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Hi there, hope you are having a wonderful week. I am so enjoying this early fall weather, it is sublime. When something is this pretty I cannot keep it under wraps for long, pun intended:) We got a small batch of our gorgeous new reversible holiday papers in and this has me yearning to start wrapping up holiday gifts! This just might be the catalyst to get them done early this year and not Christmas eve:) Our big gift wrap/ribbon order lands in 2 weeks!

Who thought I would be talking about our holiday papers before my porcelain pumpkins. For anyone waiting on the porcelain pumpkins, they are going through customs, We hope to offer an arrival sale on them. next week for immediate shipment, stay tuned. Our fingers (and toes are crossed) as pumpkin season is here.

But back to Christmas/holidays, we are just over the moon over how gorgeous our new holiday collection is. Featuring four fabulous reversible holiday papers, coordinating totes and tissue that are “knock your socks off” pretty. Best part, is that they are reversible so they are as pretty to receive as they are to open! We will also be carrying both the grosgrain and velvet ribbons again this year as they were also super popular.

And last but surely not least, you are getting a sneak peek at our incredible chinosierie pagoda trees. These were designed last year but we started too late so we were not able to offer them last season, these are now in production and will have our first shipment in about 4 weeks!

We will be holding a presale on the gift wrap and trees (and ornaments in about 3 weeks) soon but wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. Yes, I went a little crazy with my picture taking but I couldn’t stop, just so in love with these papers and trees! Be sure to also enter our giveaway (details on bottom) So, let me show you all the goodies…….


Here are the four new patterns-

Boxwood citrus topiary (this reverses to a beautiful floral trellis and what makes this great is that you can use it year round)

Blue ginger jar trellis (ginger jars, candy canes and ornaments which reverses to a ginger jar/evergreen trellis)

Red ginger jar/trellis (ginger jars, candy canes and ornaments that reverses to an evergreen/ornament small print)

Topiary ball citrus (citrus topiaries which reverses to a pretty evergreen trellis)

And more pictures from my little “photo session”

I love citrus for the holidays

The play on green and blue with white is so pretty:)

And the red feels so festive


Loving our chinoiserie trees, these will be offered in four sizes- 14″, 12″, 8″ and 5″


One winner will win two rolls of our 2021 holiday gift wrap! Just leave a comment telling me what you are most excited about and I will announce a winner on Sunday.


Now if this doesn’t get you excited about the holidays….not sure what will! Our gift wrap, ribbon, tote bag and pagoda tree collection will all be on presale within the coming 2-3 weeks. We will get our wrapping, ribbons and totes early October, pagoda trees around Nov 10th. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by, whats your favorite pattern? I love them all so cannot weigh in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time…..

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LeeAnn Johnson on

So looking forward to Christmas this year-we are getting back to more normal and I have a new Grandson! Absolutely love all of the papers!! The pagoda trees are FABULOUS!! Also, excited to doing decorating and cooking! I feel like we should definitely Rejoice and enjoy the beauty and meaning of the season!

Ruth Sullivan on

How cute are those chinoiserie Christmas trees! ❤️❤️❤️

Jean on

Love the wrapping papers!

Loretta Turner on

I am excited about everything I just saw in your email, the wrappings, the ribbons the trees are all stunning!

Linda C on

I love the two and three ball citrus paper

nancy L on

I love the gift bags.
I will be buying one or more of the chinoiserie trees.
They really are lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon F. on

The pagoda trees are fabulous. They will look spectacular on a holiday dinner table or mixed in with ginger jars and greenery. Thank you for so many truly beautiful things.

Ann Weiler on

Gorgeous paper, as always! I particularly love the one with ornaments. Love the tole trees too!

Eve Melia on

Hi Tina – I love all the paper patterns, so classic & crisp!! Beautiful finishing touch with the velvet ribbons.

Marsha casey on

Great having paper you can use year round as well!

Terry P. on

OMGG – would you just STOP with all the choices 😉 I have a tiny cottage and don’t have room for all this BEAUTY – but am going to find a space for the Chinoiserie Trees for sure !

Sara on

I Love the blue and white with green! They are all so beautiful!!

Donna on

Love all the wrapping papers! I can visualize the beautiful boxes under the tree now!

joy dicenso on

In LOVE with the red and green chinoiserie trees!!! Wonder will they fit on my mantle?

Mindi Webster on

What eye candy! A gift before the gift!

Pam Flinchum on

These holiday papers are the best yet!!

Sherry B on

Love the blue and gold pagoda tree and the ginger jar paper with the velvet ribbon!

Dale on

Just looking at those trees got me in the Christmas spirit!

Kay on

How do u choose a wrapping paper favorite? They are all so detailed and beautiful. Personally, I would use them all year. Love your wrapping paper.

Lynne on

Love the chinoiserie trees. Perfect for decorating smaller condos. Then the wrapping paper is superb, love every one of them. I see shortages already in stores so am doing my Christmas shopping now.

MaryM on

Love all of the new gift wrap! Can’t decide on one they are all gorgeous! I must have a blue chinoiserie Xmas tree!

Tim F. on

Love the chinoiserie tree!

Fanny on

I’m over the moon with you’re beautiful wrapping papers. Lovely trees too.
Will you offer the double sided satin ribbon this year? I’ve enjoyed it’s quality and the red was perfection.

Gretchen Gordon on

Absolutely gorgeous gets you right into the holiday mood!

Susan K on

Tina- These are the most gorgeous wrapping papers ever! Everyone swoons when they see the packages that I have wrapped with your paper. Thank you for creating such beauty which we so need during this time!

Karen on

Pagoda —perfect Christmas “trees” —elegant, no needles to sweep and many years of enjoyment…maybe even year round. How Enchanting !

Denise Aschmann on

So many lovely new items! But I think the beautiful blue ginger jar trellis paper and matching tissue will be under my tree this year!

Deborah on

The trellis design with Christmas ornaments, candy canes and of course porcelain is my favorite.
Really shows Christmas at its best.
But the icing on the cake is all the velvet ribbon.
Very classy!

Jen Frazier on

It’s all so lovely, but the Topiary ball citrus is my favorite!!

Kathy on

I love the reversible wrapping paper! That is so beautiful and so are the mini trees!

Deborah Fahy on

This collection of papers are beautiful! I love the mix that you have created with the reverse side being so lovely too! I can see mixing them all together!

Kathryn on

Beautiful wrapping paper, love it. Already planning where to place the Christmas trees.

Susan Yuditsky on

I am in love with the chinoiserie trees…they are just flipping amazing!! Can’t wait to order one…now which color and what size???

Ginybel on

Tina, you always inspire me to decorate for the holidays just looking at the pictures from your post. Thank you for the tons of inspirations!

Janet Masterson on

The reversible trellis citrus topiary paper is my fave! The gorgeous pagoda trees are amazing…a must have for my tree collection!

Bonnie on

Hi Tina,
Your wrapping paper is just divine. I adore the citrus one. It puts you in a great mood looking at it!

Cynthia McMahon on

These designs are the best wrapping paper ever! Very excited any time I can tie blue ribbon around a package. The chinoiserie trees are pretty much to die for, as well. Just gorgeous.

Sue M on

Thank you thank you for the gorgeous eye candy to start my day. Cannot get over how beautiful the papers are, the prettiest I have! seen! I love the quality of your gift wrap and that it’s reversible. Very happy you will also be bringing back the ribbons I missed out last year.
those trees are so beautiful cannot wait to place my holiday order!

Marge on

Love the ginger jars with the blue, green and white. So pleasing to my eyes!

Jennifer S on

Such beautiful holiday items . It will be here before we know it! I cannot wait to order more ornaments this year!

Kim M on

OMG ~ the trees are awesome! I can’t wait to order some! 💗

Robin on

Wow – these are all gorgeous! Hard to pick a favorite, but lean towards the trellis design with the gold and red ornaments. Love the trees- will definitely be ordering one of these!

Susan Hayes Long on

Those pagoda trees are fabulous. What a special new addition to holiday decor.

Pam on

Ok……you have knocked it out of the park this season! Gorgeous!!

Lauren on

So excited for all of these!! I don’t think I will be able to pick just one 🤍💙

Deb R on

I love that the new Christmas papers reverse to a year round paper!

Nancy Behrmann on

The wrapping paper is fabulous and it’s hard to decide just which one I like best. The pagoda trees are a must! I can just envision buying one of each size and nestling them among some evergreens.

Maureen O on

Those trees are exquisite! Can’t wait for the sale!

christine on

Oh my Goodness! I love Christmas and this paper has to be the prettiest yet. And the chinoiserie trees are adorable! Classic and yet unusual!

Philip on

Love the Citrus paper and the Red trees! I think it’s wonderful that the papers are reversible and the velvet ribbons add that texture and extra dimension that the wrapping needs for that last bit of WOW.

Teena Tucker on

I like to take my Christmas out of the Christmas closet ~ sit it all around the house and throw a bunch of beautiful stuff around it and viola it’s Christmas! So with that said, I’m madly in love with the Chinoiserie Christmas Trees!!!

Jenni Toebben on

All this beauty makes me ready to decorate now!!! The paper is fabulous, but the tole Christmas trees have my heart!

Debbie DePillo on

What lovely wrapping paper! I love all the blue and white included in holiday gift wrap!!! So perfect for me since I’ve just renovated in a blue and white decor! I’m so excited to order them!!

Jennifer on

Love the wrapping paper! The bright red bow catches my eye every time! I ordered a couple of wicker cloches the other day and can’t wait to get them!

Karen Crook on

I am most excited about the citrus topiary!

Karen Crook on

I am most excited about the citrus topiary!

Rebecca on

The Boxwood Citrus Topiaries will look gorgeous under my tree or for a Spring Bridal Shower

Jaydee Atkins Ager on

Your holiday wrapping paper: Oooooh La La!

Jaydee Atkins Ager on

Divine holiday wrapping paper!

Stephanie C on

These papers and ribbons will look beautiful under my tree!

Susan on

I have been looking for the perfect chinoiserie Christmas tree and now I have found it! Can’t wait to buy some for gifts and myself!

Susie Tschetter on

All wrappings are sublime! So happy I found your site this year and will be able to indulge in these gorgeous wrappings! Makes gift wrapping a party in itself!!

Amy on

Your best holiday papers EVER! I remember the trees from last year I was disappointed that you didn’t offer them but so happy to see you will this year! keep on creating beautiful things😊😊

I love every one of the papers but partial to the blue white and green ginger jar, love it!

Sandy W on

The new gift wrap is very pretty. Love them!

Susan C. on

I LOVE the boxwood citrus topiary. It is so fresh and inviting. I love the reverse side that is a trellis. I think both are non seasonal and can be used all year round. I would love to receive or give a gift wrapped in these papers.

Laurie on

Your trees are so unique and creative!!! I love them!!!’n

Peggy Wilkins on

I love the hints of red with the green and blue this year! I’m doing a traditional green and red Christmas theme and definitely want to incorporate these gorgeous gift wrapping papers into the holidays this year!

Beth Christoff on

Your products just keep getting better. Good for you and better for us!

Patti S on

love the pagoda trees!

Maureen on

I am excited about seeing the beauty of the season unfold. The tree and the presents and the holiday decor go up in and around our home. I am excited to bake the goodies that I usually do and send them off to friends and family.

Debra on

I remember when you showed the sample trees last year I was so excited over them and think I missed them?

You have knocked it out of the park with these gift wrap products- wow! each and every pattern is just so beautiful, cannot wait to place my order. good job!

Erica McGuinness on

I truly love it all but ESPECIALLY love the red ginger jar/trellis wrapping paper, the gift bags, and the red and green velvet ribbon. I didn’t purchase it in time last year and will not be making that mistake again. This post completely made my day!!

Susan Kayden on

The new wrapping papers are stunning! Love the citrus accents.

Alissa S. on

I just love the topiary paper and the ginger jars. They are so festive and beautiful!

Jill on

I LOVE all of it!!!:)

Theresa Gue on

Love the orange wrapping paper!

Joanne on

The paper is beautiful and so nice for wrapping. I love the designs and use them all year round🥴

Maria Clifford on

I adore the pagoda trees! Not sure how I will be able to decide on a color or size!

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Too beautiful to unwrap!! Thanks again for brightening my day!

Terah Atkinson on

All the patterns are lovely!!! How must one choose??? Can not wait to place an order. Thank you for delivering such beauty!🌲❤️🍃❤️

Sandra on

Oh my! I love the wrapping paper and adore the chinoiserie trees! I will definitely be decorating my table with those!

Meredith B on

Love it all, but I am particularly excited about the wrapping paper with the citrus topiary trees (your wrapping papers in general are so high-quality and fabulous) and the red and gold chinoiserie Christmas trees. Can’t wait to order and start wrapping presents and decorating my table!

Debbie T on

My first time commenting on anything! Your holiday paper collection is so lovely, I just have to say how much I love it! And I cannot decide which pagoda trees to order! Can’t wait to place my orders ASAP!

Debbie smart on

I love your holiday paper, especially the one with the bell. It goes with the story of the Polar Express!

Liz on

Love them all! So happy the velvet ribbon is back! I won’t miss it this year.

Lois Munn on

I can not pick one thing, everything is spectacular!

Jennifer on

Love the wrapping paper!

Darla Nester on

Love the Boxwood Citrus Topiary!

Kourtney on

I’m making room for more beautiful chinoiserie;). It is, obviously, my only choice😍

Margaret Lauderback on

I love the red fruit mixed in with the patterns and your gift bags!! Thank you!

Mary Judith O'Malley on

The wrapping paper is better than the presents! Can’t wait to use them.

Rosemary Smith on

All your items are beautiful. I get great ideas from your posts.

Peggy kahle on

Love the wrapping paper, but the pagoda trees are the best! I would buy the navy one for my powder room and leave it out yearlong.

Susan on

Wrapping paper patterns are so exquisite!!! I am envisioning them lining shelves, book cases, and as fabric for pillows, seat cushions and cafe curtains. Wouldn’t that be FUN!!!

Cindy on

I confess, I am most excited about the ribbon ~ not that the paper isn’t gorgeous, but I still have a large quantity left for this year. Your ribbon quality is fabulous and unlike any you can find in a store. Plus, while on the $$ side, there is a LOT of it!

Susan on

I love the wrapping paper – it allows me to have blue and white along with topiaries and ginger jars! It doesn’t get any better!

Karen Markovich on

I love the chinoiserie trees. The colors are great. I can picture these trees on my Dinning table surrounded by great lighting.

Jordan Welch on

The citrus topiary print with reverse side of trellis pattern is absolutely gorgeous!

Alicia on

It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I am so looking forward to the holiday season this year. With shipping the way it is I am already thinking about Christmas gifts and I love your new Christmas wrapping paper, especially the blue ginger jar evergreen/trellis. What a beautiful display that will make under the tree. Just love it!

Margaret Williams on

Too hard to comment about a single item! All are so pretty-can’t wait to purchase. How could someone not smile when they receive a present wrapped in your beautiful gift wrap, gift bags and ribbons. Trees are lovely too.

Desiree Boettcher on

I am looking forward to all the things that make Christmas so special! The lights, the smell of baking all of it!

Karen Thornburgh on

Those trees are the best thing I have seen for Christmas and beyond 💕

Sheila Boettcher on

I love all the Music and being with Friends and Family!

Lisa Stovall on

Can’t wait for the new papers and love, love, love the chinoiserie trees!!!!

Marilyn Cole on

I love the gift wrap and the ribbon is perfect!
As the saying goes, “Presentation is Everything!

Vickie on

I love all of the papers !They are just exquisite . I really would love to have the topiaries in the blue planters come to life . Wish they were real. They are gorgeous !!! Love all of it.

L Herzog on

My favorite is the red, green, and gold paper with Christmas ornaments, candy canes, and blue and white jars! Just perfect for my color scheme.

Michelle Seman on

Love it all! So excited to celebrate the holidays in our new home and your trees & wrapping paper will certainly add a festive touch!

Ann West on

How do we purchase?

Lana Boatright on

I am excited just to have something pretty to “wrap up” this holiday season after nearly two years in this pandemic…I hope we are ending on a beautiful holiday blue and white classic note!

Cathy Haynes on

The citrus, never thought of it as a Christmas print- perfection! The velvet ribbon, wow! Topiaries 😍

Diana C Fuller on

So excited about the topiary totes and coordinating paper and the ginger jar and evergreen paper!

Kate Warner on

My favorite pattern is definitely the “Topiary Ball Citrus” with the simple green and white trellis on the reverse side. About 10 years ago I started using “touches” of orange in my Holiday decorations and have discovered it really balances the heavy feel of reds and golds, creating a much fresher more natural look – even though I use artificial oranges. I wrap them with red or hot pink ribbon (dotted with orange) to create a more realistic aesthetic. The oranges then hang by the ribbon and look similar to the old fashioned oranges dotted with cloves.

Lynn Cogburn on

A hopefully more normal holiday season than 2020 and wrapped with your beautiful papers!

Danielle Mazuy on

I love the blue with touches of red.

Marie K Ketchersid on

The citrus topiary paper is gorgeous! Beautiful with the velvet ribbon. Way to go!

Jan Goree on

I love everyone of these designs!! I love to see sacks and tissue as well as wrapping paper

Nancy Galante on

Love the new boxwood print and the ornament/evergreen one. Just beautiful!

Brenda on

Mixing the trees with the traditional Christmas decor, just adorable!

Catharine R. on

LOVE the pagoda trees! They really are charming and will be great for centerpieces or as focal points for pine boughs and other holiday greenery.

Sandra C on

Beautiful…but the blue velvet ribbon….WOW! Exquisite!

Kathy Chandler on

Those chinoisserie trees are adorable! I like that they come in different sizes, can be used in any room in the house!

April McKinley on

I love the ginger Jars!! I have them all
Over my house !

Angela Middleton on

The new tole trees are amazing! Love the blue!

Carylanne Bais on

Your papers are so crips and stylish , makes wrapping gifts so enjoyable !!

Colleen Norwood on

Love, Love, Love the papers!!! Oh, the possibilities are endless with decorative ribbon! I better get shopping to ensure many pretty packages under the tree.

Amy Hansen on

It’s such a hard choice—but I’d say the blue and white with green is my favorite!🌲

Deborah M Hunt on

It is all FABULOUS!! And while I usually go all out at Christmas, I am feeling the desire to go even more over the top given last year was not up to out normal family gatherings. I always love pretty gift wrap and ribbon- my favorite is the ginger jars with gree bows!! Joy to the World!!

Deborah C Johnson on

The new papers are amazing…the trees are on my list too!

Dianne Dudney on

Everything is coming up

Debbi Benedict on

I can’t wait to get one of those darling trees!

Becky Brodersen on

I can’t wait to order each paper and some chinoiserie trees! Green and blue please!!!

Regina Gregson on

I am SO excited about these new designs!! I LOVE blue and white and I LOVE Christmas!! It makes me so happy to see beautifully wrapped presents under my tree and to be able to give them to my precious family and friends!

Kathy Rice on

I am Most excited about this paper and a green pagoda!!!!💚🌳🌿🌲👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Linda Strauch on

I m excited about seeing this paper in person!! I love all you photos and this is my first time entering Look forward to seeing what comes out for the holidays!!

Nissa Picard on

The two-sided wrapping paper with velvet ribbon – so elegant!

Lee Anne on

Love, love, love both of the topiary wrapping papers!

Mary on

Everything is absolutely beautiful!!!🥰

Marcia on

I want it all. Not just one fave. I am so going to try and copy win or not. Sooooo me.❤️

Barbara Morris on

Boxwood Christmas trees are so pretty! Needed this bright spot in my day! Thanks so much for always sharing your nice things for us to see.

Rachel on

Omg this paper is beautiful! I love the ribbon as well. I am very much looking forward to Christmas this year! I’m fact I have already wrapped some Christmas presents haha. Gift wrapping is my therapy lol.

Jackie Craft on

OH. FALALALALA -LALALA -’LOVE’ everything! So beautiful. As usual.

Patricia Borowiec on

These holiday papers show that the gift giver thought as much about the presentation as the gift. Lucky recipient!!

Anna Monroe on

All the papers are beautiful!

Pat R on

Each gift wrap pattern is unique plus the fact they’re reversible. The tissue and bags beautiful and unusual also. Love the classy look of all

Carolyn on

The wrapping papers are beautiful. It will be lots of fun to wrap this year!

Cheryl Brewer on

The gift wrap is gorgeous! I love them all, but think my favorite is the citrus topiary.

Mary kay Corcoran on

I love beautiful paper and your blue and white ginger jars & citrus topiary paper is just BEAUTIFUL!

Marsha Cannon on

I’m ready to start wrapping! So excited for the gift wrap!

Yolie on

The trees! What a BRILLIANT idea!

Susan on

Love, love,love everything!! So pretty! The citrus topiary trees will be perfect for all seasons and the reversible trellis is just as pretty!

Meagan Cole on

I am most excited about having perfectly matched presents, and I am obsessed with the velvet ribbon!!

Sherry T on

Tina, I absolutely love the chinoiserie trees. I want one in every size! Your wrapping paper is truly spectacular- I love wrapping gifts with beautiful paper. Even the smallest gift looks special 💕

Traci Zeller on

I’m excited that holiday parties will return (fingers crossed)!

Carolyn D. on

LOVE LOVE LOVE! All of it! So hard to choose a favorite, but if cornered I would have to say the red ginger jar/trellis and all colors of the velvet ribbon. So classic and stunning, too. I missed the opportunity to order last year, but will definitely place one early this season, and can’t wait to consider the chinoiserie trees, too!!

Jane Young on

Absolutely beautiful….all of it. I will be purchasing the papers for sure!

Melanie on

Omg. Those chinoiserie trees. Perfection

Nicole Dellar on

I have never seen such exquisite wrapping paper before.
I absolutely love to wrap presents, it gives me so much pleasure and I love to see my family and friends faces when they first see a gift that is so beautifully wrapt. That is more rewarding and special to me and I know that the effort I try to make has not gone unnoticed. I am also an absolute lover of blue and white and green and white so this excites me even more! It is very inspiring and so beautiful and unique to see.

Marilyn the Nurse on

I love all the papers, it is going to be hard to choose the ones I will want. Also need more blue velvet ribbon, but those trees are the best. So beautiful, love all the colors. Want one!!!!!!

Fran Osment on

I love the ginger jar paper!

Beverly Tye on

All of the new papers are so gorgeous and certainly well thought out in design. I’m especially excited about these colors and designs because my Williamsburg style home is in mostly in primary colors. This year, I’ve already planned on lots of blue for everything and making my fruit topiaries with citrus instead of apples this year.

Elizabeth on

So excited to have stumbled across your site! I like to do a new themed tree every year and this years plan was to do a blue & white chinoiserie tree with red Stewart tartan ribbons. Thrilled to now have found wrapping paper to match!

Anamae C on

How can you pick a favorite when they all are so beautiful.
I really like the ones with fruit because I normally use some natural fruit for decorations with lots of greens.
They are really fantastic and would love to receive a gift with any of the papers or bags.

Max S on

So pretty

Needham Stephanie on

I just love the way they compliment each other, I want one of each. AND the year round use is perfect!

Chana Robinson on


I am so happy About so many things.! I am on sensory overload. I am listening to Christmas music, Pumpkin muffins are in the oven, and I am planning my holiday tables Your new paper inspired all of this. Additionally, I have Carolyne Roehm’s “Notebooks” in front of me and seed/bulb catalogs ordering all types of things so my happiness will continue through spring. Thank you for bringing such abundance to all of us.

Happy Autumn holiday!


Kimberly on

I am so excited about gift wrap that is suitable for framing! Absolutely a work of art!

Traci on

What beautiful wrapping papers! My color theme last year was navy blue velvet ribbon. Love the blue tree! So looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year

Delia on

SOOO excited to focus on decorating and wrapping…both are completely different than any time takers during the pandemic..also…cooking takes on a new flair for the Holidays!

Marilyn on

I love the wrapping paper. The designs are lovely.

Sylvia Kitto on

The pure color and richness of the velvet ribbons is just amazing. And, what absolutely gorgeous paper. Loving the citrus and it all actually. Thank you for the eye candy.

Wanda Dunn on

Green, white and blue. What a stunning combination for gift wrap. And the trees are ” must-have” in my book.

Kaysie Crook on

Ooh! All gorgeous, but I especially love the citrus versions with blue. 🥰

Rose on

Blue Ginger Jar Trellis!!!

Marilyn on

The new papers are absolutely gorgeous! I will want to wrap everything in sight!

Barbara Bird on

Where is the Lily of the Valley dinnerware?

Traci on

Absolutely beautiful wrap and ribbon! Love the trees too!

Cindy S on

I am most excited about having loved ones -family and friends- in my home for the holidays!

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick on

So excited about all your new designs. Only problem I want them all! Especially love the citrus though and the velvet ribbons! 😍

Alexandra T on

Those trees!!! I can’t even!!!! I’m already imagining my Christmas decor!!!

JENNY Petri on

Such beautiful, unique papers! Fun to start thinking about the holidays early!

Eve on

What a beautiful selection of wrapping paper. Well done! :Love the pagoda trees!

Liz on

Oh my goodness! I need at least one of each! Everything is absolutely beautiful!! I love Christmas paper that doesn’t scream “Christmas” and the pagodas are darling!!

Barbara McClellan on

I love the green trellis paper and bags.

Sally Cain on

Your designs in Christmas paper and the Pagoda trees is unique! I love the ginger jar with Christmas greenery and All the pagoda trees and their colors! Makes me look forward to Christmas!

Nancy on

Well Done! So excited about the four new gorgeous reversible holiday papers which will allow so so so many beautiful, different, yet coordinating looks under the Christmas tree for our friends and family this year.

Karen Porter on

Oh my word! What’s not to be excited about when you mix chinoiserie, citrus, evergreens, and those luscious velvet ribbons?! And then you just go, “Boom,” with the chinoiserie trees!!! I can smell Christmas just looking at that classically elegant wrapping!!

Brittany Hall on

Excited about all the beautiful wrapping paper and love those trees!!!


I love love love these wrapping papers! My favorite is the topiary. And the trees are amazing

Janice on

During these strange times I find it very difficult to muster enthusiasm for the holidays… your lovely chinoiserie themed Christmas wrapping papers and trees are helping to inspire me.. deciding on which ones to use is the hard part. Thank you ..

Lety on

Tina, I have been looking for the perfect wrapping paper for my home, Casa Naranja, for years!! Your citrus wrap has sent me in a frenzy and I can’t wait to order it!!!! And I can use it year-round!!! I am over the moon happy!!!

Colleen B. Frick on

You Had Me at
I need to go to “Decision Making” school. Too many beautiful choices. What a wonderful little problem!!
Makes me smile!!!
Thank you, Tina.
Can’t wait for my new blue and white plates to arrive.
Colleen in

Kelly on

I am more excited about Christmas this year than I’ve been in a long long time…beautiful expressions of holiday design like your brilliant giftwrap inspires pure celebration! Love them all but favorite is the topiary ball.

Jean Delear on

Enchanting, Elegant and styled Exquisitely. I’m in love with the Boxwood citrus topiary, and then I came to the topiary ball citrus. Of course, I’d like the gift inside the beautiful box, as well!

Juawanna Schuller on

The ginger jar trellis w the bright blue velvet ribbon is so pure and clean and fresh! Can’t wait to wrap my presents!

Amy McCullagh on

Blue ginger jar of rellis paper, and that swoonworthy blue velvet ribbon! I love the pagoda trees too- unsure which color I like best!!

Tanya W on

Love the wrapping papers And ribbons!

Diana Gladstone on

This paper is gorgeous! So fresh and exciting…love them!❣️

Veronica Hadley on

Everything is lovely

Veronica Hadley on

I am most excited about the chinoiserie. I love the colors.

Margaret Fuller on

All of the papers are so beautiful. How will I decide???

Emily Craig on

Those are the prettiest wrapping papers I’ve ever seen! Makes me want to start wrapping right now. I can’t wait until they go on sale and I can order, I hope you’ll let us know in the ‘Gram.

Tracey on

It’s the MOST wonderful time of year indeed! Who wouldn’t want to wake up Christmas morning to find Santa and his elves had chosen this wrapping paper! I’m not one to wish the days away, but hurry and up and be 2-3 weeks already❤️❤️

Gail Wood on

Oh my paper heavens! This holiday wrap collection is the bees knees! I’m so excited to see our gifts wrapped up in this beautifully curated collection.

Dawn on

I love the paper with the candy canes. Elegant enough to go under any fabulous tree but so cute to use on children’s gifts also. That is a win win for me!!!

Diana on

The wrapping is gorgeous! I am inspired, and also love them all! The fabulous pagoda tree is my favorite!

Angela Strach-Gotthardt on

Such beautiful papers! Living in a Circa 1826 home, these wrappings would be a perfect vibe this Christmas in our Federal-era home, and under the tree. It would be amazing. Thanks for considering me.

Carol Low on

Everything is fabulous!!

Mary G. Noble on

While the gift papers and ribbons are truly stunning, I am charmed by the pagoda trees, especially the green for my daughter’s holiday decor!

Bell on

Oh my heavens! So in love with this entire line of paper and that blue velvet ribbon is simply divine!

Christina Marthey on

I love them all, but if I had to pick, it would be the one with just green leaves & blue flowers. Gorgeous ribbons!!! I’m excited for sobriety, and my beautiful family this holiday season!!!!🥰💜💫

marci solomich on

Your wrapping paper is spectacular! It’s all so beautiful!

Claravel Criste on

Using my chinoiserie ornaments from you once again!

Robyn Dubinsky on

I couldn’t possibly choose just one thing to be excited about but…Choosing the the special person who gets their gift wrapped in this paper will be! The velvet ribbon is perfection too.

Merri Shearer on

Adore the Chinoiserie trees. ❤ Always love your wrappings. All are beautiful and go so well with my overall decor. ❤

Ashley Wolfe on

These are all so beautiful! I am loving the boxwood citrus topiary. Also, all the reversible prints. Absolutely gorgeous!!

ML Spencer on

Can’t pick just one paper…? they are all beautiful. Love the pagoda trees too.Thanks for getting us in the Spirit

Elizabeth Smith on

Simply Stunning!!

Jan Pearson on

OMG! The paper is just darling!

Ashley on

Everything is gorgeous, but I’m especially loving the boxwood citrus!!

Kristi Zoller on

I’m most excited about getting a new puppy for our family this Christmas! Last week we lost our almost 15 year old Buddy, so we are ready for hearing puppy laws on the hardwoods again!

Blanchard, Leslie on

Good morning,
I just moved into my new home, but have been collecting blue/white jars and antique plates for years. Your picture we’re my inspiration. I can’t wait to unpack it all and Start wrapping for Christmas.

Debra Miller on

Could you email me when your Christmas gift wrap and ribbon are available

Ann Redd on

Having morning coffee with these new wrapping papers, just made my day!

Jennifer Navarro on

I love velvet, anything velvet makes me happy. Your red velvet ribbon looks amazing on the wrap. Can’t wait to purchase!

Toni R on

Love all your papers! And the velvet ribbon. It’s great that some of these can be used year round.

Dawn Rodak on

I just think the red ginger jar paper with the candy canes tied up with red velvet ribbon is such a beautiful update on what would be considered classic Christmas colors but a fresh pattern. Although I really like the boxwood topiary paper too. They are all so pretty! Those chinoiserie trees are adorable too!

Melissa Tinsley on

Y’all! These wrapping papers are so classic and beautiful! I love how by just changing out the ribbon makes it appropriate for anytime of the year!🙌 I NEED this in my life!!!

Cas Putnam on

Always excited about all these new prints for Christmas!! I’m excited that there will be tissue and paper bags!! Please let me win 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Nan O'Leary on

Do I have to say anything more than……. the trees……the beautiful trees!!! WOW!

Laurie on

Classic paper that will make my Christmas gifts even better!

Phyllis McDougald on

Love your gorgeous trees in all colors!! The wrapping paper makes a beautiful display of packages with the beauty of the ribbon setting it of. LOVE!!

Marianne Lille on

Spectacular! The papers are exquisite…is there anything better than wonderful gift wrapping? The pagodas are to die for! I can picture all sorts of applications….sitting on a bed of greens, a sparkly winter white setting, or even a little vignette with the Christmas ornaments. I could go on and on…

Hildred Sullivan on

Love all of the wrapping paper patterns but since I’ve had resdand green and blue and green in the past I’d have to say the citrus is what granbs me this year! Awesome that you can use it year-round!

Jamie on

I absolutely love the citrus topiary patterns!

Isabel on

It’s a must have for the perfect blue and white Christmas🎄

Jenni Coker on

I love the beautiful ribbons and that the paper has a design in both sides. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Kate Fox on

TI absolutely love the red ginger jar and candy cane trellis paper The Red makes it Pop.. The fact that it’s reversible is even better!

Barbara Morse on

Love the way you made that rich blue ribbon holiday festive!!!

Suzanne on

Love the new gift wrap ! Anything with blue and white is my favorite .

Pam Christie on

Love anything that has blue and white in it or on it but these take the cake. They’re beautiful and classic.

Angie on

Love all the papers and ribbons!! No favorite but especially like the ornaments version for the holidays.

Heather Dixon on

I love all things chinoiserie!!! This paper is just delightful. So pretty.

Jeanne on

Looking forward to a more normal holiday Christmas season where we can see our long distance family! Also love to decorate for the holidays, wrapping paper is gorgeous !

JuLee on

I adore every design. Just beautiful and looking forward to Nov 10 when these are available. They are unique and classic.

Susanna Murray on

Most excited about holiday season to be able to spend time with our family ❤️

Cindy Overton on

Love it all! Bags with jars, ornaments and candy canes is a fave!

Barbara Gomperts on

When will the chinoiserie trees be available?

Lisa on

Paper with the ornaments is my fav. but I also love the polka dots on the the topiary and porcelain paper.
Beautiful collection

Jeannie George on

Right now I’m most excited that I only have 24 hours to stay in a creepy hotel casino – just had the most wonderful birthday week in a perfect condo at the beach and hubby wants to stop at casino on way home where he had an offer for 2 free nights. Seriously no hot water. Looking at this Christmas wrapping will help me survive and rejoice but life is really good!!

Denise Green on

All of the wrapping papers are so fabulous!!!

Sher M on

Love the boxwood Citrus -Florida style! The blue and white such a new twist on a classic!!! Awesome designs!!!

Jayne Cave on

I am most excited about my gift recipients Commenting on the paper and bows more than the gift!!!These are absolutely stunning. and the whole idea of giving a gift starts with the wrapping for me. Who cares what’s inside!

Mia on

You came across my feed, and these unique papers are scroll-stopping! A refreshing look! I definitely will have my fingers and toes crossed that I win this giveaway!

Mary T on

Beautiful papers and ribbon! Will you be selling the ribbon, too. Everything you offer is luscious.

Nancy on

Everything is so fresh and pretty. Hard to pick a favorite, because I love them all…but have to go with the ginger jars!

Susa Sturges on

Absolutely love the chinoiserie trees!

Lisa Gribben on

Im most excited about the snow and the cooler weather that comes with it. I love bringing in outdoor foliage for decorating through the fall and winter seasons.

Caroline Sullivan on

GORG! That citrus is 💯

Nancy Stevens on

Hi, I am most excited about my son’s upcoming weddings. December 11th and my younger son May 20, 2022. We are welcoming two darling young ladies to our family. It would be fun to have beautiful wrap to share in all the upcoming gift giving the year and next.
Love your blog and posts! Xoxo

Karen Early on

Gorgeous collection, and so elegant. 🍊

Katie Russell on

I’m so excited for the holidays because my family will FINALLY BE WITH US after 2 long years! That’s what Christmas is all about family and traditions!

Victoria Goral on

I’m excited to coordinate the beautiful holiday wraps and luscious velvet ribbon to offer more than a gift to those I love. Beauty from the outside in.

Ann on

The blue & white ginger jars are always my fave!

Linda Victory on

I love love love the chinoiserie paper and bags. I have been looking for months!

Carolina girl on

I trust you are inviting honest feedback; so I must confess that I REALLY dislike the shade of green in the paper and ribbon – it seems to show up everywhere!! Same shade is used in the Carolyne Roehm gift wrap! Maybe consider a different color palate next time around?

Elizabeth on

All the photos should get us excited about preparing for the Holiday Season.

Shawn on

Most excited to travel to see family 💚

Maureen Sieger on

Looking forward to purchasing holiday paper

Maureen Sieger on

Looking forward to purchasing holiday paper!

Ann Lecholop on

Wrap looks fantastic! Christmas is my favorite holiday because my family is all together! Our busy lives pause for a while so we can just enjoy each other! Fingers crossed I win!

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