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Good morning, hope you are having a nice and relaxing weekend. Here the weather has been splendid, crisp and sunny with a light breeze just enough for a wrap or light sweater. Works for me! It was the first semi normal weekend we have had in a long time, had dinner with friends two nights in a row…..woo hoo! Indeed some aspects of life are starting to feel a little normal, it’s coming in small doses but feels so liberating and wonderful. The warm weather has been a game changer.

The dire situation in India, on the other hand breaks my heart. Three of my manufacturers are in India, all of whom I have gotten to know. Hearing their personal accounts, each of whom has experienced personal loss is heart wrenching. I am donating 20% of all shop sales through tonight to UNICEF in an effort to do my small part in offering aid to India. Hope everyone will keep them in their prayers. This pandemic has affected so many lives, so many families, still feels surreal to me. We just have to keep the faith and stay hopeful.

Onto a happier subject, let’s get started with this weekends Seven on Sunday-


1 A BOOK YOU NEED TO ADD TO YOUR BOOK COLLECTION! If you are a serial coffee table book collector like i am this is a MUST HAVE. I have long been a fan of Phoebe Howard, she is the queen of creating the most beautiful peaceful restful rooms on the planet. So i was delighted to receive her new book and wow, it did not disappoint! One of my favorites to date, filled with so many inspiring images….love it and cannot recommend it highly enough!

Click here for more info on Phoebe’s website.

2 REFRIGERATED FLOWERS. So I have a spare fridge in my garage, which we normally store drinks in but there is always plenty of room (unless it’s the holidays or we are having a party which hasn’t happened in a looooong time)! So, I have been putting various arrangements that I want to last, in my fridge and I must tell you, the results have been astounding. So next time you want to preserve an arrangement just a little longer, open that fridge door! Just like the florist does.

I also dismantle arrangements that are expiring and take out the salvageable stems to make smaller arrangements. Yes, I believe in squeezing out every last little drop of life out of my flowers!

Enter exhibit A, these are 11 days old, I kid you not!

Made these two pretty springy arrangements, one for my niece who just had a baby and the other for a friend who invited us to dinner

Love the colors, it feels so light and airy…I really wanted to keep this for myself:)

 I made them in the morning then guess where they went? Yep, the refrigerator until later that day:)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A lovely roundup of beauty and inspiration with no particular theme other than just being absolutely beautiful:)


4 EASY AND OH SO GOOD DINNER! Posted this on Instagram and had many ask about it. It really is so simple but full of flavor and most certainly does not make you feel like you are giving up anything! Make this at least once a week and it is sooo good and very satisfying plus it’s healthy!


Here is how you do it-

4 very thin chicken breasts pounded

1 carton of Campari tomatoes very ripe ( or comparable)

Fresh basil and cilantro (both washed and chopped small)

3 avocados

1/4 red onion finely chopped

6-8 garlic cloves cut thin (slivered) I say the more garlic the better

Sea salt, olive oil, pepper, lime juice and balsamic vinegar

Saute the garlic in a pan with a little olive oil. Once they are well done add your chicken breasts and season to your liking. Cook on both sides until they have a nice color (approx 10 minutes) until well done. Set aside. Chop tomatoes very fine with fresh basil (small handful) half the onion add salt, pepper and a few tbsp of balsamic vinegar.

In another bowl scoop out your avocados, add a small handful of chopped cilantro, the rest of the onion, salt and pepper. Squeeze lime juice liberally over the mixture. I do not like smooth creamy guacamole. I like it chunky. So I cut into tit and make it a chunkier texture ala Ina Garten.  Put chicken on a plate add a generous amount of the tomato dressing on top with a side of guacamole….yum!!


5 SPRING AROUND MY HOUSE. Spring has sprung and I am loving every minute of it. I am so enjoying being outside and walking around, taking in the splendor of spring and watching everything come back to life after being dormant for so long. I think this particular spring has an exceptionally special meaning given the state of things last time this year.


6 FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE  Three new docs/series coming out soon. Each vastly different but  all look promising (to me). Always on the prowl for something good!

Love flowers? Then you will LOVE this, The Tulip Bubble came out a few months ago and is utterly fascinating. This will take you through the infamous “Tulipmania” aka the first financial bubble centered around the tulip trade.  A fascinating documentary you can watch right on You Tube or Prime. Have seen this a few times, a true feast for the eyes and. lesson in history at the same time.

If you enjoy fashion and want something fun, frivolous and that doesn’t make you think,  I surprisingly really enjoyed this series on HBO, Stylish. Headlining with former J Crew maven, Jenna Lyons, I actually found this really interesting and entertaining.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY As we slowly come out of the pandemic, I know many of  us are starting to get back to enjoying some semblance of normal life. Admittedly, to different extents for different people. For the first time in well over a year,  I find myself actually thinking about planning a vacation even if it’s for further down the road, just the thought of it makes me giddy:) Curious if anyone has planned or is planning a trip for this summer?


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, anything in particular resonate? Thanks for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and hopefully relaxing end to your weekend:)

Until tonight the entire shop (except presale offers) is 20% off AND we will donate 20% of all shop sale to UNICEF to help the relief effort in India. Click here to visit shop.


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Bonnie G. on

If you are interested in Tulepmania then watch The Miniaturist. I believe it is available on prime.

Ms. Tracey on

That tulip documentary sounds like something I’d enjoy. I’m ready to travel again but I don’t want to rush things. I’d like to go to The Biltmore and Monticello. I’ll save up for it. Maybe next Spring. I’m laying low😉 Prayers and thoughts with India 😔💗🌷

Lola on

Enjoyed !

Cynthia P. on

your flowers just always amaze me, you have a true talent.

I did not know Phoebe Howard has a new book, I also am a very big fan of her work. In fact the house that we bought about 10 years ago is a house that she had decorated and it was perfection.

we will actually be traveling to Jackson hole next month and supposed to go to a wedding out of the country in October but that remains to be seen.

Amy on

everything is just beautiful!

we have not done any traveling but my husband and I are traveling to Pasadena to see our daughter next month and really looking forward.

I am going to try your healthy dinner recipe tonight it looks scrumptious

Franki Parde on

I’m “hoping” for @ least my 8th visit to “Biltmore” this Autumn…it’s our 50th Anniv after all…franki

Pat on

It would be helpful for all who love your blog to place a PRINT button for the fabulous recipes you introduce. Never seen a bad one yet.

Cindy J on

The miniaturist show was first shown on PBS. Some PBS stations are rerunning the series.
Your house is really really big!!

Phyllis Klish on

Loved your recipe on #4, but I’d really love to know more about the plates you use in the picture! ❤

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