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Hello everyone! Sit back because this is one you will need to take a little time for.  Is there anything better than scoring a super deal while not even having to leave your home! We toyed with the idea of having an in person warehouse sale due to the volume of things we have but for so many reasons decided against it. So we have been working to organize and sort everything for this sale and will offered it at least 3-4 sales possibly more.

We have a ton of “seconds”  or items we only have one or two left of that we are not getting back again to sell at incredible, rock bottom prices. Great gift ideas and dare I say many things here I could see as amazing stocking stuffers:)

We have literally been amassing these for over a year so you can imagine just how much we have, a warehouse full! If you are in the mood for a great bargain without having to leave the comfort of your own home, then you have come to the right place! These are priced at rock bottom (well below cost) so it’s a fun day to score a deal:)

Just read over rules below before placing an order-

  • There are two ways to place an order, call or email- 1-800-804-9565 or email (office hours 9-5 EST Mon- Friday)
  • If emailing an order, we need your name, number, address and item number with quantity (color/design if applicable)
  • Limited numbers of all items shown so subject to availability
  • Only a paid invoice guarantees your order
  • Final sale, all items sold as is
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some items can be shipped internationally, please contact for a ship quote
  • This sale will end Sunday
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565



And let’s get this show on the road-


ITEM 1 Our etched glass has been a huge hit and with good reason, the pieces are just exquisite and I am really proud of this collection. These were the first hurricanes we introduced, open ended they can use a thick pillar candle or some use candle holders inside them. We have glass plates for the bottom but many use a regular saucer.

We have a well oiled machine going now as far as production on these but in the beginning we had some issues. These are all, at first glance totally fine, but if you look closely you will see minor defects like a small scratch or an air bubble, maybe a small micro chip. Anything really obvious we are not selling. These are a phenomenal deal.

Large in Swag and Garland and Greek key

Large measures 15.5″ $60.00

MEDIUM-  Vertical leaf

Measures 12″ $40.00

Vertical leaf

ITEM 2 We have an assortment of our beautiful colored pagodas some are missing glass (very cheap to replace) but they can be use without glass as well.Some are missing a bell or two. They are still super pretty and highly decorative. And if you display them a certain way, you can hide the missing bell.  Offering them here for about half price.



SMALL MEASURES 9″ x 6″ x 6″

$40.00 for all smalls

2A White with navy

2B Navy with white

2C Pink with white

2D Lime green with white

2G White with pink

ITEM 3 Same deal, most have some missing glass and some have missing bells otherwise they are in great confirmation and can easily be sued for decorative purposes.


Measures 11″ x 6″

same deal, most have at least a missing panel of glass or two (easily replaceable) some have missing bellws

$45.00 for all mediums

3H Green bunnies


3I White with pink


3J  Pale pink with white

3K Dark red with gold


3L Green chinoiserie with white

3M Light blue with white



ITEM 4 Calling all DIY’ers.Some of our new wicker mirrors came in with broken glass. Easily replaceable. So we are selling the petal frame, and all that needs to be done is replace the glass. Or another edesign customer is using one as a bulletin board, I love that idea! Great idea for a DIY! I will be attempting to make one of these my bulletin board, love the idea!

12 navy, 6 cornflower blue (blue shown is lighter than it is in person), 6 pale pink and 4 green, 3 white

These measures 42″ across


ITEM 5 These are really fun and what a deal! Darling small sconce pleated shade covers. These were made in the wrong size so we are offering them at a deal!

$6.00 each

10 ore more $5.00 each

yellow, navy or red

Measures 5″h x 4″


ITEM 6 So these fabulous rattan wrapped drinking glasses are stunning. Offered in two sizes. We had a quality control issue with this vendor and decoded to not go through with them. So we have about 100 of each size. Here is the caveat- the rattan “sleeve” is supposed to come off.

And on many the sleeve does come off but not all. So these are being sold as is. They can easily be washed with the sleeve but you have to be careful in how you do it. I own them and have washed them many times. Just letting you know that some may have the removable rattan sleeve and other will not.

Set of 4 highball $22.00

specify cane or diamond pattern

Diamond pattern

Cane pattern

Set of 4 juice glass $20.00

Cane pattern

Diamond pattern


ITEM 7 Closing out of our super cute mini Staffordshire dogs as we are down to the last of them. I love these little guys! They come in a beautiful white Enchanted Home gift box and are ready for gift giving. I use mine atop books and they make great little bookends!

$45.00 for the pair

Measures 4″ x 5.5″

Specify blue or black


ITEM 8 Our beautiful highly detailed swag and garland etched medium bowls have become one of our most popular items. They are stunning! We have a few that at first glance are perfect but if you look closely they might have a scratch, a slight chip, etc….we have four like this, offered at about half off. These are stunning show pieces!

Measures 12.5″ round


CHOICE 9 We have a huge assortment of etched glass items that are at first glance, perfect but have small imperfe3ctions that you need to look for.

9A Wide mouth double Greek key hurricane, vase. Small scratch and air bubble

Measures 9″ x 15″


9B Beautiful shaped swag and garland open ended hurricanes.

Measures 12.5″

3 available


9C Our popular mini etched hurricane with brass ring.

Measures 8.5″

$40.00 (4 available)

9D Beautiful reeded and single Greek key medium hurricanes

Measures 12.5


10E Stunning tall vertical leaf and reeded hurricanes on brass footed pedestal.

Measures 15″

$60.00 each

10F Magnificent swag and garland footed etched hurricane/vase

Measures 15″


10G Our beautiful new diamond pattern, has some glue residue towards bottom



ITEM 11 Our wonderful blue/white bud vases are perfect fro every day flowers…these have the tininess little defects that you would have to look really hard for.

$18.00 each

6″ tall



ITEM 12  Calling all those who are early bird holiday planner!  As we will be introducing a new red/white collection we are closing out on these red white balls. Fabulous designs, all 5″ balls and half price!

Specify, pheasant, dragon, village scene or double happiness

$6.00 each

Buy 12 or more $5.00 each

ITEM 13 These darling palm and pagodas aprons are the cutest! Fun to wear or give as a hostess gift. 100% cotton


ITEM 14 Last two of these beautiful pale pink/white chinosierie scalloped lamps. These are so pretty and how I wish I had a pink room to put them in! Base measures 18″ tall, including 2 solid brass pagoda finials with these! Almost half off! I love this lamp:)

$125.00 each

$240.00 pair

ITEM 15 Our stunning 2021 desktop calendar done as a collaboration with Giddie Paperie was a hit.We thought we were sold out, and lo and behold found two big boxes of them!

So we are offering them at 40% off and a special bundle price with the brass easel. The brass easel is so functional for so many things. This esael alone sells for over $80 in many places (solid brass)!

Calendar alone $14.00

Calendar and easel $45.00

ITEM 16  We have some of our custom stockings from last holiday season ready to be hung! Featuring designer fabrics and trims, backed in cotton velvet. Below cost.

$52.00 any stocking






Call or email your order-


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Charlene H. on

Wonderful offering of items! Fabulous, in fact!!!
Thank you💙

Philip on

Beautiful selection and great offers!!!
Thank you, Tina, and your Wonderful Staff.


Dear Tina,
Love Love Love your things but wish you could branch out to some beautiful light cream/white jars and vases that would compliment the blue/white jars you sell. Just a thought 🙂
All the Best,
Sandy Shea
Dahlonega, GA

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