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Oh boy you need to sit for this one, this is one spectacular container! As I have stated a few times, the proverbial floodgates have opened and we are getting in 5 huge shipments this month. We will once again be well stocked by end of the month/mid June!

This spectacular chinoiserie container arriving mid June is exceptional. I am perhaps most excited about the large new chinoiserie floor planters coming in 3 color ways. In love with them is an understatement. But truth is there are so many exquisite items coming in, I lost count.

Please before placing an order read over the rules of our presale-

  • There are two ways to order- call or email 800-804-9565 or (please only use this email address)
  • If emailing an order request you need to include your name, address and phone number in addition to the ITEM number, and color if it applies (example of email order is at the bottom)
  • This sale is will end Saturday, May 15th
  • All orders over $800 will receive an additional 10% off
  • These items will be ready to ship out when they arrive to our warehouse around June 18th
  • All sales final
  • Shipping is extra
  • We do shop some times internationally, you would need to call or email us (the larger items we regretfully cannot ship internationally)
  • Questions? Call 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Email or register by clicking here


And now onto the best part-


ITEM 1 NEW! LOVE these new green/white scalloped tole lamps.  These are so incredible elegant and am loving the new gene/white color way. Handpainted with beautiful classic chinoiserie scene. Offered in three colorways-

Base measures 20″ x  9.5″

Choose color when ordering-

lighter green/white

darker green/white

white on green base



Lighter green on white base-




ITEM 2 After waiting months and months, this best selling trellis wastepaper basket and tissues are coming back! In three gorgeous color ways, these are the height of elegance.Adore this leaf trellis design.

Wastepaper basket measures 14″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″  $90.00

Tissue measures 6″ x  6″ $40.00

Wastepaper basket and tissue- $125.00

Ivory/blue, ivory/gold, black/gold

ITEM 3 NEW! Perhaps my personal most anticipated item are these magnificent very large floor plantar! I have been dreaming about doing these for a few years and they finally happened!! In three gorgeous colorways and three sizes.

Small- 18″ (20 x 18 x 18)  $146.00

Medium- 20″ (22 x 20 x 20)  $165.00

Large – 24″ (26 x 24 x 24) $185.00

Specify green/gold, white/green or white/blue


ITEM 4 Our best selling quatrefoils are coming back in, in all styles and all three colors, woo hoo! These are a customer favorite and with it being flower sseasons, there is no better time than to get one!

Greek Key- Ivory, black, pale blue, pale pink

Fretwork-Ivory, black, pale blue and pale pink

Original- Ivory, black, pale blue and pale pink

Leaf- Ivory, black, pale blue and pale pink

They all measure 14.5″ x 14.5″ x 7″ $120.00 any planter





Greek Key-



ITEM 5 Our fabulous small octagonal squre planters are so gorgeous and sell out fast for a reasson. Perfect size for so man yusess, toiaries, fresh flowers, a small house plant, etc….even with nothing at all these pierced rim beauities are simply exquisite!

Measures 7″ x 8″ x 8″


Specify color when ordering- pale pink, pale green, ivory/blue or black/gold

ITEM 6 Our top selling scalloped square wastepaper baskets and matching tissue are the picture of elegance. We have a few tissues in stock but more coming in about 3 weeks.

Wastepaper basket measures 12.5″ x 8″ x 8″


ITEM 7 These fabulous vanity/trinket trays are a beautiful compliment to our elegant wastepaper baskets and planters above. Such a beautiful design, elegant shape and perfect size for so many places.

Measures 17″ x 8″ x 2.5″


specify color when ordering- black/gold, ivory/blue, pale green/gold or pale pink/gold

ITEM 8 NEW!  And last but not least, our fabulously chic bamboo lanterns are coming back! These are so chic and stylish. Ideal for foyers, powder rooms, many use the over kitchen islands. Adore these!



Pale blue/gold


Pale blue/gold (looks white but its a beautiful soft pale blue)

All lanterns measure (electrified and ready to hang with chain and ceiling cap)

24″ x 14.5″ x 14.5


ITEM 9 We have a big shipment of Provence planters coming in, a number of them are presold but we have about 20 extra to put into stock. We will get in a limited number of our classic paneled Provence planter in medium and large in ivory and black.

These are metal and include the four finials and have four drainage holes. These are painted with a weather resistant paint however I do always recommend applying an additional sealer if being kept out year round in all the elements. Some even use a sealer used for boats which I hear is excellent!

Due to the tremendous increase in the prices of metal worldwide, we will have a price increases June 1st on these planters. So this is an exceptionally great time to take advantage of this amazing price point while it lasts. These can easily  sell for thousands, if you are families with pricing of similar Provence planters.

Medium 20″ x 20″ (height with finials 23″)  $345.00

Large 22″ x 22″ (height with finial 25″) $390.00

Extra large 24″ x 24″ (height with finials 27″) $435.00

ITEM 10 And our fretwork planters are coming back as well in limited colors, stores and sizes. The pale blue below looks like white but it is actually a gorgeous very soft pale blue. The fretwork styles is a stunner and very classic while feeling “current”.

Includes four finials and there are four drainage holes in bottom. These are painted with a weather resistant paint however I do always recommend applying an additional sealer if being kept out year round in all the elements. Some even use a sealer used for boats which I hear is excellent!

Medium 20″ x 20″ (height with finials 23″)  $345.00 ivory and black (1) $345.00

Large 22″ x 22″ (height with finial 25″) $390.00 ivory, pale blue (2) and black (1) $390.00


One lucky winner will win one of the fabulous scalloped pierced trays! I will announce a winner on Sunday. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item and how/where you would use it. Be sure to check back Sunday!


And that friends, is your eye candy for the day:) SO excited over this shipment. Wishing you a fabulous day.  If you see something you simply must have, just call or email your order-


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Sandy W on

Again, everything is beautiful, but the quatrefoil planters are my favorite. The large metal planters are wonderful also.

Maureen on

I love the square waste paper baskets but would not allow anyone to actually put trash in it!!

Cynthia Simmons on

I love everything but I think I would hang this tray as it’s so beautiful I would not want to cover it up!

Alicia on

I absolutely love the scalloped square wastepaper basket in blue. It would be perfect in my master bath.

Dianne Kropp on

I want! I want! I WANT them all!!! It’s a tough decision to make since they are all gorgeous!

Kathy Chandler on

The black Provence planters are so classic and would be perfect flanking my front steps!

Donna S on

Love the lamp, I would choose the lighter green on white base. It would be lovely in my guest room!

Dale on

All these beautiful things inspire me to redecorate a couple of rooms. Thanks Tina.

Mary on

Beautiful! My favorite piece is the quatrefoil in white fretwork. Love it! I would use it in my entryway, filled with flowers of the season: camellias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and so on.

ReneP. on

I just love the white fretwork planter! I would definitely not put it outside but would use it in my sunroom with a faux tall tree or palm. So very pretty!

Tim F. on

Love the bamboo lanterns. Very chic!

Cindy J on

I’ve always been drawn to tole. I have the tissue holder in blue and white already. I love the green lamp, it would go into any room with it’s unusual color. Looks rich.

Judy Nelson on

I just love the Greek Key Quatrefoils planter. Such a stunning statement

Jo Stewart on

The leaf quatrefoil with orchids would look beautiful in my kitchen island.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

I cannot decide, but I do love the lantern lights and the lamps!

Christina on

My favorite is the Provence planter in white which I’d love to use on my front porch!

Denise A on

I adore every single item shown in this stunning group. You knocked it out of the park! My favorite, however, has to be the fantastic large floor planter. So lovely in green … it would be an amazing statement piece in my entry!

Paulette P. on

Wow! So many new beauties, but I must say the green/gold plantar is spectacular. It could find a special spot in my dining room filled with a lovely plant. It is such a rich and dramatic shade of green. I love it.

Carolyn on

We are currently building a new home and the Provence black planters will be awesome on both sides of our front door!

Del on

In love with the fretwork planters – would use these on my covered front entry with luscious ferns. Every offering on this posting is fabulous!

Stephanie C on

Beautiful items! I would use the blue waste paper basket and tissue holder in my master bath!

Susan Kayden on

The quatrefoils are stunning – I love the Greek Key and Fretwork styles.

Eileen on

I love your new green lamps. They would look fabulous in my guest bedroom. Thanks.

Ann M on

I love all the tole, especially the new fret-work quatrefoils. Thank you for a wonderful blog and gorgeous products.

Martha on

I love the beautiful waste baskets with matching tissue boxes

Shawn Kuzel Smith on

I look forward to the day I can order a custom tray with our home on it.

Jennifer on

I would use the scallop tray in my family room on the side table. We are in a new home and I am in need of decor! Thank you

Mary Pickett on

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Terri Lin on

Oh my goodness. I am so excited to get a blue trash can and tissue holder. I have a friend going through a difficult time and I am doing small decorating in her most-used rooms/the bedroom and bathroom. I have preordered some other items and look forward to those as well. Thank you.

Kay on

I would use the pierced tray in pink in my bathroom. So lovely!

Margie Winters on

I am over the moon about the white and green tole lamps! I can envision them in my guest room. I think the white bamboo lantern has my name on it, too!!!

Donna on

My favorite item is the beautiful lamps! I would use one of these in my sunroom. The lighter green/white color would look lovely with my current decor.

Darcy on

The fabulous Fretwork Quatrefoil planter is absolutely gorgeous. I can just see it on my entry table filled with orchids and foliages.

Cynthia McMahon on

Hi Tina, So many gorgeous things. A number of years ago, out of the blue, my husband brought home a lighting fixture for our second floor foyer that can best be described as dowdy. Grandma, without charm. Pretty inexplicable that he would get involved in the first place. He was so thrilled with his “initiative,” I could not hurt his feelings, so up it went. I have been dreaming of a bamboo chinoiserie lantern ever since. Yours are delightful with the fanciful bells and gold touches. Have been considering large-scale Provencal planters, as well, for an upcoming landscaping re-do. All so beautiful

Kathe O. on

Hi Tina, I would use the gorgeous black fretwork planters on either side of my black front door. I have a nice sized front porch so keeping them out of the weather wouldn’t be a problem. I would fill them both with beautiful pink double impatiens and enjoy them all summer long. I would then use mums in the fall and decorate them for the holidays with pine and berries!

Kathy Bunge on

Love the Provence planters! I could always find a perfect spot for a new topiary!

Juawanna Schuller on

The white fretwork planter is to die for!!! So classy and would elevate any space indoor or out! Would love to see these lining the aisle for an outdoor wedding with topiaries or olive trees!

Marie K Ketchersid on

My favorite is the fretwork planters! I can see them out on our large brick porch. So elegant! Thanks for such wonderful products.

Deborah on

All are beautiful, but the quatrefoil planters are my favorite.

Carol Low on

These trays are perfect… I down sized last year and my vanity tray got lost along the way… for Mother’s Day my daughter gave me a sample box of perfume…and went out Monday to look for vanity tray… no luck … till now love it

Linda Owens on

The square waste paper baskets are wonderful and would great in my powder room.

Jenni Toebben on

So hard to choose! The fretwork planters would take my front entry to a different level of fabulous!

Teri Tobey on

Wow wow wow. Can’t decide. Love it all. The pierced tray would look fabulous holding all my different olive oils next to my range.

Diane Massanelli on

Love everything!

Rosanne Hodgens on

I love the large floor planter. I would use it in my foyer, with a faux olive tree plant.

Carolyn Agnew on

My favorite is the Provence Planters. Such a classic – you can’t go wrong with these. I would put on my front porch with a beautiful double topiary.

Phyllis Klish on

I love the trinket tray! It would look beautiful on my dark wood dresser!!

Marcia Moorhead on

Everything is fabulous especially the tall planters.

Catherine on

Your things are always an inspiration! Many thanks for good work.

Judith E Orazi on

I am venturing out into the chinoiserie pieces today and am so excited to have a matching tissue box and wastepaper basket on its way. I also ordered a second wastepaper basket and will be anticipating the posting of its matching tissue box in a couple of weeks! There are so many other items that have caught my eye too. So many lovely planters!

Eve Melia on

I love the scalloped pierced tray – it would look perfect on my grandmother’s dresser that’s in my bedroom!!

Sharon F. on

I love the navy and gold lantern. I am working on plans to spruce up my laundry room hoping it will make a somewhat “unpleasant” task more “pleasant”. This light is the perfect accent to the wallpaper I have chosen!

Alison on

I would use this beautiful tray on my dressing table to hold many of the products I now use because of your recommendations!

Jennifer Caruso on

I love everything but especially the floor planters!

Fanny on

Again do many beautiful things. I have been waiting for the scalloped wastepaper basket in black and gold to return to stock. They will look pretty in our master Bath and dressing room.

Mary B on

I love the darker green on white tole lamp! I would put it in the family room on a side table so I can see it every day!

Vicki Carver on

Province planters are my favorite. They will dress up any home.

Jane R on

My favorite is the waste paper basket and tissue holder in the gold color way. Will look stunning in my guest bath with bird and thistle wall paper.

Marilyn on

It is hard to choose just one favorite so favorites are the dark green or mossy green on white table lamps or the floor planter that I would use on my screened porch that has antique white wicker furniture with green cushions.

Mary Ann Chism on

I love Love Love the ivory/gold quatrefoils and would use on my beautiful dining room table. I also love the ivory/gold trinket tray and would use it on my dresser in my bedroom!

Jennifer S on

The lanterns are wonderful. I would like it over my breakfast table!

Suzanne Martinez on

I adore the black Provence planters! Two of them would be perfect flanking my front door filled with either boxwood or gorgeous white flowers.

Francine on

The Fretwork planters! When I read they are actually pale blue, I thought how perfect they would be for the veranda. Our home is painted blue and white.

Jennifer on

I love the square wastepaper baskets. I need one for my home office.

Carolyn Blodgett on

Tina, well done! Everything is beautiful.

Sherry B on

Every single product is beautiful! The quatrefoil planter with orchids as a centerpiece in the dining room would be perfect!
The vanity tray is an item with so many uses, on the entry way table for keys, in the powder bath, on a dresser in the bedroom.
Thank you for the chance to win such a great give away.

Ms. Tracey on

So many things to dazzle your eyes🤩 I need the tissue holder and waste can for my bedroom vanity area. I think I’ll opt for the blue and white.

Stevanna Wolfard on

The tole lamps are gorgeous. I would place one on my entry table.

Julie Shuchman on

I’m sorry, I can’t choose between the quatrefoil planter and the scalloped trays! The curves of each design are so elegant and feminine. I would use both in my library: put an orchid in the planter on the fireplace mantel; place the tray on my chinoiserie coffee table and my antique English derby botanical teaset upon it.

Marilyn on

I like the waste paper baskets.

Carol Low on

I down sized last year… When setting up i could not find my vanity tray , It must of got lost along the way. On mother’s day my daughter gave me gift box of perfumes. I went out to look for new tray for my vanity ,with no success… And then today I see that beautiful… It would be perfect!!!!

JoAnn Reed on

I love the quatrefoil planter and would have so much fun “dressing” it! Classic, timeless, beautiful.

Linda Doezema on

Everything looks wonderful! Love the waste paper and tissue holders!

William on

The fretwork planter in white is so elegant!

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Wow, beautiful. Any item would be a treasure and a treat to have in my home. “Home is where the heart is”. Inspiring! 🌸 Great choices!

Victoria on

The quatrefoils in the fretwork design are my absolute favorite!!

Rachael W on

The Bamboo Lanterns are my favorite-the blue would look fabulous in my Butler’s Pantry!!!!

Elizabeth Hassell on

I can’t abide a cheap tacky looking waste paper basket! So these would be great – I’d pick the black one and Place it under a writing desk in my room.

Casey Horton on

I love All the blue and white! 💙 the large floor plantars are stunning.

Heather Dickens on

My favorite, too, are the floor planters! The white and green would look nice on each side of my front door in my living room with majesty palms planted in them 🥰

Taryn R on

Love love love the large planters! Need two color ways for different rooms 💚💙

Blair on

Oh my goodness, love it all!! I would especially love to have one of the tole lamps for my guest room.

Cindy Wright on

Love the floor planters in all colors!!!

Tiffany Eastley on

I absolutely love the wastepaper basket and tissue box set in the blue and gold! Just gorgeous! I would use it in my powder room 💕

Laura on

Everything is beautiful, classic, exquisite!! 💜🥰

Barbara on

I love the 18” floor plantar in white with green. I’ve had a leafy plant from my Dad’s funeral in 2000 that is near and dear to my heart. I would like to replant it in this.

Ashley T. on

I can’t wait to get my quatrefoil planter, it’s my favorite item!!

Suzanne M on

I adore the black Provence planters! I would put them flanking my front door filled with boxwood or beautiful white flowers.

June Alison on

Oh my! So many beautiful things. I would love to have two of the small, octagonal, black and gold planters with orchids on either side of my sink and the black and gold lantern over my breakfast room table. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there. So much loveliness.

Rebecca Cope on

Love all the “Eye Candy”

Natalia Ottosson on

I have never seen such a gorgeous collection of chinoiserie items at one place! I cant choose one product only. Item 3, 5 and 6 in white blue simply stopped my heart.

Jane C on

I would love a fretwork planter at my front door to greet me with a smile every time I come home 🙂 !

michelle l oleary on

I love the green and white lamps. Would use in my living room for a fresh and clean update. All of the items prove that classic style never goes out of style!

Susan Kornegay on

The quatrefoils are my favorite!
Would put beautiful orchids in one!
Maybe the original white with colorful orchids!

Elizabeth Geise on

Love all the planters too much to choose only one!!!

Sandra K on

So many beautiful choices! My favorite is the scalloped square wastepaper baskets. Can’t wait to see the tissue boxes. Both would look great in a master bedroom.

Ginny Mahoney on

I’m getting the green and gold medium planter it will be lovely in my living room with a large plant , Green is my favorite color

Kimberly Glaze on

Do I have to choose just one favorite?? I love the trinket tray but the tissue holder and trash can are gorgeous!

Gail on

Bamboo lantern! Love! My green tulipier just arrived and is spectacular with my David Austin Graham Thomas fat golden English roses!

Bunny Braughton on

I love the tole lanterns particularly the one with the bunnies. I would use two different sizes and colors on the dining room antique buffet. They would be just the thing to welcome summer. It is very difficult to choose but probably the one in green with the bunnies and a a larger one in the pale blue. Lovely!

Meg A on

Such a gorgeous collection!

Nora Dooley on

The wooden planter is just what I want to hold my smaller Christmas Tree. Love it!!

Marie on

Everything is stunning and fun but those bamboo lanterns are amazing!

Bettina Cheim on

Just wrapping up a remodel after a long year and now for the exciting part of accessorizing “the jewelry”! Your lovely trinket tray and waste basket will perfectly pair with my new master bathroom…
L🤍VE! Thank you for your talented inspiration Tina! Warmest regards, Bettina

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