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Hi friends, here we are with part four of our big warehouse cleanup. Things are starting to tidy up around here but we still have a ways to go. The upside is finding all kinds of wonderful bargains to offer on our warehouse sale part 4! So many goodies today and all at rock bottom prices. As you might know,  these things go fast so either call or email your order in.

Please read over the rules prior to placing your order-

  • There are two ways to place an order, call or email- 1-800-804-9565 or email (office hours 9:30-5 EST Mon- Friday)
  • If emailing an order, we need your name, number, address and item number with quantity (color/design if applicable)
  • Please order by ITEM NUMBER, and include color or pattern if it applies
  • Limited numbers of all items shown so subject to availability
  • Only a paid invoice guarantees your order, all invoices sent must be paid within 12 hours
  • We do not hold items
  • Final sale, all items sold as is
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some items can be shipped internationally, please contact for a ship quote
  • This sale will end on Friday
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565



ITEM 1 These darling tulipere robes have been found after we searched high and low!  Adore this robe, made of a high quality soft cotton, with two generous sized pockets. 3/4 length ruffled sleeve with separate belt/sash. The size measures 4-14. Fun gift idea!

$45.00 each robe with sash

Have four of the topiary robes left, same cut


ITEM 2 Have found  some more reams left of some of our best selling papers. A fantastic opportunity to get a bargain on these reams of high quality wrapping paper. Reams sell for hundreds so these are a serious bargain. All such gorgeous papers and you will practically have a lifetime supply:) Some are reversible some are single sided. We have some reams from our everyday collection and from our holiday collection.

Reams measures 30″ x 204 feet

$85.00 single sided

$95 reversible

Specify style when ordering

Everyday papers-

pale blue chinoiserie, ivory/gold chinoiserie, pale green/gold chinoiserie or pink pups (reversible)

Holiday papers-

Staff dogs, green ornaments (reversible) , navy ornaments (reversible), red ornaments (reversible), red Christmas tree or green Christmas tree

ITEM 3 We found a few more of our dark green mossy chinoiserie panels. These are stunning beyond words. They are hand painted murals with a wood fretwork antique gold frame. Really striking, either alone or as a pair.

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″

$325.00 each (specify ginger jar or birdcage)

$615.00 for the pair

ITEM 4 Calling all silver polishers! We have a bunch of silver that we used for photography that has been out of the box for a while and all are in need of a good polish. A little elbow grease will get here shining up in no time. All are brand new, just need polish!

4A Set of four beautiful mint juleps $65.00 for all four

4B Christmas wreath mint juleps, have 2 large and 3 medium

$14 medium (2 available)

$22 large (2 available)

4C Beautiful flared etched planter with lion head rings, a good polish and it’s good as new!


4D Have a few of these pretty pierced square trinket trays. Measures 6″ square.


4E This darling oval etched planter is a beauty, unfortunately one handle broke off. We have the unleaded if you want to take on a litlte project.


ITEM 5 We have our last batch of small sconce shades. If these work for your color scheme, these are a bargain. Pleated fabric shades can be costly.

Red dot or yellow floral

Small measures 4.5″ X 5.5 $4.00 per shade

Large sconce shades measures 6″ x 5″  $6.00 per shade


Large sconce shade-

ITEM 6 We have a number of porcelains that either are missing a lid, might have a very small defect or this might be the last one or two. GREAT deal on these pieces!

6A One left of our spectacular pale green raised cherry blossom chunky ginger jar

Measures 18,5″


6B We have 3 left with no lids, great for cherry blossoms, branches and flowers!


6C Another jar with no lid. These could be perfect for blossoms, branches or evergreen during the holidays. Our large bird and floral flat top, measures 12″ tall


6D And another, one of our best selling jars. We have four with no lids, our fabulous chunky bird ginger jar.

Measures 17″


6E And our fabulous phoenix jar (2 aviallbe0 with no lid


6E We also have one of these gorgeous flat top lotus jars 10″ tall, no lid.


ITEM 7 Stunning mid size realistic 2 stem orchid in ivory/gold tole container, half of what it sold for. Super relativistic in a gorgeous chinoiserie tole planter in ivory/gold. Only one.

measures 17″ x 18″


ITEM 8 Last of these chinoiserie pieces. Only 1 or 2 of each. All brand new and out of box. Phenomenal  deal on these handpainted beauties.

8A This exquisite ivory/gold lantern is a beauty. Perfect for a small vestibule, foyer, powder room. Electrified and ready to hang

Measures $230.00

8B One left of this newer lamp. Love these colors of rich mossy green accented with gold in a current ikat partner. Base measures 18″



8C last few of this charming green/ivory lamp

Measure 17.5″


ITEM 8D Last one of this gorgeous rusty red/gold chinosierie octagonal lamp

Base measures 18″


ITEM 9 We got in some of our pagodas and unfortunately for us some were. not made correctly. So we are selling them as our seconds. They are brand new and in the box and great deals!

9A This pretty apricot with aqua is a gorgeous combo, the bells were made with apricot and white.

Large measures $45.00

Medium measures $35.00

9B This supposed to be pale pink but its a very light beige/blush pink. Very pretty but not the color we normally carry.

Large measures $45.00

Medium measures $35.00

ITEM 10 Found more of our best selling open ended shaped hurricanes. These are all hand etched and simply gorgeous! Three styles. Theyr might have a minor scratch or micro chip that you would have to look very hard for.

Measures 12.5″ tall $50.00 each


$90 for the pair

Swag and garland

Greek Key

Swag and garland

ITEM 11 LOVE these handpainted murals offered in four different chinoiserie scenes. We have 9 assorted panels left in the soft green, These are an exquisite and easy way to fill that wall you have been trying to figure out. All four are sensational, also gorgeous as a pair. These are a steal!

Measures 18″ x 15″

$90.00 each

Four $335.00


ITEM 12 Found one pale pink chinoiserie mural. Fabulous and ready to hang. Hand painted on wood with a wood fretwork frame in antique gold!

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″


ITEM 13 Darling 23″ tall lemon trees, with leaves, small lemons and small buds. Even has lifelike “soil” planted in a clay pot. Really charming.

$45.00 (5 available)

ITEM 14 Have some “seconds” of these fabulous brass footed hurricanes in Greek key. Very minor defects which you would have to look for.

$65.00 each

ITEM 15 We have a handful of these basketweave glass hurricanes in medium and large. These are not only gorgeous hurricanes but make the best floral vases too!

Medium measures 12″ x 6″ $55.00

Large 15″ x 6.5″ $75.00

ITEM 16 Have four left of these gorgeous 20″ x 20″ pale pink wicker box planters left. These are really stunning and perfect for a large tree, a palm or a big boxwood ball.

Measures 20″ x 20″


ITEM 17 Have a handful of these wonderful blue/green/white floral block print pleated shades. Measures 17″ across at the widest point approx 14″ tall

$60.00 each

ITEM 18 So these fabulous rattan wrapped drinking glasses are stunning. Offered in two sizes. We had a quality control issue with this vendor and decoded to not go through with them. So we have about 100 of each size. Here is the caveat- the rattan “sleeve” is supposed to come off.

And on many the sleeve does come off but not all. So these are being sold as is. They can easily be washed with the sleeve but you have to be careful in how you do it. I own them and have washed them many times. Just letting you know that some may have the removable rattan sleeve and other will not.

Set of 4 lowball $22.00

Set of 4 highball $25.00

specify cane or open weave

Open weave



And that’s a wrap for part 4 of our massive warehouse clean out. We will hold another next month, as we continue to sort through everything. As you might know, things move fast. Call or email your order in-



Thanks for stopping in.Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

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So many great pieces Tina, many of these items would make beautiful holiday gifts!

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