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Hello, a few times a year I do a beauty files post on products I love, have used a long time and swear by or have recently discovered. I love hearing and learning about your insight into products too. And in fact have bought several items based upon your recommendations, so thank you:)

Let’s face it, walking into a store and wanting to buy/try a new product can be a daunting task. The selection is so vast, it’s downright overwhelming. Knowing that someone else has used it and loves it is half the battle. I am much more likely to try something based upon a strong recommendation.

I believe one of the very best things about having a blog is having a platform on which to share knowledge  with each other. So,  here are my current favorites and why. I tend to take a high/low approach to beauty, I don’t think it has to necessarily be expensive to be good. That said, there are some expensive products that are worth every penny they charge. So here are 14 products I have used, or recently discovered and love. Feel free to chime in with your own faves!



1 CURRENT FAVORITE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER I must say Suave Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner is a home run for me. I love the smell and it makes my hair feel so soft and no oily residue I like that it feels like it coats the hair (I have very dry hair). It is not only well priced but a really fantastic product. Also kind of obsessed with the scent………and price tag:)


2 BEST PURPLE SHAMPOO I had read about Kerastase purple shampoo (for blondes) and I must say though pricey, it’s one of those items well worth it. My hair never looked better and I think the purple shampoo is playing a big part in how my highlights are lasting.

I had them done after almost a year  and they are really keeping their color beautifully which I do believe is in large part thanks to this shampoo.  Its a high quality byproduct, you don’t need much, I normally do one shampoo with this and a second shampoo with a regular shampoo. Little goes a long way.


3 BEST INEXPENSIVE HIGHLIGHTER This is so cheap you can afford to buy several at once. There is something about the consistency, it’s not too creamy so it doesn’t wipe off easily,  works so well. It has just enough “glisten” to give a subtle glow but its’ not too much.I actually love it more than highlighters several times its price, go figure! By LA Girl (can be found in some drug stores, any cosmetics store and of course online)

4 FAVORITE CONCEALER, TOUCH UP FOUNDATION I have to give it to Bobbi Brown. I bought this years ago thinking it was a concealer but its actually stick foundation. I use it as a spot concealer/foundation. I use it where I need it. The consistency is perfect, it lasts and glides right on They have a huge range of colors and basically I am a fan for life.

5 MY FAVORITE NEW CANDLE OK I am going to tell you I am OBSESSED with this candle, Peony Blush from Hillhouse, a brand we have started to carry. I cannot tell you how intoxicating and addicting this scent it. I burn this candle daily. Putting aside how chic it is in the rattan container, this scent is otherworldly. Click here to see (comes in a 2 wick and 3 wick version)


6  FAVORITE PRODUCT FOR UNDER EYE PUFFINESS I get puffy sometimes under the eyes especially around allergy season. There are two products I have used,  one is more lower price point and the other is more expensive Both essentially do the same thing.

One (the cheaper one)  however you have to apply carefully as it can leave a whitish film over your skin if not blended well or if you use too much. Other than that, its a 30 second miracle.

Peter Thomas Roth does not leave the white film and glides on very smoothly. It does the same thing and gets rid of the puffiness and fast! Lasts a few hours, perfect if you have a special event or need to look your very best! So to me, the more expensive of the two gets my vote as I like that it does not leave a white residue that you need to fiddle with. This is like an instant depuffer!

7 FAVORITE SERUM FOR SMOOTH HAIR AND A LITTLE SHINE I have used this for years. I have dry hair so this formula is like instant magic for the hair. I love the smell and its not so thick or oily that it makes my hair greasy or feels weighted down, it just gives it a perfect shine and add some moisture. I love this and its been tried and true (for me) for years! A little goes a long way, one bottle can easily last 6-8 months.

8 FAVORITE SUMMER FRAGRANCE Hats off to Bobbi Brown for her fragrance, Beach which will literally remind you of the beach and summer in general. Where have I been that I only recently discovered this? Didn’t know it has a cult following and is often sold out! It is light and refreshing, it is like wearing summer:) Definitely my summer fragrance and possibly beyond……

9 FAVORITE NEW PRODUCT! I just discovered this illuminating balm and love it. You can use it as a moisturizer and it gives your skin a little glow but not an overkill or use it under or over foundation. I love the consistency, the smell and the effect. Another Bobbi Brown product for the win! So good!


10 A MUST HAVE BUBBLE BATH Is there anything more luxurious than taking the time to take a bubble bath? I love them and every time I take one, I wonder why I don’t make it a daily habit:) My absolute favorite is the new Peony Blush bubble bath from Antica Farmacista. It is so good! The smell is intoxicating and its very potent and rich so a little goes a long way.It is like giving yourself a little gift that you didn’t’ know you needed . Incidentally we carry it in our ship, click here to view.


11 ALL TIME FAVE NAIL POLISH I do not normally wear nail polish on my nails but do get regular pedicures. I always go for soft neutrals and Essi Ballet Slippers continues to be my “go to”. Another product that has a cult following, it;s a soft pink just opaque enough for a touch of color, perfect year round neutral.

12 A SERUM I AM STILL LOVING Wrote about the Glow products last year, and still really loving them. The pineapple serum is especially a keeper. It is thick but for my dry skin, its a godsend. At first didn’t love the smell as its very “pineapple-y” but now I am used to it and I just love the nourishment it provides, I use it day and night. A bit less in the summer and at night use it on top of my favorite night cream ever, La Prairie Caviar cream. We only get one face, need to take good care of it:)

13 NEW FAVORITE LIPSTICK As I have written about for years, I use one lipstick, Angel by Mac and nothing else. I love it and it will be always be my number 1. But I did discover a new lipstick that I like quite a bit too, its a very soft neutral perfect for daytime when you want just a hint of color but something subtle. Its from Charlotte Tillsbury and the color is nude. I really like this one.

14 WANT SOFT FEET? Everyone wants soft feet! I love this stuff,  I put it on at night and sleep with pair of super soft socks and when I wake up my feet feel like a baby’s bottom:) I have used it during the day too, a very tiny bit will go a long way. This is super reasonable and excellent, such a great value that gets the job done!


Well this was fun! I look forward to hearing your feedback and your favorites too, have discovered a few great products thanks to your recommendations. I take a high/low approach, and feel there are drugstore brands that can rival even their most expensive competitors. That said, there are other things where think the adage, you get what you pay for applies.

I also think there are certain things we shouldn’t skimp on. Do what makes you feel good. If something is working, why change it? I tend to be very loyal to products I love while trying new things here and there. OK your turn to tell me about a few products you swear by! I am all ears, until next time……

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Karen on

Beyond the most effective and fabulous products are those by Augustinus Bader. Scientifically proven and with each purchase from their website they donate to the cause you select. I have always loved LaMer however, the AB products are above and beyond.

Franki Parde on

“Suave” here I come!! franki

Terry P. on

Even though you prefer the PETER ROTH eye lift – can you tell us the other ‘cheaper’ brand you tried ??

Liz on

Love Suave Kerastase color shampoo.

Linda Cashman on

I use several of the items you list, but Charlotte Tilbury lipstick just does not stay for me—it seems to melt away—I have tried several of her lipstick products. I find Tom Ford or Pat McGrath lipsticks to have the most staying power. I love Oribe hair products—especially Gold Lust repair and restore shampoo and conditioner. Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo products are good, too, and inexpensive. I have also used Olaplex and like it.

Karen Proctor on

I agree with the other Karen about the Augustinus Bader products. They are fabulous! Also, I follow Jack Martin on Instagram. He is the hair stylist in LA that transitions clients to gray in one day. Think Jane Fonda. He touts a product called K18 Hair Mask. I first tried a sample size, and now have the larger size. It is wonderful.

Mary Ann Frasher on

I look forward to these beauty recommendations. Each Christmas I buy them for my daughter’s Christmas stocking. She has loved each and everyone. Thank you!

Lucy on

Could you advise again your favorite mascara? I misplaced your prior favorite email. Thanks

Dawn Ehmann on

Thank you 🙏🏻

Nancy McKeen on

Good morning!
Thanks for all the tips and suggestions!
You are right in fashion …. you have good taste! You wear the same brand and color of nail polish that Queen Elizabeth wears. She has worn the same color for years!

joni Cohen on

I wear ballet slippers on my nails, and figi on my feet . the color changed except in europe, so if you have a friend over there, they can pick it up for you or i use romper room. isle of paradis light tanning drops in my moisturizer is amazing. it gives you the most lovely even skin tone. lumify eyedrops brighten your entire face. kosas face oil is great for a light make up look. joe malone wood, sage and sea salt is great. I still wear Creed Virgin Island water, but its ridiciulously expensve. Calypso Mimosa is pretty and Aerin Honeysuckle.. Chanel pink gloss 804 is pretty. Thats my summer. Cant wait to look into all of your products now

Alma on

Any favorites for bleaching age spots?

Lisa on

Fun post! Love to see what other people like to use. As I was looking at the candles on your storefront, i must say I did love those candles you used to have in the cut glass pedestal base. They really are very pretty!

Jill Wagner on

Looking forward to trying out some of your suggestions! I have been wearing Bobbi Brown Beach for about 20 years and still love it! They used to have shower gel, body lotion, body oil & soap (one side was sand & the other soap – loved it!). Not sure why they stopped making those items. The smell reminds me of Coppertone suntan lotion from the 70’s – very nostalgic. 🙂

Elizabeth on

Thank you for sharing your favourites. I am currently using Kate Somerville Recovery Serum and Recovery Creme Reparatrice and loving them. I have dry sensitive skin and these do not irritate my skin in any way. Skin feels beautifully moisturized and soft.
I discovered Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner a few years ago and it is very good for my thick, dyed hair.
Favourite nail polish for my toes is “You Don’t Know Jacques” by OPI. Tried it a few years ago with much trepidation (I am not a dark brown/black girl) but the pedicurist talked me into it and I LOVE it. Can’t stop looking down. Who knew?!

Ms. Tracey on

Thank you. I was looking for a good summer fragrance and you share this one. Excellent timing Tina😊🌷

Fanny on

Great tips, Thank you. I am trying the Biosilk and the Okeef foot cream. I’m a fan of Essie too (high-five). I will always use Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani held in a pump glass container. I place dots and blend with a brush for a smooth, natural looking finish and I’m a patron of Aveda’ and their styling products—the phomolollient styling foam gives volume and structure and their Controlforce firmhold hairspray is amazing.
I need a tip on a good waterproof mascara? It’s my number one. Use it everyday.

Tricia on

My new favorite item is Gucci mascara. It’s so lengthening and doesn’t flake at all. I love Bobbi Brown Beach. One of my faves too! Thank you.

Jane on

My brows are fairly thin and I have tried all manner of fancy products with wax, etc. and the thing that I now use exclusively is Maybelline’s brow powder with the tiny brush. It is honestly the most natural look, easy to appy and it is like $5.00 or less at discount stores. One lasts me over a year.

Sharon on

Suave Shampoo is about one of the worst products you can use on your hair. Yes, I have been to school for hair but more importantly I study the ingredients in a lot of these products.

Cindy Rubin on

These are my favorite posts! I run and buy everything you suggest thank you for sharing

Debbie on

these posts are so much fun, I have used the fragrance by Bobby Brown beach for a few years and love it.
I bought the pineapple serum drops that you mentioned last time you spoke about them and though it’s rich I love the way it makes my skin feel but I only use it at night.
I am definitely trying some of the other new to me items on this list the only thing I just cannot live without is Giorgio Armani illuminating ,foundation, it makes my skin look flawless which it definitely is not!

Amy on

As I have gotten older I have grown to really appreciate a little bit of shine on the face, and the way it reflects light is very youthful

absolutely going buy those little highlight sticks.

I also am a big fan of all products by Bobbi Brown. her entire product line is wonderful.

and like you I am also obsessed with that peony candle that I bought from you when you introduce them, it permeates my entire home! so yummy! even my husband commented on the sent which he never does😊

Joan on

Have been a Suave Professionals fan for years, but do love the Pantene Rose Water Shampoo & Conditioner – the fragrance is wonderful, doesn’t weigh hair down.
Boots No 5 products have kicked LaMer’s $$$$ butt in the UK – British Vogue did a study and No 5’s Protect & Perfect Serum ($29.99 @ Target/Walgreens) proved to be just as effective. Well worth checking out the whole line. Can’t beat Cetaphil or Cetaphil for Redness if you prefer a soapless cleanser. Used to be an Erno Laszlo girl, having trouble finding the product (Shake It foundation is weightless) and think I’ll need to go into NYC to stock up. But Retin A is still my ‘go-to’ when I need to call in the ‘big guns’!
Always loved Calyx (initially a Prescriptives fragance, now under Clinique), clean citrus fragrance for hot, muggy days. They used to make a great bath get and very lightweight body lotion – on really steamy days the lotion was enough fragrance. Chanel No 5 had a Dry Oil Spray they no longer carry – why are the best products always discontinued? Sisley’s unisex Eau de Campagne is another great supper fragrance.
Essie’s Ballet Slipper is wonderful – I’ll do my finger nails in Ballet Slipper and toes in Geranium (not too red, not too orange). A darker polish would not be as forgiving, even though I wear gloves when doing housework. Sugar Daddy is another great pink as is Mademoiselle.
Took a long (and long-overdue) relaxing foot soak in an Epsom Salt bath last night and tried a foot mask peel for the first time. Will let you know what the results are!

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