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Hello friends! This is the first of hopefully many more posts on a recent acquisition. Just a small part of a much bigger story but that will come later. You know how long I am bemoaned the fact that I needed a greenhouse. Given my insatiable love of flowers and how therapeutic anything having to do with them and gardening is for me, I knew this was something I had to have.

So as serendipity often plays out, I got one! There is a much bigger story as to how this came to be and I will be sharing that in the next few weeks. But suffice to say I am over the moon:) This is not a new greenhouse but rather one that’s been around quite a while. And hasn’t’ been used in quite a while. And one that really needs some serious TLC but who’s bones are good and worth repairing.

So I am sharing this little project with you from start to how things are thus far and already it’s looking vastly improved. A startling difference what paint, some elbow grease and a basic clean up can do. A few before shots then the progression of the cleanup. Hopefully will be periodically sharing with you various transformations that take place but the main clean up is doe and I am so pleased with how it came out. Enjoy….


Potential was there even despite the overgrowth, stained floors and wood beds that needed to be sanded and treated

In the overgrowth found a few random dahlias, an incredible testament to the power of nature

Finally a place to use my blue and white fishbowls! I immediately saw a pair framing the little door ( we have 6 left of these and as of 9am Thursday they are on special) click here

Bought these pretty myrtle topiaries in this pretty pink/purple color, they take full sun and re bloom plus you know how much I love topiaries!

And so the removal of the overgrowth begins, I didn’t’ dare touch it given how allergic I am to poison ivy!

Ahhh… much better already!

Now time to sand down the wood

And get started using Arborcoat from Benjamin Moore (a stain that goes on like a not quite fully opaque paint) yet absorbs into the wood, just what the doctor ordered!

What an improvement!!!

Now my vision is coming to life:)

Oh yea, that’s what I was envisioning!

Even brought my first plants into the greenhouse, these are the pioneers!

And some of my favorite myrtle topiaires as well

I envision bringing lots of my favorite containers into this greenhouse, finally a place to use and store them!

So much prettier!

And then I added my white New Guinea impatiens which added a lot to the space, was so happy with how it came out!

Wow such a difference, these were the perfect finishing touch!

In celebration of this post,  the fishbowls that many of you have asked about (from Instagram) are on special today for $355.00. We only have 6 pieces left.

Click here for info (discount comes off at checkout)


Ta dah! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. This was such a fun project for me, but it is not over. There is a back room of decent size that I think I am going to put a table and chair in, an outdoor rug, and dress it up a little as a little hang out spot.

That will be part of phase 2. I will be sure to share it with you as it comes along.  Have someone coming out to check on the various systems to see what works and what needs repair. Hope to do an exterior paint as well but probably will wait till spring.

That’s what I have for now, thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time……..

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Lilli Belknap Hurst on

It’s gorgeous congratulations! I’ve always wanted one ! So question: you are using it where it’s original installation is? Or did you purchase and move it to your home property?

Carol on

Sooo jealous!!! Been wanting one for years!!!

Paulette P. on

What a transformation!! You never cease to amaze us. It’s already an enchanting greenhouse for sure. Wonder what another month in your creative hands will bring….. We shall stay tuned in to view the end results.

Elizabeth Yingling on

What a marvelous and deeply satisfying project! So very happy for you that this dream is coming true. It’s looking beautiful. Will you please share with your followers whether this as an existing greenhouse on your property or if you had to purchase and move it from some other place? That would helpful for those wishing/planning something similar. Thank you.

meg on

Oh my! Love, love the greenhouse and your sweet transformation. Thanks for sharing

Jane C on

Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story about this greenhouse! It’s like reading a beautiful novel.

Rose on

So in awe! I have wanted one for years. I,too, would like to know if it already existed on your property or if you acquired it and moved it. Eagerly awaiting more pictures of it.

Roxanne on

That was fun! Loved seeing the transformation and look forward to the next installment! Thank you, Tina

Jo Shafer on

What a delightful playhouse for a grown-up woman! I’d fill mine with geraniums and ferns, and include a couple of antique French watering cans.

Lee on

Maybe consider painting an “iron” black for a more conservatory/greenhouse look? Just a thought without seeing entire surroundings. Such a fun project! Jelly…. 🙂 xo

Deanna on

A greenhouse is wonderful! Where on your property did you decide to place it? I don’t know a thing about greenhouses, but there must be a lot of planing that takes place regarding placement. To think how you’ll love being in there when winter arrives! How magical!

Judy Truex Reed on

Love Love Love
Thanks for sharing,

Ms. Tracey on

How exciting and congratulations Tina🌺😊

Elizabeth on

Judging by the undergrowth and the hedge around the perimeter it appears that it’s original to the property? Everything benefits from the touch of your hands. Have fun.

Doris Myrick on

Gorgeous, so jealous!

Robbin on

Oh my!!! I can’t WAIT to see what you do with it. It does look better already. A beautiful little jewel just ready to burst to life!!!

Donna on

It’s very cute. It looks original to your yard! I’ll bet you would enjoy it much more and be much prouder if you worked in it instead of others.

TheEnchantedHome on

As a matter of fact I DID work on it as well (cleaning out and some painting) but either way I am still proud and very much enjoying it….. not sure that WHO did it would make me any less proud or enjoy it any less. I didn’t build my house either and it’s never impacted the joy and pride we feel owning it.

Lee on

Love the greenhouse! So…..have you purchased a new home (the “bigger story”) that included the greenhouse on the property, and you will be selling and moving from your grand home? We are all dying to know!

Amanda on

Wow I cannot believe the transformation. You have such wonderful taste and I’m not surprised one bit.

We had a greenhouse in our old house and I really miss it, I didn’t use it as much as I wish I had but there were something so comforting and peaceful about going in there.

To your reader who commented on saying that it would bring you more joy if you worked on it yourself is utterly ridiculous! Some people are just so miserable.

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful project!

Molly on

Your greenhouse is lovely! I must day I am envious.

Carol P on

Your new greenhouse is adorable!

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