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Good morning all. Hope you re having a wonderful week. Cannot believe July 4th has come and gone…..crazy! Sumner is starting to fly by and over here there are faint whispers of holiday. Lots of beautiful things coming:)

I have always wanted to set up a table when the hydrangea hedge is in full bloom. I mean really,  could there be a prettier backdrop! So that is exactly what I did, I set up an impromptu table for a small alfresco dinner on a steamy summer evening. Thankfully by the time we actually sat down the sun had gone down and I lit a few candles for a beautiful soft light. It was a simple dinner of fish, risotto and a salad. Had left my phone inside so didn’t get to snap pics.

It all started when I had gone to a farm stand in search for peonies but the peony season was cut very short due to a burst of very warm weather in June. So instead, I got a few bunches of mixed farm flowers which were striking in how vibrant they were.

They really added a beautiful starting point and a great punch of color to the table. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I had set up a table for 6 that was too pretty to not actually enjoy a meal out. Dining next to the hydrangeas felt like I was dining in a small enchanted garden. I love the way ti came out and wanted to share….


Have no fear, the intense humidity eventually took care of those wrinkles on the tablecloth like nobody’s business

The next day, took the flowers inside as it was far too hot and repurposed them in our fabulous new wicker urn (now in stock)!

These are the chairs I have about 50 of which are so amazing to keep on hand for parties, dinners, when you need a few extra seats, etc.. and best part they go with everything! Stay tuned might be doing something with these for my shop:)


This was a lot of fun to put together as it had been a while since I have set a table for actual guests, having just gone through the year of Covid. I hope this is the first of many more to come!

It certainly reminded me of how much joy entertaining at home gives me and reminded me of how cathartic it can be to do simple things like setting up a pretty table. It just makes you feel good and let’s face it, everything tastes prettier when seated at a beautiful table!

Because many of you like to know where I have gotten things here and there, here are the sources.


Plates (Sadek Sevres) have had them for a long time (can still be purchased through Replacements Ltd click here

Chargers ours exclusively click here

Glasses  Williams Sonoma click here

Wicker urn click here

Pagoda flatware, ours exclusively

Silver wine holder ours exclusively click here

Etched glass hurricane/vase ours exclusively click here

Basic white tablecloth (I keep several on hand) and green linen napkins from many years ago


That’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed my table nestled in the hydrangea hedge. It was a very muggy night but it all worked out just fine. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fantastic day and hope your summer is going well. Until next time……..

UPCOMING THIS WEEK- Our fabulous porcelain sale (new container arriving next week). Definitely one you don’t want to miss!

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Jennifer on

Gorgeous! I really need stylish party chairs like that so I hope you carry them in your shop. Thank you for the beautiful post!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

This looks beautiful Tina. What a wonderful backdrop to host an intimate dinner by. Love the colorful flowers and plates as well.

Marcia Moorhead on

OMG. Can’t wait for you to do something with those chairs. I would love those for outdoor entertaining!

Karen on

Love your rose wine choice

Robbin on

This is gorgeous, Tina!!! And I’m absolutely CERTAIN food tastes better dining in such a fabulous setting!! I do have a question for you, and my apologies if I just missed a post, but did you buy the land in Palmetto Bluff? I know you sold your beautiful PB home, and had mentioned buying land and building again but I haven’t seen anything on it lately so was just hoping for an update!!! Love your posts!! Blessings from Missouri!

Linda P. on

Absolutely gorgeous table setting! 😊 Being a hostess is a wonderful thing. Thank you Tina for posting the “sources” of items for the table setting. It helps in our selection.

Philip on

Thank you

Roxanne on

I always catch myself smiling while reading your posts! Beautiful and love the chairs!

Liz on

Beautiful! Love your plates.

Denise A on

A gorgeous table set for a beautiful summer evening dinner ~ what could be better?! I love your statement to have “no fear of the wrinkles … the humidity took care of it like nobody’s business”!! Keepin’ it real … heehee, too funny 🙂 But your flowers and table were exquisite. A lovely post, thank you!

Teri Tobey on

Love love hydrangeas, so anytime they are involved everything looks perfect to me. Your table setting was magnificent. You’ve given me inspiration to take my outdoor up a notch in formality. Love it all.

Elizabeth on

Love the hydrangeas. Hate the sunflowers. No wonder you think summer is flying by (I do too) but sunflowers to me are ONLY after mid September. I look at your photos and my first thought is “oh lord, sunflowers, winter, please not winter, not yet”

Jane on

Good for you for leaving your phone inside when you are at dinner. Ours go in a basket, removed from the table, when we are eating together.

Suzanne on

this is so pretty! i would love to copy this for a birthday dinner. we are hosting for my in mother in law. the mix of the farm flowers and sunflowers is perfect for a summer dinner party. great job Tina!

Susan Haidon on

Pretty summer table! Love those silver wine holders.

Melissa on

The strong purple and the deep yellow of the sunflowers is stunning with the background of the favorite white hydrandas. Thank you for sharing. And the arrangement in the wicker urn is a keeper.

Louise Gorham on

Flowers are glorious! Truly enjoyed your pictures. Thanks ever so much.

Neice Melick on

Just Amazing!

michelle l oleary on

Beautiful. Summer is too short. I love hydrangea bushes. Looking forward to the chair reveal.

Joe on

So enjoyed the hydrangea setting. Reminds me of my yard full of a beautiful forest of vibrant hydrangeas-pink, white, blue, violet, raspberry, purple. Such a blooming year for these beautiful blooms. Thanks for sharing

Nannette Thompson on

Absolutely Beautiful!!! I was wondering if I cut my hydrangeas for a Beautiful Table Escape will they grow back. This summer?

Sherrie Kunze on

I now have a new idea for my white hydrengeas!❤I love to entertain outside!!

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