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Hello! Well,  with the whisper of the holidays getting louder every day,  comes our annual Vagabond House event! So many good gift ideas and yes, that includes to yourself!!  Vagabond House makes some of the most gorgeous, beautifully handcrafted tabletop/serving items on the planet. True heirloom quality. I am lucky to own many and so enjoy using them year after year, carefully handcrafted in pewter and fine woods, there simply is no equal.

Due to the supply chain and shipping crisis, this will be our only Vagabond House event this year. Normally we do one in Nov and one in Dec.


The kinds of things you look forward to bringing out every season.  Every year I treat myself to a few new pieces and have acquired quite a beautiful and must cherished Vagabond collection. The solid woods and pewter detailing is incredible and incomparable.

Everything shown is discounted significantly and this is a great chance to add to your home accessory collection as well as possibly get a very special something for that special someone for the holidays. I have a few people in mind to gift these stunning pieces to……..these are sure to wow. They each come in an elegant Vagabond House gift box. Just a few “rules” before we begin-

  • Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (office hours 9:30-5 EST)
  • You can only email or call your order in as these are not online
  • Everything comes in a beautiful Vagabond House gift box
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • This sale is on for 3 days only. No extensions. Sorry!
  • This will be our only Vagabond Event for the holidays (due to the shipping crisis)
  • Everything is in stock and ready to ship unless noted
  • Subject to availability, limited quantities for each item
  • Please do not submit an order request via email if you cannot pay within 12 hours
  • Shipping in the U.S. only
  • Any order over $600 gets free shipping
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565


ITEM 1 A  new item to the line, these stylish cutlery boxes are gorgeous.! Made of acacia wood and lead free pewter, great holiday item!

1A Have your utensils organized and handy while adding an elegant touch to any room with this beautiful holder. Made from gorgeous acacia wood and high quality solid, lead-free pewter this piece combines beauty and long lasting materials for versatile uses everywhere around your home. Great gift idea!

Size: 8″ L x 7″ W x 4.75″ T
Care: Hand wash and air dry after use and once a year treat wood with food safe oil


1B A brand new item to the line, this fabulous deer cutlery box is gorgeous.! Made of acacia wood and lead free pewter, great holiday item! Great gift idea.

Size: 13″ L x 8″ W x 7″ T


ITEM 2 Incredible stoneware Harvest 3 piece tureen set, with pumpkins, corn, and a small owl pewter detailing. Cannot imagine a prettier tureen, what a pretty statement for your holiday table.

Size: 9″W x 13″L x 11″H
Care: Stoneware with Pewter knob hand wash recommended – base is dishwasher safe

$23o.00 (three pieces)

ITEM 3 Nut bowls anyone? Everyone needs one especially when families gather for the holidays to watch those games and for marathon movie nights. These two charming nut bowls are as pretty as they come…. very popular holiday gift items. Who wouldn’t love these! Perfect hostess gift too.

3A Their classic, have a few of these.

8.5″ L x 7″ W x 5″ T


3B Whimsical squirrel head and tail out of pewter whimsically displayed on this crystal clear bowl.

6″ x 5.5″



ITEM 4 Two fabulous three piece tureens in two different styles. Incredible pear and antler stoneware tureen. These elegant three piece sets will serve your favorite soups or stews year round with the season-less pewter pear detailing. Acorn screams autumn elegance. The antler just exudes elegant fall and winter entertaining!

Size: 9″W x 13″L x 11″H
Care: Hand wash recommended and dry with a soft cloth


Specify acorn, pear or antler  three pieces)




ITEM 5  I know many who would love to receive  this for Christmas! Perfect for the boater/sailor in your life….a boat salad bowl, genius!!Row, row, your boat down a river of romaine when you serve salad in Vagabond House’s unique Rowboat Salad Serving Set. The salad boat is hand-crafted Acacia hardwood. The set includes a pair of matching salad servers imagined as the oars for the rowboat, with pewter handles and fittings.

Size: 4.5″T / 16″ L / 8.25″ W

 $160.00 for the three pieces

ITEM 6  Own this and love it!  Inspired by unique tri-footed metal sauce bowls designed in the early twentieth century, Vagabond House’s covered sauce bowls are elegant in both function and form. Perfect for gravy or your favorite sauce.

Our round Acorn & Oak Leaf bowl is cast and hand-finished with a slight sheen. A finial of an exquisitely detailed corsage of pewter acorns and oak leaves tops the lid, adding unique Vagabond House style as a figural handle. The bowl is sparely tooled in classic style with a slight indent curve near the top.

Size: 5″W x 5.5″T
Care: Hand wash only and wipe dry with soft cloth


ITEM 7 Smitten with these new deer antler napkin rings and already ordered for my holiday table. Love them, so elegant!

Size: 3″W x 5.5″L x 4″H
Care: Handcrafted solid lead free pewter never needs polishing Hand Wash and dry with soft cloth

$35.oo each

ITEM 8 Stunning highly detailed oak leaf and acorn large pie server. I love pieces like this, as you look forward to bringing them out year after y4ear.

slender, pewter twig of pewter laden with tiny oak leaves and acorns forms the handle of our unique Acorn & Oak Leaf Pie Server. The handle is lightly antiqued, highlighting the detailed artwork. Finished with a high quality stainless steel triangular serve bed, the server is so pretty we never want to store it away.

Size: 3″W x 13″L
Care: Hand wash recommended- if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non acidic detergent


ITEM 9 How fabulous is this new addition, a  glass and acorn and oak leaf serving tray! Perfect for a cheese board or beverages. Beautiful pewter detailing. I could see this at a bar with the bottles on top as a display piece too.

Size: 12″W x 19″L
Care: Hand wash recommended and dry with a soft cloth


ITEM 10 One of my favorite pieces from them that I use all the time for cheese boards and antipasta spreads. Love the oversized pewter pear and branch detail on this magnificence oak board. Love any excuse to use this exquisite piece.

Bridged Pewter branches are the unique handles of this artisan wood serving board. Fruit and foliage embellish each attachment point. Richly colored oak wood accentuates the veiny leaves and detailed pears, framing your culinary creations with the bounties of nature.

Size: 16″L x 12″W
Care: Hand wash in warm water, use mild non-acidic soap. Rinse, dry completely. Do not use dishwasher

16″L x 12″W


ITEM 11 Where are ice/bread tongs when you need them! These olive tongs will see lots of use as its one of the most practical things you need especially when serving your holiday dinners! Solid pewter.

Size: 8”L x 3”W x 2.25”T
Care: Hand or machine wash. Use lowest heat setting on dishwasher, non-acidic cleanser.


ITEM 12 These make a great little stocking stuffier or hostess gift, something unique and so beautiful. Perfect for a baker, acorn measuring spoons. Great gift for the baker/cook in your life!

2.5″ x 4.5″


ITEM 13  Isn’t this a beauty, a newer cheese board love the elegant rustic nature. Beautiful slab of acacia with pewter detailing.  A stunner and such a beautiful statement piece for your next charcuterie board.

15.5″ L 9.25″ W 3.35″ T


ITEM 14  Ladles…everyone needs them! All entertainers know that ladles must be specifically designed for the job they are meant to do. At Vagabond House we take that mission very seriously. Our Scallop Shell Soup Ladle is a collector’s piece designed to become an heirloom. A wide, deep bowl, intricately detailed and carefully designed to measure a perfect serving is finished by an extra-long pewter handle embellished with a beaded pattern.

Size: 13″ L
Care: Solid lead free pewter never needs to be polished


ITEM 15  If you want the ultimate carving board, the Rolls Royce of carving boards, look no further. I can personally vouch for out incredible this piece is. A turkey never had it so when served on this incredible masterpiece. A exclusive design of Vagabond House pewter rims the generously sized, reversible cherry wood board.

Our Black Forest carving board features a perimeter well and artfully carved trenches to facilitate juice collection on one side for preparation and a flat side for presentation. The pewter embellishment incorporates sprays of oak leaves accented with acorns on the handles and sides. The surrounding rim has hammer and beading details.With age and use cherry wood darkens elegantly, enhancing the beauty of your heirloom carving board. True heirloom quality.

Size: 33″ L x 16.5″ W x 1.5″ T
Care: Hand wash recommended. Wood board should be dried completely after cleaning. Wood Care: Oil 1x yearly with food grade mineral oil, let soak in 1 hour or more and wipe off.


ITEM 16 How gorgeous are these intricately detailed pewter coasters! Set of 6 in a heavy acrylic holder.

4.5″DIA x .75″H

$90.00 set of 6 with holder



ITEM 17 Salt and peppers. Let these beauties do the talking. A beautiful assortment of fabulous solid pewter salt and peepers. Great for gift giving too!

17A Deer salt and peppers Table accents with the natural style of Mother Nature and her wild beasts, Vagabond House’s Deer Salt and Pepper Set are loved by the outdoorsy set. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, these Deer feature full racks of antlers, defined hooves and spirited faces.

Size: 4.5″ T


17B Quail salt and peppers

Vagabond House’s Pewter Quail Salt and Pepper Set is a pair of tiny quail statues. This lovely, loving quail couple tilt their heads towards each other as if conversing about things only quail could know.Crafted in intricate pewter, burled woods and sturdy stoneware, these pieces bring the adventure and creatures of small-game hunting to your fine dining table, lakeside retreat or post-slam feast.

Size: 3″ L / 2.25″ W / 2″ T


17C Retriever salt and peppers. These delightfully detailed sporting dogs are reimagined in luxury pewter as our Retriever Salt & Pepper Set. Dog lovers, sport hunters and collectors will love to receive the set as a gift.

Size: 5″L x 1″W x 3″T

17D Beautiful standing quails.

Who would have thought that tiny quails would be a symbol of group harmony? The exquisitely detailed pair in our Quail Salt and Pepper Set are small, perfect statuettes that bring harmony and beauty to your table. Hand-crafted in luxury pewter as imagined by our wildlife artist designer.
3.5″ tall

ITEM 18 Everyone needs a pair or two of tongs, multi functional and there are so many uses, might as well make them pretty:)

18A Antler ice tongs


8″ x  3″

18B Pewter olive pattern tongs


8″ long

18C Acorn tongs



ITEM 19 The best stocking stuffer idea!  A bottle stopper is not only something everyone needs but makes a fantastic and inexpensive hostess gift. These also come in a beautiful gift box so it’s an instant gift! Awesome stocking stuffer idea too.’

$30.00 any stopper (specify design)

These measures approx 3.5-5″ tall



16A Turkey 4.5″

16B Acorn 4″

16C Grapes 4″


ITEM 20 Delightful songbird log board. Ideal for cheeses, sandwiches, cakes and cookies Unique, sweet and rustically charming, this stand brings a touch of natural whimsy to your table. Crafted from slab cut acacia logs, the natural wood stand has a 1.5 inch riser foot below. A mini Song Bird statue in luxury pewter perches on the stand, so realistically detailed, your guests might worry he will peck their fingers!

Size: 14″ dia, 3″ T

ITEM 21 The Vagabond House signature squirrel has a new perch on this unique cheese stand. Hand crafted and finished, our pewter squirrel looks over your carefully chosen cheese assortment displayed on a rustic “slice” of oak.

The beautifully burled wood and clever squirrel create a unique service as remarkable as the tasty bites you serve on it. Use caution not to get acidic cleaning agent on the pewter squirrel, it may cause a darkening of the pewter. Great price point for gift giving.

Size: 6″T x 13″D



 ITEM 22 Don’t think I have seen a more charming sugar and creamer. A MUST for any gardener! Enjoy multiple cups of coffee as you marvel at the innovative design and functionality of Vagabond House’s Watering Can Creamer Set. Crafted to resemble wood buckets, the pewter sugar bowl and creamer both feature jointed handles and straps wrapping around their bodies.

A long, upward-facing spout accents the creamer, while the sugar bowl comes with a shovel as its spoon. A barrel-shaped tray houses all of the pieces within its raised edges.

Size: 7″ L x 4.75″ W x 5″ H’



ITEM 23 Impress guests at holiday feasts with this artichoke gravy boat from Vagabond House. This serving piece has a classic pedestal and is crafted from handblown glass featuring an elegant spout, so you can easily pour gravy over meat or sauce onto pasta dishes.

The handle is designed of handcrafted pewter that rises to the upper lip of the gravy boat in the shape of a tiny artichoke with two leaves extended on either side, providing a graceful touch to this functional server.

Size: 9”L x 3.5”W x 6.5”T


ITEM 24 New from Vagabond, adore these and had to order. Perfectly petite, these handsome nutcrackers will light up your space with special sparkle bringing holiday tradition and cheer. Our Bell Ringer Nutcracker is handsomely detailed in full holiday military regalia with a shining bell in his hand. The drummer wears the same outfit while also holding his drum and sticks. Each candlestick is sold individually.  Choose from 2 styles.

$48.00 each (specify style)

Bellringer or drummer


ITEM 25 New!

25A Love these fabulous stag deer salad servers. While these mounted elk heads are much smaller, their pure-pewter design is just as appealing on our salad servers. These brilliantly-detailed statuettes exhibit intricate manes and wide, forking antlers as they rest at the end of each handle. The rich, wooden hue of the flatware blends beautifully with its silvery embellishments. Featuring big ears and faint smiles, these stags carry a whimsical air that’s sure to draw attention. I love this as a gift idea too:)

Size: 2.75″W x 13.5″L x 3″H

$75.00 for the pair

25B  The 1/2 handle ends of our Song Bird Salad Server set are cast as tree branches in exquisite, versatile pewter. Detailed, delightful song sparrows perch in a spray of leaves at their tops.

Finished with generous, well shaped serving bowls carved from beautifully burled, extraordinarily durable acacia wood, these servers are stylish, strong and sure to bring smiles to the faces and songs to the hearts of the loved ones gathered at your table. Our Vagabond House salad service pieces are designed to be matched or mixed; our mission is to create pieces that enhance the expression of your style.

Size: 13″L


25C Darling new elk head salad servers. Vagabond House’s Salad Server Set is hand-crafted in beautiful teak wood. Each server is topped with an intricately detailed pewter elk head, an elegant, unique finishing touch. The set is a perfect accompaniment for our stoneware, Elk theme serving bowls

Size: 14″ Long


ITEM 26 Their wood salad bowls are the best, I  have 2 and love and adore them, use them all the time. They are wide and the perfect shade for tossing even large salads and look so pretty on a table.

26A Gorgeous large harvest salad bowl. Made from rich and resilient acacia hardwood and completed to perfection by gorgeous and artfully hand-crafted solid lead-free pewter accents, Vagabond House’s large “Harvest” serving bowl will make a functional an eye-catching centerpiece for your fall table setting.

Add the beauty of natural wood and fine metal to your next dinning experience and show your guests your artistic and eco-conscious side.

Size: 16″ W x 8″ T


26B Songbird salad bowl. Our Song Bird Salad Serving Bowl is crafted in beautifully burled Acacia Wood. Embellished with a 3-D pewter song sparrow perching on a leafy branch, the combination of wood metal artistry will have guests talking about your beautiful table and delicious food.

The elegant, inlaid look of the bowl is created by exceptional joinery. The unique combination of Vagabond House pewter and fine acacia form a bowl that is a celebration in beauty and will bring grace to your table for years to come.

Size: 16″W x 6″T


26C Autumn vine salad bowl. Fruits and vegetables burst with color from the base of Vagabond House’s Autumn Vine Salad Serving Bowl. Depressions within the acacia wood follow the rounded pattern of this dish and give it an intriguing texture. A pure-pewter leaf and vine display exquisite detail as they accent the bowl’s rim on one side.

Size: 12.5″W x 6″T


26D This new addition is a beauty! Combining natural materials with signature pewter, our Elk Salad Bowl exemplifies the rustic elegance of our Lodge Collection. Like a Lodge wall decoration, a pure-pewter elk head extends from the roughened bowl edge. Crafted from richly colored acacia wood, the bowl is sturdy and sophisticated.

Size: 13″W x 7″T

ITEM 27 Fabulous new cake pedestal dishes with beautiful deer pewter head. Made from hand-blown, sturdy glass combined with artfully hand-crafted solid and solid Elk Head Knob free pewter, this stand will draw admiring eyes to your tasty creations, without overpowering them.Choose from two heights of glass stands or flat wood board. Mix and match to form multi level display.


Large 12″ x 4″ (far right) $110.00

Medium (center) 11.5″ x 6″ $72.00

Tall (far left) 13″ x 6″ $78.00

ITEM 28 This is so beautiful…love it as an entertaining piece for so many options. Cheese displays, sandwiches, deserts, fruit, I could think of many ways to use this fabulous song bird and wood display piece Made of Acacia Wood, this two tiered cheese stand accented with superbly detailed pewter song birds perched on branches stemming from the tree column separating the tiers.

Size: 18″W x 18″T



Ahh, so many beautiful things. Really has me excited to do a little entertaining this holiday season even if on a small scale. Even if I am setting the table for five, it always makes me feel happier to set a pretty table. And why not bring out all this special pieces we love “just because”? Life is short, we. need to enjoy them year round! And one would be hard pressed to find prettier pieces than Vagabond House, an all time favorite of mine. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…….

See something you must have? Then call or email your order in!


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