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Good morning! Sit back, you will need to take a little break to take all this in. We are getting our biggest container ever on Sept 22nd and we are so ready for it! Over 2000 pieces of porcelain will land at our warehouse later next week. This is akin to heaven for blue and white lovers:) On top of getting back some of our best sellers we are introducing a whole host of amazing new products too. Very excited about this one, as it is brimming with so much.

Fall is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf in your home, change things up a bit, add something new. A new season is a great time to refresh and we have some beautiful pieces to help you do just that.

Great timing as we all start thinking about getting our homes in tip top shape as well for the holidays. Calling this an arrival sale since these will be here next week. Please read over our rules prior to placing your order, especially if you are new to these.

  • There are TWO ways to order- email or call your order in (office phones open at 9:30 am EST)
  • Call 800-804-9565 or email
  • If emailing your order- you must include item number, name, address and phone number
  • Only a paid order is a confirmed order
  • Limited quantities, subject to availability
  • Sale ends on Friday, Sept 17th (sorry, no extensions)
  • Please use ITEM NUMBERS when ordering (and style/size if applicable)
  • This is a presale/arrival sale for container arriving to our warehouse on Sept 22nd
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Every order over $700 gets 10% off
  • Some items can ship internationally (please email for info)
  • Wholesale customer? Contact
  • Questions? Call us 1-800-804-9565

We are jumping for joy over the arrival of this enormous container next week and this sale is almost like instant gratification! Ready to see the beautiful pieces heading this way? Let’s go…….




ITEM 1 A favorite ice bucket is coming back with plenty to go around. This stunning blue/white porcelain ice bucket with removable bamboo handle is a stunner! Every hostess needs one:) This can hold 3-4 bottles (regular sized wine bottles).

Measures 10.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 2 NEW! Ecstatic over this fabulous new two piece covered tureen. Isn’t she a beauty!! Cannot wait to grace my table with one. Such a standout piece, and don’t forget that a tureen also makes a stunning flower vessel!

Measures 15″ x 11″


ITEM 3 NEW! LOVE this mid sized peacock and floral fishbowl. Such a beautiful piece and such a great size, indoors or out. Waiting for your favorite tree, topiary or boxwood ball! Thrilled its coming back!

Measures 15″ x 14.5

$220.00 each

$410.00 for a pair

ITEM 4 Stunning large dragon and bird flat tops both coming back, these jars are beautifully antiqued and are standout pieces. Beautiful as a pair of mixed in with your other favorite porcelains.

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″

$80.00 each

specify dragon or bird


ITEM 5 A favorite smaller vase is coming back and we tripled upon these. This is the kind of vase you are always reaching for when you pick up fresh flowers from your local market, a great sized that can literally go anywhere. Even prettier as a pair.

Measures 10″ x 4″

$70.00 each

Pair for $130.00

ITEM 6A Our best selling hexagon planters are coming back i stock in both styles. This is a beautiful planter which just works so nicely with everything from topiaries, boxwood balls, fresh flowers,etc….

Measures 10″ x 7″

$90.00 specify style when ordering


ITEM 7 NEW! This is a newer jar and such a beauty, really gorgeous detailing and pretty scene hand painted on all sides, love the shape. Mixes in so nicely with other existing vignettes.

Measures 13.5″ x 5.5″

$120.00 each

$220.00 for a pair

ITEM 8 These fabulous cylinder planters are back which double as s sensation utensil holder (have one on my stove). As beautiful filled with an orchid as it is a battalion of wooden cooking spoons!

Measures 7.5″ x 7″


specify plum blossom or bird

ITEM 9 NEW! We introduced this last time and blew out of them so fast. These covered container is so gorgeous, could be the ultimate cookie jar, to hold dog treat, the list goes on.

Measures 9.5″ x 9″


ITEM 10 NEW! A customer favorites this extra large double happiness is a sign of good luck and this grand jar is a showstopper. Beautiful filled with a big spray of flowers, cherry blossoms, branches or fresh greenery for the holidays!

Measures 25″ x 10″

$150.00 each

$285.00 for a pair

ITEM 11 Everyone’s favorite little foo dogs are coming home! Adore these, they literally work everywhere and are also beautiful as stylish bookends.

Measures 4″ x 6″

$95.00 for the pair

ITEM 12 NEW!  A must have for anyone with a dog or cat. Love our new pet bowls. Offered in two sizes. Every pet deserves to eat out of blue and white:) What a fun holiday gift idea for your favorite pet!

Small 6.75″ x 3″ $55.00 or two for $100.00

Large 9″ x 3.5″ $75.00 or two for $140.00

ITEM 13A This is one of my three most favorite jars of all times. This is just grand. Simply gorgeous in either the elegant lotus or beautiful cherry blossom design. Both just exquisite, lightly antiqued with a pretty foo dog top. Adore these!

Measures 19.5″

$170.00 each

$330.00 for the pair

 Specify lotus or cherry blossom

ITEM 13B Cherry blossom

Side view-

ITEM 14 Our mid sized double happiness vase has been featured many times on my blog and Instagram. I own these and use them all the time on my mantle and as a center hall table piece.

Measures 16.5″ x 6.5″


ITEM 15 Adore this darling mini ginger jar. Such a sweet little jar, works perfectly on top of a stack of coffee table books or could be the finishing touch to an existing grouping of porcelain.

Measures 6.5″ x 4″

$35.00 each

ITEM 16 Our gorgeous mini porcelain foo dogs are back in three fabulous colors! These are super stylish to add to a vignette and make beautiful bookends!

Measures 4″ x 6″

$45.00 for the pair

Navy, green or pale pink

ITEM 17A After a long wait our stunning white mini pagodas are coming back in stock. Beautiful way to finish a vignette, use on top of a stack of books or use as bookends. The cap comes off so its a great little “hiding spot”.

Measures 8.5″ x 3″

$40 each pagoda

or $70.00 for a pair

ITEM 17B And finally getting in our blue and white pagodas after such a long long wait. They are worth it!

$45.00 each

$75.00 for the pair

ITEM 18 Our smiling three men are also coming back. A wonderful size and just a beautiful set of figurines. Such a nice way to finish an existing vignette or start a new one!

Measures 10.25″ x 3″


ITEM 19 Our beautiful footed planter is one of my personal favorites, adore this piece. Love it filled with fresh flowers, a boxwood ball, lemon topiary, holiday flowers, the list goes on.

Measures 10″ x 8.5″


ITEM 20 Our small popular cylinder container is ideal for pens, brushes, a small utensil holder, etc…..super stylish.

Measures 4.5″ x 4.5″


ITEM 21 Our long awaited gorgeous fishbowl with “braided” handles is coming back. Gorgeous antiqued village scene. This is beauty I lobe mine filled with orchids and my daily mail:)

Measures 18″ x 7″


ITEM 22 Absolutely love the shape and size of hits amazing dragon fishbowl. This has so many uses, and i have even used mine filed wth ice as a beverage holder!

Measures 12″ x 5.5′


ITEM 23 Popular mid sized foo dog jar coming back in stock. This is a perfect size and a great piece to add to a vignette or to start a new one with. Beautiful as a pair! Features charming foo dog lid and all over floral design.

Measures 14.5″ x 6 x 6″

$110.00 each


ITEM 24 Our fabulous songbird jar is also coming back featuring an elegant all over chinoiserie floral and bird design. This jar is very striking with more “white space” so blends in beautifully with other styles of porcelain, has raised dot detailing and a charming foo dog lid.

Measures 18″ x 11″

$145.00 each

$270.00 for the pair

ITEM 25 The mini series are all coming back! Sometimes you need a smaller piece for a smaller area or to finish an existing vignette. We have you covered!

25A  Our fabulous small double happiness vase is coming back!

Measures 9.5′ x 4.3″


25B The matching small flat top tea caddy jar in the popular double happiness design.

Measures 6.5″ x 6.5″



ITEM 26  Tulipieres are back! One of our most popular items are coming back and we have doubled up on what we normally order as these are so fabulous for your holiday displays! These are nothing less than spectacular with or without flowers!

ITEM 26A Village scene is coming back in-

small measures 14″ tall $105.00

large measures 37″ $280.00

ITEM 26B Our Original coming back in-

small measures 14″ tall  $105.00

medium measures 22″ tall $170.00

ITEM 26C Pale pink coming back in-

Small 14″ tall  $105.00

Medium measures 22″ tall $170.00

Large measures 37″ tall $280.00

ITEM 27  These fabulous large antiqued flat tops are so gorgeous. Love the antiquing and the elegant lotus design and charming bird design. Two fabulous designs on a best selling jar. Works beautifully with an existing collection, or perfect pieces to start a new one!

27A Lotus design

Measures 11″ x 11″

$95.00 each

27B Bird design

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 28 This extra tall finely hand painted garden seat is so special and we always sell out. Very finely done, features a gorgeous village scene with floral design and pretty raised dot detailing.

Measures 19″ x 14.5″


ITEM 29 Our large trio of emperors are finally  coming back. Missed these, these are so decorative and can be used so many ways. Together or apart, they are the finishing touch for any vignette and work beautiful on mantles too!

Measures 17″ x 6″

$130.00 for the three emperors


ITEM 30 This new gorgeous octagonal planter is perfect for orchids, fresh flowers, a boxwood ball or your favorite topiary. A stunner!

10.5″ x 7.5″


ITEM 31 NEW! A new style bird jar which are gorgeous! Love this bird and floral jar. What a striking pair. Sold as pair only with left and right facing birds.

Measures 18″ tall

$265.oo for the pair

ITEM 32 Our amazing floral cylinder pot is being restocked. This is amazing for boxwood balls and topiaries and I have used mine as the ultimate utensil holder in the kitchen!

Measures 9″ x 8.5″

$70.00 each

ITEM 33 NEW! Another fabulous new jar. I adore this antiqued foo dog jar with pretty foo dog top. So decorative!

Measures 18.5″

$160.00 each

$310.00 for the pair

ITEM 34 Our popular chunky bird jar  is a customer favorite and is now available in a larger/taller jar. Beautifully antiqued, featuring a pretty bird/floral scene complete with raised dot detailing and foo dog lid.

Measures 19″

$175.00 each

$330.oo for the pair

ITEM 35 A truly spectacular container/planter. Very fine quality hand painted cache pot with beautiful gold finials. Adore this piece, styled after an English antique, this might just become your favorite planter:)

Measures 11.5″ x 7.5″


ITEM 36 How pretty is this new antiqued ginger jar, love the dot design with scroll border. Has the popular raised dot detailing and a charming foo dog lid.

Measures 18″

$155.00 each

$305.00 for the pair

ITEM 37  One of our best selling planters, this gorgeous square planter with tray is a beauty. Unlimited ways to use this fabulous planter, I love it for the holidays filled with amaryllis or paper white and any other flowering tree, topiary or boxwood ball.

Measures 9.5″ x 8.25″ x 9.5″

$145.00 for both pieces

ITEM 38 This large bird and floral ginger jar is a standout. Really striking, limited quantities this time around.

Measures 19″ tall

$180.00 each

$340.00 for the pair

ITEM 39 Hold onto your hats! We have a handful of these incredible majestic HUGE solider jars. These are normally special order but we ordered a few extra to have on hand. Words cannot describe how incredible these are. They tower at 47″ tall and are truly spectacular in every way. The few places that sell these types of jars charge thousands, so these are a steal. Limited quantities.

The details on this one are just incredible, beautifully and finely detailed hand painting with a gorgeous foo dog lid. Seeing is believing, with these amazing ginger jars.  People use these both indoors and out. A more spectacular solider jar you will not find! Must ship freight.

This incredible beauty measure 47″ tall

 $765.00 each

$1450.00 for a pair

ITEM 40  Our last item is the popular chunky jar series, this is the open field design which features more white space than some. Adding a jar like this to an existing grouping can be really striking. Even prettier as a pair!

Measures 17.5″

$140.00 each

$260.00 for the pair



One lucky winner is going to win one of our flat top jars!! All you need to do is leave a comment telling us your favorite piece from this container and how you would use it. We will announce a winner on Sunday morning!

Phew! If you made it this far, you are true blue porcelain aficionado! Lots to love, I already have my eyes on what I need to take home to add to my collection. And no, you can never have too much blue and white in my book:) Tell your friends and family if you really really like them:)

Just call or email your order in. Thanks for stopping by. Until next item……


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Eve on

One favorite piece? Seriously!! Love the ice bucket!

Cheryl p on

They are all so beautiful, and I am lucky that I have a few items already gracing my home. Would love to own a pair of the magnificent tall jars to grace my doorway!

Beverly on

I love item 13A in the lotus design. So pretty.

Nancy Behrmann on

The gorgeous fishbowl braided handle is a winner for me! I am vision clusters of small pumpkins for fall. Amaryllis bulbs for the holidays. Blue and white Easter eggs nestled amongst green moss. Ideas are endless with this piece!

Caroline on

After searching for a new house for over *two* years, we finally found one and now it’s time to decorate! I want everything, but my favorite is Item 23. Would love wonderful on our new built-ins.

Moreen Watson on

OMG I love All The pieces, not sure how I can name just one! I’m going through a Pagoda and dragon phase, so if I had to choose just one it would be the blue and white Pagoda. (But I also love everything cherry trees too;) Thank you!!

Susan K on

I have been waiting for the dragon bowl for a long time now! I think it would look pretty on a pedestal sitting next to my foo dog collection.

Kelly Hinkley on

Absolutley love the new dog bowls!

Marcia moorhead on

Love item 31 the right and left facing birds, live in a town where a peacock (Percy) runs free so naturally collect anything that is this stylish.

Dana on

My favorite piece is the peacock and floral fishbowl! I just bought a faux orange tree that would be beautiful in this pot! I love this post with all of the pretties!

kelly on

My favorite is the Tulipieres! I saw them in your fall display fell in love!

Eve Melia on

I just love the pink foo dogs – such a great color!!

Terry P. on

The Blue/White Foo Dogs (Item #11) bring a SMILE to my face EVERY time I see them – either on this site or in my own home. They are a MUST for every home – IMHO.

Marge on

Item 28, garden seat is still on my wish list.

Nancy Robertson on

I fell in love with the mid sized foo dog jar (Item 23) a few weeks ago and am now waiting for it to be delivered. The moment this beauty arrives, it will get pride of place on a chinoiserie console table in my dining room.

Robbie Koren on

I love it all but if I have to pick a favorite it would be the lotus ginger jars. Would love to have a pair for my dining room buffet.

Ann M on

I love the smaller cylinder containers, the gorgeous garden seat, and the lovely cachepot with gold finials.

RicMil on

So many pretties! I’ve especially got my eye on the extra-large double happiness vases. Perhaps a pair flanking a console?

Chris P on

I have been eyeing the large bird and floral ginger jars for a while now. (Item 38) A pair of them flanking my fireplace would be beautiful!!!

Jennifer S on

Every single item is absolutely fabulous. How great would it be to own one of the gigantic soldier jars. What a statement piece!

Philip on

Love the ice bucket but so many beauties to love and enjoy!
I would use for entertaining with drinks, also as a planter, Easter basket, etc.
Thank you for your wonderful pieces of art and all the time you take to keep us in the loop with so many interesting things!!!

VJ on

My favorite ITEM 31 NEW! A bird jar that left and right facing birds. Lovely and hard to find. Would look great on wall shelves facing each other.

Mary on

Love everything in this container especially mid size fishbowl planters which I would use near my pool!!

Linda C on

What an abundant supply of blue and white it is all amazing

Suzanne Vuillemot Sloan on

My favorite piece is the large tulipiere.

Renee on

Item #3, the peacock & floral fishbowl (add topiary), would look so elegant in anyone’s living room!

Jenni Toebben on

Porcelain heaven!!! The tureen has my heart- it would be so versatile!!!

Susan Kayden on

Wow! Everything is gorgeous, but my favorite is the pair of Blue and White Foo Dogs.

Susan S on

I love item #5 the bird and dragon flat tops. I would put them on our mantel when not holding flowers. I would get the bird design for me and the dragon one for my husband who has had a dragon fetish ever since watching the TV series Game of Thrones.

Susan O on

So many gorgeous items! Love the blue/white foo dogs and dragon fish bowl.

Cheri P on

Absolutely stunning – love it all.

Andrea J on

LOVE it all! I could use many of these to decorate cabinets in kitchen. But my favorite would have to be the little dog bowls for our pup Lola (shih tzu and thinks she is a princess! )

Constance on

As always, beautiful items! Especially love the foo dogs and emperors.

Maria Clifford on

I am in love with the cherry blossom ginger jars! They are the perfect size for a pair on my living room mantle!

Brenda vdk on

So happy the blue and white foo dogs and the blue and white pagodas are coming home!
Luckily my husband is also a blue and white fan!
I want it all, and I want it now!

Joan Richards on

Love the fishbowl with braided handles. I would put a green topiary in it most of the time. Amaryllis (red) for Christmas time

Alissa S. on

I love all your new cylinder containers! They would be beautiful as a planter, a vase for flowers, or for kitchen utensils. So pretty and versatile!

michelle l oleary on

Hard to pick a favorite! This must have been super fun to unpack. I love the solid color Foo Dogs in pink. I would use them in my bedroom on my nightstands on top of a stack of books.

B. Woodring on

So in love with the foo dogs…must have❤️

Liz on

What a beautiful collection!! I’d like a fish bowl to fill with the traditional orchid to put in the middle of my dining room table.

Kay on

All beautiful! I like all the bird designs and love the tea jar. As a tea drinker, I was drawn to this and the double happiness design on it.

Sherie Ward-Wiser on

Love, love the jar!!!!!!

Jeana B on

I think the small cylinder container would be perfect for my studio (that is in the works) to hold some of my brushes and art pencils!

Marsha casey on

Love every single piece! I’m especially fond of large jars and foo dogs

Robin on

How do I pick a favorite?? But one of my favorites is item # 3 – the peacock fishbowl. I already have and it’s gorgeous!!! Just love it. But no worries, I’m ordering many other items!

Crystal D on

In love with the new dog bowls! I would love to serve Marlo his favorite foods in them 🙂

Jaydee Ager on

My favorite piece is # 28, the garden seat!

Jacqueline Yevoli on

All so gorgeous! I. Love with the songbird jar💖

Barb on

Several items that I have been waiting for….love the new ginger jar with dots and anything with a foo dog lid.

Meredith B on

Too hard to choose just one, but if pressed, I think I would choose #8 the plum blossom cylinder planter and follow Tina’s lead in using it next to my stove for utensils. Much prettier than the All Clad stainless one I have now!

Kim M on

I’m going to have to order the set of large doggie bowls! Love them!

Peggy Mae on

Item 20. I see these being used at a luncheon with all of my blue and white dishes. I would like to have one at each place setting filled with flowers and for my guest to take home with them. I look forward to hosting my soup on Thursdays again for my friends.

Victoria Taylert on

Just WOW! what an amazing collection! How does one decide?! Love them all, but I am partial to anything I can use as a planter for my orchids.

Angela Middleton on

Love the return of the mid size fish bowl! Love!!

Donna B. on

My favorite is the gorgeous lotus ginger jar. It would look perfect with the decor in my sunroom!

Stephanie O. on

I love the tureen especially thinking about holiday table settings!

Sharon on

This flat top actually is my favorite, but I have my eyes on those new bird jars, too! And the dragon bowl! And . . .

Janet on

Tina — What a beautiful; collection of blue and white prettiness. I’m in love with the mid-size floral fishbowl. I can see it on the dining tabor a side chest with a big floral arrangement mixing faux and fresh.

Requi on

Item 35, the blue and white gold tipped cache pots are back! Yay, love those!

sara on

number 28 garden seat high is both pretty and functional between chairs in sunroom

SandyW on

Well it’s very hard to pick just one, but I especially like the tureen.

Frances on

I love everything, but my favorite piece is the small double happiness vase. It’s perfect for the smaller paintings I’m doing these days.

Megan on

My favorite is the ice bucket. I would put it in my guest house with a bottle of Prosecco!

Pamela Daniels on

I love the tulipieres,I would put miniature pumpkins in them for fall and for the holidays I would put poinsettia flowers in them.

Marsha Natkins on

I love the 3 smiling men. As a Mah Jongg player I would put these out and hopefully they would bring me luck. If not, just wonderful to look at and definitely a conversation piece.

Deanna on

I have so many of your gorgeous porcelains that I’m running out of space. My husband says I need another home to decorate 🙂 But I could seriously use your soldier jars! I know just the spot where I’d place two of those beauties! This whole pre-sale has me thinking about decorating my screened in back porch with blue and white porcelains from your shop. Sigh…

Theresa on

I’m in LOVE with the new covered tureen! It will look beautiful on my dining room table as is, or filled with some small pumpkins and gourds for a Fall display. So versatile!

Linda Beth on

What beauties you have brought us this time, as always! I’m in need of a smaller pair of vases for my sideboard and the double happiness vases would be perfect!

Linda S. on

I can just picture that huge soldier jar by my front door. So unique and so hard to find things of this size and quality. Love it!

Mary Ellen on

Oh goodness! Choosing only one is so difficult!! But if I must, it’s the fishbowl with braided handles! So many ways to use it! Currently I would fill it with velvet plush pumpkins!

Forrest Sartor on

The fishbowl! Filled with pumpkins this fall, then Christmas greenery and poinsettias during the holidays…

Patti S on

the ice bucket, it’s beautiful!

Anita Morgan on

I’ve loved my hexagonal planter on my dining room table but may. be ready for the tulipieres for the holidays. 💙🤍

Marie K Ketchersid on

So many beautiful things, but I think my favorite is the garden seat. It can be used in so many different ways and settings.

Catharine R. on

LOVE the dog bowl! I would get a big one…for water..and the smaller one for meals! And maybe a couple foo dogs nearby to look on!

Kathy on

The smiling three men are just lovely and add the perfect touch to a blue and white collection.

Regina on

I love the ice bucket. Such a versatile piece!

Ellen on

Tina, I can never have enough Blue and White. Just when I think I am finished another beautiful piece catches my eye. Truly timeless!

Sally Cain on

The fishbowl with rope handles is a beauty! But my very favorite is the garden bench! It has such lovely detailing with village scene, dots, and looks 3- dimensional on the top and sides with a cloth cover appearance !
I love it!

Stephanie C on

love everything! especially have my eye on the hexagon planters for my husband’s Bonzi plant!

Deb R on

A collection of the smaller cylinders to hold needlework tools next to my work station would be a beautiful and stylish way to use them!

Sherry B on

I love the ice bucket, versatile, useful, beautiful. I would of course use it for entertaining, but also as a planter to hold an orchid, utensil jar, vase for flowers. It can be used in so many ways.

Cary on

The covered tureen is beyond gorgeous! I will put it on a wooden stand on a sideboard in my sunroom.

Jessica G on

I would LOVE to win a flat top jar as that’s actually my favorite item! I need one to add to my collection on my mantle! It would be the PERFECT addition!

Susan on

Item 22 – I’m practicing for placing my order – the dragon fishbowl, lovely with lots of different uses.

Mia D on

Totally crushing on the first two items….The wicker handled Ice Bucket and the Tauren are both to die for!

Mary Judith O'Malley on

I just love the ice buckets, I have them in both of my homes, and everyone asks me where I bought them! I just say The Enchanted Home. Thanks for all the beautiful pieces and all the wonderful ideas! Please keep them coming!

Fanny on

Tina, you weren’t kidding there are so many wonderful things to choose!!

Patricia Villanova on

I have many of these pieces and love every one! I especially like the two piece planter and unfortunately broke mine, so will be replacing it. Thank you for continuing to offer the best blue. and white around!

Andrea on

Tina, I love the Ice Bucket! I would not only use it for keeping wine or champagne cold, but also sparkling water. I would use it for utensils too!
I also love the tureen! So elegant to serve soup in for a dinner party! And, your suggestion too as a planter!

Thank you!

Denise on

Love item #39 I would put this in my entryway!!

Francine on

Everything is gorgeous but what speaks to me right now is the dog bowl. I’m thinking of my sweet Sophie, she deserves such an elegant dish!

Gina on

I love all of these pieces but especially love the extra tall garden stool. I would use it on my patio between two chairs as a table.

Darlene Talbott on

Wow, I love them all. A new item that really caught my eye was perfect (get It Purrfect) Dog and Kitty bowls. Nothing but the best for my kitty.
P.S. Her name is Blue!

Maximiliano Marques de Sá on

Could you send, please, the itens 6B and 35 to Brazil?

Mary kay Corcoran on

So much blue and white … so little time ❤️ My favorite piece this time is #1 … I love this ice bucket and am thinking about it as a wedding gift!

Fernanda Clifford on

So hard to pick just one but if I must, Item 31 on console.

Katie Yankowsky on

#37!!! The pair is stunning. Would use on my mantle!

Sharon F. on

The fishbowl with braided handles is definitely my favorite piece. Sometimes I think the whole world would be happier if everything was blue and white!

marci solomich on

Stunning pieces and so versatile!

Rachael W on

I really want the ice bucket-just adore that bamaboo handle!!!!!!!!

Tara Kaplan on

Definitely love the three emperors!

Vanessa Conyers on

Love all the blue/white accessories. But a favorite are the large trio of emperors. They are so versatile. I’d probably start them out on my mantle, than who knows where they’ll go from there!

MaryRS on

The double happiness vases… I love them! They would look lovely on my living room mantel.

Lisa Tate on

I love Item 39, the 47” soldier jar. I would put two of them on either side of our open entry hallway.

Laura Soder on

OH, this is easy! I’d do the 47″ one in my entry way, cornered by my steps to the kitchen. Just gorgeous!

Kathy on

Beautiful collection! The braided handled fishbowl is on my “must have list” but the exquisite garden seat is irresistible!

Joanne Roberts on

Absolutely Beautiful Collection !!!
I love Item # 10 – the large Double Happiness jar. And I totally agree – You can never have enough Blue and White. 💙Thank you

David Tupaz on

I’m overwhelmed ….you are too M&M….
(Much too Much)…..I’m am dreaming Blue and white heaven…don’t wake me up!

Ann on

I love the 3 smiling men and trio of emperors! Either set would be perfect on my entry table!

Kelley on

Always love the tulipieres!

Melissa on

I love so many – it’s hard to choose! I am ordering a pair of #34 for my family room.

Carolyn on

I love the garden seat and have the perfect spot on my porch!

Kathy Chandler on

So many beautiful things! I have always loved the three emporers, they will look right at home on my mantle!

Dana Munoz on

💙💙💙 item #35!!! It is spectacular!

Karen Phillips on

I love the dragon bowl!! —and everything els!

Donna on

If I had to choose only one it would have to be the garden seat. I would use it in a bathroom near the tub/shower.

Donna DeMarino on

I love item 7. I also love the new dog bowls. I have the older design ones that we used for a long time for our dear Golden Retriever Abby who passed away three weeks ago. Like you, I have her bowls still on display as I cannot seem to put them away. Now is not the time to get a new dog as feelings are too raw, but if we do I will keep the new style bowls in mind.

Janis Ferra on

Love the entire collection! I love number 38

Brenda on

Love love so many but I’m sold on #10 the extra large happiness jar. So exquisite.

MaryM on

I love everything but my cats are insisting they have their own blue and white food bowls!

Jill on

I love the tuliperes and the ice bucket! Actually, I love it all. ❤️

Bonnie on

Hi Tina,
Item 39 WOW. The height and meticulous design takes my breath away. I would put them on either side of my mirrored console
in my dining room… what a statement.

Nancy Caswell on

Tulipieres Tulipieres Tulipieres!!!

Rebecca on

27A….Kitchen counter filled with “clean” sponges!

Carol on

Hard to choose! I love the dragon fishbowl-would use it in my bath for extra towels which has the most fun dragon vanity light over it!

Sally J Rice on

They are all beautiful! My favorite is item #32 to hold utensils in my kitchen. I also want item #20 for my pens on my desk.

Vickie on

I love number 35. The beautiful planter with the four gold finials at the top. Just breathtaking with an arrangement of flowers. Exquisite!!

Susan Weaver on

All above so great but I’m wondering are you still getting your bigger round bowls in several weeks?

Joan on

What’s not to love? The antiqued Chinese porcelain pieces are gorgeous. Am drawn to the Dragon and Pheasant flat top jars, have been looking for the proper size (and look) to use as urns for my dogs’ ashes.
The new lidded tureen is a wonderful addition to your porcelain line – I’d use it as either a beverage cooler or fill it with Amaryllis and moss for the holidays. It’s so pretty, why not buy two and do both when entertaining?

Valerie Kokenes on

So much beauty to choose from!! No 22 is one of my favorites!!

Laurie on

The floral cylinder pot. I would use it to hold utensils for a back yard event.

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