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Hello to all my porcelain loving friends. I am calling this an arrival sale because its due here on July 17th so considering its next week, this is more of an arrival sale than a presale. Some long awaited customer favorites are coming back and introducing a few new beauties as well! Plus we are getting restocked on our fabulous tuliperes and other top sellers.

Please read over the rules prior to placing an order and of course if you have any questions feel free to give us a call anytime!

  • There are TWO ways to order- email or call your order in.
  • Call 800-804-9565 or email
  • If emailing your order- you must include item number, name, address and phone number
  • Only a paid order is a confirmed order
  • This is a presale/arrival sale for container arriving to our warehouse on July 18th
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Every order over $700 gets 10% off
  • Some items can ship internationally (please email for info)
  • Wholesale customer? Contact
  • Questions? Call us 1-800-804-9565


All orders over $200 will receive our darling desktop calendar, you can’t find a more charming desktop calendar!

ITEM 1  So excited to have our grand pagoda coming back and they do not last long!  Very limited numbers coming in this shipment (will get more in our next shipment in early August)This towering beauty is something to behold. Best part its like two for one. It comes in two pieces so you get the full 47″ dramatic pagoda or you can use the top half as a shorter pagoda. I change mine up all the time. If you. know the prices for these you will recognize the incredible deal these are!


Measures 47″ tall

Top pagoda measures 24″

$415.00 each or a pair for $775.00

ITEM 2 Same pagoda in solid white, a beauty indoors or out!

Measures 47″ tall

Top pagoda measures 24″

$365.00 each or a pair for $710.00

ITEM 2 NEW! This fabulous small double happiness vase is so pretty. I could see a pair on a mantle or this becoming your favorite vase for your weekly market flowers.

Measures 10.5″ x 5.5″


ITEM 3 NEW! Our mid size lion head fishbowl is coming in, in all white! How pretty is this, I see a lemon tree or flowering topiary, maybe a big boxwood ball gracing htis beauty.

Measures 16″ x 17″


ITEM 4 Finally getting back in our best selling mid size hexagon planter, two styles. These are amazing for boxwoods, topiaries, ferns, sky is the limit. Perfect size.

Both measures 10″ x 6,5″

$80.00 specify floral trellis or village scene when ordering

Floral trellis

Village scene

ITEM 5 Bird jar pairs are coming back. These best sellers always sell out but we doubled up on what we normally order. These are only sold as a pair with a left facing and a right facing bird.

Measures 17″ tall

$285.00 for the pair

ITEM 6 NEW! Just love this new ginger jar, due to the more slender body I think this is a perfect choice for a mantle, I could see a. pair flanking a mantle. Love the foo dog top, the beautiful shape.

Measures 14″ x 5.5″

$120.00 each or a pair for $220.00

ITEM 7 Calling all tulipieres lovers!! Just in time for your favorite summer flowers.  Getting in more of our best selling tulipieres in all three colorways.

Original- small, medium and large

Either style same price/size

Small  measures 14.5″ $105.00

Medium measures 22″ $165.00

Large measures 32″ tall $270.00

Village scene- medium and large

White- medium only

Medium measures 22″ $165.00

CHOICE 8 NEW! How stunning is this new lion jar, in love with it. Love the colors and softness. What a beatitude piece cannot wait to bring this one home:)

Measures 19.75″ tall

$170.00 each or a pair for $330.00

ITEM 9 Say hello to one of our best selling double happiness floral handled vases. Love this piece! I love seeing it with summer flowers in the summer, cherry blossoms in the spring and fresh evergreen and magnolia leaves int eh fall/winter. Super versatile.

Measures 16.5″


ITEM 10  Doing a happy dance that one of my all time favorite footed planters is coming back in stock. ADORE this piece. It is exquisite with fresh flowers, a fern, boxwood ball and so much more.

Measures 10.5″ x 8″


ITEM 11 Perhaps the most versatile players int he world of porcelain is the flattops, these look good solo, as a pair or adding to an existing vignette. Super versatile. Offered in cherry blossom and floral

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″

$80.00 each or a pair for $155.00

Cherry blossom


ITEM 12 Our newer and very popular village scene jars are coming back in. Offered in the bue and green, these are just exauistie. Own them and love them.


$170.00 each

Specify blue or green when ordering

ITEM 13 And how about the matching village scene garden seats! Getting them in the gorgeous  and very fresh green.

Measures 18.5″


ITEM 14 Our magnificent floral and village scene vase is coming back, this octagonal beauty is so elegant. Perfect for your weekly flowers or with nothing at all. Its exquisite.

Measures 17″ x 7,5″



ITEM 15 NEW! Getting in these exquisite bird vases with buttery handles. Beautiful solo or as a pair. These are also great for mantle ledges. Imagine a big spray of blossoms or branches, evergreen in the winter. So many possibilities!

Measures  18″ x 8″

$120 each or $230.00 for a pair

ITEM 16 NEW! One of our newest planters, this elegant fluted hexagonal planter is mid sized and ideal for any type of houseplant, topiaries, fresh flowers, etc…a great size.

Measures 10.5″ x 7″


ITEM 17 This popular floral and foo dog ginger jar is a beauty, the delicate design makes it easy to mix in with other designs and styles. This is an elegant pieces with a beautiful classic design hand painted with raaised figurine detailing and a foo dog lid.

Measures 17.5″ tall

$160.00 each or $310.00 for a pair


ITEM 18 If you have ever wanted a ginger jar almost as tall as yourself, then look no further! As you might know soldier jars sell for thousands so this is a very special opportunity. The details on this one are just incredible, beautifully and finely detailed hand painting with a gorgeous foo dog lid.

These grand majestic jars are coming back around May 28th in limited numbers. We will have approx 12 pieces to sell from that shipment. These are simply breathtaking. They stand almost 5 feet tall! Seeing is believing, with these amazing ginger jars.  People use these both indoors and out. A more spectacular solider jar you will not find! Must ship freight. ONLY 2 PAIR AVAILABLE

This incredible beauty measure 47″ tall

Presale price $725.00

Here are some pictures taken of the jar at our warehouse last time they were in so you can see the detailing


See something you love and that your home needs? Then email or call us-


Thanks for stopping in. Getting a new porcelain continuer just never gets old as I get as excited about them now as I did with the first one over 5 years ago! Once a blue and white lover, always a blue and white lover. Have a fabulous day! Until next time………

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Joan Brogan on

When will you have the small blue & white cups???

Jamie on

Love all of them. Love the Porcelain Sale. Thanks

Christine Holcomb on

I want to purchase the cherry blossom flat top and forget how to place the order – let me know

Suzanne on

your porcelain‘s are the best around and this is coming from a porcelain collector. I have mixed in some of your pieces with very expensive antique pieces purchased at auction and they hold their own!

Teri Tobey on

Love the porcelains and all your wicker. I missed a couple great wicket pieces … already sold out. Guess I wasn’t only one loving them.
A while back on one of your fabulous Sunday posts you ran
A recipe for Sea bass I believe. Cooked it with lots of garlic sauce and tons of Cilantro. It was so fabulous! I looked everywhere and
Can’t find the recipe. Could you please repost or have someone send to me please? Having a dinner party this would be perfect for.
Also can’t wait for the wicker
Water pitchers to come back in stock.

Charlene H. on

Blue and White perfection💙 at it’s best!

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