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Hello friends, hope this finds you doing well.  I am sure you have been wondering what was been happening with Palmetto Bluff.I have wanted to pen this post for quite some time, and started it a few times then never finished. A lot of you have written or left comments wondering what is going on with PB! So, this is long overdue.

So as most of you know, we sold our home last year. It was bittersweet to be sure but as much as I loved the house,  my husband didn’t like the fact that there was an explosion of building in our neighborhood and he wanted to be on a bigger property. As I have written about before,  at the start of Covid in March when our world was in such an uncertain place, we were in the right place at the right time and were able to buy a large piece of property from Palmetto Bluff.

It was not easy saying goodbye to this house as I really loved it. It had a vibe that I wish I could bottle up and carry with me. However I also recognized a special new opportunity so started looking ahead to creating a new “happy place” in Palmetto Bluff. We stumbled upon this large parcel of land,  quite by happenstance,  driving around one day.

We saw a raw piece of land right next door to the gorgeous equestrian center so it was a fantastic opportunity.  Palmetto Bluff owned it and had plans to build several home sites on it, however the explosion of Covid brought that plan to a screeching halt (at least at that time). As they say, the stars were aligned. We struck a deal and suddenly owned this big plot of land with unlimited possibilities!  We then put our home on the market a few months later and it sold fast.

Over the last several months we have spent a lot of effort, time and money developing a huge lake/pond/lagoon on the property while simultaneously working with our architect on a master plan and divining it into smaller “mini plans”.  It was a much bigger feat than you might imagine. We used the company that builds the lakes in Palmetto and they were masters at their craft. We could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish or a more beautiful result. Below is the raw land and then pictures as it progressed……

We just finished the lake (the lake is about 4 acres)  and it came out just incredible. The last time we were there, my husband and I grabbed two lawn chairs and had a little picnic right by the water (not too close in case alligators have found it which they probably have). In the meantime we have been working with our talented architects, Court Atkins on an overall scheme of what we hope to eventually build there. So you could say, a short term and a long term plan were put into place.

And here is the finished product….it came out incredible!

The first area of importance is putting up the first cottage. I knew what I wanted and they delivered. We have worked on this for the last few months and finally the plans have been approved! We are now working on getting bids which in and of itself it a huge challenge, given the stratospheric prices of building.

Once the cottage gets going we will work on the barn, then eventually the main house and down the road, 2 more smaller cottages (my  long time dream has been that I want have one for each of my sons and their future families) not to mention always having plenty of room for family and friends.

We have been fortunate to have rented a beautiful home very similar to ours for the last year. Its a wonderful home that unfortunate we haven’t been abler o spend enough time in. The family that owns it is from Australia and has not been able to get there, although they are thinking they may be able to in Dec. Which will be bittersweet, I am not ready to give it  up but certainly understand them wanting to get back there after not being to for 2 long years!

So today giving you a sneak peek at cottage #1 . This home is at the forefront of the short term plan, and will be our go to place as we develop the bigger plan this over time. We wanted a Hamptons classic shingle style with a few low country elements. We spent months working on this and I just love how it came out. It has an open space living area with 2 generously sized bedrooms and 3 baths. Plus a great balcony on the entire second floor overlooking the lake. Bluff Diaries is alive and well!’

And finally just a few reasons why going to PB is so therapeutic for me and why I often refer to it as my happy place….

Truly its like dialing back time, going back to simplier less complicated world

Where you see kids on bikes, and people wave


Is Duke lucky or what!

Our gorgeous rental above which we have so enjoyed, its a great refuge!


And there you have the Bluff Diaries updates. I probably won’t do another one for at least a month or so but next time I will start sharing ideas for what I want to do in the cottage. I have already started keeping an online file with my ideas and thought it will be fun to share it as the process moves along.

Will be sure to share as we progress on this fun journey. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time……

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K on

Enjoyed this post.

Peggy Wilkins on


Eileen on

Good for you…..moving forward and making those dreams come true.

Debbie smart on

You are blessed!!!

Robbin on

I have wondered so many times what was happening with the land you bought. Thanks for bringing us up to date. It is going to be gorgeous!!! What an amazing place, being able to have a house for each of your sons. That is awesome!! Can’t wait to watch another beautiful “Tina” creation come to life. You have an amazing eye for design and I know it will be spectacular!! Anxiously awaiting the next chapter . . . . . . Blessings from Missouri!

Kim on

I cannot thank you enough for the privilege of allowing us to come along, on your fabulous journey. To bring us inside and share your dreams & visions with us is beyond special. Thank you so much. ❤️

Kim on

I love this part of the country. It has such a wonderful energy: so gracious and friendly. Your lake is perfection and can’t wait to see the culmination of your plans for the rest of the property.

Lucy Main on

Much happiness with your latest adventure. I am sure it will

Lisa on

The new lake is gorgeous! Wow, how exciting that you’ve been able to begin your new adventure. I love reading the PB Diaries, looking forward to the next installment.

Jill on

We love the area too, and hope to retire there in the next couple of years. Any restaurants or shops you’d recommend? Thank you!

Robert Redmon on

Very nice. Will this be the permanent residence once the “Enchanted Home” sells? Love the construction / architecturally themed posts!

Megan Bobbitt on

Thanks so much for sharing!
So fun to see your dream come true!

Philip on


Mary Pickett on

You are amazing!

Fanny on

Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on such a lovely vision and dream come true. I’m looking forward to seeing more of all the beauty you will create. Enjoy.

Kathleen P Winter on

Thanks for the update! Really enjoyed the pictures and the narrative!

Deanna on

I’m so happy you found that lovely piece of land!! The lake looks wonderful, and it will be so fun to see the cottages and house being built. Palmetto Bluff looks like a great place to live. It’s on my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing this with us!!

Marguerite on

Looks gorgeous. However, if you truly want the cottages for your sons and their families, I’d add a few more bedrooms to the ones you think your sons will use. 2 is fine for a guest house but not for a family to stay more than 2 days. Better to change it when its on paper than when it is built.

Twila Shakespeare on

Where exactly is this located in the US?

Marilyn Stirrett on

This will be fun to watch!

Michelle Wilson on

Beautiful! I don’t know you, but I enjoy reading your stories, complete with photos. Thank you so much for your designs and those of others that you’ve shared with your fans. I’m from Florida but reside in Texas and I’ve passed your website around to many friends and strangers too. Many times you inspire me and make my day more joyful. Best of wishes to you and your family.

Terry P. on

I totally concur with Debbie Smart’s comment. YOU are BLESSED indeed !!

Amber Cooley on

Absolutely outstanding! You and your family are so fortunate. I look forward to the next update.

Franki Parde on

Never a dull moment!!! franki

Sherry on

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us…it will all be fabulous, I have no doubt! Yes, Duke is a lucky fellow! But, I am sure he rewards you with each visit!

Delia on

How exciting. I so look forward to following you as you create another stunning home x

Charlene H. on

Thank you for sharing your fabulous plans with us💙Incredible dreams to fruition!!!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, we are going there on October 17/18. Tried to stay at the Montage but they are sold out. So excited to see this place in person. Will hopefully get the tour and see if we like it. Your lake and proposed cottage is stunning. So excited fir you!

Katie Clooney on

Congrats, Tina!!! Another beauty in the works! Can’t wait to follow your progress. Have a great weekend!

Donna De on

This is wonderful!!! I love that you are creating something so creative and beautiful. It will coexist with nature in a positive way and not be another overbuilt scorched earth project with maximum number of houses per acre. Duke it’s one lucky horse, I wish they all were. My horse Josh was the love of my life.

Lisa on

Congratulations Tina , a dream come true. No doubt it will be stunning and magical . Enjoy your new journey .

June Bennett on

How lovely!! What an amazing experience for you. I live in Rosehill by the Polo field and my husband and I love the PB shooting club, Palmetto Bluff is such a beautiful place to enjoy

Karen on

Thank you for taking us along!

Ibis on

Ibis. 10/9/21 at 9:00 a.m.
What an exciting new adventure! I always enjoyed your PB home posts; it always took me to a lovely, tranquil place. But, this new path of being able to create this little family community for you, sons, and those close to you is absolutely a blessing to be able to accomplish. Looking forward to your sharing this journey with us.

Joan on

Oh my!! It is beautiful!! I am so happy for you!!

Farin Fabre on

Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Lorena on

Oh Tina what a wonderful project! Congratulations!
I wish you the best times ahead and happy holidays!

Irene Barquero on

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for everything you share about Palmetto Bluff.
We are from Costa Rica and we get to visit that beautiful place in 2019 (just my husband and I) and fell in love!!!
Then we get back early this year with our children but unfortunately, visits were prohibited due to Covid 😢
Palmetto Bluff and South Carolina became our dream ever since and all because of you 💗 so thank you so much and God bless you, your family and this amazing new project.

Nancy on

Sounds like it’s going to be wonderful! Looking forward to following along as your vision comes to fruition!

Jane Brown on

Nice to meet you virtually and hope soon as a neighbor!

Wendy Siewert on

Tina it’s going to be Beautiful. Teddy would approve♥️

Barbe on

Simply beautiful! So happy for you all!

Missi Smith on

Oh my!! I am so excited to follow your progress! What a dream!! Just curious … is there any way to relocate gators if they decide to take up residence in your lake? 🐊😬

Linda Owens on

Loved this post. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see future posts about this place.

Patti on

Stunning! I love the cottages, one for each son! 💗💗💗

BJ on

You also left us hanging about the greenhouse! What’s up with that?

DE on

I first started following your blog when you were decorating the PB house and I can’t wait to follow along with your new venture. Loved that you shared your selections, sources and thought process as you made design decisions! Best wishes in your new endeavor.

Linda Ewald on

As ALWAYS, I LOVE reading your Blog!!! I am thrilled to be on the beginning of this next journey! I knew if you were selling the last house, that I loved watching come together, there had to be a bigger project coming!!! I am thrilled to live thru your ideas and decorating!! Can’t wait to see it through!!!

Shirley Howell on

Thank you so much for sharing! So excited for you a d your family. Can’t wait to travel this journey with you🎃

Cate Tuten on

Everything is Lowcountry gorgeous! We have undeveloped property on Kiawah Island and I understand Kiawah just bought Palmetto Bluff. I love PB and we thought of maybe buying there, but we are from the Charleston area and wanted to be as close to the city as possible. Looking so forward to seeing all of your projects come to fruition!! Blessings as you design, wait, and build!

Charlotte on

Your lake is gorgeous and you will have many happy moments of enjoying it. I can not wait to see the plans for the first cottage. Will you be doing a Pinterest board that your followers can view?

Leah B on

Absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait until the next post!

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

So exciting…………everything is so lovely and well thought out……….the
lake looks great…………hopefully, flower and vegetable gardens will provide an abundance of things for your arranging, cooking, and entertaining activities…………maybe another horse companion and Goldie pups can be added, too………

Kate Warner on

I love what you are doing with the “PB family compound” and think the Hampton’s shingle style architecture is both beautiful and timeless. What a fabulous undertaking for you and your family! Hope your new pond doesn’t attract too many gaters. Being from Wisconsin, the thought of those critters … well let’s just say I’d rather share my waters with chlorine! Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously.

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