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Hello to all my fellow blue and white loving readers. Every few weeks or so I post a “virtual meeting” celebrating the universal love of blue and white in some way shape or form. If you would like to see pasts posts, click here.

Today is all about celebrating blue and white as a theme for a party/wedding/event. I can think of no other color combination that looks as beautiful as blue and white does, so this is a real feast for the eyes. I must say, it really gets me in the mood for a parry too! Any excuse to celebrate this uneatable combination which never gets old:)

Enough of my talking, let me show you what I mean, enjoy-


I mean, what more can I say. Stupendous! Todd Events

As pretty of a centerpiece as I can impinge, those colors!! Posh Parties of Palm Beach

Hermitage Events created this pretty table with loads of white flowers and torches of navy

What a pretty combination of rustic elegance with blue and white, Newly Newlyweds

Love a table loaded up with blue and white, with lots of white flowers and that tent is amazing!

One of the first parties we ever threw in our home!

Blue and white chinoiserie cookies? Cannot imagine a prettier favor to go home with Pinterest

Is this not dreamy! The added touch of soft pink to this most elegant wedding table is breathtaking

If you are dreaming of a blue and white cake, then this cake should do just fine, Ana Parzych Cakes

Would love to replicate this one day, absolutely gorgeous. The pop of the lemons against the blue and white is so gorgeous Diana Madison

Never ever underestimate the power of a large blue/white porcelain piece to use on a center table, Nico and Lala

Love this crisp and elegant setting, IRB Italia

A beautiful place setting for a party, great blend of a slightly rustic edge with always sophisticated blue and white, Newly Newlyweds

Such a clever way to display your guests placecards, on Portuguese blue and white ceramic tiles

Love all the white with just a touch of blue and white, perfection Erin. McGinn

The beauty of a single blue and white piece overflowing with flowers is always a home run, Inside Weddings


Beautiful tables by Melissa Schollaert

Absolutely love everything about this, Blue Gardenia Events

Another showstopping cake, Bobette and Belloe

Loving the added touch of a little purple to this elegant dinner table


Boy,  this post has me in the mood for a party, specifically one done in blue and white. What a combination, one that never ceases to amaze and wow me! How about you? What are your feelings on using blue and white for a party/event theme?

Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day and smooth end to your week. Until next time…….

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Kathy on

Every photograph as beautiful as the last. What a feast for the eyes!

Mary Pickett on

I love all the lamps! They are just gorgeous!I am having a hard time choosing one! They are all so pretty.

Laurel Brown on

So Stunning that I don’t have words, except to say the colors of “My Next Party”!

Mary Ellen Brenneis on

Love the tapers in the bud vases. Have you ever tried that and what did you use in vase to secure candle?

Ms. Tracey on

Stunning photos. Boy there are some creative people out here. My eyes are dancing with delight💙

Marlene on

The blue and white post is fabulous! They could be in a book. So enjoyed! Thank you.

Kathryn on

Absolutely time to celebrate Blue and White . Love the pictures.

Carol P on

I absolutely LOVE all of this beautiful blue and white eye candy! Thanks for the post!

Katie W on

this post made me happy because it reminds me that hopefully better times are ahead. I was supposed to get married last May and California and of course everything came to a halt. We are now getting married in NYC in October! we are still working out the details but blue and white is definitely going to be a very big part of our wedding!

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Blue and White, You can’t go wrong! Beautiful 🌸

Norina on

Blue and white has always been one of my favorite combos. It’s serene and beautiful! I love this post!!

Eve on


Carmella on

I agree puts me in mood for a party as well!

Jan on

What a way to lift my spirits! Love the blue and white. Somehow I missed this post on the day it was published. So glad that I happened to see it!

Lizzie on

Absolutely, beautiful!

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