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Hi everyone, recovered from Thanksgiving and ready to move into full holiday decorating mode? If so, you are in for a treat today! We are officially in the holiday season and I know this finds many of you already very much in the throes of holiday decorating. Me? I haven’t even started but plan to dip  my toe in some decorating this week. One thing I look forward to every season is bringing out my exceptionally pretty faux holiday florals. So lifelike you will have others touching them in disbelief.

I love fresh flowers as many of you know but with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, having realistic faux florals on hand is one less thing for me to worry about. No dropping needles, no water, no falling petals, they always look fabulous! I often mix my faux with fresh and of course lots of fresh greenery!

Best part is you have these every year and I will often use them placed with fresh greenery and they pair just beautifully! I cannot tell you how beautiful these are, and if you know prices of good faux florals you will recognize the sensational deals here today for 3 days only!

This sale is on for 3 days. We offer quick turnaround which is the best part. These are all made to order, however if you have specific sizes you need (within a few inches) for a $15.00 up charge we will customize the arrangement for you. Please read over the rules prior to placing your order-

  • There are two ways to order- email or call your order in. If calling 800-804-9565 (office hours are 9-5 EST)
  • If emailing, email orders@enchantedhome. If emailing your order in, you must include-  your name, address, phone number and item number(s) and any choice applicable to that arrangement. We cannot send an invoice (payable online) without this info
  • All arrangements will ship within 6-8 days
  • This sale is on for 3 days and ends Friday night.
  • All sales final
  • Limited numbers of each arrangement are available
  • Sorry we cannot offer rain checks
  • If you cannot pay your invoice within 12 hours, please do not submit an order
  • Questions? Please email or call 800-804-9565
  • Unfortunately we cannot offer international shipping this time around, as there would not be a guarantee for Christmas delivery



Please order by item number (and if applicable include color of flower.fruit, etc….. We have also included where each arrangements is ideal for based upon size and orientation of the arrangement just for a few suggestions. And remember, best part of these? No water required!

ITEM 1 Beautiful classic arrangement of either pears and magnolia or pomegranate and magnolia! Love them both equally:)  Adore the combination, such a festive and elegant arrangement for the holidays!

Ideal for- round dining tables, a pair for a long dining table, consoles, side chests and center hall tables

Medium measures 19″ x 19″ x 14

Specify pomegranates or pears




ITEM 2 One of my personal al time favorites, which I use a pair of on my mantle are these fabulous artichoke and berry cone toiparies in our blue/white square planter. Really elegant, these are something I cannot wait to bring out every season.

Ideal for- mantles, console tables, flanking a kitchen island or a pair on a long dining table

Measures 14″ x 26″


ITEM 3 This stunning natural magnolia and pine cone arrangement is a beauty. The perfect blend of rustic and elegance.

Ideal for- round table, console, coffee table and side chest

Medium $230.00

ITEM 4 Love the simplicity of this white lattice ceramic planter with an elegant red amaryllis and greenery

Ideal for- a pair on a mantle, dining room, a pair for a console or side chest

Measures 12:” x 12″ x 20″


This can be done with  white or  red amaryllis

ITEM 5 This large scaled pine cone, magnolia  and evergreen arrangement is a standout in our spectacular round pierced large planter.

Ideal for a dining table, center hall table or large scaled console

This arrangement measures 24″ x 24″ x 16″


ITEM 6   Just adore the elegance of this fabulous magnolia leaf and flower arrangement in our large silver tub with handles.

Ideal for – dining table, consoles, kitchen islands or side table


Measures 24″ x 28″ x 17″



ITEM 7 Love this red amaryllis arrangement and have two of them! I put them either on my dining room sideboard and have used them on my mantle as well. Elegant red amaryllis arrangement in our fabulous rectangular hand painted chinoisersie planter. This si composted with greenery and festive little red pearlized balls!

Ideal for-  consoles, side tables/buffet, centered on a fireplace mantle (due to shallow measurement of planter makes it ideal)

Measures 18″ x 20″


Specify color of planter- ivory/blue, ivory/gold or black/gold

ITEM 8 How about this incredible hydrangea, artichoke and magnolia arrangement. This could definitely be kept out year round. A stunner for a chest, console or I could see a pair on a dining table. Planted in our fabulous square blue/white porcelain planter (comes with plate underneath, not shown)

Ideal for- a pair on a console or side chest, a pair on a dining table or a single arrangement on a round dining table

Measures 18″ x 18″ x 16″


(this comes with a blue/white matching under plate not shown)

This is the planter with plate


ITEM 9  Sometimes you need a smaller arrangement for an end table of nightstand. These are perfect, so elegant and the perfect size. Also what a beautiful hostess gift idea!

Ideal for- end tables, nightstands, powder rooms or a pair on a mantle

Specify white or red amaryllis

Measures 13.5″ x 10″


ITEM 10 One of my favorites! A cluster of beautiful lifelike amaryllis with pine cones and greenery in our fabulous square planter with plate.

Ideal for- a pair on a mantle, side chest, console or center hall table

Measures 22 x 14.5″


Specify red or white amaryllis

A few pictures of this in “real life” (also shown is number 13

ITEM 11 How elegant and understated is this, planted in a pretty and simple ceramic container this magnolia and fresh greenery arrangement is adorned with the rustic simplicity of pinceones. Love this!

Ideal for console, side chest, center hall table, a pair on a kitchen island or more casual dining table

Measures 20″ x 20″ x 18″


ITEM 12 Adore these amaryllis arrangements in our best selling quatrefoil planters. Choose your color planter, and amaryllis color!

Ideal- for center hall table, console, side chest or a pair on a kitchen island for the wow factor!

Specify red or white amaryllis.

Measures 22″ x 18″

Specify planter color- black, ivory, pale blue or pale pink


ITEM 13 How elegant is this large amaryllis arrangement with greenery and pine cones shown in two planter options! First is planted in one of our best selling silver planters. The picture of holiday elegance! We are also offering it in our fabulous round dragon planter, equally elegant. Please specify silver or dragon planter when ordering.

Ideal for- consoles, side chests , on a mantle

Measures  22″ x 20″


Specify silver planter or round dragon planter when ordering

Elegant silver planter-

Round dragon planter-

Item 14 Adore these amaryllis topiaries in one of my favorite footed porcelain containers. Fabulous red amaryllis arrangement with greenery and pine cones adores this beautiful armament.

Ideal for mantles (a pair is gorgeous), a console, center hall table or sideboard

Measures 8″ x 8″ x 32″


Select red or white amaryllis

ITEM 15 This is a very large scaled arrangement. Filed to the brim with pomegranates,  pears, pine cones, fresh greens and magnolia…this is a standout that you will anticipate taking out every holiday season.

Ideal for a larger dining table, console, center hall table or sideboard

Measures 24 x 24 x 16


This planter shown did not come in so we are offering it in either of the planters underneath. They are of comparable size and value. Please specify you choice when ordering.

Round dragon

Square with bottom tray

ITEM 16 Thrilled to present this fabulous faux 6 ft magnolia garland. What a deal! Very lifelike, and could easily be mixed in with fresh greens as I plan to do. Has realistic colors of both the green and rusty tones to the leaves. I have all kinds of ideas for how I will be using this!

Ideal for- Love these for a stair rail as they are not too heavy and you don’t have to worry about leaves falling! Also great draped on consoles, side chests, the center of dining tables and even woven through a chandelier!

$48.00 per 6 foot garland

Buy 6 or garlands more $40.00 each


Email or call your order in-



We will be holding several weekly special of the days from here until Christmas. Today only,  our fabulous new etched silver box for $55.00. These are so hard to find and when you do they are normally antique versions often not in great condition. This is so elegant and a beautiful holiday gift idea!

Click here

Thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time………

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any word on the Personalized Trays?

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Just wondering if the etched cake domes/stand are coming back

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these are spectacular!! I need a pair for my long dining table now I need to decide which to choose. Beautiful!!

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Tina you have outdone yourself!So lifelike!

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Any word on gold and white dragon Christmas ball ornaments? Thanks.

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