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Remember these Which would you choose posts.  We used  to have fun with these, going to bring them back periodically just because it’s easy frivolous fun that requires minimal brain cell output:).  Imagine you had to change homes as in pronto.  In a perfect world,  this home can be whatever state you want it to be in. The question is which would you choose? A whole host of different style homes to choose from. This should be fun to see which comes out on top!


CHOICE 1 Elegant brick Georgian

CHOICE 2  Current stucco modern farmhouse

CHOICE 3 Coastal Hamptons style home with Gambrel roof

CHOICE 4  Charming outhern style plantation home

CHOICE 5 Classic white Clapboard Georgian

CHOICE 6  Charming stucco French style home

CHOICE 7  New England stone colonial home

CHOICE 8 Storybook two story low country style home

CHOICE 9 Sophisticated Regency style home

CHOICE 10 Inviting modern farmhouse

CHOICE 11 Charming modern day Victorian home

CHOICE 12 Picturesque french country style home

CHOICE 13 Stately clapboard Georgian home

CHOICE 14  Beachy Hamptons beach home

CHOICE 15  Warm and inviting Adirondack style home

CHOICE 16 Idyllic French style stucco home

CHOICE 17 A seaside clapboard beach house

CHOICE 18  Edgy Modern steel and glass home

CHOICE 19 World Mediterranean style home with red tile roof

CHOICE 20 Modern day farmhouse


I look forward to seeing which two came out on top. Wondering if you selected something vastly different than where you live now? Change is good an variety is the spice of life after all:) Or were you predictable and chose something similar to what you live in presently?

Would love to hear which you chose and why. I was pretty predictable, I wavered between the French, Georgian and beach houses:) Your turn! Thanks for stopping in, until next time……

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Victoria on

Thank you for presenting such beautiful houses to choose from! Of course none resemble our current home, but it was such fun to picture myself living in one or two of the choices. Absolutely love your posts.

Dana Feiock on

I have lived all the country and had many style houses. I always choose something that fits the location; although my interiors stay fairly classic. But always with my blue and white porcelain. I had a pink stucco, tile roofed beach house in Florida and a very classic brick house in Texas I started out in California where stucco mediterranean was the preferred style. I think the environment has always dictated my choices. Good thing I love them all;)

Diane Massanelli on

Always love your post!!!

Ms. Tracey on

#8 and #13 are my favorites. I grew up in a story home with balcony and Georgian style home is my dream. To me it’s the perfect family home💕😊🌷

Jenny on

Fun!! Thanks for bringing this back
… guess I went for relaxation homes,
Tells me I need a vacation !!

Deborah on

Well I chose #1 because it is what I live in and what I like, it’s my comfort zone.. I am comfortable with this style..

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, I’ve lived in an 1777 Colonial, an 1895 Queen Anne Victorian, a 1922 Spanish style, a Connecticut ranch and now a 1910 Mission style home….so I’m guessing home is where the heart is…My least favorite is farmhouse, but I believe that is due to seeing just way too much of it. Would love a beach house but after spending 10 days on Nantucket, I need something with color and different architecture. Such a fun post. I would imagine I could live in just about anything!

Carolyne M on

I see the redeeming qualities of all of these but something about five and eight call my name that classic white wood Georgian home it’s so timeless and elegant! fun post!

Sherry on

Such a fun post! I could live in any home except ultra modern. So many pretty choices! My preferred location would be the South. Loooove your style.

Carolyn on

All the homes presented are so very different from our homes here in Southern California. When I read posts or reader comments, I wonder, “what part of the country are they from”? Home styles, design, and furnishings vary so much from coast to coast. What is trending here right now are: single story homes, views of mountains, lakes, and the ocean, great rooms, glass walls opening to the back, backyards as an extension of the home, covered patios, and outdoor kitchens to entertain year round and to spend lots of family time and alfresco dining. What we do not normally see here are: formal furnishings, living rooms, wallpaper, drapes or heavy furnishings. What is popular in your area? Of course, “blue and white” is very popular here as well as all the etched glass.

Lynn Ashworth on

All of the houses are fabulous! I chose something very different from my New England colonial. Ready for a change!

Peggy Wilkins on

How fun to vote on beautiful homes and see what others love too. My Grandmother lived in a “real” farmhouse; by today’s standards, the newer farmhouses are completely different. She would have never had galvanized steel inside her home, especially for decor. Galvanized steel was strictly outside to feed the farm animals and was considered cheap work implements. No farmhouse signs either inside or out. She tried to bring some elegance inside her farmhouse by purchasing beautiful gold embedded china. I think I’m over the basic white farmhouse look. Glad I never jumped on board that ship(lap). lol

Mary Balagia on

I chose 1 and 12. I just finished building a Georgian home almost exactly like number 1. I love the beautiful French homes I’ve visited!

Donna De on

6 and 16 are the same house. Added together it is the clear winner so far. I like the symmetry of this house and do love a center hall running from front door to back door. I would love to live in this house, depending on paint, shutters etc. it would be easy to give this house many different looks. My personal fave!

R on

I used to love these posts! Thanks for bringing them back. I can’t decide… they’re all gorgeous

Laurie on

I love the idyllic French style of 6 (aka 16) but the porches of 4 and 8 would be so amazing. A girl can dream.

cheryl p on

All beautiful, stately homes. I too, liked the Georgian style and Hampton’s as my favorites, but would gladly live in any of them! This was fun!

Laura on

Although I didn’t choose it as a one or two, the glass modern would have been number three because it is so different from anything I have lived in. Imagine how pretty at night, on a snow covered day, during a soft rain and of course in the sunshine.

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