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Hello friends, hope you had a wonderful and enjoyable holiday weekend. Here it was three days of cold unrelenting rain then Monday it finally cleared up and we were able to salvage an outdoor plan. Today, it’s time for all of us incurable blue and white lovers to come together and ooh and ahh over the many ways we love this timeless combination! It just never gets old. If you want to see past posts aka meetings, then click here (and be prepared to go down a rabbit hole:)

Every meeting we tackle a particular way to celebrate blue and white. Today it’s all about using blue and white on upholstery and/or window treatments. Always so striking in its many different tones, this is a fun post and has me dreaming of doing some redecorating, always a “side effect”  when doing these posts:) As always, love to hear your take and see what you think. And here we go-


What an absolutely perfect way to use blue and white on upholstery, LOVE these chairs! Heather Chadduck

A stunning bedroom by Phoebe Howard featuring solid blue fabrics in the softest shade, but with maximum wow factor! Phoebe Howard

An incredible loggia by Mark Sikes with subtle uses of blue in the upholstery and carrying it over to the tape on the draperies…fabulous!

Love this elegant space by Cathy Kincaid and the creative way she added blue/white fabric to the window treatment

If this is not the poster child for how amazing blue and white fabrics can look on furniture, walls and windows..don’t know hat it is! Mark D Sikes

I do like the look of a pretty blue and white crisp fabric in an otherwise monochromatic room like this one by Katy Rosenfeld

A dreamy beach house, in all white with the exception of beautifully tailored blue/white drapes, perfect! Erin Gates

Fabulous use of blue/white fabrics on this elegant bedroom in this pretty coastal home, Heather Chadduck

And sometimes the blue drapery window treatment can become  the statement in the room as  was done here so beautifully  by Susan B Long

Great looking boys room  I like the way the same blue/white fabric was use don bed and curtain panels, clean and elegant looking, Ashley Whitaker

I normally prefer neutral colored sofas but my arm could easily be twisted by this picture, a beautiful denim colored blue on theses sofas is dreamy! Mark Sikes

Think this is so pretty, normally I would think applying fabric to a bed, windows and a settee would be too much but this is so well done, Leta Austin Foster

I like the clean feeling in this room with a pretty and striking blue.white print on a simple flat Roman shade, Water leaf Designs

And sometime you need just a hint of blue with elegant trim to set the tone, beautiful job here, Traditional HOME

I am typically not a fan of colored drapes in a dining room, but Suzanne Kasler proved they can work beautifully

Leave it up to Phoebe Howard, one of my favorite designers to crate a vision in blue and white!

Love the way Ashley Whitaker used soft blue and white fabrics in this scrumptious bedroom

Sometimes a chair or two in a pretty blue and white fabric is all you need in an otherwise monochromatic room, Erin Gates

An interesting and very pretty study in combining subtle blue and white fabrics for bedroom that still manages to feel quite tranquil

And don’t forget about using blue fabrics in the outdoors, done beautifully here by Phoebe Howard

Amazing how simple this window treatment is yet how pretty it is, adding just a subtle touch of blue,  Mark Sikes

Another pretty example of using blue/white upholstery both on the chairs and the windows, Atlanta Home Magazine

A long time favorite, is this most charming room by Cathy Kincaid who beautifully exemplifies the beauty of using blue and white fabrics  on furniture and the windows


So much beauty! Do you have a favorite? So, what do you think? Have you applied blue and white fabrics to your own home either using it on upholstery or windows? Love to hear your thoughts on the subject at hand. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

PS Tomorrow we will start a series of amazing warehouse blowout sales, these you will not want to miss.

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Loved them all. That Leta Austin Foster and Heather Chadduck bedrooms were perfection. I have blue and white in the bedroom now. My walls are butter yellow it always feel comfy cozy in there.

Tina, oh these photos are dreamy….especially that beach house one. We are on the east coast (Connecticut) and of course today it is sunny and we are leaving to head back to Phoenix. What a cold and dreary weekend! Thanks for sharing so much blue and white inspiration…I am ready to redecorate!

Wow! Magnificent and I will read this entry over and over. So much to absorb and ideas to consider. Thanks SO much!

so many amazing ideas I love the bedroom by Phoebe Howard I think it’s the second or third picture, we are building a new home and I got so many great ideas here! nice job!

I’m glad I don’t have to vote on anything-they are all so gorgeous, I couldn’t possible make choices!

What a beautiful group of pictures. I would not know what to pick as my favorite. Tina you pick the most beautiful settings. Love them all. At the moment I do not have any blue furniture but use blue and white throughout my home with pillows and many of your accent pieces. Thank you for all this beauty!!!!

Drop dead gorgeous! I don’t normally use superlatives like that, but how else can I express my appreciation for the blue & white design ideas? Now, if only I could change the look of my drawing room sofa with a king-size duvet cover . . .

The soft blue and white are so comforting. I love all shades of blue, it’s so classic, clean and becoming.

Love it all! I just purchased a spindle chair with blue and white toile fabric. It’s my favorite!!

There is nothing prettier or fresher than blue and white in any room as illustrated in the articles in these pictures.

Love the Susan B Long and Traditional Home photo! And yes give me color in window treatments in every room!! That’s icing on the cake!

Tina, this is a perfect post for those of us who are avid blue/white /neutral fans! Thank you!

Can you tell me the name of the fabric and manufacturer used on kitchen chairs from your blue and white photos featured in email June 2. The caption below the photo Feb 11, 2020 Amanda Reynal.

Mary Jo

I absolutely love blue and white added to various rooms. I hosted the Indianapolis garden walk yesterday and added blue and white drapery under my wisteria arbor as well as several of my garden rooms.

Hi wondering if you could give me the information to find out about the chandelier in Suzanne Kastler’s photo???

I love all pictures! So many ideas to decorate!! I’m a white and blue lover ! Feels like heaven! Thank you

love them all. This is a beautiful color Blue and White in the living room. Thanks for sharing so much blue and white. Nice job!

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