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Hi there, so the other day as I was going through old pictures,  I realized how much I missed going to my beloved NY flower market and decided to do the next best thing, go to Whole Foods and pick up whatever I could find to satisfy my flower craving.

Given the tine of year, they had plenty of tulips and beautiful hydrangeas. A serious shout out to Whole Foods as they are so incredibly accommodating to a 50 something year old woman calling in with very specific ideas of what she’s looking for:)

I called them two days before told them the colors I was looking and they had them ordered and waiting for me 2 days later, in buckets of water nonetheless! That kind of service is hard to beat. They may not have the variety of the NY flower market but they always have beautiful things, very fresh, incredibly reasonable and their customer service cannot be beat.

So then I came home to play. Few things give me the joy and satisfaction as much as getting to play with flowers. I was doing some photography so these flowers were doing double duty. Adding spring cheer and adding a special touch to the product photography.  So here is a pictorial recap of that fun day and then how things looked 1o days later.  This post is divided into two parts as there is way too much for just one. If you like flowers, this ones for you:)


It all starts with a cart filled with flowers (the tulips were hidden underneath)

This is just some of the tulips, you could say I kind of fell in love with every color they had:)

Love this soft palette, this is after living in the garage for 2 days, I brought them in to “open up”

Ta dah! I love this because it screams spring here I am”! Simple and so pretty, shown in our medium double Greek key hurricane (click here)

Took the purple tulips and a bunch of the white hydrangeas and made a pretty arrangement in our footed planter, this planter literally looks good with everything I have put in it!

Then I made small mini arrangements to put on my mantle for a pretty spring-y tablescape

Couldn’t love the way they look on the mantle more… fresh and happy

By the way, our mini blue and white vases which are all sold out are coming in on our container being delivered today! (click here)

And below the other hydrangea and tulip arrangements still going strong on day 6

For the brass footed (left), I always use a plastic liner as they could leak due to a separate base being used on the glass, the two right are our medium glass footed

Love the shape and elegantce of this brass footed tall hurricane as a larger scaled vessel

Added a few faux cherry blossoms as some flowers started to die, filled it in nicely and gave it some height

And then I took my wicker tulipiere samples and had a field day filling them with tulips! So love this and who knew wicker could look so elegant

So many have been asking about these, we have finally approved the design and these beauties are coming out or production this week. They will be available later April. We will hold a presale on them in a week or two, so stay tuned:) Two sizes…..for now.

These require relatively few tulips, in other words three bunches goes a long way here!

Shown here are the. medium and large

And these beautiful small arrangements in our fabulous silver mint juleps are a Segway into the second half of the flowers life which will be part 2, next week!

Believe  it or not these were day 7 when I photographed these, I attest their slaying power to being outside at night! Click here to see our mint julep collection


Hope this gave you your “flower fill” for the day, few things give me the happiness and fulfillment that flowers do! Hope you enjoyed the post and perhaps are inspired to create a few arrangements of your own.

Nothing like walking into a room and having fresh flowers to greet you, even if it’s a small arrangement in a mint julep. So,  don’t think you “can’t do it”, flowers are very forgiving and there is no right or wrong, its all about experimentation until you love it. And how else will you learn if you don’t try. They are easier to work with than you might think……trust me:)

Thank you as always for stopping in! Wishing everyone a beautiful day. Until next time…..


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Peggy W. on

I love the Greek key hurricane. It’s so classic and elegant. But I also love the silver mint julep cups. So many beautiful items! <3

Sandy Krug on

Such great tips for fresh flowers. Thank you!

Christina Riddle on

Hi Tina, I don’t feel very adept at flower arranging, but this post is very inspiring! (As a note, I once ordered fresh cut hydrangeas from Costco for a party, They were huge and spectacular, and delivered right to my door. They have an online “flower store”. )

Diane Massanelli on


Theresa on

Beautiful and informative! Happy Spring!🌸🌷🌼I love the picture of Teddy🐾❤️

Eileen on

I love the yin and yang… you design all these beautiful vases and then you have the gorgeous flowers to fill them. You are certainly satisfying two different talents/skills in one total process. Fabulous!!

Ellen Bowman on

Love Whole Foods! This is a (another) great post! xo

Louise Gorham on

Gorgeous arrangements!
Perusing them several times was my “soul food” for the day. Thank you!

Robin on

Absolutely gorgeous!

Joan on

So pretty, especially since today is so cold & grey & damp! I always put an old copper penny into whatever vase I am putting tulips in, it keeps them standing taller (a look I prefer) and helps them last a bit longer.
I picked up a very pretty B&W chinoiserie planter last February at Whole Foods, containing seven white tulips. Let them run their course, cut back their leaves and put the pot in the corner of my garden, tucked into the wall. To my surprise, once the snow melted early this week, I spotted tiny green shoots poking up through the soil. Mother Nature is doing Her thing and it looks as though I’m going to have another pot of white tulips before or by Easter!

Neil on

I love it al!!!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn on

The flowers are beautiful and so full of life.

Linda Sullivan on

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas for fleets in such a variety of containers. I would still love to find and purchase a couple of small blue and white Tulipieres . I am excited to see what the Whole Foods near me has today💐 Thanks, Linda

Suzanne on


Bebe on

Has anyone ever told you that one of the skinny wooden skewers inserted in a tulip’s hollow stem will keep them upright? I love having some of them trailing but not all. Your flower features are the very best. I can’t wait until more springtime blossoms here in the south.

M. Davis on

Very pretty, thank you. Makes me want to go buy some bulbs.

Tahani on

So beautiful thank you so much I love this all

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