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Good morning, hope your week is off to a great start. With spring weather officially here to stay (I pray),  it’s really affecting my mood (in a good way). Love the longer days of light, creeping up into the 50′ and 60’s feels downright tropical and of course there are flowers everywhere and you know how I love my flowers!

I shared my part one last week of my flower loot from my local Whole Foods, can’t sing their praises enough. They are the next best thing to going to  my beloved NY flower market. So this is part two, what happened to the same batch of flowers when I reinvented them in different vessels. Needless to say I was so trilled with the results. Important to think outside the box and try new variations, how will you ever know? Variety is the spice of life!

So enough of my talking, let me show you-



Never underestimate the impact three small silver mint juleps can have when filled with flowers! (click here to see our wonderful collection)

The flowers were 8 days old at this point and still faring very well…..thanks to being kept outdoors at night

And then I pulled down this fabulous oversized tureen I have had for many years and was visualizing a flower arrangement so off to work I went-

Adore this tureen and forgot just how pretty it is….so much so that I am now looking into having it made along with individual mini tureens (hard to find) Stay tuned!

Couldn’t love it ore, wish I could keep it this way permanently!

I then started daydraming about a beautiful ouncheon and how nicely this would pair with my Mottahedeh Tobacoo Leaf plates

And last but certainly not least I wanted to see what a large scaled floral would look like in our new wicker urn (coming in April) and wow, this makes me want to throw a party!

Letting you in on a little secret as the flowers were on day 8/9, I lost a few so filled in with our faux lilacs and honestly you would never know, they blended in so beautifully and gave this large scaled arrangement a little extra lift and volume…voila! Click here to see our amazing lilacs

Feels so “spring-y”!

On day 9 gathered what was still living and condensed them into a few containers, opened the window and let them get some cool spring air

On day 10 I still had some tulips in my mint juelps, though only a few and stunningly,  these white hydrangeas still looked pretty darn good so gathered what was left and put them in one of our medium hurricanes and another in our wicker pitcher

I give credit to my hot water trick and then keeping them outdoors in the cool crisp air


And that is the story of my Whole Foods flowers and their 10 day life. If you take a lite extra care, you might be amazed at the life you can give fresh cut flowers. Some trial and error to be sure but isn’t it worth it? Nothing like walking into a room and being greeted by beautiful fresh flowers, whether they re small tight arrangements or a big showy number…..

Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day. We were going to have our porcelain presale this week but its been put off to next Tuesday for anyone wondering, the warehouse is slammed and we need to get things in order before holding the sale. I promise it will be very worth the wait! Until next time…..

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Katie Clooney on

That arrangement is stunning. Have a great week, Tina.

Eileen on

I’m happy you are coming back into great health and are busy creating again. Gorgeous blooms.

Judith Foltz on

I truly love the blue and white tureen- would love for you to bring that back for sale!

Louise Gorham on

Gorgeous pictures! Nice way to begin my morning. Thanks so much.

Ashley on

So beautiful! Can you please share what types of liners you use in the tureen, wicker items, etc? I have a number of your products, and I’m wondering what’s best to use. Thank you!

Lois Munn on

Beautiful, of course!

Kathryn on

You’ve outdone yourself this time. Love the tureen and tobacco leaf plates!

Cindy Hummel on

You are so talented!!!

Betsy McCoy on

Will you have more glass hurricanes for sale? When?

Teri Tobey on

These flowers all are so beautiful. You’ve inspired me to work more with live flowers.
I also wanted to tell you I tried your fish recipe from Sunday and it was FABULOUS. I only had Maui Maui and it gave it so much taste! It also preserved the moisture so well I repeated the technique and herbs on two boneless pork chops (which I always have hard time keeping moist). Fabulous!!! Thank you!

Lorraine Hutchinson on

Oh the tureen. I love it
And mini turreens. I’m really in love

Peggy W. on

Spring flowers are amazing and I love how your arrangements are full and colorful. Eye candy, for sure!

Franki Parde on


Melissa Bouygues on

Tina, these are wonderful tips.. I might add, there are certain flowers which last longer than others.
Pitasporum variagata is an excellent filler for your bouquets. You can plant them in the sun and they are hardy and excellent for bouquets.. They last more than 10 days!!

Lisa on

Breathtaking arrangements. Your posts have given me renewed confidence to try my hand at flower arranging again! love your style and all your containers are beautiful.

Ms. Tracey J on

Thank you so very much for sharing Tina. 💐🌷🌺⚘🌹🥀

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