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Good morning, we have two incredible entries for our final showdown round….they make me look so good:)

Thanks to the over 5800 of you, who participated in voting and sending in your beautiful pictures, what a contest this was! Now it’s time to vote for the winner of Enchanted Home Love. Ready? Here are your two finalists-





These are both so outstandingly beautiful and are such beautiful representations of my brand, so thank you for making me so proud! I absolutely love hosting these fun contests and looking forward to the next one, Spring Love. Spring cannot come soon enough in my book, that’s for sure. Another sick day at home, more snow, its Groundhog day all over again:) Just when we thought nothing could top 2020!

Hope you are staying safe, well and sane. I. promise I will do my best to keep sharing the beauty as a pretty diversion. Until next time……


Many of you have been asking about the presale on our new wicker collection which was possibly going to start this week. We were not quite ready, so we will  start it next Tues. Just wanted to give you a heads up as we an anticipate this collection to sell really fast. So you can mark you calendars for next Tues, Feb 23rd at 9am!


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Karen on

Why does one have to post a comment in order to see other comments?

Ms. Tracey J on

Wow both pictures I voted on are the showdown winners. Tastefully designed and arranged with elegant simplicity. Gosh let me see eenie meenie miney moe…🤭

Ellen Murphy Graham on

When will u have a sale on blue and white chinoiserie porcelain?

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Both are just beautiful! So hard to pick one! Thanks for the beautiful ideas!

Piper B. on

Both are great choices. So many of them were. I think that both in the running are taken in warm, sunny settings is telling us all something! Bring on the hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer! Oh, and the Rosé!

Susan Moore on

Both of the finalists are beautiful and tasteful.

Ann on

I can’t tell which picture won. Hope it’s from round 2.

Margaret Cristall on

This was a tough choice!! They were both my #1 favorites from each contest. After much deliberation, I voted for photo 2, as I think it showcases your products better.

Charlene H. on

A lovely contest💙

Diana on

The way the decor is laid out…….in both… beautiful! (#1………..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ❤️ The hydrangeas!)

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