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Hi friends. Remember this fun series on creating a dream house? I never forgot about it but its been on the shelf for a few months. If you missed previous posts where I shared my ideas for a fun dream house on the living room, dining room, kitchen and bonus spaces, click here.  Today, we continue on with the master bedroom. A room I have very definite ideas about. I have always felt a master should feel like a refuge from the world. A calm, tranquil little oasis that will envelop you while you are there.

To me, that translates to light and airy I tend to like creams and shades of blues. Just my personal preference. As there is a lot that goes into such a personal space, I am actually dividing this into two posts. My next posts will delve further into wall tetrameters, window treatments and more accessories. Today is an overview. And here we go……



Starting with flooring I have always favored the coziness of wall to wall. I like a thin, dense Stanton type carpet and any of these beauties would make a beautiful starting point Especially in the colder months here in NY, nothing is as toasty as getting up and feeling your feet on soft warm carpet!

I love many style beds but really have my heart set on a beautifully upholstered bed. In fact I will soon be planning a master redo so am on the hunt for a perfect upholstered bed. My bed is very very important to me. Any of these would make me very happy! Next post will post more about beds (and mattresses)!

Then we have bedding, oh the fun part! A good mattress and fine bedding are two things I refuse to skimp on. You spend about 40% of your life in bed, don’t you deserve the best! Yes:)  I love a soft good high quality crisp cotton sheet. For bedding,  I tend to prefer and favor simple solids, often with a monogram. Anything in the creams and blues works for me just fine:)

How about nightstands, have to have those for sure. Lately, I am liking a clean more transitional feeling nightstand lately in a soft color. A similar vibe to what I had in PB. These are from Vanguard ( be forewarned if you order now, furniture is taking 8-10 months to received) its  C R A Z Y!

Accessories, perhaps the most fun part. These are just some of the many accessories I love for a master bedroom. You have to start with a beautiful pair of lamps and there are unlimited possibilities, here are a few favorites.

These below are some of my faves from my own line…..the one on left I have in my bedroom now and the ones on right in my living room!

Always love a beautiful, elegant bench for the end of a bed, not only does it look great, but its super practical too,  I have this very bench in my bedroom!

If room allows,  I do love to see a pair of chairs in a room, even if you can’t fit a chair maybe even a tufted ottoman which serves both as a table and a sitting spot.

These slipper chairs are in my room and I love them.

A pretty tufted ottoman can be a nice option too which requires less space

I love the idea of a pair of murals hanging in a master bedroom, these pale green and pale blue are among my favorites (super low in stock) but more coming late Nov. Click here to see them (we are down to a handful of 1 or 2 in a few colors)

To wallpaper or not? Many bedrooms look amazing with wallpaper, we have a high ceiling and a large tray which makes the idea of wallpaper very challenging. But I would do it in a heartbeat if that were not the case. So many beautiful options. Of course my choice would a soft blue and cream. I will include more wallpaper options on my next post as that is a subject I could speak about for days!

The little things…… you need small things like stacks of great coffee table books, small bud vases with flowers, a few ginger jars etc…to warm up the nooks and crannies while keeping everything “clean and streamlined’.  I like a few choice accessories without overdoing it.

Above used our medium mint juleps for my nightstand, I replenish with both fresh flowers and faux (when I cannot get to a florist)

Add a few books to your nightstand and add a little something on top, a piece of coral, a small vase with flowers, a favorite framed picture, no rules!

So here is a loose mood board with some of my ideas, I think the overriding theme is soft and tonal, soft crams and pale blues. Light, airy, lofty and cloud like. To me, it should be a space that you find yourself exhaling in right when you walk in….a place that envelops you with a feel good, calm vibe. A true refuge, we all need one especially with our crazy world. I know this is exactly how I feel when I walk into my own room and I actually anticipate retreating to it at the end of every day!

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And that is a wrap friends. Hope you enjoyed the post. What would your dream master look like? Colors? Vibe/feeling? Love to hear as it’s fun to get every else’s interpenetration of what a dream master bedroom would look like. Next time we will delve into more wall applications, bedding and wallpaper ,which will be part 2 of the master bedroom. Click here if you missed past posts on this virtual dream house.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day and a smooth end to your week! Until next time…….



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Franki Parde on


Kimberly on

Would love to know the manufacturer of your beautiful bedroom bench. Thank you!

Joan on

I am redoing our Master bedroom as well. I’m a sucker for painted furniture with faux bamboo trim and (for me) bedside tables have to be large enough to hold more than just a lamp. Instead of a pair of chairs and an ottoman in our bedroom, I’m having my living room sofa reupholstered or slipcovered to place in front of a large window, with room for an ottoman or bench to place in front of it. Have an antique brick fireplace in the bedroom and there’s nothing better than stretching out on a sofa reading a good book with even a small fire lit.

Jane on

Much beauty here! It appears there has been thought about the term “master” bedroom, and more and more I have heard “primary” bedroom. Makes sense.

suzanne on

Tina, I love all of your ideas. You could design a room for me any day!! you gave me some really good ideas for when we move into our new home hopefully in the spring! thank you for all of your beautiful posts! I received my porcelain order two days ago and love everything💙

Kate Warner on

Tina – Love the French bench…who makes that piece? Always love your ideas!

Allyson on

Tina, absolutely love the bedding and linens! Please share the source so I can purchase.

Helen on

It’s like your post was exactly what I’m going through right now! I have been on the hunt for a beautiful upholstered custom bed, preferably with a headboard & footboard. I would sincerely appreciate your sources for the beds & the carpets! I so agree with carpet in the bedroom & would love to find these! They are stunning!!!

Kyle on

I really love the crystal base lamp. Details please!?

Donna De on

IMO, nightstands should have a pull-out tray. Brava that you have chosen one that has!!! I have been looking for a light wood nightstand with a pull-out tray. I look forward to viewing the Vanguard site. I’ve been hoping you would do a carpet review. I’ve been looking for carpet for months and can’t seem to find anything appealing to me. It’s all so over the top modern which will not go with my transitional scheme. I don’t want sparkling disco like carpet in my master bedroom or boring cut pile. Getting samples from the manufacturers has been a challenge.

Cathi Rafalski on

Tina, who is the manufacturer of the last bed you pictured? I love it! Thank you, in advance!

susan on

I love all the above for the bedroom! Could you please list the manufacturer of each?I am redoing our master bedroom and all of this would be perfect! I love your style!

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