary! Congrats!!

Cindy Hummel on

The wicker planters are my favorite.

Bobbi on

Two of the navy planters housing lemon trees in our foyer would be breath-taking!

Jenny Blanc on

White bed tray

Angela on

Everything is wonderful! So hard to choose just one! I absolutely LOVE the navy breakfast tray!

Jana Rinehart on

I am in LOVE with the blue ginger jars and planters!!

Jony Baron on

Love all the new colours and I’m sorry that people have the need to copy your amazing ideas. I know that these will be big sellers this year, looking forward to all your new additions😃

Rosanne on

Love the doggie bed! I don’t have a pet but several friends do and this will make a perfect gift for “those who have everything”. Thanks for your creativity.

Elizabeth Yingling on

My absolute favorite is the wicker pet bed! I bought your tole one in black and gold for our house in town, and it’s gorgeous… But because the metal on the bottom part buckled (and made a loud noise) when my dog climbed into it for the first time, she got spooked and refuses to go into it again. Oh, well! I’m hoping that the wicker one sits flat on the floor (so no buckling or noise issues) because I plan on buying one for our beach house.

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Thanks for the beautiful ideas, can’t wait to order the ginger jars, can’t wait until spring and enjoying them!

Mylinda on

It was hard! I love every item! But my favorite is the pet bed! Perfect for granddaughters’ dolls!!

Patricia Mccurry on

Just too cute!! Love it all!!

Kay on

The wicker planters are wonderful and I love the wicker Ginger jars! I am partial to white or navy but the pastels are lovely too!

Maureen Hart on

The navy planter is my favorite. Would look beautiful on my patio or dining room. This is a wonderful new piece.

Sharri Conway on

Love all the wicker items—beautiful, fresh and unique! You are making the world a prettier place!

Jill Wagner on

Wish I had a small dog for the pagoda bed but I would love to get the white wicker vases!

Carolyn Blodgett on

I love the planters. So pretty and perfect for a sunroom or porch/patio.

Jennifer Beeson on

I LOVE the colored wicker jars. They instantly reminded me of family vacation’s at the beach! Sweet Memories!!!

Barb on

I really enjoyed this post! My favorite new item is the breakfast tray!

René on

Love the bed tray!

Donna S on

All the wicker is amazing, my favorite would have to be the dog bed! I enjoy the posts and beautiful viewing of what’s to come, thank you.

Phyllis Friedsam on

I adore the planters…would be lovely in my garden courtyard,especially with seasonal plantings for lunch gatherings or evening cocktail parties. The dog pagoda is absolutely charming. I can picture my ‘prissy princess’ English Setter falling in love with it. She loves snoozing under any type of canopy! Lovely,lovely wicker.

Jennifer on

In love with the breakfast tray. A way to feel like a Queen on a lazy day in bed and a way to spoil my traveling guests and family. Post Covid, of course!!

Marilyn on

Love the green wicker planter to go with my old white wicker pieces on my screened porch that will have new green cushions.

Kay on

I also love Wicker thank you for sharing you amazing new products. My favorite piece is your w

Kay on

I also love Wicker thank you for sharing you amazing new products. My favorite piece is your pagoda pet bed. My little Lulu would love the bed.

Judy Dude on

The Pagoda Wicker Dog Bed is so darn beautiful that I want to sleep in it! Move aside Teddy!

Mariae on

Love wicker, but the pet bed is my favorite, a pet with a chinoiserie bed!!

Katherine Beuerle on

Love all the wicker! Can’t wait to add the planter and ginger jars to my cottage. You have developed such wonderful lines for all of us to choose from!!

Janet W on

I have instructed my staff to vote for the dog bed for me.
At last, a bed as fetching as I am!
Signed for Islay, the stylish Scottie by her human

Susan Bonfield on

The breakfast tray is quite awesome, not just for eating, but for letter writing, crosswords, etc.

Sherie Wiser on

Love wicker. Ready for summer and warm days!

Rosemarie on

I LOVE the wicker pagoda dog bed. What an absolute treat for any fur baby!

MaryM on

I can’t pick just one! I’d have to say I like the colored ginger jars and breakfast trays the best!

Lisa MacDonald on

The wicker dog bed wins for me! My little Scottie is a princess and would to snuggle in such style!

Janet on

I love the new elegant breakfast trays-perhaps a stylish way to elevate a laptop as well!

Richelle on

All of your creations are absolutely awesome, Tina! Those who ‘borrow’ your ideas are paying you their highest compliments. Your expanded wicker line is going to be one of your greatest hits!!

Karen on

The wicker planters are my favorite. I can easily visualize them filled with beautiful spring and summer flowers in full bloom!

Lorraine Hutchinson on

Love the wicker ginger jars
But have my eye on the pitcher lol
And am really dreaming about the wicker urns

Kay on

The ginger jars are beautiful!

Joan Richards on

The pitcher is my favorite item! So smart!

Linda Doezema on

Absolutely love everything! Really would love the large planters in any color! So beautiful!

Michelle Rigney on

My favorite item shown here today is the pale blue painted wicker ginger jar, which is perfect for my glam coastal decor in Florida.

Kathleen Wicklund on

The Wicker Breakfast tray! I love it! My mother always had one in our home growing up in Grosse Pointe, breakfast in bed for special occasions and lovely chicken soup service when under the weather. A “must” in every home. Thank you for bringing it back

Miranda on

I LOVE the breakfast tray. MUST HAVE! It’s gorgeous. Such a classic! I need to buy one for my mother as well. She loves breakfast in bed!

Peggy on

Can’t get enough of the dog bed. Adorable.

Barbara Weiner on

The wicker dog bed is adorable, but
I know my dogs would have chewed right through it!

sandra on

The wicker pagoda bed is WONDERFUL! Can’t wait to see it during the presale!!

Pam F on

The new wicker line is beautiful! I can see the navy ginger jars on an outdoor summer table! Love them all!

Mary Pickett on

I love everything

Martha on

Favorite – the dog bed! Love the wicker jars and all of the wonderful colors.

Bonnie on

one word says it all for your wicker line. “STUNNING”. MY dog Charlie is waiting to sleep in that magnificent designed bed….

Mary Pickett on

I love everything you do!!

Laurie Ward on

My favorite is the wicker pitcher! Ready for summer on the patio!

Tim F. on

Love the dog bed! And I don’t even have a dog!

Marcia Moorhead on

Love the dog bed but I don’t think my Standard Poodle would fit.

Kate Shotwell on

I just love the wicker planters, hard to pick a favorite color, love them all!

JeanneW on

The wicker line is all kinds of original creativity. I really love it. My favorites are the urns and the dog bed. I mean, it has tassels!

Kim on

Love the pale blue wicker planter!

Susan V. on

I think the dog wicker dog bed is fabulous looking!! The biggest problem I foresee with it is chewers … wicker can be really inviting to many dogs (speaking from experience here) and is easily destroyed 🙁 So while I think it’s great looking and very decorative, Although I wish it were, I don’t believe it’s practical for most dogs.

Marsha Oates on

The pagoda bed is delightful! It’s light and whimsical, but it still provides the sense of shelter that cats and dogs enjoy. It would look great most anywhere, but I can see it on a screened porch with a cherished pet curled up in it, snoozing contentedly.

Misty on

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new colors in the wicker line ! I will be purchasing several out of each line 🤗

Susan on

I love the planters – all of the colors are so fun and unique! What a glimpse of warmer, brighter things to come!

Linda Rubin on

I love all the colored wicker. My favorite though is the white planter.

Michele on

Love the breakfast tray in navy! So chic!

Kellee on

The doggie bed is perfect for a sweet little Shih Tzu!

Tricia Ocallaghan on

my favorite is the breakfast tray -which is what we gave my mother when we were young and thereafter made her breakfast on that try every mothers day! Im going to get for all my sisters!

Ellen V on

The pagoda dog bed is gorgeous!

Catherine on

Such beautiful things!! My favorite item is the breakfast tray. Looking forward to hearing about the exciting collaboration you have coming up!!

Stephanie Brentlinger on

Love love love the wicker ginger jars – all of the colors!

Jennifer on

Just received the natural wicker ginger jar and now need a color too! 🙂 The bed tray is a perfect mother’s day gift!

Mary Anne Liljedahl on

I want one of everything! I especially love the pale blue wicker!

Vivian on

The planters and that adorable pagoda dog bed are my favorites, but I love every single piece of painted wicker in your new items. They are all real knock-outs! Congrats on all of these new winners!

Deborah Fisher on

I love the planters and the different sizes.
Useful and pretty and classy looking

Jeanette on

My favorite item(s) are the wicker planters and the wicker ginger jars the most.

Debbie on

Such a treat for the imagination! Love the dog bed – that’s amazing! Also adore the soft pink wicker ginger jars. I would have loved to have had those when my girls were younger.

Janice on

I am just crazy about the wicker ginger jars. My sister’s name is Ginger so have always been fond of the style. Your taste is just splendid and look forward to your blog & especially your seven on Sunday posts! 💙🍃👒💙🍃👒💙

Debbie on

Love your pictures! That wicker dog bed is the cutest thing ive ever seen for pets!!! Love the ginger jar stuff as well

Barb J on

I absolutely love the new colored wicker! So charming on a sun porch, kitchen, bath…. I can just see summer flowers tumbling out of them..,, or a bunch of lilacs, peonies…anything!
Reminds me of my parent’s summer porch which was filled with beautiful green wicker.

Lauren Greene Whyte on

Wicker never wandered far from our abodes. Whether it recalls the The Golden Age of Victorian styling or the willow seats on our summer porches and sunrooms (now in our kitchens, baths, and lamps!), it is a reminder of nature and soft craftsmanship that offsets any of the hard edges of architecture or furniture. It always offers an ease and comfort to the home.

Arell on

Wow! I am so very impressed with your wicker line and just love the colored wicker. Your Pagoda Dog Bed is fantastic! My two little dogs would feel like little Princesses!

Laura on

My favorite is the Pet Bed. I just love it.

Suzanne Johnson on

Love it all!!! My favorite has to be the Pagoda Dog Bed!!! It is just fabulous!!!

Pina Prainito on

I absolutely love the pet bed an the jars. I can’t choose. I need them both.

marci solomich on

Love your ginger jars! So fresh and unique!

Sue Yuditsky on

I really like the colored planters…navy in particular just stands out. I could see that on my back porch!! Beautiful…

Susan T. on

Love the painted wicker planters. Can’t decide between white or navy!

Jennifer Davidson on

So excited for your new wicker pieces. My favorite wicker item so far is the ginger jar(s)!

Ruth on

The navy blue wicker planters are just what I have been waiting for!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Loving the coloured wicker planters!!

Allie DeMarsico on

I absolutely love the planters and can’t wait to purchase a few for my covered porch! So pretty! But everything on your site is gorgeous 🙂

Rachael W on

The colored wicker Ginger Jars are too pretty-love them!

Diane on

All the wicker is beautiful, but I love the pitcher!

Kimberly Hare on

I have always loved a breakfast tray!

Leslie Finley on

I love the colored wicker jars, especially the pale blue. I have an India Amory tablecloth for my back porch overlooking the lake. This would be the perfect centerpiece to keep there all the time so when I walk by this is what I would see!! I also adore the wicker bed tray for my guest rooms beds… how inviting and practical are they?!

Karen F. on

Thrilled you will be adding these wonderfulwicker bed trays to your shop ~ breakfast in bed is such a treat!

Marilyn Cole on

“Lovin” the wicker collection! The colors are perfect! My favorite is the box planters, especially the mossy green and navy blue!

Dana on

It is funny that you mention copies. I have noticed similar products from others on instagram. They seem very similar, but truthfully I trust buying from the Enchanted Home. I love everything I have purchased and the quality and customer service is outstanding. Your vision of beauty is so close to mine I wouldn’t trust anyone else’s. I purchased 2 small ginger jars from another site, recommended by someone I follow and was so disappointed in the quality and service I will never buy again. Truthfully if you had offered the minis I would have rather purchased them from you. I will continue to purchase from the Enchanted Home for my home decor.

Mickey H on

Wicker ginger jars are adorable and my favorite.

Jennifer on

I absolutely love wicker and I’m glad it’s making a comeback! I’m kind of a plain Jane here, but the natural and navy are my favorites 🙂

Andrea on

Beautiful post Tina! I love the wicker ginger jars! And, I love the wicker planters! I can see these in my house! The hardest part would be to choose what colors would look best in my house. Colors are beautiful! Of course, the blues are my favorite!
Thank you! Have a great day!

Ellen Ruppert on

Definitely out of the box. Great ideas already coming to mind!

Patti S on

Like the new collection, especially the dog bed. If only I had a dog!

Carol Lane on

I NEED that pagoda dog bed for our new Shih Tzu puppy, Lacey who comes home to us on March 11th! I also love the painted planters and have the original natural 20″ planter from you and have been thinking of painting it pale green. When I saw these new ones, it confirmed the idea!

Donna Wilson on

Those navy blue planters!! Swoon!!
In fact all of this wicker in the navy is

Cathy on


Your new wicker items are amazing! Have you considered making the pet bed smaller, without the cushion, as a tabletop decoration? Best of luck with your growing empire!


Bette on

Would love being served breakfast in bed on one of the trays!

Bette on

Would love to have breakfast in bed served on one of those trays!

Deb R on

I honestly love the wicker in it’s natural color best, but these fabulous colors are great as well!

Marsha Horton on

I love it all but the “fur baby”pagoda bed is just too fabulous!

Karen H on

Love the planters so much!

Nancy Behrmann on

Absolutely love the new wicker colored pieces. It reminds me of Spring and happier times to come! I can’t wait to purchase a breakfast tray for my bedroom!

Nancy on

I am in love with all of your wicker! My favorite is the white planter with the lemon tree.

Judy on

Love the planters. Would you consider doing them in black?

Andrea Pedemonti on

love all the new wicker colors given I am partial to color, but also love your natural wicker as well.

Joy Searles on

I love the navy planters!

Karen C on

Love the wicker ginger jars!

Jo Winford on

I love AlL the wicker but think my favorite is the pitcher!

Lisa B. on

Absolutely love all your wicker pieces! My favorite of these choices are the planters! Would love to have them on my screened porch! So glad your ideas have come to fruition!

Joyce on

The ginger jars are my favorite!!! Bring on Spring!!!

Cindy on

I really love the navy planters!!!

christine on

OMY Goodness, the pagoda dog bed! And one of these days when I do get the dog….. It is beautiful!

Julia Crow on

The Wicker Collection is so fun! It screams. “Spring! Summer!” The Pet Bed is too cute – makes me want to have a furry creature!

Kim Arsenian on

I really love the planters! Painted and natural, they are all lovely.

Kathy Chandler on

I really love the dog/cat pagoda bed! The cushion fabric is a great design as well as the precious bed. I would love for my cat Bo to snuggle up in this new bed!

Catharine R. on

The wicker breakfast trays are delightful! I want breakfast in bed every morning using one of those beautiful trays! They are absolutely perfect!

Charlene H. on

I love all your wicker offerings here!

Elaine Blazys on

The new wicker items are lovely! In particular, the pink ginger jar. I really love navy and white but pink is my new go to /runner up. Home office is painted in BM First Light.

Peggy on

I really like the navy and green wicker planters. I can see the navy in our living room with a potted plant in it and the green would be perfect for my deck with real plants in them!

Barbara Morris on

I love the fresh wicker looks — pale blue and white are my favorite for our patio!

Steve grace on

Wicker is always great for spring and summer

KND on

The wicker ginger jars are simply the best as Tina Turner’s song says!! You usually don’t see them except in natural or white usually ,so the colors just sing. Sorry, just couldn’t help myself, what can I say?

Suzanne on

Absolutely love the 20”planters. Perfect for so may places

Sue M on

Loving all the breakfast trays and the colors! 💙

Catherine on

This collection is so special. As a grand millennial, I need some of this pretty in my home. Great job.

Peggy kahle on

Your wicker designs are fabulous! Keep up the good design, wil probably buy ginger hats and planters

Wendy Robinson on

Love the wicker planters in pale blue!

Carolyn on

Love the planters and ginger jars! 🙂

Mary Lou Layden on

LOVE the new wicker products and colors ! I want them ALL !

Jan on

Love them all- and especially like the wicker pitcher- I am seeing lemonade or margaritas on a hot summer day! Can’t wait!

Linda on

I love the wicker ginger jars! Hopefully the lids come off so I could use them for flower arrangements.

Vickie on

Fave is 💯 the white planters.
Second color is pale green.
Love flanking the door entry.

Donna Greene on

Love it all, but I have been looking so forward to the trays. They are gorgeous! The colors are amazing. 🤞🏻💕

Janet J. on

Loving your new wicker pieces! If I had to choose just one, I think it would be one of the planters. But really, would definitely be happy with any of them! Well done!!

Virginia Reed on

I LOVE the wicker planters and the Ginger jars!

Gail on

I’m a wicker lover also and love your new offerings!

Sabra on

Love the pale blue and pale green wicker planters!

Missy on

There’s so much to love in your new wicker line! I especially love the new breakfast trays. Can’t wait to get one!

Cathy on

The dog bed is fabulous!

Lisa Torchia on

The colored wicker collection is remarkable. You had me with the planters, but then I spied the colored breakfast trays. I think the pink one is over the top!!

Viviana on

Can’t wait for the wicker pre-Dale! Don’t want to miss it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Terri Mainwaring on

Congratulations on these beautiful wicker pieces! My very favorite are the planters and I can just see one Looking fabulous next to my front door!!

Mary on

That pagoda dog bed is absolutely charming! Even my reluctant pup might climb into that gorgeous creation

Blair R. on

I really like the wicker planters and the bed trays! Just lovely…

Leesa McCharen on

Love the pet bed! But I know my teeny Yorkie would chew it to pieces. Oh well.

Cindy on

I am in love with the box planters, and the color palette of all of the products. I’m excited to find out more about these!

Kitty Burns on

Dying over wicker ginger jars. Soo cute!

Nancy Stones on

Absolutely love the dog bed❣️❣️I don’t have a dog but if I did this would be it’s bed without a doubt. Perhaps I can dream of another use for this gorgeous bed.

Gale Murphy on

With all this cold and snow weather I am thiniking I need a few of the planters. and that dog bed love it

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