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Hi there, I am practically giddy over the fact that spring is here! Every last snowflake has melted and though things are far from green, I just feel the spring vibe  in the air. When I wake up and hear birds chirping, that is a sure sign of whats to come!! This is just a random Saturday post to say hello and share a few exciting tidbits with you.


A few of my most favorite flowers arrangements that I have ever done to celebrate this day today that we have been waiting for, all winter long!!!!

 SO excited we got in a huge porcelain container and among the beautiful items were our first round of the exquisite porcelain dinner plates and chargers. I did a serious little happy dance:) This shipment is smaller but our big shipments comes in April.

Many have been asking about these, we  will hold a presale next week or the following and will have a limited number to sell, love the quality and shape, with two of my most favorite elements- piercing and scallops! The neutral soft white color will go with literally everything, all colors and styles for every season.


How gorgeous is our newest glass design, bird and floral chinoiserie!! I am so excited over this one….will be available in hurricanes and a bowl! Stay tuned for the arrival next month….this was a sample in the making so consider it a sneak peek:)

Since you are always to see what’s going on behind the scenes, here is another new item in development. We are working on a new set of chinoiserie murals and would love your opinion, three show a painted (not done) fretwork frame and the other shows the gold leaf?  We are also considering a silver leaf. Thoughts?

The design has since been tweaked slightly (small details) but this is the general idea

Each measures 16″ x 16″ (nice for a gallery wall)

And……..something new on the horizon and I would love your opinion on one this one, this stunning jar that screams spring/summer!

So this is a new take on a ginger jar in the works, on Instagram the response was overwhelming but here is where I need you to chime in. If you like it, then I want to know what colors (3) would most want to see this in.

This is shown in a periwinkle which is very pretty but not necessarily one of the two colors I had in mind. Was thinking more of a wedge wood blue, a pale celedon or a soft leafy green and a white on white. Your turn to chime in!

Taking you behind the scenes a little bit as we are now waiting for a sample with a new type of fretwork detail to be placed on the jar, will see how it comes out. though I am pleased with the design now. The raised cherry blossom will stay as it is are as I love it:) So shown are five colors, which are your favorite three and including the white/white version!





That’s it……..a quick post to say hello and celebrate spring virtually. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you may be.  Thanks for stopping in, until  next time…….

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Catherine Gershman on

Will there be any blue and white linens available in the future?


Ms. Tracey J on

Glorious Spring yes Tina. Finally little shoots of green grass are sprouting up in the lawn. You can feel it in the air. It’s a marvelous time of year🌻🌺🥀💐🌹⚘🌷💕

Bonnie on

I can’t ever tell how the survey turns out because the abbreviations don’t say enough. Can you print the whole question?

Abby on

Gorgeous flowers!! Love all the new products, wow you are on a roll!!
Need the chargers and ginger jars!!

judith Phillips on

Love periwinkle color!

[email protected] on

Happy Spring! I love your new dinnerware, it is perfect for all seasons. Have a wonderful day Tina

Robin Callicott on

Hmmm. I’ll pass I the ginger jar. I don’t care for the fretwork.

Charlene H. on

All of them are very inspiring💙

Michelle C Bell on

I’m looking for some framed Blue and White Ginger Jars. I bet your business could get some beautiful prints and frame them in different sizes and frame colors and you would do a great job. The ones out now on etsy and overstock could be better. Just an idea!

Fanny on

The chinoiserie glass piece is so beautiful. And, they are all wonderful. If you don’t mind suggesting ceramic pieces that include bamboo piping too. I think that is why I love the Pantone you’ve asked about in your survey. Perfection. Have a great week! Happy spring.

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