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Hello! As you can see we are starting to get things in fast, our warehouse is once again, starting to overflow with beautiful things though we are having a major porcelain drought( That will change next week when we get our huge container in. Booming on the tabletop front however, and today is living proof. It is intoxicating to walk in to our warehouse and see so many things I love:) As fast as we are getting them in, we are getting them out and the beauty of this sale is, everything shown is here!

Today’s sale is all about our tabletop, some new pieces and some previously sold out faves. The sale is on for 3 days and if you are new to these, please read over the rules below.

  • There are two ways to order. Email your order in or call. Call 800-804-9565 (office open 9-5 EST)  or email
  • If ordering via email be sure you include your name, address and phone number along with ITEM NUMBER and color or style (if it applies)
  • Submitting an order does not guarantee your order, only a paid order is considered confirmed
  • There are limited numbers of each item available
  • These are in stock and ready to ship
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • All orders over $250 get a free embroidered face mask
  • Any order over $500 will receive an additional 10% off their entire order
  • Some items we can ship internationally, for an international quote please email
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Please register with your tax ID and click here or email


Now for the fun part, I also tried to show a few lifestyle shots if I had them-

ITEM 1 We got in more of our fabulous etched glass footed hurricanes,  and are thrilled to welcome 2 gorgeous new styles! Can I tell you that these double as the most exquisite flowers vases , they do double duty beautifully. I am always getting compliments on mine whether used as hurricanes or floral vessels.

Med measures 12.5″ x 6″ $95.00

Large 15″ x 7″ $110.00




ITEM 2This is a new pattern called basket weave. It is very eye catching and has etched and cut glass detailing. Offered in medium and small, gorgeous as well as a floral vase.

Med measures 12.5″ x 6″. $75.00

Large 15″ x 7″ $95.00

A few examples of our florals in the hurricanes-

ITEM 3 We got back in our extra large 18″ cane shaped hurricanes. I see these and I instantly think summer entertaining and a parry!  I adore these and cannot wait to use mine. Talk about impact, I don’t think an 18″ version of these exists anywhere else. Really fabulous on table.

Measures 18″ tall $105.00


ITEM 4 Pagodas are here!! We got in a wonderful assortment of our solid colored pagodas in small, medium and large! These don’t last long but we are always increasing our order quantities. So stylish indoors or out. They are beautiful for outdoor entertaining in the spring/summer. Makes a beautiful centerpiece too. Can hold different size pillar candles, many use them with nothing at all….so pretty in every color plus introducing two new ones!

Specify color and size when order-

Pale pink with white, white with pale pink, light blue with white, white with navy, navy with white, green with white, pale blush

Small measures 8″ x 5″ $60.00

Medium Measures 11″ x 6″ $70.00

Large measures 13″x 9″ x 9″ $90.00





NEW COLOR- mossy green with white (shown in small, medium and large)

NEW COLOR- Blush pink with gold (available in medium and large)


ITEM 5 SO in love with these new chunky square wicker ginger jars, so incredibly stylish and chic! Cannot wait to set up a vignette with these in a few weeks as we start to bring out all our seasonal outdoor furniture. These would be perfect for coastal homes as well…..

Small 12″ $85.00

Medium 14″ $110.00

Large 16″ $125.00


ITEM 6 Say hello to our new mini hurricane, which you can use a 2 or 3″ pillar candle in. This is wonderful smaller size is perfect for smaller tables, end tables and of course to use a very stylish smaller flower vase. The brass ring comes off or on so you have two different looks. Offered in three styles.

8″ X 4.5″


Greek key, Swag and Garland, Vertical Leaf

ITEM 7 Just got in our medium vertical leaf bowl. What a beautiful and elegant piece this is  Gorgeous floral vertical leaf etch work makes this is a stunning bowl to use as a centerpiece bowl as is or filled with fruit, flowers, etc….

Measures 13″ round


ITEM 8 Just got a replenishment of our fabulous tall etched hurricanes, which now come with a brass ring that comes off or no, so you have two looks. This makes a very grand floral vase and I have used it many times for that purpose. I keep a pair of these on my dining room table when lit, they are magnificent, as the etch work reflects the candlelight beautifully. Offered in four styles

We did not get our professional shots back yet so showing them without the ring and with

Measure 15.5″ x 6″

$130.00 each

$245.00 pair

Specify style when ordering




And here is what it looks like filled with flowers-

Want to place an order? Call or email-



Thanks for stopping by, see something you absolutely have to have? Just call or email your order in. If emailing your order don’t forget we need, name, address, and phone number in order to send you an invoice that is payable online. Wishing everyone a great day! Until next time….

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Tahani on

Thank you so much beautiful

Abby on

Just love all of your products, I got a big shipment last week and I think I’m due for another one after seeing this! Beautiful- Love the square wicker ginger jars and all of your pagodas!

Lorraine Hutchinson on

Luscious luscious luscious

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