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Hi there, and TGIF. Hope you had a great week, came home to lots to do and many balls in the air so these next few days of rest (relatively speaking) during the upcoming weekend are going to serve me well.
By now you how know much I love and adore Palmetto Bluff.  It is truly a little slice of heaven and if you have been, you know just what I mean. It’s where life slows down a bit, manners count, people easily smile, and life just feels good. It is my absolute happy place and every time I go, I feel so lucky to be there.

Between the natural beauty which is the hallmark of what makes the low country so iconic and the world class Montage resort, I must say they really do know how to do weddings! We attended one and have seen so many being set up and it’s always such fun to go and see the festivities/watching them in the prep stage. It is a a breathtaking spot for a wedding, particularly during the  spring and summer seasons when the weather is sublime. Who knows, maybe one day one of my boys will oblige and get married there:)

If they don’t do it soon, I may just have to renew my vows there!

So thought this would be a fun and different kind of a post to share some of the beautiful weddings of Palmetto Bluff! Variety is the spice of life after all and I like to change things up:)


Love this with the fabulous assortment of wicker lanterns, Chic in the South

This is just a showstopping wow by Todd Events – If you want to see the most beautiful wedding recap video at Palmetto Bluff, click here (you will not regret it)!

Going away in style!

Adore everything about this, Montage Magazine

Fabulous and so incredibly elegant! Tara Guerard

I LOVE this idea, the wedding table inside the chicest greenhouse! Tara Guerard  Soiree

Fun way to display the tablecards

Love how renowned party planner Mindy Weiss decorated the charming chapel

Love the way the chapel is decorated with flowers with the bar to match below Todd Events

What a statement for a bar!

Love how they did these lights, so pretty!  Ashley Rhodes Events

The beautiful May River makes one gorgeous backdrop for outdoor ceremonies

Could anything be more romantic than saying I do under dripping mossy oaks? Just like a movie set!

They cater to everything from  small, intimate weddings all the way to major events for hundreds. Love the intimacy of this elegant small wedding above

 Pretty touches like an outdoor bar and a table for a guest book

Love both these stables, stunning by Todd Events

For those who want a smaller affair, there is a beautiful wedding room inside River House

A perfect blend of rustic elegance, Style Me Pretty

Todd Events blew this out of the water!


Dreamy indeed…….

The mossy trees make the most beautiful backdrop for wedding pictures


Wow, how beautiful are these weddings! Puts me in the mood to go to one, so miss a beautiful celebration!

Palmetto Bluff is a beautiful spot to hold a wedding and I love that because its a resort, may plan an entire weekend around their weddings, starting with a big oyster roast on the water (guests are taken there in beautiful Hinkleys), then there is a wide assortment of activities from tennis, horseback riding, shooting, golf, pickle ball, spa outings, boating and so much more.

No wonder they make a weekend out of it. The accommodations are first class all the way, there sure is a lot to love there!

Look at this video of Palmetto Bluff to get a taste of what it’s all about, it’s almost like going back in time, when our world was a more peaceful, sane and civilized place.


Tomorrow our chinoiserie tole presale ends, it is quite fabulous if I say so myself:) Click here to see the sale

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing everyone a beautiful afternoon and a smooth end to the week. Until next time…..

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Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

Beautiful! Love every wedding you’ve shown! Have a great day Tina!

Katie W on

wow this is so beautiful!! those videos took me away to a beautiful place😊

we used to go to sea island and then discovered Palmetto Bluff and now it is our fall retreat every year! A big group of us meet there every Sept for a long weekend. it is magical.

Franki Parde on

The video..oh, my, the video!! YOU MUST DO IT!!! franki

Jane on

Love Palmetto Bluff!!

Susan Moore on

Simply love this post. The weddings are exquisite. Thank you for sharing this amazing place.

Susan Fitch on

I grew up in South Carolina. We visited the same Bluffton waterfront house ( owned by relatives) every summer the week after school was out from the time I was a toddler until I was about 8 when we got our own beach house ( Grand Strand).
I have good memories of boating, crabbing on the docks, playing under the moss hung live oaks in sandy yards, rocking on screened porch and taking a dirt road to Hilton Head. Mosquitos were huge. Thanks for this into to Palmetto Bluff, the fancier side of Bluffton. It looks like my next vacation!

ANN on

while every single piece is just beautiful you have hit a homerun with those floor platters, they are so so beautiful! definitely ordering a pair for my dining room they will be perfect with large palms just perfection!

Shannan Caldwell on

Thank you so very much for the beautiful coverage of our amazing weddings! When your son is ready please do reach out to me! 😉

Judith Pacitti on

Out of this world… Magical. X

Lucia Donahower on

Loved the film of Palmetto Bluff!
Thank you

Cathy Adams on

Absolutely breathtaking!!!

Nancy on

Oh my….what a beautiful wedding video! The flowers are breathtaking! A wonderful setting for a wedding! Beautiful video of Palmetto Bluff! I have not been to Low Country and would love to visit sometime. Looks peaceful and tranquil! This is a post I will revisit multiple times in the future.

Caron on

Absolutely gorgeous! These photos bring joy over and over again.

Bobbi Duncan on

Thank you for the beautiful wedding video, Tina. The couple look sooooo very happy and excited….sweet to witness that. Palmetto Bluff is a charmed place and seeing your pictures of it always brings to mind my lovely memories of times spent in the low country…a truly magical place!

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