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Hello friends! How are you? Feeling the holiday crunch yet? Hope you are having a nice weekend. Here,  we were invited to a dear friends home for dinner and I forgot how nice it is to enjoy a dinner in one’s home vs a restaurant. So much more intimate and enjoyable.

And it was a much needed little break from work. Another friend had a small tree decorating party, where everyone brings an ornament or two. She normally does a big party but limited it to 12 ladies given the Covid situation (which we all appreciated).

Made me realize I need to get busy myself. I must admit, I have stopped going on Instagram as much as I usually do as it was giving me anxiety about all I had not done. We have been working like little elves gone mad and somethings gotta give. In this case it was my holiday decorating:) We got in our holiday gift wrap (so beautiful) and have been shipping out hundreds of orders daily  Two Fed ex trucks a day. We are making it happen!(we currently are offering all gift wrap 20% off until tonight, click here) .

But all is not lost and I finally started doing a little bit, this weekend and decided I refuse to stress over this. After all,  comparison is the thief of joy, right? It will get done, it always does! So I march onward knowing I am doing the very best I can and what gets done will have to do. I am refusing to stress over this, this year. OK,  here we go with this weekends post-


ITEM 1 MY FIRST HOLIDAY TOUCHES Though I don’t consider early Dec “late to the starting gate” it feels that way when you look on instagram. It feels like everyone started a lot earlier this year. Perhaps its because its been such a rough couple of years and everyone is anxious and excited to do something beautiful. I totally get it. Time is what I need more of. But it was nice to carve out a little to get a few things done around. here. I tend to take the slow and steady approach. I do a little bit every day/week. Here is what has happened so far……


This is a distance shot as it’s far from done, but the tree is up! So much for changing things up this year,I have now instead relegated myself to doing things differently next year. I had big ideas but thinking of them and executing are two very different animals. I  am just glad its up and I will work on it a little bit every day which is how I work. I may tackle the mantle today, we shall see. One baby step in the right direction though:)

Took two of my favorite smaller ginger jars an filled them with tulips, fresh greens and berries. They are small enough to where I can move them around as I wish.

Here I took two sets of my newest bud vase sets (which I love) and added tulips, greenery and berries. They gave my hall chest a very festive appearance.

Love the new solid white mini set of vases,so practical. Love them used together or scattered around Click here to see

Above is the new softer blue set (vase of 5) click here to see

Then spontaneously while at my local supermarket I spotted a big bin of garland ropes and these adorable 4 ft mini trees and impulsivity bought both. I have always wanted to have a pair of small Christmas trees planted in this fishbowl so I am well on my way! I am going to work on them hopefully today. A backseat filled cedar garland is always a good sign that things are moving in the right direction (and smelled soooo good on the ride home)


ITEM 2 SOME FABULOUS NEW ARRIVALS As things trickle in, we are excited over whats coming in over the next few months. I will not even talk about how we just got our fabulous pumpkins….in DECEMBER! I cannot tell you how upsetting this was. But I am dusting myself and moving on. Nothing I can do now. Take a look at some of the beautiful new goodies that will be heading this way in Jan/Feb!

How pretty are our new cane planters!! These are on the way in three colors, pale blue, grass green and white! 6″ and 8″

Can you believe how stunning these new style floor planters are!! I am madly in love with them:) Due here around 12/22

And these stunning solid wood brackets will be here around Dec 22nd, in blue, green and ivory (2 sizes)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST You know the holiday inspo is going to be major from this point on! So much to love, I had a really hard time narrowing these down:) But here is my round up this weekend.

4 AN EASY AND ELEGANT APPETIZER I made these the other night and these were so good and actually really easy. Super tasty and quite elegant looking. A nice appetizer for around the holidays, and surprisingly takes just a few minutes to put together, looks beautiful on an elegant silver tray. Found this at

  • 1 white baguette, sliced into 1/2-inch thick slices*
  • 1 bunch radishes, thinly sliced optional
  • 1 English cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 12 oz. smoked salmon, flaked and/or thinly sliced
  • Fresh dill weed
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 oz. cream cheese, softened
  • 3 oz. goat cheese
  • 1 small garlic clove
  • 2 Tbsp. fresh dill weed, chopped
  • Freshly ground black pepper

Here is what you need to do

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Arrange the baguette slices on a large baking sheet. Bake until toasted, 10-12 minutes, flipping halfway. Remove and let cool completely.
  3. For the herb cheese, combine the cream cheese, goat cheese, garlic, and dill weed in a food processor. Season with black pepper, to taste. Process until smooth.
  4. To assemble: spread the cheese mixture on the cooled baguette slices, top with several slices of radishes and cucumber, and then a slice of smoked salmon. Garnish with dill sprigs and freshly ground black pepper. Serve immediately.


5 SOMETHING YOU NEED TO ADD TO YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST You already know I am a huge fan of Carolyne Roehm! Well, did you know her latest trio of books is now out and available for purchase? And it is STUPENDOUSLY GORGEOUS!

This trio of books is the perfect little gift for your most stylish friends and family. Adore her beautiful take on her three favorites subjects-feminine touches, dogs and flowers/gardens. I cannot tell you how wonderful this is, so much so that  you will find yourself going to it for frequent inspiration. A great price point and a perfect gift to give someone who loves to seek the beauty in life. Well done Carolyne…..yet again!

Click here to order yours

6 AMAZING RECENT FEATURES FOR ENCHAINED HOME! It is such a thrill anytime I see us being featured. It is truly the ultimate validation for what I love to do and it is always so nice to know others are equally excited over it! Here are some recent features that we were lucky enough to be in-

I was so honored to be featured as one of five entrepreneurs featured in the latest Southern Lady…..what an absolute honor!!

Then NYC Cottagers and Gardens magazine features our fabulous new lily of the valley dinner ware with Caroylne Roehm

Then, another favorite magazine,  Hamptons magaazine featured my mantle with our stockings last year (we are getting a small batch of these on Wed)!

And finally Hampton real estate showcase featured my fall vignette with the blue and white and pumpkins!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK give it to me straight, I promise I can handle it.Tell me how far along you are with your holiday gift buying. I confess I have not done anything yet. Zero. Nada. But I plan on changing that this week. It is trickier when your kids are adults, it’s not like they have a long list of the latest toys or gadgets to choose from.

If anything,  I think its so much harder to come up with unique and thoughtful gifts. Somehow I manage to come up with at least one every year so I am all ears if you have some great ideas for young adult men in your life!

I am curious as to where you re on the “holiday gift buying” spectrum. Plus as I mentioned last weekend I am just not feeling that typical Christmas spirit I normally do. And seems from the poll, I have plenty of company. Between Covid, my mom being sick, it just takes away from the magic I normally anticipate. But Iam trudging ahead and going to make the best of it. So back to those gifts…..


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. Always love hearing from you and wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time…..

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From here until Christmas we will be offering a deal of the day EVERY OTHER DAY. One item at a special price for 24 hours. Today that deal is our incredible silver etched bow box. Such a gorgeous keepsake an a perfect gift. Normally you only see these types of pieces in antique shops and they are either very costly or tattered. Truly beautiful and such nice quality. Limited availability.

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Ellen on

My box of wrapping paper, gift bags and tissue paper arrived yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have used your wrapping papers from the start and so happy I preordered these. I have even gifted your wrapping paper, everyone that sees it asks about it.
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Sue M on

A lot to comment on today. The decorations you have done are simply beautiful, you have the magic touch and I always look to you for inspiration.

I agree it seems everyone started really early this year but I am not allowing that to affect my own pace, I will do things when I’m ready and I normally don’t start until around December 10.

congratulations on those wonderful features, they are well deserved and I love all of your new products coming in so beautiful! will but the. books from CR as I am also a huge fan of hers.

Love your blog!

Ann on

Love your floral arrangements with the tulips, would not have thought about using tulips during the holidays.

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Gifts for young adult men – “a cheque!” My 3 sons are all in their 30 plus years and all 3 young men love receiving a Cheque. They love, love, love that cheque every year! No more stressing, making sure they all have the same amount that I purchased etc. I still get them a few items to open under the tree but the highlight and greatly appreciative gift is the “Cheque”. Try it, believe me, it’s worth it. Everyone is Happy!

Carol Lane on

I bought my 31 year old son, who is athletic, the Theragun massager from Nordstrom. He mentioned he wanted one for sore muscles!

Susie Tschetter on

As always, a wonderful way to start the day on Sunday. I’m one of those people you might Iove to dislike, for a few minutes anyway, as my gift shopping is complete. I shop all year and finish by November 30. Makes December entertaining so much less stressful and the true meaning of Christmas shines through.

Peggy on

Good morning Tina. So many beautiful things to read and look at in today’s Seven on Sunday!
The appetizers look delicious and I may have to make them for Christmas day. Our Christmas dinner this year is going to be an easy one. Everyone is bringing an appetizer and we are having two different soups, and dessert, of course. I don’t want to spend precious time in the kitchen, but would rather enjoy family and playing games.

Congratulations on being recognized by those publications. What an honor and it validates your company and your creativity too.

My Christmas shopping will be completed by this afternoon. I have started taking my two teenage granddaughters shopping and doing lunch, as well. I hand them their money and we go shopping. I know they will get items that they like and we get to spend time together too. I wrap the gifts and put them under my tree and each girl gets them on Christmas day. The girls are so busy with school, sports, and boyfriends, so this gives us one-on-one time together. A win-win in my book.

Love the tulips in the blue and white porcelain. The red really is a beautiful pop of color.

Franki Parde on

Oh, dear…we are just “finishing touches” on our Christmas cards since we “make our own.” Lists ready/received…tree…a “work” in progress…ho, ho, ho…franki

Cathy on

Tina, I received my painted trays today, and had to let you know: THEY ARE SPECTACULAR!!! The paintings of my sons’ homes are so beautiful and I know they and their wives are going to love them. For anyone out there thinking about giving this as a Christmas, housewarming or “just to be nice” present, it’s a gift I think anyone would cherish.

Jo Shafer on

I’m very much like you, Tina, when it comes to holiday decorating. First of course is the Advent wreath on the dining room table, then gradually I add other greenery arrangements. Last year I was “in a hurry” to get the season going, but this year I’m much more relaxed.

Janet on

You probably already know this, but this gift is new to me. My adult kids are always a challenge, I discovered this year that REI offers classes awn even trips on the outdoorsy stuff they are into — mountain biking, hiking, etc. So, they are getting gift cards to choose their own adventures.

Donna on

Enjoyed this post. Just curious…..Why did eating at a dear friend’s home intimidate you? I hate that happened!

B Healthier on

Please….make all links open a new page so that I don’t have to keep returning to yours. Thank you!

Jan on

Always so much fun to read your articles! I am in love with blue and white too; and always look forward to seeing your fabulous ideas!

Fanny on

I’m behind this year. I’ve been Caring for my mum; she is happy to be back at her place and doing well. I’m not panicking yet; but my list of things to do is long. I’ve learned that the more I stay calm and enjoy the process it always works out. (Even if everything doesn’t get checked off.) I’m excited to use your wrapping paper and ribbon. I love your shop and enjoy reading your blog. I too have had less time on Instagram, and Pinterest. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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