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Good Sunday morning to you! First I want to announce the winner of the tole tray, congratulations goes to-

#9 Janis

I would love to win the beautiful tole tray!


Please email  with your name and shipping address so your tray can be on it’s way!


Hope you are doing well and hope that spring like weather is slowly making it’s way into your neighborhood. Here its coming but coming in very slowly. Still way colder than I would like,  and even saw some snow flurries yesterday! But I  know sunny, warmer days are ahead for us….and I for one, cannot wait.

Taking it still very slow, thanks to everyone for asking how I am doing. I must say though all the flu like symptoms are long gone, I am still dragging some days. Almost every day requires a nap or at least lying down for a few hours. I am  pacing myself and the concept of listening to my body is not lost on me. I am very very mindful. Covid most definitely sucks the wind out of your sails and it takes a while to get it back. I am trying to move a little every day, taking my vitamins, staying hydrated and trying to do things au naturel.

I think even the boost of warmer days ahead will help me to get to 100% sooner than later. And we have so many exciting new things happening with Enchanted Home, which always makes me happy and definitely puts a pep in my step. An absolute  mood lifter! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend, here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday……




1 TWO FABULOUS GIFTS Both of these items I had to share because they are that good. The first is a book that is a MUST HAVE for every serial book collector (definitely me)! This is the absolute trifecta of beauty, humor and a plethora of information, including tons so amazing recipes. The beautiful pictures are the icing on a scrumptious cake. Actually make that the wit and humor being the icing on the icing:)

This cook entertains you literally from front to back and every page is so much fun to read, from the backstories to the sister’s “take”….this is FUN! I promise you, if you don’t own this already, you must! Just fabulous in every possible way! Click here to get your dose of entertainment unlike any other book can deliver:)


And being a stationery girl,  thank you’s just don’t register the same via text or email. Nothing can hold a candle to a handwritten thank you. Now I am not always saying mine are prompt but I do try to take the time to write a handwritten thank because I think it conveys a true sense of gratitude and that you took the time.

Dempsey and Carroll is long synonymous (as in since 1878)  with fine stationery, beautiful card stock and understated elegance at it’s finest. I received the loveliest box of cards with beautifully lined envelopes featuring the fabulously chic new collection with style icon Holly Holden. The elegant box opens to 10 beautiful heavy cards with a pretty hand lined coordinating envelope. So elegant! I immediately put them to good use.  Click here to find out more



2 SILVER AND A SNEAK PEEK AT A NEW SUMMER PAGODA COLLECTION! New silver on the way, will be here in 2 weeks!!! Some beautiful new pieces and bringing back sold out customer faves-

A new reeded elegant pitcher on it’s way!

Our bamboo charger and flatware are very popular and will be back within about 10 days!

How fabulous is this new mini silver table lamp to add to our table lamp collection? LOVE this!!!

This best selling engraved scalloped charger is coming back in stock!

Very excited over this new addition, our hexagonal pierced silver charger!

While Ihave your attention to new products, thoughts on these two can wicker garden seats? One is 19″ tall and the other is 15″?

And feast your eyes on these……just smitten with them! Say hello to our new coral collection for summer! (will be here later April)! You are the first to see these, kind of puts me in the mood to plan a party (5 colors and 3 sizes) So excited over these, my mind is racing with all the possibilities for setting a most stylish table!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful round up, definitely with a spring forward vibe. Works for me, as I am totally over winter!! Spring vibes all the way:)


4 WALLPAPER CRUSH! So I am looking to possibly redo one of my sons rooms and turn it into a new home office. For the way I work and the hours I spend doing it, its nuts that I don’t have a designated home office space. I used to then we turned it into a second guest room during a particularly busy Christmas season with a house full of hose guests.

So I work from small desk in one of the bedrooms but a spring project in some form is to create an office space for me. The first thing I thought about is wallpaper! I am so in love with this paper, I love how fresh it feels, the gorgeous combination of. trellis and floral and the colors are spectacular!

I have a friend who I showed it to you using it in a powder room and cannot wait to see it up. My search continues but this is a contender, just love the feeling of it. Waiting on a sample…stay tuned:)


5 THE NEVER ENOUGH COLLECTION FROM GIDDY! I just had to share this, too good to not share. It akin to a public service announcement for every single incurable blue and white loving person out there. We have collaborated on a few things and it is through our mutual love of blue and white among other things that has been a driving force behind so much of what we have done together. I mean, come on, we all know nothing beats blue and white.

So she came up with the prettiest  most whimsical “never enough”collection, celebrating the person who just can’t have too much blue and white (I fall into that camp).  Just adore each and every item! Fun gift ideas too…..and yes, that includes to yourself. Click here to see this fabulous collection.




6 A LITTLE HUMOR Every now and then since the pandemic struck I have posted a round of funnies on Instagram, they are always so well received, a reminder that humor can lighten the load and make everything just a little easier.

It’s been a rough year for all of us and anything I can do to make it even a teeny tiny bit better is my pleasure. So here are a few for a good laugh that you might enjoy and I might make this a regular feature on Sundays because everyone feels better after a good laugh 🙂


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So we are seriously considering introducing a collection of colored porcelain, we do get regular requests for more of it. When you intro cue a new collection, hundreds per item have to be ordered which obviously means a big investment. So, for those of you who love the idea of us offering colored porcelain ginger jars, vases, planter, etc…..which colorway if you had to choose one would most excite you?





Today is customer appreciation day, for one day only our entire site is 20% off! Use code thanks!

Click here to visit shop (ends at midnight)

And that friends is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing everyone a fabulous day, hope the sun is shining and the birds are starting to chirp,  a sure sign that spring is on our doorstep! Until next time…..

Coming up this week-

Setting a table with melamine and an intro to our newest melamine collection

Tabletop arrival sale

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Marguerite Neuhaus on

Hi Tina, so glad your strength is coming back.jJust wanted to make the suggestion that I like the wicker items like the garden seats but they would be much more useful to me If they were made to look like wicker but me made so I could put them outdoors,

Kristina Henderson on

I would love to see picture frames added to your line of products.
My living room is painted a very deep dark navy blue and I do have some lovely frames that I have found but thought it would be a great addition to your line of gifts….

Catherine Gershman on

When will the rattan garden seats be available?

Mary Anne Liljedahl on

Glad you are feeling better! I also think picture frames would be a great idea! Can you tell us who makes the fabulous wallpaper in this post?

Lynnie Potter on

Hello, Can you please tell me the maker of the wallpaper featured thank you so much, Lynnie Potter

Ms. Tracey J on

Congratulations Janis 🤩 Tina glad to hear you are doing better and slowly regaining strength. Naps rule at all times😉Spring is kinda here in GA but not really. I purchased a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. They perk things up for sure. I enjoyed the little laughs. We do need to smile😁💕🌷

Susanne on

As usual I want one of everything I see!
The coral themed pagodas are sublime, I need those we are actually throwing a surprise 50th for my husband in August and the theme is “seashore dinner”, absolutely need those pagodas for my table!

I always love your silver and the wicker stools are a must have!
Adore the collection from Giddy too.
I’m glad you’re feeling better and I’m really glad that you’re taking it slow, Covid is not something to mess around with! Rest up😀

Peggy kahle on

Who makes the wallpaper and what is the pattern name?

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Thank you again for your beautiful ideas, I am so happy that you are feeling better, everyone that I know who has had Covid say that rest is the most important thing to do! I love the wicker garden seats! Looking forward to Spring!

Marion Spark on

Will any of the pagoda lanterns be able to be hung? I’d love to hang them on my deck outside.

Lisa on

This is by far my favorite part of Sunday getting to read your beautiful Sunday post. I always know that I will see something beautiful, something that I want, somewhere I want to go or some thing I want to cook, ha ha!

Those coral lanterns be still my ❤️

Lee on

Love the idea of wicker seats, but would prefer a more substantial and heavier looking wicker.

Leslie Chalfont on

Hello blue and white partner. Miss “Never Enough” is a nod to all that makes us happy and on the hunt for next great piece. Thanks for sharing!
Leslie-giddy paperie

Carolyn on

I would love candle holders!

BW on

Whatever happened to your house in SC? Did you sell it? Are you building there again? Would love an update!

BP on

I have the book sophistication is overrated and I agree it is such a fun book! Pretty stationery cards.

Love the new pagodas and would love if you could make one of them a hanging lantern! those could work so well in my sunroom in Florida!

Love and enjoy seeing all of your new products, you have such a talent! How fun is that blue and white collection from Giddy. Such a cute travel mug.

Thanks for my daily dose of beauty!

Franki Parde on

Hang in there…ypu’ve got this…Duke is ready!!! franki

Sophistication Is Overrated on

Oh Tina, we are beyond thrilled about our book being included in your fabulous blog post today. Our goal is to make everyone laugh every day, so we are SO happy about your positive reaction. We meet the best people! Thank YOU for being one of the best.
Your biggest fans,
Sue Sue & Babs

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

Tina I am so happy to hear that you are slowly but surely feeling better. Take it easy and don’t try to come back too fast. Love your Sunday posts and all of your new items for the store.

Marilyn on

So, so happy to know that you’re doing better! Beautiful Seven on Sunday. I always look forward to it. 💚🌷💚🌷

michelle l oleary on

Love the wallpaper. So cheerful and elegant

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