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Hello there, hope this finds you well.  We are continuing on with my kitchen series,  “Let’s talk kitchen design”  where I  explore various kitchens and all the wonderful new innovations that have come along the way. I tend to be pretty consistent with what I love but always enjoy seeing other variations of beautiful kitchens and though some might not be my style, have a deep appreciation for them when done well.

So today we delve into another batch of stunning kitchens and various kitchen features. If you. would like to see previous posts, click here.  Hope you enjoy and would love to hear if you have a favorite!


Thoughts on a different colored island? I like it when its a soft tone like this gorgeous blue MMI Design

Interesting to see this sconce in an interior space and always drawn to tall glass doors, Anne Decker

A very classic creamy white kitchen will never go out of style, Oliver Cope

Fabulous hood, fabulous range and a great example of mixing metals! Anne Corley

I admittedly would not do a kitchen n this color but think this is really pretty and quite striking, 12 Chairs interiors

This is a beauty, lots of interesting details here- the unique glass cabinet doors with the circle cutouts, elegant hood, lots to love! Richard Best

Love hte idea of a pantry soley devoted to storage and being able to hold all these fun containers for everything you need, love the tray dividers too, Grove Park Construction

This open style living has become very popular, thoughts? I think its practical and makes for great entertaining, Court Atkins

Now this, I love!! Anne Corley

Thoughts on a statement making backsplash? I don’t think i would do one but think this one looks really pretty, Steenhaus Studio

A classic soft yellow kitchen, love the glass cabinets, Oliver Cope

Love this kitchen, such a gorgeous steely blue color, also really like the chunkier hardware,  Katie Rosenfeld

Love these pull out utensil/storage drawers (often done on either side of the range) Atlanta Homes Magazine

A beauty featuring lots of interesting design elements and that range!  Anne Decker

Proof that even small kitchens can have a ton of style, great looking barstools, gorgeous lighting….it’s all in the details! Peridot

What do you think about hte trend of brass hardware? One of those that. I think is very pretty but would probably not find myself doing, Peridot decorative hardware

This fabulous marble backsplash makes quite a statement. Thoughts on using. slab like was done here vs. tiles?  Amber Interiors

So clever, an inset sliding door that reveals a storage nook, have to remember this one! Quartersawn Design

This is pretty and so different, the light oak with white cabinet uppers, feels very European to me, I think its well done. Parks and Lamb Interiors

What do you think about French iron style open shelving? While it may not be practical for some, it is awfully pretty Anne Decker


Lots to love here, I love so many of these beautiful spaces and it only confirms what I personally love seeing in a kitchen. They have become such an important part of the home, where we gather to not only cook but entertain and hang out in. Do you have a favorite? Would love to hear what are your “must haves” or if you were designing a new kitchen, what would be most important? Thanks for stopping by, until next time……

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Roberta Lyon on

I cannot understand open floor concepts. I do not want to see a messy kitchen when I am entertaining for 2 or 20 guests. If I am cooking! I do not want to chit chat as I want to concentrate on the preparation of a perfect meal for my guests and a kitchen full of people makes for an over cooked menue. Also, when my cook/ helper is employed to do the cooking and serving I do not want to see her in action from the living room while having cocktails, and when dinner is served I especially do not want see the kitchen with pots and pans etc.

Lucy on

Live the marble slab backsplash.
More….one of a kind than standard tiles. Light oak and white is my absolute favorite.

Linda Cashman on

I do not like the open shelving—just a dust catcher. I will always have an all white kitchen. I like the pale blue, navy or black painted islands. A big pantry for storage of food items as well as all those miscellaneous small appliances is a must. A dish pantry is a wonderful idea for those of us who have several different sets of china and crystal/glassware and other table items like tablecloths, napkins, etc.

Robin on

Lots of beautiful kitchens here! I love a white kitchen with statement backsplash in marble. I did Calcutta gold marble tile with two special inserts of the same marble, adding some black touches. The slabs are also gorgeous! I also did the brass accents on hardware and faucet, which I love. Newport Brass has some gorgeous finishes! I have the pull out utensils cabinet and love, but spices below this are hard to see labels. I think a spice drawer is best if you have the room. Good luck – I know it will be gorgeous!

Peggy Wilkins on

I really love kitchen cabinets with color. White is always attractive, but very sterile looking (in my opinion). Color is energized yet with a warm, inviting feeling of home. I don’t care for open shelving.

Debra R. Hultquist on

Favorite: MMI Design; Least Favorite: Oliver Cope

Charlotte Gibson on

When we remodeled our kitchen I chose to have a the granite extended as my backsplash. I have received so many compliments on it, and still love it after 7 years.

Judy Walters on

I agree with you on the large sink in front of a bank of windows overlooking a green sea of trees – “Now this, I love!! Anne Corley”- Sink has got to be in front of a window with the best view that one can create. Brass hardware – Never again! Polishing is a pain, and tarnish seems to be inevitable even with the most expensive brands.
The busy, busy back splash was overwhelming to me – I loved the precious dog though!
Lastly – open shelving – only a minimum with the cutest glassware on display. Had an aunt who had small colorful juice glasses and short stemmed dessert bowls on 3 small glass shelves. Wish I had a photo of it. Glass front cabinets can be just as interesting, showy, and fun.

Jim Stelljes on

Note to remember when selecting kitchen hardware:
Square knobs often get crooked and require tightening. Round knobs are never crooked!

Ms. Tracey on

I do like the contrast of the cabinetry and the island being different colors. It’s strikingly beautiful. Open flaring shelving is lovely but I think you’d have to dust daily, no buneo

Marion Spark on

I love the whitewashed cabinets on the bottom.

Janice on

I live in Florida… There are no attics, no basements, no walls and no storage. If there is an excess of cabinets, a large walk-in pantry, columnar fridge and freezer and double ovens .. I’m in love! I will give up a lot of ambience for a lot of space and somewhere to hang a painting!

Rose on

I wholeheartedly agree with Roberta! Will not consider a house with an open concept. From what I read, it’s on its way out. I say “good riddance”.

Monica on

Love white kitchens with marble counters and a marble slab instead of a tiles. Except for the range, I like appliances hidden behind wood panels and polished nickel hardware. Maybe some open shelving, but no upper cabinets for me. I prefer a large opening to the family room, over completely open concept. The pics of Anne Corley are my favorites.

Suzanne Tovo on

I adore the soft blue island with the white kitchen…and those floors!
The statement backsplash is pretty, but only in a small area- that is too much for me. Finally, I’m with most of you on the open shelving, it is so pretty when styled right, but impossible to keep clean in my opinion!

John on

I like the marble backsplash it’s easier to clean than tile.

michelle l oleary on

I love the airy feeling of the Parks and Lamb kitchen. European contemporary.

Donna De on

I love the pale wood in photo 19. My kitchen looked like this 23 years ago but over time the wood yellowed and so this year I am having them painted. I’m so nervous about it but I do not care for this yellow look of the wood. They do not have any poly on them they were completely unstained. I will miss the look of grain in the wood and am having second thoughts not to mention it’s $12K to have it done which includes adding top cabinets to take the cabinets to the ceiling. I have a semi-open floor plan and I must say I love it most of the time but I can understand if you have staff for parties you may not like it so open. There are times when a little privacy in the kitchen wouldn’t be a bad thing but I like being part of the action in the great room 99% of the time. I must say that everyone does end up in the kitchen at parties, no matter how many people are here upwards of 70 at times. I think people love the comfort of the kitchen and gravitate to it. No one goes to sit around the dining room table but are all crammed around the kitchen table and raised bar. 🤷‍♀️

Patti on

What gorgeous kitchens! I put a white quartz w grey veining slab backsplash in my new home (as in Amber Interiors) and love it. Was going to do tile but it’s just such a seamless look running up from the counter. And a great European style backdrop for my open shelving!

Karen Reiter on

I can not understand open floor concepts either. They look lovely if you don’t really use the house and it’s just for show. Also it would work if you hardly ever cook and bring in ready made food. But if you really cook and you use the kitchen and living room, you would need a staff to keep it neat and tidy. It’s a trend and will likely fall out of fashion quickly.

Bev on

I have a totally open concept home. I love it. However, I’m not in the upper eschelon to ever employ a cook or clean up crew. Fixing a meal, messy kitchen that ensues, and clean up is real life! Love a white kitchen!

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