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Good Sunday morning to you. I first want to announce the winner of our holiday gift wrap giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#128 Deborah C Johnson on

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend wherever you might be. We have had the most spectacular weather, did a little entertaining, went out to dinner with friends, had a visiting friend from the city, it was a full and fun weekend. Loved unveiling our 2021 holiday collection to you, if you missed it click here. So excited about it and it really. makes me anticipate the holidays! Onward to this weekend’s post……



1 A LEMON THEMED LUNCHEON I was so inspired by a luncheon that I had see non instagram that I decided to do a pared down version for a small bday lunch I hosted. It looks so fresh and welcoming. Never underestimate the power of a bag of lemons! Shown here in our white wicker box planters and little faux lemon topiary trees. Along with our newest linen pattern which is so beautiful.


2 A RIVETING DOCUMENTARY I first heard of Elizabeth Holmes via an article in Vanity Fair years ago. Elizabeth was a brilliant Stanford researcher found Theranos, a promising health technology. The events that followed have more twists and turns then all of John Grisham’s novels put together. I could not stop reading about this……it’s that kind of a story.

A great book on this tale, Bad Blood came out which I highly recommend, riveting beyond words. There is also a documentary which is equally compelling. Her trial has now begun and I know millions of eyes are following the rise and fall of this once promising entrepreneur. The degree and lengths to which she went for fame and money will leave you cold. The kind of story you can’t turn away from!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty roundup and very evident that fall is indeed in the air. What a glorious season!

4 MY FAVORITE HEALTHY LUNCH So I am back to watching it. Too many snack sessions this last year has led me to add unwanted pounds, and I am ready to shed it. So back to my sensible eating and also doing some intermittent fasting.

This is such an easy to make and really delicious wrap. It only takes four simple ingredients and you have a wonderful satisfying wrap within a few minutes. Everything shown was bought at Whole Foods (their hummus is really good)!

5 LIVING THE DREAM I live for stories like this! A well known high end event planter, Keith Robinson  stumbled across an old crumbling white farmhouse in rural Georgia. It caught his attention as he had always had. fascination with old white houses.

By pure serendipity, Keith ended up meeting someone who it had been handed down to. Well the rest as they say is history. He bought it, switched lanes from his fast paced career to country life with late afternoon porch sessions and restoring this historic property. He bought this little slice of country heaven back to life and then some. What a fabulous story! Click here to read it in its entirety over at Flower Magazine.

6 THE AMAZING JANE GOODALL. I have followed Jane and her fascinating story for years, my mom was the first person to tell me about her. What an incredible,accomplished and elegant woman she is. I enjoyed this interview with Jane and thought you might too. Lots of wisdom with this dynamo and what an impressive body of work she has created, no doubt that will follow her long after she is gone.

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I have featured my chinoiserie trees recently and everyone seems to be very excited over them. We are offering them in four colors and four sizes. This will be a one shot deal, we are getting them in one big shipment and that will be it for this holiday season. Would love to know if you had to choose your two favorite colors, which would they be?


Hope you enjoyed my post! I always have fun putting these together, it gives me a chance to sit, relax and pursue some of my creative energy! Wishing everyone a fantastic day and hopefully a nice end to your weekend. Until next time….

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Mary on

Enjoy everything you post! I notice you use lots of greenery, maybe from your garden. How long does this last in your floral arrangements? I’m definitely going to try this soon for an at home party I’m giving.

Elizabeth Yingling on

Aways look forward to your Sunday posts. I think a black chinoiserie tree would be stunning for a Hollywood Regency sitting room at Christmas time… Maybe next year!

Mary Pickett on

You a quite a woman !! All the things you do are so wonderful!

Debra on

I have several things to comment on, the daughter of one of my husband‘s good friends actually went to school with Elizabeth Holmes so we are very familiar with that story. What a fall from grace!

Love your lemon party and everything that you have shown today, Jane Goodall has always been so inspiring to me what an amazing woman who’s done so much good for the wildlife.

Love the trees in all four colors!

Eileen on

The ability to transform a place with very sad history to a place of warmth and respect for that history is a real testament to Keith Robinson’s abilities and talents. Beautiful results and such a thoughtful story.

Elizabeth on

Yes, I watched the documentary a while back. It’s almost hard to believe as the story unfolds and you think it’s an author who has a great imagination making it up. My grandfather had an expression “ money leads to death”. Heard it a million times and never understood it until I became an adult and would hear the lengths people go to to acquire more money (Wall Street in George Bush era that almost brought a number of countries down as an example). Interesting and worth watching or reading.

joe on

Can you consider doing Christmas tree toppers (in addition to the ornaments). I particularly would welcome a blue and white pagoda shaped tree topper.


Thank you for the 60 minutes post. How beautiful Jane Goodall’s world is & God bless her.

Robert Redmon on

Sorry to say; but whoever said they loved those trees in your survey lied. They do not look of quality at all. Just being honest.

Laura F on

This is amazing. We bought frank Redwines home in Atlanta in 1980 and he and his wife moved to Rome Ga. He is the same Frank Redwine lll whose family owned the home Keith Robinson bought. What a coincidence.

Clare on

whoever Robert is, needs to keep his opinion to himself. I along with so many others, love these trees and I’m waiting for the minute they are available! Beautiful post as always Tina, thank you for uplifting me and bringing such beauty into our lives!

Rebecca M on

What a fun post and thank you for the tip on the healthy veggie burger wrap. I am always trying to watch my waist line and always looking for new idea!s!

I cannot wait till those pagoda trees are available,, we will be holding a family Christmas party this year and I think this will be my centerpiece!

Your lemon table is beautiful I would love to re-create that one day myself

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