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Hello and Happy Thursday!  Love looking at pretty kitchens? Then sit back,  take 15 and enjoy this parade of beautiful kitchen ideas. Today we continue on with even more beautiful kitchen ideas to ooh and ahh over. I am going to be doing periodic posts on kitchen/kitchen design as a new series and if you missed the first one, click here.

It is full of another batch of beautiful kitchens and some clever and interesting kitchen design ideas.  I tried to include a variety of styles and kitchens with certain elements you might not see everyday to get the “kitchen conversation” going.

Just imagine you are starting with a fresh clean slate and building a new kitchen (and maybe you are) what ideas are your absolute non negotiable must have’s? One for me is definitely light, I need a lot of natural light, for me working in a bright and airy kitchen is conducive to my output!

The more I post and share, the more I learn. I also am learning what is most important to me and keeping a file as we  will be building a new kitchen eventually in our new PB home. So getting lots of good ideas through these posts, hope you enjoy-



Thoughts on a double island? Atlanta Homes Magazine

So many clever ideas out there for how to best conceal appliances you don’t want to see on your countertop every day, they even utilizedA the door for the Keurig pods…. love this idea!

This is not my style but for the style it is, it is so incredibly well done I had to include it:) Love the reclaimed wood and floors, the fabulous metal range, a kitchen of real character C. Hilton

So intrigued by these hidden storage areas behind regular unassuming cabinet doors, such a clever idea especially if you have hidden empty space behind the wall (which so many do) Jenn Feldman

If you want a bit of color and a splash of pattern wallpapering the backs of cabinets is quite clever Liz Caan

This is what you call the crown jewel of any kitchen, Segreto Finishes

A dream space to work in, a beautifully laid out large family kitchen Oliver Cope

Is there such as too many organized drawers? I don’t think so! Anything that will make it easier, I am all for!

No matter how drawn I am to white kitchens, I will always value the merits of a beautiful European inspired kitchen like this one, Heather Hungeling

Thoughts on mixing dark wood islands with white kitchens? G. Chick

I love this kitchen, it feels current but timeless, beautiful color, just a welcoming kitchen to work and entertain in!

Thoughts on trimming the casing in a dark color like this above, I wouldn’t think I would like it but it actually looks quite striking here, C.Peacock

Love all the glass cabinets in this beauty, Heather Hungeling

One feature I would like to really be able to incorporate into my next kitchen is a desk area, I. love the look of open shelving but a afraid i would not keep it tidy enough, Charma Design

Quartz has become super popular in recent years, especially an entire slab as sown as the backsplash, very good looking! Jenn Feldman

Curious what your thoughts are on this one? I am a big fan of William T Baker, think this is pretty but I personalty think I need a lighter kitchen with big windows for natural daylight. The moodiness of this kitchen is great and I bet its beatify at night! Love that refrigerator hutch on right

Always been partial to upper cabinets with glass, I love the light it allows and how it breaks up a sea of wood doors, you just need to be mindful about what’s behind them, Deane

Thoughts on having a huge professional range like this one? Sign me up, McAlpine

Think this silvery gray is a very pretty color, love it with lots of glass, Hilton Architects

Love this palette for a coastal home, beautifully done, Geoff Chick

Talk about a million dollar view, if you are lucky enough to have such a view…I saw make the window as big as it can go just like they did here, Smiros and Smiros

Though I know I would not build a wood kitchen I must say this is a beauty Christopher Peacock

Look at the volume in this space! Wow so dramatic,  I. might not have done that backsplash as I prefer a “quieter” feeling in my kitchen but there is no denying this is gorgeous! G. Chick

Thouhgts on. small run of top level cabinets? I have had them in both of my last kitchen, I love the look but full disclosure, they have for the most part remained empty

Interesting how they carried over the fretwork to the transom above the doorway, Vanderhorn Architects


Well this should fill your “pretty kitchen quota” for the day. Lots to love and the more I post about kitchens, the more I am learning and taking notes on. There are certain elements that for me personally,  are non negotiable, having a well functioning kitchen, a kitchen flooded in natural day light, marble countertops and lots of good and efficient storage.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do you have a favorite? Anything that are “must have’s” on your kitchen list? Do tell! Wishing everyone a wonderful day, until next time…..

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Goldie Stetten on

In reference to high top cabinets that are only accessible with a ladder, I have filled them with my Christmas decorations for my great room. I created storage for holiday as close as possible to where it’s displayed. I find it’s easier than dragging it down from the attic. It seems the holidays roll around so quickly as the years fly by.

Deborah Fahy on

I too, love a white kitchen. The cabinets in the last picture that you showed us this morning would be a beautiful addition to a kitchen, especially if they have glass fronts and a lit from inside. I had designed my kitchen 15 years ago using white cabinets but had them installed with an acanthus crown above the cabinets. It gave it a bit of an European influence that is enough to give it a bit of casual elegance. I had installed medium brown beams that I had my carpenter beat them up and give them a nice amount of distressing that is a nice juxtaposition to the cabinets.
Having been is the industry my whole life, I have seen trends that come and go. Many people invest too much in trends that date themselves a few years later. Classic white cabinets have always been my love. Between my wood floors in the kitchen and my beams, there is plenty of contrast. I had a 10 inch backsplash installed that as I refer to it as the jewelry in the kitchen. It completes the look.
I have had my kitchen modified this past year by taking off the overhang on my peninsula and having a banquet seat made. I personally hated to look at a dirty kitchen while my husband and I sat eating our dinner. We live in a active adult community in Florida and our home is smaller that we had in the DC area. Follow your heart with your choices. Go with what works for you! Warmest regards.

Cathy on

I have double islands, one “wet” (sinks, dishwasher, trash compactor, ice machine, wine fridge) and one “dry”, great for pastry and for buffets for large family dinners. Love them

Anne Marie O’Connor on

YES, a White kitchen is Beautiful! I had my kitchen renovated 10 years ago and still love it. White cabinets, white thick quartz. Wow! The kitchen always feels great with many different colours of dishes, charger plates, flowers, silver, crystals etc. When I walk into my kitchen it always feels fresh and inviting.

AFN on

Favorite, William t. baker kitchen. Like floor with all the gray.

Marguerite Neuhaus on

The best thing in my kitchen when I moved in was a separate FULL size FRIDGE and a SEPARATE FRLL SIZE FREEZER . From a practical standpoint it has made a huge difference in our lives.

Kathy on

A beautiful batch of lovliness to be sure, Tina! I am planning on building this year. Here are some “musts” for me: a china pantry, a food storage pantry, commercial grade range, and lots of natural light. Indeed, it is interesting how light resonates with lots of your followers Tina. Storage is also a big deal. I modified my plans to create space for a large appliance closet (10×12) just outside the kitchen in the hallway, but near enough to the kitchen to still be functional. That will free up tremendous space inside the kitchen itself, and also make mixers, woks, insta-pots and baking gear extremely easy to spot on open shelving and take into the kitchen for use. A chrome rolling cart will make transport seamless for those appliances that are “taking a little trip” into the kitchen. And white. It must be white. Timeless, fresh, sparkling, and works with all those dishes!!!

Teri Tobey on

I’ve had and built many kitchens, but at the end of the day I still love a white kitchen best. I’ve always loved marble counters and backsplash but this last one I opted for quartz countertops with waterfall sides on my very large island. Love them. So much easier to maintain and the look stays the same.
Love the 11th photo. The creative backsplash area around the stove and hood is terrific!
We finally down sized our home but wish I could have had two pantries. One china and one food. But we built extra large cabinetry in dining for china. Butlers pantry is a must fir me and Lots of light like you Tina.

Amanda Catuara on

These kitchens are fantastic! We are redoing our kitchen right now. My favorite kitchen is the one with all the wood. It is so cozy and warm.
I love them all.

Randie Miller on

Excellent post!

Vicki on

Many beautiful kitchens here. When we built, instead of a Hood over the cooktop, we put in an arched hearth of brick that goes to the ceiling and to the floor on both sides. (Savannah Gray is a gorgeous brick & we’re in Savannah) Love the brick with dark, wide board Pine floors & white cabinets.

Ms. Tracey J on

That William T. Baker kitchen is fabulous, yet too sterile and industrial looking but beautiful. I adore appliance cubbies. That’s the best thing ever

Ann Marie on

Okay, after seeing those photos of those beautiful kitchens, I’m taking a sledge hammer to mine.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.. 😉

Love white kitchens.. So clean and sleek.

Jane on

I cannot imagine any cabinet, at any height, that would be empty in my kitchen! I have an abundance of dishes/serving pieces and equipment.
I have fallen in love with the black “outlined” windows and sliding doors—I think the contrast is a great look. This was a fun post—thank you!

Jo Shafer on

These designs give me several ideas for little updates in my own kitchen. Thank you, Tina!

Fanny on

I have always loved a traditional style but lately I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to more contemporary finishes. I love marble but definitely would be open to quartz. I like large slabs used for backsplash. I feel like they create a bit of subdued drama if a subtle color and vein are used. I like less upper cabinets and appreciate when there’s more wall space and breaks in cabinetry. I adore a big pantry and I completely agree with you about great natural lighting and would be open to skylights. Thank you for sharing these beautiful kitchens. I enjoyed so much.

Lisa on

A very timely post for me as we are starting our kitchen renovation process next month! I really thought I knew what I wanted but in the last few weeks as I have continued to look more intensely I realize that my ideas and thoughts are changing and this post has given me further proof of what I am zeroing in on! White with lots of glass- thank you thank you!

BP on

Such beautiful kitchens! we put a Christopher peacock kitchen in 3 years ago and I still love it. Love the kitchen with the dark trim, never would have thought to do that but what a great Intermatic dramatic lppl.

Ellen V on

Recently bought a new home in Charleston and in addition to a beautiful huge island that is not obstructed by a sink, cooktop, etc, (which I did not want on as island), I didn’t realize how much I would love the very deep counter for my sink—it’s 40” deep which allows me to have a lamp along with artwork, and beautiful displays of platters and ginger jars, etc that really warm the room. I highly recommend it…

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