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Hi there, I am sure this finds most of you in Thanksgiving mode. One look at Instagram, though and people have their entire homes decorated for Christmas! I am not part of that pack, I have barely put away my pumpkins to be totally honest, and just starting to think about Thanksgiving. We will be in PB this year, so it will be a nice low country Thanksgiving. Kids are flying in and it will be our last holiday in our wonderful rental home which I will really miss.

The family that owns it is finally able to leave Australia, so happy for them and sad for us. PB is booming beyond words, there is just about nothing for sale and finding a rental is like hitting a lottery. So we will likely be perpetual Montage guests as we begin our project.

Anywho, back to my favorite subject,  blue and white! Every “club meeting” I focus on a particular subject featuring blue and white. Today we are looking at beautifully set tables in honor of the holiday season. What can I say, this timeless duo just works everywhere and every season. I have gathered some of the most beautiful blue and white holiday tables  out there, hope you enjoy.

I had such fun putting this post together, and it most certainly has me itching to set a beautiful table with blue and white! I hope you too  will be inspired once you get through this post:)


And speaking of holidays if there is a video/scene that sums up what I think of when I think of the holidays and Christmas, its this beautiful scene with this music. So play it as you scroll down through the pictures, guaranteed to make you jolly!

Play this before you start looking at the post for some festive background music, click on arrow:)


I mean whats not to love about this…..all that blue and white with the holiday flowers next to a roaring fire, checks all the boxes! Southern Lad

Red paired with blue and white is always a winner for the holidays, Amanda Wagner


This pretty space featuring plenty of blue and white used natural elements like fresh magnolia, and pine cones to create an elegant table but one that is so inviting, Southern Lady

This is so pretty, it  reminds me a bit  of a Scandinavian Christmas, soft colors, tonal with soft greens. Very pretty. Ciaonewport

This was from a Thanksgiving about 5 years ago, our plans changed last minute so I gathered what I had and we had such a nice and intimate dinner in our breakfast room

Loving the addition of citrus to a blue and white holiday table, Leslie Lehr Living

This might be something I have to copy this year, gorgeous! Chinoiserie Chic

Gorgeous blend of rustic elegance for this fabulous table, Southern Living

I just love everything about this! Veranda House

This is the very essence of a blue and white holiday, so spectacular! Melissa Smith

This feels so fresh and elegant, love the addition of a jeweled something as a napkin ring,  Celebrating everyday life

Stunning tablescape featuring citrus from Parker Kennedy

Don’t forget how fabulous blue and white is next to tartan plaid, so festive for the holidays! Everydayliving

Adore this look of clustered ginger jars with magnolia, so elegant and festive without feeling overdone Holly Mathis

Seems like Lisa Hildebrand got the memo about how fabulous blue and white is for the holidays!

Don’t forget how beautifully the blues mix in with browns particularly for the holiday season. One Kings Lane

How stunning is this orange/blue tables cape with natural elements! Beautiful, Nancy’s Daily Dish

Wow this is a table meant for blue and white royalty, just sa simple sprig of fresh greenery adds a subtle holiday touch, Beaux Mondes (and love that they used our flatware)!

This setting is happy, elegant, crisp and festive, Pinterest

How gorgeous is this room! Those walls and the blue and white china just sets it off, Kathryn Greely

What a beautiful table to celebrate for Thanksgiving! Beaux Mondes

Stunning mix of plaids, blues and white with little glimmer of the gold!  Such a beautifully elegant table, What Pippa wants

Want a healthy does of opulence with your blue and white? Here you go! This is so fabulous, Stacy Bewkes

Absolutely stunning mix of rich colors and layers against the blue and white, Alfrsco Emporium

Couldn’t resist putting together this mood board, definitely loving this! Shown here is the fabulous new Carolyne Roehm dinnerware (click here) our reeded ball flatware (click here), our scalloped square silver chargers just  came back in stock a few days ago (click here), new footed pieced bowl coming in next Mon/Tues and our pinecone topiary arrangement (click here)


And in case this has you craving a blue and white something, for two days, when you purchase any blue and white porcelain $150 and over you will receive one of our beautiful new bud vases! No code necessary

Click here for porcelains (subcategories are on left)


Last day of our candle sale!!! Don’t miss out we still have some left….great gift ideas! Click here for sale

Thanks for stopping by. Would l0ve to know what you think about using blue and white for a holiday table! Any ideas or combinations you have used and loved, do tell! Wishing everyone a great day, until next time….

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Rose on

Using my Blue Willow with plaid napkins in fall colors is exactly what I plan to do for Thanksgiving dinner. I think it’s going to be so pretty.

Barbara McClellan on

Could you tell us what some of the blue and white China patterns are? Especially the blue Christmas tree!
Plus, love the music!

Kathy on

Tina, I love this! Every table stunning and beautiful, and a great resource for inspiration! Thank you for pulling together such a lovely “library.” I wish I could engineer a way to print these beautiful photos and place them in a binder to carry around with me as I search out treasures to incorporate into my own tablescapes. Maybe that could be your first published book….Tablescape Inspirations by Tina! Just a thought…. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and to all The Enchanted Home circle of friends out there!

Victoria on

I really needed to see this, we were supposed to go to my parents in Florida but one of our relatives has Covid so we’re all staying home. These are all so beautiful and I’m picking ideas from some of these pictures to inspire me to set my table, thank you so much!

Kathy Rice on

I’m with you! I wait until the day after Thanksgiving, to start Christmas. I decorated my mantle for fall and will add some ornaments later.

Margaret Cristall on

Thank you Tina for this beautiful and inspiring post! Scrolled leisurely with my morning coffee ~ and the music was the perfect addition ~ so soothing. What a way to start the day!

M on

What pattern are those candlesticks in the second photo? The one attributed to Amanda Wagner?

Cindy Newcomer on

Thank you for this post! I have been scouring Pinterest for table ideas incorporating blue and white and tartan plaid! Yay! I’m set!

Debbie Carrithers on

What a spectacular way to start the day! Loving the background holiday music . Inspiration abounds with every photograph you posted

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