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Hello! Well we are excited to present our very first ornament sale. A day many of you have been asking about for a while! Sit down for this one, there is a lot to take in.

f you are looking to deck out your tree with the most beautiful ornaments, then look no further! Our ornaments have arrived and will start shipping out within the week so this is a great time to secure your order. It has been as most of you know, a very challenging year with the supply chain.

We ended up having to cancel part of our order as they could not guarantee for it to arrive here by early Dec I was really upset but licked my wounds and carried on. Thankful we were able to get most of our order shipped out, and they arrived a few days ago, much to our great relief!  It paid to start much much earlier this year:)

We are selling these by the box of four (unless specified differently). Please read over the rules prior to placing your order. We also are holding an ornament giveaway (details on bottom)

PLEASE BE SURE TO ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER ONLY (AND SPECIFY COLOR) Please refer to sample order at bottom of post of what an emailed order should look like


  • There are TWO ways to order- call 800-804-9565 or email
  • Office hours are Mon- Friday (9:30 – 5 EST)
  • If emailing- you must include your name, address and phone number along with order list using only item numbers (and color if applicable) we will then send you an invoice which is payable online
  • All invoices due within 12 hours
  • Our ornaments are glass
  • Final sale
  • Most ornaments shown have just arrived (just some which are indicated will be here around Nov 18th)
  • All orders will start shipping within the week
  • This sale is on for 3 days only then all ornaments will go online at their regular selling prices
  • All of our ornaments come in their own signature white Enchanted Home logo box
  • Spend $300 or more and get 10% off
  • International shipping is available, please contact fro a ship quote
  • Wholesaler? Please register here or contact
  • Questions? Give us a call 800-804-9565

A few trees from Christmas’s past……more is more!

Most of our ornaments normally sell for $14 each, but today they are being sold by the box at an exceptional discount plus there are a few incentives. Ready to go, everything in stock and ready to be hung!

First a few rules before we start (please read over especially if you are new to these sales)-

  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER TO GET THIS PRICING– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion) ITEM NUMBERS ARE IN FRONT OF DESCRIPTION
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all now in stock ready to ship right away!
  • All ornaments on this sale are sold by the box only
  • Final sale
  • This sale will Friday, Oct. 29th
  • Shipping is extra
  • Spend $300 or more and get a free box of ornaments
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • International? Please email or call us with what you want to order and our address so we can get you a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at or give us a call to get your order in
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565 (Monday- Friday 9:30-5:30)

PLEASE NOTE- All ornaments are sold by the box. One style per box, special pricing is box pricing only. If you want to purchase them individually please visit shop site by clicking here.

A lot to unpack here so take a seat and welcome to Christmas! All ornaments come in their own white signature Enchanted Home gift box


ITEM 1 Gorgeous 5″ cherry blossom ginger jar, one of my favorites!

$38.00 for box of 4

ITEM 2 New style trellis ginger jar with a “panel” design on each side

$38.00 for box of 4

ITEM 3 Our classic Pheasant flat top

$36.00 for box of 4

ITEM 4 Assorted 5″ and 4″ balls and , mix and match to your hearts content, these are fabulous as an assortment! You CAN mix and match these per box.

4A All over floral 4″ ball (design on all sides)

$36.00 for box of four




ITEM 4B Double happiness (on both sides) 5″ ball

$36.00 box of 4

4C 5″ Dragon ball, featured on both sides

$36.o0 for box of four

ITEM 4D 5″ Pagoda (design on all sides)

$36.00 box of 4

ITEM 5 Our wonderful 4″ small dragon ginger jar

$32.00 box of 4

ITEM 6 Large flat top all over floral jar measures 5″, this is a great statement ornament

$38.00 box of 4

ITEM 7  Love this elegant hexagonal all over floral  ginger jar 6″

$38.00 box of 4

ITEM 8 This is a new design and we do not have the professional shots back, it is a beautiful floral/cherry blossom 5.5″ jar. Offered in round OR hexagon shaped (please specify when ordering)

$36.00 box of 4



9 Chic pagoda in solid navy measure 5″ tall

$32.00 box of 4



ITEM 10  gorgeous nutcrackers! Offered in both red/green and blue/green with two different styles. 5.75″ tall

You CAN mix and match the nutcrackers

10A. Blue green with dots on hat

$36.00 box of 4

10B Blue/green with striped hat

$36.00 box of 4

10C Red/green with dogs

$36.00 box of 4

10D Red/green with striped hat

$36.00 box of 4

ITEM 11  Our best selling Staffordshire dog ornaments are back in all the colors!  Measures 5″ tall.

Choose from ivory/gold, black/white, blue/white, red/white, green/white and pink/white

$38.00 box of 4

(specify colorway, you CAN mix and match colors in each box)





Green and white

 NEW blue and white style with dots

NEW pink/white dog

ITEM 12 Foo dog love this classic ornament 4″ just darling! A must have for any Christmas tree, a customer favorite for sure.

Box of 4 $36.00


ITEM 13 Our topiary collection which was introduced last year was an instant hit.  Our fabulous double topiary with blue bow is coming back. We sold out of this really fast, such a stunner, perfect ornaments for the garden enthusiast! 5″ tall

13A $38.00 box of 4

Specify blue, green or red



ITEM 13B Our single oversized boxwood ball is one good looking ornament!

$34.00 box of 4

13C Our chunky double topiary offered in three colors!

$36.00 box of 4

ITEM 14 Some of our fabulous gold/white ornaments are back plus a few new styles!

14A This amazing 6″ tall gold/white ginger jar is a beauty

Box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 14B Mini dragon jar gold/white

Box of 4 $32.00

ITEM 14C New trellis jar, stands 5″ tall, gorgeous! Do not have the professional picture back yet

Box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 14D Now the pagoda comes in gold/white! Do not have the professional picture back yet.

Box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 14E Various style large 5″ gold bails

Box of 4 $34.00 (you CAN mix styles in each box)

 Specify- Dragon, pheasant or double happiness

ITEM 14F Fabulous large 5″ flat top all over floral gold/white ornament

Box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 15. Solid pearlized balls These are really fabulous, and make quite a statement. 5″ round they are a perfect “filler’ to use alongside all the ornaments (see my Christmas tree picture from below where I used an abundance of the pale blue balls. Specify color when ordering

Sold only as a box of 4 $30.00 

specify pale blue, red, copper. dark green (CANNOT mix and match)

Pale blue/silver


Copper (very limited)

gorgeous rich mossy green (do not have professional pictures) this looks amazing with blue and white! (very limited)

ITEM 16 NEW! Love these new chunky hexagon blue/white jars…so fabulous! Measures 6″ tall (don’t have professional shots back yet)

Box of 4 $40.00



ITEM 17 NEW!  So these balls are gorgeous and are coming in on a separate shipment. These will be here by around Nov.18th. Large balls are the perfect paring to ginger jar and dog ornaments and these are so fabulous!

ITEM 16A Gorgeous leafy bead on this ivory pearl ball

4″ balls box of 4 $35.00

ITEM 18 Solid pearlized ivory ball

4″ box of 4 $32.00

5″ box of 4 $35.00

ITEM 19 Plaid pearl blue ball

4″ balls box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 20 Soft blue pearlized ball

5″ box of 4 $35.00

ITEM 21 Vertical leaf navy ball

4″ balls box of 4 $35.00

ITEM 22 Our incredible 6″ tulipiere ornaments are coming back! These were an instant best seller and with good reasons, they are so beautiful.

Box of 4 $42.00

6″ tall

specify red or blue (You CAN mix and match )

ITEM 23  Our now iconic gift toppers that double as a small 3″ ornament ! These are the cutest thing, and such a beautiful way to finish off any gift…truly the crowning touch!

Sold in a box of 4 $30.00 You CANNOT mix and match

blue/white dog, black/white dog, ivory/gold dog, red/white dog, pink/white dog, ginger jar and blue/white pagoda



ITEM 24  Finally speaking of the holidays…….our 2022 desktop calendars (done in collaboration with Giddy Paperie) are here and the prettiest yet. Beyond charming, each and every month is so beautifully illustrated and will grace any desk. Perfect hostess and stocking stuffer idea!

Calendar $18.00 with any ornament purchase ($20 without ornament purchase)

Calendar with brass easel $60.00 with any ornament purchase ($70 without ornament purchase)


A sample order (if emailing your order in) should look like this-



One lucky winner will win a box of asorted ornaments. Simply leave a comment telling us your favorite ornament and why you look forward to the holidays. Will announce a winner on Sunday!

If this doesn’t get you in the holiday mood, not sure what will. I don’t know about you but I am ready to decorate a tree and when you consider Nov is only a week or so away, it doesn’t sound so preposterous!

I am excited about ushering in the holidays even if it means not having our annual party, I just love filling my home with holiday prettiness and festive decor. Just puts a little pep in my step. Wishing you a great day, until next time…..

Place your order by calling or emailing


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Cheri P on

Love the new blue plaid. Changing my decorations this year to soft blues, they would be perfect.

Fran W. on

Love the topiary ornaments. During the holidays, I most look forward to slowing down and spending quality time with family and friends. And eating, of course! 😊

Marge on

I love all the ornaments that are blue and white , but especially new hexagon ginger jars. Christmas is always a favorite holiday. It was delayed last year due to covid, so hoping for a ” normal” holiday celebration!

Jaydee Atkins Ager on

My favorite ornaments are any of the topiary offerings. Love, love, love. The Holidays are anticipated with joy for us!

Jane on

I love the topiary ornaments! I bought some last year. I also love the the new balls with raised designs! I look forward to the holidays because it has been a really awful year for us.

Tim F. on

Love both the dragon and the tulipiere ornaments. So unique and fun!

Sherry B on

Classic pheasant flat top jar!

Heather Black on

Hello Tina, I love all of your blue and white ornaments, it is really hard to decide which one I like the most! I love Christmas most of all, our home looks like a Christmas store when I am finished with all the decorating! So I am going with your Hexagonal all around floral ginger jar! I love blue and white and have a tree that I decorate in blue and white, it is beautiful!! You have the best ornaments, I have already purchased a few! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

Brenda on

Oh my Thea are all beautiful but my favorite is the pagodas. And the gift toppers. Plan to order both

Janet Masterson on

I will be incorporating the gold and white jars, leafy bead, pearl blue and blue plaid ball ornaments to the tree this year to compliment the blue and white jars, and wicker pagodas I purchased last year . Let the decorating begin!!

Therese Jones on

The ginger jar and topiary ornaments are fabulous. My family and I will attend Midnight Mass which is our favorite Christmas tradition.

Deborah M Hunt on

How can you choose? They are ALL fabulous!! Since I love gardening i would say the topiary collections. Christmas…the most wonderful time of year- family, food, treasured memories, Christmas music and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Beth on

I love them all SO much! But my dream might be to use the 4A All over floral 4″ ball (design on all sides) as the ball all over my tree! Fingers crossed 😉

Jennifer S on

I have topped many gifts with your ornaments! They are the best and beloved by all recipients!

Sinead Cummins on

They are all beautiful ornaments. I love the vertical leaf in Navy and the ginger jars in blue and white the best!

Kayln on

The nutcracker ornament is my favorite! It leaves visions of sugar plums in my head

Lynne on

Hard to pick just one. I like the little nutcracker ornaments and also love the beaded pearlized ivory balls.
I love Christmas and look forward to being together with kids and grandkids.
I also love the decorating for Christmas it brings warmth and love to homes.

Anita Morgan on

An ornament fantasy💙 so it’s difficult to choose a favorite. The pagoda and dragon ornaments caught my attention possibly because of new book with that title. I love Christmas for the magic and the memories. ❤️💚

Linda C on

I love the two ball topiary and the adorable dogs

Teena Tucker on

Just to peruse these gorgeous ornaments puts a pep in my step towards Christmas!

Susan K on

My favorite is the foo dog ornament! I leave mine out year-round on display in my China cabinet as I could not bear to put them away.

Kellie on

I love the black and white staffordshire dogs! Looking forward to surprising my niece and nephew!

Deb R on

I love the topiary ornaments! I’m slowly but surely becoming a home with blue & white! Christmas make Every home look magical when decorated for the holidays. I put mine up early and take it down late!

Peggy Wilkins on

I especially love the gold and white ginger jar, it just exudes elegance. They would be so lovely on a Christmas tree. I’m especially looking forward to Christmas this year with our 2 year old grandson who is just beginning to understand love of family and having fun opening “boxes”!

Linda Rubin on

Hi Tina. I hope you are enjoying Fall. I know I am. I love the Ivory pearlized bulbs. They are so elegant and will go with anything. I am looking forward to Christmas so I can be with my children and grandchildren. Those are precious times for me.

Mickey H on

Love the cherry blossom ginger jar design. My favorite part of the holidays is having my children back in the nest.

Sandy W on

There are certainly lots to love in this collection, but I really like the new blue plaid ornaments. I’m looking forward to Christmas this year and hoping things are a little bit more normal than they were last year. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.

Eve Melia on

I love all the Staffordshire dog ornaments!
Soooo adorable 😊

Ann on

I love the tulipiere ornament because it is so unusual, and I absolutely adore the dog gift toppers. I look forward to the holidays because I enjoy decorating for Christmas and the special feeling of love and acknowledging the true meaning of Christmas.

Eve on

The new ornaments are beautiful. I have purchased ornaments in the past and give them out as stocking stuffers. Makes quite a hit. Looking forward to Christmas even though, with COVID still in the picture, it will be a small gathering.

Marsha Natkins on

I love the dragons. Perfect little gifts for my Mah Jongg friends.

Megan on

I would love to add some of your gold and white ornaments in with the blue I already own. And just seeing three generations together at Christmas is the best gift!

Karen on

Ornament 16 A —so elegant ( all the ornaments are wonderful) however this one is unusual and subtle—a quiet reminder of the fact that the holidays are for kindness and joy—nothing shouting too loudly —just a soft and deeply felt thankfulness that we managed the year.

M C on

I love how the Staffordshire Dogs in classic black and white set off all of the blue and white ornaments. Our tree is beautiful every year!

Barb on

Love your ornaments! They have been a great addition to my tree. I don’t see these on any of my friends’ trees . Some have asked and will be ordering this year.

Going to add some of those green balls this year and more topiaries.

Susan M. on

I love the solid pearlized balls – so magical and elegant on the tree. Excited for the holidays!

Victoria on

I love your ornaments, they are the prettiest and I bought many of them last year. This year I will definitely be adding the dogs, the tulipieres and the new hexagon jar to my collection!
My favorite holiday memory is Christmas Eve when we gather as an entire family and have a beautiful formal dinner and let all the little kids open up a gift… It’s magic!

Teresa Bishop on

I have looked forward to ordering these beautiful unique ornaments! Cannot wait to decorate my tree and enjoy the season!

Bobbi H. on

A small tree with the tulipiere and dragon ornaments would be stunning in our powder room!

AFN on

Leafy bead on pearl ball would display beautifully. Like the blue plaid too. My wish for Christmas is that the
love, joy and kindness that surrounds this blessed time of year would continue throughout 2022.

Maria Clifford on

I love the hexagon ginger jars! I would love these in a smaller size or as a topper also! I look forward to decorating early this year before heading to Hawaii and then back home for Christmas Day.

Karen F. on

Love your new ornament #16A ~ the delicate beading in pearl is a winner! Looking forward to celebrating this Christmas with family and friends and cooking up a storm!

Nuria on

Like everything else on your site: it’s impossible to have a favourite anything! but if you make me choose, probably the tulipier ornaments, so cute! Like anything else, I look forward to the holidays to cook, drink vino and spend time with the ones I love. 🙂
Happy Holidays!

Chris P on

The vertical leaf navy balls are stunning! I love the mix of these with the ginger jar ornaments…lovely!!

Jane Horn on

I think my favorites are items 14. They are so elegant. Christmas is the most joyous, busiest, happiest time of the year. I love to decorate the entire house!!!!

Maureen Winchell on

Seriously….you want “a” favorite? Is all the above an option?

Karen C on

Love the staffies and the nutcrackers!
Can’t wait for a normal Christmas this year hopefully!

Patricia Freeman on

Love all of your posts! Just received my FLOWER magazine amd what a fabulous cover photograph of your living room. A wonderful article showing your love of blue and white…. a feast for the eyes…..oh, making my ornament list NOW!

Mary Anne on

I always have loved the little Staffordshire Dogs! One little grandson said his first word …PUPPY …when he saw them in my mantel display ! He’s almost 4 years old now and now he loves the Medium Size Puppies that are on the mantel all the time!! Blue and White Staffordshire !!

Lois Munn on

Be still my beating heart! What beautiful ornaments! If only I could do an entire tree in 16A😊

Stephanie O. on

I love the foo dog ornaments. Every year when I unpack them, I get so excited! I always look forward to warm cozy at nights at home with my family during the holidays with our tree lit up.

renee cordell on

I love the dragon ornament, Just makes me smile,

Jo Shafer on

I love the rich tapestry of English and Southern traditions with pungent aromas of pine and citrus, and embellishing wrapped presents with bits of greenery and a tiny ornament tied with velvet ribbons. Your new Plaid pearl blue balls would be an interesting addition to my growing collection.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Omg so pretty! Do I need to do another EH tree. Would love the topiary collection for that one.

Jana W Rinehart on

I love all of the blue and white ornaments. The double topiary in the blue and white pot , with blue bow is my favorite!

Alissa S. on

I love the blue and white ginger jars, especially the hexagonal ones. The pagodas and tulipieres are beautiful too! I am looking forward to spending time with family that lives far away. I can’t wait to see them!!!

Barbara Morris on

Item 16a -JUST LOVE THESE. I can just see these shimmering on a beautiful all crystal tree.

Mary Joy W on

My favorite ornaments are the Staffordshire dogs, both sizes, all the colors. They are the cutest, plus I love dogs!!

Mary Smith on

Love the foo dog ornaments. Blue and white for the main bedroom tree!

Marilyn on

The blue plaids are lovely. I like anything in plaid.

Lisa Holland on

I want sleep tonight trying to decide which ones to order , I love them all . Can’t wait to have some on my tree this year . And what a wonderful deal this is , I was just talking to a friend about when the ornaments would be available to purchase 👏🏻👏🏻Thank you Tina

Elaine McCarty on

Always so pretty are the dogs! Just love them♥️

Marcie on

My favorite is new hexagon jar shaped ornament. I really enjoy adding new blue and white jar ornaments to my collection every year. Never stop making these! It has become part of my holiday traditions. 🙂

Anne Marie O’Connor on

It’s going to be an extra special Christmas this year. We are going to be First time Grand parents. Love the beautiful “Blue Plaid/Pearl Blue Christmas Ornament”. By the way, how about an ornament that says “Baby’s First Christmas”.

Ashley on

The vertical leaf navy ball is a stunner!! I can’t wait for the holidays because I will have a full house of family, with plenty of food and drinks to enjoy!!

Jackie M on

I just started collecting blue and white pieces. These ornaments are beautiful! My favorite is no. 22, blue and white 6” tulipieres.

Liz Soileau on

My favorite is hard to pick, I love them all. I will order several items but am most excited about #5. The holidays mean family time and I love to have everything perfect for their arrival. These ornaments are going to be just the touch. Thank you!

Judy Chang on

I love your chinoiserie style. The holiday season is the time to celebrate family and love, so I’m always looking forward to decorate the tree for our loved ones to gather and be merry!

Jenni Toebben on

I am thrilled to see the Staffordshire dogs every year!

Sally on

Love the pheasants and dog ornaments. I look forward to Christmas Eve because about 130 of my mother’s family have been getting together now for 70 some years. Last year was the first year we did not get together because of Covid. Hopefully we will be able to this year.

Beth Cyr on

My favorite ornament is the Foo Dog. I’m looking forward to the holiday this year as it will be the first time in two years due to covid-19, that my whole family will be together! My parents and siblings all live in different states and due to covid-19 we have not seen each other since 2019. I am beyond excited for the simple things that many take for granted- to be able to hug each of my family members and have a beautiful dinner togther!

Margaret N. on

Last year was my first full Chinoiserie tree – it was so beautiful I will keep adding to it. Your tree photos are my inspiration.

Mims Susan on

I’m changing up this year and doing a blue and white tree with red accents. Love your white ball with the navy leaves!

Nancy on

It is impossible to choose!! They are all so beautiful – but my favorite has to be the foo dog – love love love all the blue and white!!!

Judith E Orazi on

I am thrilled I was able to order several of your lovely ornaments yesterday. I thought I’d begin my collection this year but couldn’t decide so I splurged. Every year my husband asks what I want for Christmas and my response is always something that will make our house beautiful for Christmas. He loves Christmas as much as I do! Thank you for your beautiful ornaments!

Meredith B on

I’m optimistic that we’ll get to have a “normal” Christmas this year and what better way to celebrate than with some of your gorgeous ornaments! I love the new additions, particularly the blue plaid and the vertical leaf navy. I’m also looking forward to mixing in some of the gold ornaments to glam up my tree. Yay Christmas!

B. Woodring on

In love with the Foo dogs. I am looking forward to decorating & cooking. We are in the middle of a remodel & so tired of eating out. Also haven’t been able to decorate anything for 6 months. Probably won’t be ready for Thanksgiving. Very hopeful for Christmas!

Kelly on

Thank you for your wonderful service and beautiful ornaments. I can’t wait to add to my chinoiserie tree! Also decorating a tree to be auctioned off at our local, non-profit Hospice Festival of Trees – having fun putting it all together,

Denise Collins on

The topiaries & gift toppers are adorable! I love the festivities of the the season shared with family & friends.

Kelly on

My favorite ornaments are the mini spaniels!! Love all dogs and these are classic!!! I am looking forward to the holidays this year because we will finally be seeing beloved extended family again!!!

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