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Hello friends! i want to announce the winner of the Carolyne Roehm gift wrap collaboration. Congratulations goes to-


Marsha Natkins on

Oh. my. Too pretty to open

Please email us at to provide your shipping info.


Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Here, there are subtle whispers of fall.  Every now and then I see a leaf turning and the weather is more consistently in the 70’s now, works for me! I love it because I adore fall.

How about you? Anxious for a new season or is it difficult to say goodbye to summer? Today, doing a little photo session and really looking forward to the mens final of the US Open. Yesterday was the women’s final and it was really something, 18 and 19 year old powerhouses vying for the title. I so miss playing tennis, with my ankle still healing from a slight fracture, I am very limited in what I can do. I wasn’t exactly sad to hear no exercise but no tennis or riding is a real bummer. Hope whatever you are up to is relaxing and enjoyable on this Sunday. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1 OUR 2022 CALENDAR WITH GIDDY PAPERIE IS NOW ON PRESALE! Look no futher for the most beautiful desktop calendar ever. The perfect hostess and holiday gift, great stocking stuffer idea too.

This is a work of art, every month more beautiful than the next. Each picture has such special meaning to both Leslie and I. Her talent is really something, they are the perfect blend of whimsy, elegance and beauty! You can now preorder and these will be here sometime mid Oct.

We also have a limited number of our solid brass easels available as well. Feast your eyes on this spectacular desktop calendar! Click here to preorder yours.

2 A FAVORITE NEW CONDITIONER I bought his by accident, mistakenly thought the bottle was my usual go to, Pantene but it was a happy mistake:) I really like this conditioner from Dove. Go figure, they make more than my favorite soap!

I have dry hair so this was ultra nourishing, the formula is rich and silky so a little goes  a long way. They have a fan in me! Click here for info

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Here we are again with some favorites from the week, so much goodness here, lots of beauty out there in the world…..

4 WHAT A FABULOUS WEDDING! Model Jasmine Tooks got married and pictures of her wedding went viral on social media and with good reason. The pictures literally took my breath away. My favorite kind of gown, traditional and proper, so in love with her dress. I am not a big fan of these super revealing gowns you see often. This is so classically gorgeous, literally fit for a princess.

And then the plethora of white flowers…just wow! Thought this was most definitely worth sharing! Click here to read more about it in Vogue.

5 FEAST YOUR EYES ON OUR NEW HYDRANGEA GARDEN COLLECTION! I couldn’t keep this under wraps any longer. Got the samples of our exquisite new hydrangea garden melamine and what can I say, I am smitten! I can already see a party based upon these, just adore them.

There will be four different hydrangea designs on each salad plate, and we will also be offering a coordinating charger (didn’t get that yet) but placed them on our pierced charger and love the effect. We are still making some minor, final  changes to these but this gives you the idea.

These will be available sometime in November/December, way ahead of the spring season, should be here in plenty of time for Christmas gift giving.

As you can see we got sample pieces in both the blue and the green version. Colors are slightly off here as these were taken in the warehouse but you get the idea.

Love them with our pierced charger!

Now I need your opinion. I am torn between doing just the blue or adding the green option too. I like the green far more than I expected to. Minimums for melamine are very very large, yet I do think this will be very popular. Thoughts on just the blue blue or also adding the green? One fun thing to keep in mind  is that they are interchangeable, you can use blue dinner plates with green salad and vice versa.  As always, greatly appreciate your feedback.

6 A NEW OBSESSION OK,  I am determined to do this, these have been on my radar lately…mini charcuterie boards! Aren’t these the cutest! I want to have a small party or luncheon/dinner just so I can make these. I am obsessing over them. Here are a few ideas and I found a really reasonable source for where to find these (see after the pictures) boards in case you are on board with this idea too:)

In our Covid era, these are so practical too, individual servings, makes perfect sense. And then they are take home favors…brilliant!

And here is the resource I found, click here

If you do this, you need to tell me how they came out!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY If the travel fairy came to you today and said you can leave tomorrow headed anywhere that your heart desires (and it would be Covid free) where would you be jetting off to? Yes, this is my way of reliving travel days to satisy my self induced wanderlust. Always fun to dream!


We have recently received an incredible array of new arrivals and until tonight all new arrivals are 20% off! Will be featuring some in an upcoming post but they are now all available. Use code- beauty.

Click here to see all new arrivals

And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping in. Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time….

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Blaire on

Such a great and beautiful post this Sunday!
LOVE the melamine, please do both colors. too good!
The calendar is daring and that wedding was incredible. what a beautiful event! Have a great day Tina

Blaire on

oops meant the calendar is darling! already ordered😊

Paulette P. on

You never cease to amaze us with your unique ideas such as the mini charcuterie boards. What a wonderful idea and so beautiful! You are always willing to share your sources which makes you special, too. The melamine patterns are winners for sure. Still waiting for that coffee table book by Tina to cover your endless talents.

Jacqueline on

Love the idea of the mini charcuterie boards! I swear I believe I saw some at, of all places, Hobby Lobby! I’m gathering all the “parts” to have a Hocus Pocus themed movie night with Butternut Squash Bisque, mini sandwiches, and, now….I have to have mini charcuterie boards for each attendee (what does one put on a charcuterie boards for picky 11 year twins??)

Carol Lane on

Please do both green and blue! I love how the green warms up the blue and how interchangeable they all are.

Susan F on

DYING over the new melamine, you must do both colors, too pretty to not do it!
that wedding is spectacular! Love the idea of the charcuterie boards. I am hosting my sisters bridal shower in October and you’ve just giving me a great idea! cannot wait to order the melamine!

Franki Parde on

Those “mini boards” are genius…wish I’d thought of that.

Diane Massanelli on

Love your post today!

Lee on

I own mini boards and used them for my outside dinner parties throughout the last year or so. My guests appreciated having their own boards – not to mention how special they look on the table! Seemed to me like everyone tended to enjoy even more off their own individual board vs sharing – especially during these times. Highly recommend.

Debra R. Hultquist on

The Terrapin Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jelly is fantastic. My husband is obsessed with it as a condiment for grilled pork tenderloin. I buy it at Fresh Market.

Teri on

Love both colors of the Melamine. Would rather the green only had one large hydrangea.
Still waiting for you to make your pierced charger in melamine.
That wedding was out of this world beautiful. So many white flowers. My favorite.
Great Sunday post as always. But missed one of your famous recipes.
Is it possible when you add your recipes that it can be on a link so easier to print out? They are all so good.

Judy on

The wedding dress was spectacular. so tired of strapless. This is timeless. The white flowers🥰🥰

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, that wedding…..I’m with you~I love a wedding gown that is traditional not revealing. And those flowers~just unbelievable. Thanks for the source on the individual cutting boards. I’ve been doing “couple” charcuterie trays since this crazy virus started. But I will not purchase the smaller boards as they can be used for many things. Love your Seven on Sunday!

Alda Ellis on

You are so on trend with individual charcuterie boards…they are so popular for our weddings at my venue!

Patty Hobbs on

Always love your posts, Tina. So glad that there are some of us who love tradition and beautiful decor, even if it is much more simple. I loved your comment about bridal attire. I don’t know how many of these brides find it comfortable in these very revealing dresses! Enjoy this fall! My favorite, also.

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Wow, great Post, “Seven on Sunday”! Always a crowd pleaser. Love the Wedding pictures of Model Jasmine Tooks. The White Flowers were exceptional and breath taking. Thanks for sharing. The Blue and Green Melamine Plates are lovely. Definitely go for it. 🌸

Donna D on

I so agree about wedding dresses being traditional. You can wear a sexy, revealing and sometimes tacky, tasteless dress anytime but you can only wear a “wedding gown” on your wedding day.

Joan on

Great post today, Tina! Gorgeous wedding, not surprised to see those bountiful floral arrangements, given how Ecuador is a major flower exporter (of roses, especially). You can import flowers from Ecuador, I’ve done it for an event.
Lovely wedding gown, has that Grace Kelly feel. Let’s not forget how handsome the groom looks in his classic tux – that fits!
As for travel, I just want to get back home to Canada! Nothing beats sitting on a dock in cottage country in the fall.

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