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Hello, happy Sunday and Happy Halloween to you! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Well this was not quite the week/weekend I had in mind. I took the shingles shot earlier in the week and was actually sick for about 3 days with a light fever, body aches and a horrible headache. Not fun but better than Shingles:)

Then as I was just getting over that, I took a bad fall racing to get the phone, not seeing a cord and tripped hard on both knees. So I have been pretty much in bed elevating and icing for the last 3 days. We were unable to attend a Halloween party (my Gatsby getup will await the next Halloween party invite) or dinner plans with friends. Boring weekend to say the least, on the bright side, I did get to watch loads of documentaries and movies!

I will be recommending some next week……feel like a film critic at this point:) Finally feeling a bit better and hope to get out today for a little fresh air. Hope you are having a fun, enjoyable weekend. And for those lucky ones who get to partake in the Halloween festivities, enjoy and be safe. I actually amiss those days! Onward to this Sunday’s post…..


1 MY HOUSE MADE THE COVER!!! This was a pinch me moment to see our living room make the December issue of the glorious Flower Magazine! What an absolute thrill to see my living room on the cover of one of my most favorite magazines. I love the feature they did and they were such a pleasure to work with.

Be sure to get your copy, as  it is fabulous from front cover to back. And Carolyne and I had our first ad for our gorgeous Lily of the Valley in this magazine too. So it was double the excitement:)

If you don’t subscribe you should its like getting a present every month! I have my little ritual of when it arrives, I sit down with a cup of coffee, put my phone away and give myself 15-20 minutes to immerse myself into their wonderful and beautiful world.  Click here to subscribe.

Here’s a sneak peek-


2 A FEW NEW THINGS ON THE  HORIZON Some new things heading this way. Have had these wood brackets on my mind for well over a year and  always loved french wire baskets, so made it happen! I  just adore these and both will be here in Dec.

Our brackets are now out of production, so excited about these beauties!! These are solid wood and beautiful quality, offering them in  3 sizes and 3 colors! Stat tuned, cannot wait! These will be available via a presale in approx 2 weeks.

ADORE them and already have several spots for them (they are solid wood)

New chinoiserie framed art in 16 x 16 murals, which will be one of four scenes. How fabulous are these!

Super excited over these. I have always loved French wire baskets for all kinds of planters and flowers. Was looking for some, found a few at 1st Dibs but they were crazy expediences so I designed and put these into production!

They will be here early Dec! Very excited over these! I can see topiaries, boxwoods, holiday florals and imagine a big bouquet of spring flowers! I am seeing them filled with. moss and placing amaryllis and paperwhites in them for the holidays!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST You can feel the holiday buzz slowly making it’s way,  and I am loving every moment of it! This is mostly about fall with a little holiday and a few pretty interior instagrams thrown in for good measure:)

4 AN AMAZING SHORT VIDEO ON THE PRETTIEST CHRISTMAS TOWNS Call me a sap but show me a great Hallmark movie around Christmas nad a small quaint idyllic Vermont town and I am hooked, line and sinker.

So I loved this short video of some of the most charming Christmas towns. I could watch this over and over! We actually were in Vienna many years ago right after Christmas and it was like something out of a storybook. I have many Christmas towns on my list to check off!


5 MY INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER’S PICTURES I love getting your pictures featuring our products. Nothing makes me happier (0r prouder). The ultimate validation for why I love what I do and  to keep on creating:)

6 A BEAUTIFUL HAMPTONS WEDDING You know I love to ogle beautiful weddings. I so enjoy taking in each and every detail. Though this is a really fabulous wedding, there is something about it that feels a little old fashioned which of course I love. And that blue and white floral display is the icing on an already very sweet cake. I went down a rabbit hole looking at all the events from talented Joseph altzarra who owns Fetè. Click here to see more of his spectacular events.

love the brides dress but must say the gal behind her presumably her maid of honor is giving her stiff competition in the dress dept:)


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY When do you typically start preparing for the holiday/Christmas? I know many early birds start planning as early as Sept/October. i used to be late as in just starting to put things out in Dec. The last few years I have started earlier and earlier, of course being in the home accessories biz changed that:)

Seeing Christmas decor not only makes me happy but puts me in a good mood so I think I will start even earlier. I will very likely have my free up well before Thanksgiving. And I may just live life on the edge, and have more than one tree this year! We will not hold our party but may have a small holiday dinner of some sort. Curious where you stand on your holiday decorating?



Our spooky savings ends tonight…..treats are not just for kids! Use code boo

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We also announced yesterday that we are now taking your entries for our Fall Love 2021 contest!! You can send 1-2 fall related pictures to [email protected]. If you want to read all about it click here

Thank you for stopping by. Always love hearing from my amazing readers and wishing each and every one of you a fantastic day and a safe happy Halloween. Until next time……

Cutest ruferee of them all!

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Those wedding pictures …Wow… beautiful.. That Maid of Honor dress was gorgeous… Loved it.. Thank you for sharing..

The phone cords…they’ve tripped me up one than once myself. I really do hope you’ll feel better soon.

Christmas decorating: after Thanksgiving. Christmas prep: year-round. I’m making needlepoint gifts this year and needed to start weeks ago.

Hope you mend quickly!

I just ordered my
FLOWER House and Garden subscription. So excited as I enjoy holding an actual magazine while I have quiet time. Peaceful but still exciting!
Thank you Tina for sharing!
Can’t wait for your beautiful dishes to arrive at my front door!

of course your house made the cover – your house is absolutely beautiful!!! and yes, I am jealous! You deserve the cover status. Your house and products are just my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

So sorry to read of your past week! I hope your knees are much better soon. I have never heard of such a bad reaction to the shingles shot. Was it your first or second?
That wedding was incredible. Love love a all white flower wedding.
I start thinking of how I’ll decorate for the next Christmas the minute the last is over. I love decorating for Christmas. But I don’t put out decor of any kind until the day after Thanksgiving. Like to pay tribute to all holidays on their own.
Crazy about French wire! Hoping you can do some double and triple tiered ones. Black and white please! 🥰

About Christmas decor prep, I always start with making the Advent wreath for the first Sunday of Advent; usually that Sunday arrives on the heels of Thanksgiving and makes me feel rushed but leaves a rather leisurely process toward the countdown in late December. Next come outdoor decor, following a Colonial Williamsburg ambiance, then the interior. . . . .

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