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Hello friends, hope this finds you doing well. Busy days over here as things are coming in weekly now (major victory) and now that summer is over, we are prepping for fall and holiday entertaining. My favorite season by a long shot, nothing quite like fall. Feeling that unmistakable little nip in the air is the best, along with cozy sweaters, opening up the window for fresh air, a little apple and pumpkin picking, it’s all so good.

To be honest summer has been a bit anti climatic. We have not done a lot of things we would typically do, like take a big trip somewhere fun, participate in any big social gatherings, except went to 2 showers. People are not really having big gatherings (unless a wedding, etc…) and I am just not keen on going as much as I miss the socialization part of it. I know too many who have had break through cases and I would prefer to not join their ranks. So the simple routine continues a bit longer:)

Hope all is well on your end and that you had a great week as we skip along into fall. As I occasionally do, I am sharing recent happenings as seen through my iPhone. Here we go…..


Our incredible Carolyne Roehm collaboration has been extraordinary received, thank you! Our arrival sale is going on now click here

Used our gift toppers and it was a match made in gift wrapping heaven:) Click here to see them

Went to the Hampton Classic and came home with these gorgeous farm flowers.

Love this table, so beautifully done!! From Health Rover

And of course, the part is the horses…of course!

And a close second is getting to spy a few houses I love, adore this one!

Lobster roll anyone? I could have one every day and never get tired of them…sooo good!

Was on a friends boat for a fun dinner outing to CT. we got so lucky with the weather, could not have been more beautiful.

Pictures of our husbands, we called this a modern day Abbey Boat (cue the three shadows)

A gorgeous day for kayaking

Our vertical leaf small hurricane is one special today, I use mine for my weekly flowers religiously. Perfect size!

Went to a luncheon (first one in 2 years) and these flowers were such a beautiful sight!

For Labor Day we had 12 people over and it was such a fun evening, the weather was sublime, we got so lucky for one last summer hurrah!

Blue and white is always right and thankfully I have a lifetime supply of gorgeous melamine! Love how the vibrant flowers work against the blue and white. Click here to see our melamine collection

I love using my large silver mint juleps as utensil holders, each can hold about 6 rolled up napkins with a utensil set in each. Click here to see our mint julep collection

The new double happiness vase on right is my go to vase, perfect size!

Yummy brushetta is always the first thing I make when entertaining, everyone loves it.

My flowers on their last day,  that lasted 15 days thanks to being in the fridge overnight:)

I love that I can still find tulips for only $7.99 a bunch at Whole Foods!


Hope you enjoyed the highlights, the good and pretty only of course:)  It could be pretty entertaining to change it up and do a week of nothing but spoofs and the ugly highlights (there is always plenty of material) lol. Always appreciate you stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

Today is the last day of our fabulous collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. The second part will be unveiled in the next week or two..and is very much worth the wait!

Click here to visit the sale

And our deal of the day is our small best selling Greek key footed hurricane/vase with removable brass ring.

On special today for $65.00!

Click here for info

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Lola on


Emily L. on

Spectacular photos. I agree it’s been a rather boring summer compared to our normal schedule. No trips, two canceled family weddings. Let’s hope 2022 will be the year we get our lives back!

I love how you set a table. I bought your melamine and LOVE it. Your product line is one of my absolute favorites, you have wonderful style. I love the collaboration with Ms. Roehm too! Brava to you both.

Ms. Tracey on

You had me at lobster roll. My fave😋🦞

Cheryl Ringel on

Is a special code needed for the sale Hurricane.

Charlotte McDonald on

You brighten my day! Thank you

Joyce on

What a beautiful visit you have given me into your lovely shop. Enjoyed it immensely..i am a big over of blue and white and enjoy your New England roadside tours too.

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