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Hi friends, sit down to take in all the beauty here today! So,  finally the floodgates have started to open and our shipments are once again moving and arriving..woo hoo! We got in 2 big shipments last week and the rest are on track for mid July and later July.  For anyone who ordered our porcelain and tole presale, both containers arriving today/tomorrow. Those orders will start shipping out tomorrow. Pagoda dog beds coming mid July and breakfast trays late July.

Today is all about a bunch of wonderful tabletop items that have come in and that we are well stocked on. Holding a 2 day arrival sale. Best part is that everything in stock and ready to ship. So many amazing new things, it feels like Christmas in July! Please read over the rules first.

  • There are ways to order- call your order in 800-804-9565 or email your order to (office hours 9-5 EST)
  • IF EMAILING YOUR ORDER– you must include your name, address, phone number, the item number (and color if applicable) as well as quantity of what you want to order
  • Please order using item number only and size/color if applicable
  • Only payment of an order secures your order
  • All invoices must be paid within 12 hours
  • All sales are final
  • Shipping is extra
  • All items in stock now ready to ship and will start to ship next week
  • Any order over $700 will receive an additional 10% off
  • We do ship many items internationally, if you need a quote please email
  • Wholesaler? Please register your business by clicking here or emailing
  • General questions? Please give us a call 800-804-9565


Now onto the fun part-




ITEM 1 Chinoiserie bird glass pieces. This is our newest pattern and comes in the medium hurricanes, large hurricane and large centerpiece bowl. All so beautiful, this chinoiserie design is really striking.

Large measures 15.5″ x 6″ $115.00

Bowl is 15.5″ round $110.00

ITEM 2 One of my most favorite new arrivals! Our sensational coral pagoda collection is at long last, here! I am obsessed with these and they make me want to plan a summer party around them. Evey color is so fabulous, these scream summer! I could see these on the middle of a long dinner table, perfect for end tables illuminated by a little votive…endless possibilities on how to use these indoors and out.

Small measures

9″ x 6″ x 6″







Medium measures 13″ x 9″ x 9″



Large measures 13″ x 9″ x 9″



ITEM 3 Our fabulous urn and pedestals are here and we are well stocked (for now) they are wildly popular and go fast!  These are so incredible looking, indoors or out. Beautiful wicker all done by hand.

Urn measures 13″ x 18.5″ $225.00

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″ $200.00

Height with urn on top of pedestal 52″ tall

Urn and pedestal $410.00



ITEM 4 And how about this fabulous new Isabella mirror in natural wicker. This scalloped beauty is such a beautiful mirror. I need to find a place to use one. We did not get our professional pictures back yet.

Measures 42″ round


ITEM 5 They are in but not for long! Limited numbers of our incredible and very popular wicker scalloped consoles. These are stunning, and I absolutely need to design a space around these. They have been wildly popular and we just got in a second shipment (a third comes in on July 14th).

Measures 43″w x 12″d x 33″h


Look at how fabulous this is in a customers home. Brava Chrissie Haim Design Studio, just gorgeous!

ITEM 6 Love our scalloped wicker stool/end table which stands 24″ tall These are great for indoors and out and light weight enough so that you can use easily bring them indoors/out. So chic.

Measures 18″ at it’s widest point by 24″ tall


ITEM 7 Got in the most scrumptious products from Fleur and Field (part of Hillhouse) and am obsessed with these two scents, peony blush and sea salt. I want both me and my house to smell like this every day!

7A Diffuser with reed sticks in peony blush Peony Blush is a sophisticated home fragrance perfect for an elegant entry way, living room or dining room. Sandalwood and pink peppercorn balance nicely with rose blooms and jasmine.  Diffuse time 4-6 months.  Made in the USA


7B Peony Blush is a sophisticated home fragrance perfect for an elegant entry way, living room or dining room. Sandalwood and pink peppercorn balance nicely with rose blooms and jasmine. 4oz. This room spray is heaven in a bottle!

Made in the USA


7C And if you are serial candle burner like I am then look no further for a scent that will permeate your home with the loveliest fragrance. Peony Blush is a sophisticated home fragrance perfect for an elegant entry way, living room or dining room. Sandalwood and pink peppercorn balance nicely with rose blooms and jasmine.  Burn time 85+ hours.  Made in the USA


7D Sea salt another incredible scent that wil transport you straight to the beach, my favorite place to be.Inhale the bliss of ocean air and exhale the cares of the world with this exhilarating blend of California Lemon, Water Lily, White Jasmine, Driftwood and Rosewater. The Celtic sea salt, watery musk and coconut water will have you reminiscing of quiet moments amid the sound of crashing waves.  Burn time 80+ hours.  Made in the USA.


ITEM 8 These beautiful pierced/etched planters are offered in two great sizes, these are the height of elegance, featuring four beautiful dainty feet, intricate pierced edge rim and elegant scroll work. Perfect for everything from planting orchids, boxwoods, wine cooler and so much more!

Small measures 7.5” L x 6.5” W x 5.5” $75.00

Large measures 10.5″ x 9″ x 8″ $110.00


See something calling your name? Please call or email your order in.


Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

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Elizabeth Geise on

Everything is gorgeous. When will the pewter/silver scalloped edge chargers be back in stock?

Marion Spark on

The medium and large sizes show the same numbers. Which is correct?

TheEnchantedHome on

The number under each pagoda is the item number, each one has a different number as an example “2R, 2A, etc….

Marion Spark on

I meant pagodas!

Sharon on

If only I had a beach place!

Joan Brogan on

Looking for the small blue & white cups originally shown in an Instagram post on a tray & with carrot sticks & asparagus

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