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Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful week, summer days are flying by just a little too fast. Once we start being bombarded with back to school everything, it feels like the beginning of the end!

Every season we host a photo contest where the winner wins a special prize. It is time to announce our Summer Love Photo contest. We will be taking your entries over the next 12 days or so and then hold the contest around August 26th. I love hosting these contests, as it’s such fun to see how you have celebrated your summer.

It can be from a favorite vacation, your backyard spruced up, kids partaking in summer fun, maybe it’s your pet, or a highlight from a beautiful day at the beach. If its your picture and it was taken in the summer, then you are good to go. Please read over these rules prior to sending in your picture(s)-



  • You can send in 1-2 pictures (must be YOUR pictures)
  • Please send your pictures to and in subject line put “contest”
  • Pictures must be AT LEAST 400 x 600 (cannot take anything smaller) so please check the size you are sending first
  • Pictures cannot be downloaded from the internet, there are strict laws about doing this with regard to copyright, etc…please be sure these are your pictures to enter
  • Clarity, color and size matter (examples of a good quality picture are below)
  • We are taking pictures today through August 24th OR until we have 80 pictures (whichever comes first)
  • If we cannot accept your pictures we will let you know
  • The contest will start on or around August 26th and there will be two rounds (if we get more than 80 entries, we may divide it into 3 rounds) Then there will be a finalist round which will decide the grand prize winner
  • One grand prize winner will win a special prize announced at bottom
  • Questions? Email us


I always include a batch of photos from previous contests that exemplify the quality of the photo that you should submit. Besides the side, clarity and sharpness are a must. Natural daylight is always ideal. Flash photography does not tend to show as well. PLEASE look at the quality of your pictures next to these pictures  as a gauge, as  we hate having to turn entries away but can only accept them if they are the correct size and are sharp, clear pictures.


Cannot wait to start getting in your pictures! A perfect time to captures what summer means to you. These are always such fun to host. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…..

PS As of Saturday morning, our customer appreciation weekend is on!

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Jo Shafer on

Are we voting yet? My choice is the fifth picture from the bottom — blue and white porch/patio with a row of plants along the top of the railing and the patterned rug in front of the brown wicker seating. I’ve miss my own courtyard for most of this heat-dome summer shrouded in smoke . . . (oops, feeling sorry for myself again.)

Franki Parde on

Gorgeous selections…oh, & I luv your jair Jo Schafer! We smell & see smoke haze every day from CA…& we live in VA!! franki

Peggy Thal on

Those two little girls with flags are my granddaughters taken last year at the beach. Tabitha and Matilda. I am a very blessed grandmother. Both are amazing with big personalities.

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