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Good morning. Hope everyone is doing well. I am really trying to muster up all i can to feel the holiday spirit. I mean, looking at Instagram is downright overwhelming. So many have their homes fully decorated, some even have their Christmas table set. Over here, my pumpkins are still out. I am going to really try to make some progress this week as I feel so behind the 8 ball.

One place I am not behind the 8 ball is over here at Enchanted Home! It is like Santa’s workshop on steroids, we are getting hundreds of orders out daily and beating our own record. I am so proud of our entire team for this effort!

Onto another subject, one piece of good news is we signed the contract to begin the building of our cottage in PB! We hope to break ground within the next 2 weeks. So it will be full steam ahead. Our plan is to build the cottage, barn and start working on the house. It will be a property that will develop over time. At this point in our life, we don’t get down there as much as we would like but are very hopeful that as time goes on, we will spend longer stretches of time down there.

With the insanity of the shipping world and worldwide delays and backorders on just about everything (how well I know),  it has been suggested we start ordering supplies right away.  Especially appliances and windows. So I am starting to think about the finishes we will choose and so a new chapter of our Palmetto Bluff life begins.

I though it would be fun to take you along with me, as I did last time we built there. So,  today is just a snapshot into some of the ideas I have in mind for how I would like this cottage to look. I am sure this will evolve and change to some degree, but overall this is the idea.

A reminder from the last Bluff Diaries that this is what the cottage will look like, it will be wood shingle with a natural wood shingle roof.


Love the soft tones in this room and the overall vibe, the bookshelves make it feel more casual but its still a sophisticated space

This is also so pretty love all the blues here, I tend to favor creamy colored sofas but this is awfully pretty

Always loved the idea of banquette seating in a breakfast room area, this is so charming and cozy

Love the feeling of this bedroom, my favorite colors and it’s so light and airy. One thing you will notice is they kept the walls white but instead painted the trim a pretty blue, interesting idea worth considering!

The bedrooms will have vaulted ceilings like in our old PB house so I like the idea of adding beadboard to the ceiling (and with a fan of course)  and keeping it light and airy

The small kitchen is an open kitchen to a larger family/living room. I will do the kitchen in white and keep it fresh and bright. Cabinets will go all the way up to the ceiling.  I like the classic materials used here including the white beveled subway tile. A look that will never go out of style

I changed the picture above and added some fun wicker covered pendants from Serena and Lily, I like the casual more coastal vibe it gives

When it comes to bathrooms, I am a sucker for clean white marble. We have always done our bathrooms this way and it just never gets old. I will likely do a contrast color on the vanity. We have 2 full baths and 1 powder room.

I would love to use this Celeste blue/white marble basket weave in either the powder room or one of the full baths, love it!

Love the look of this very soft powder blue vanities, so fresh feeling and definitely gives off coastal vibes

The house will be natural shingle siding like below-

Shutters I am going back and forth between a soft beige tan or a soft pale blue (this is more green than I would do but gives you a loose idea)

So,  that  is a brief overview on a few aspects of the cottage just as a starting point. I will hone in on specifics and talk about rooms and all the details as those decisions get made and pondered over. This is just a general idea of how things are starting or what I envisioning at least for now. Either way it’s exciting and I am sure this will be our last building project (but then again I said, that with our last house:)

One last question, should I keep this series called Bluff Diaries and continue on or start an entirely new series with a new name?


And that’s a wrap for this chapter. Really looking forward to this fun project as it moves along. They are thinking they can have it built within about 8 months as long as we are ahead of the game in selecting our materials, appliances, thing I am quick at doing! My taste is very consistent, doesn’t waver much so that should not be a problem.

Thanks for stopping in and sharing this with me. Until next time….

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Peggy Wilkins on

Beautiful, inspirational photos!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

Looking forward to seeing this next chapter! Everything looks beautiful.

Charlene H. on

Love your bluff plans💙

Marguerite Neuhaus on

So excited for your new adventure! Just wanted to say in terms of maintainence, in my neighborhood natural shingle roofs and siding have required tremendous maintenance costs and efforts. Many are switching to Hardie Plank alternatives even in upscale situation esp the more extreme weather we have seen due to climate change. It might be worth a discussion w your builder to find some other beautiful but less vulnerable materials for the exterior

sherry parker on

Just love your plans. Look forward to seeing this evolve. Thanks for taking us along.
Just read the beautiful article about you in Jan Feb Southern Lady. ❤️

Monique Stanwick on

So excited about your new building project, Please share your appliance choices. Ty

Megan on

I am going to LOVE reading the new edition of The Bluff Diaries! I’ve already saved one of your pictures for the bathroom tile work to keep in mind as I renovate several areas in my own vacation home. I keep reminding myself of what the pros say about those perfect Instagram pictures- the reality is we have no idea what half the real stories are behind them- and some of them aren’t nearly as pretty. The rest of us just do our best and are grateful for all the good things we actually have.

Sandra Foley on

Tina you have the most amazing taste!! I always love everything you pick ❤️

Paulette Peyer on

Your casual elegance for your Palmetto Bluff project speaks volumes. As a South Carolinian all of my life, I must say that you, Tina, are fitting right in and enjoying and adding to the beauty of our wonderful state. Happy Holidays!

Eileen on

Your new home looks sooo you and sooo pretty. The only thing is that the pendants you chose, possibly, are enormous and out of proportion. Maybe that is because it’s “cut and paste”. Everything else is so pleasing.

Susan Hayes Long on

Your new adventure makes even a gloomy cold day feel happy and sunny. Hope your plans include a potting shed to work on your beautiful bouquets. Thanks for letting us join in this special journey.

Titania Methvin on

Tina, reading your posts is like reading my mind. Love your candor. Instagram just generates anxiety. Trust your instincts. By the looks of things, you are excelling. Love your plans for your new home. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, you are not the only one that is slowly decorating. I have two big boxes of fall Decour I still need to take out the garage. But I’ve chosen to do a simpler version of Christmas this year and I’m not going to worry about it. For some reason everything happens by December 25 anyway! Just love your plans for your new project at Palmetto Bluff!

Joan on

Ladies, let’s stop comparing ourselves to what we see on Instagram! NO ONE just woke up this morning and suddenly pulled together the spaces that are photographed and posted! I cannot be the only woman here who has had a busier-than-expected Fall/Thanksgiving and only now has finally had the chance to run out to the stores/nursery only to find items sold out due to limited inventory and shipping issues. I’ll just have to take a breath and figure it out, even if it means that I pick up extra garland and wreaths at my local grocery store. There’s nothing that white lights, great ribbon, apples and pinecones can’t make look festive!

Fanny on

Thanks you! I enjoy that you bring us along. You have a fantastic eye for detail and it’s fun to be inspired by it. Your plans are wonderful!

Cindy Fairchild on

Love your blog and look forward to watching your beautiful new home take shape!!!! Merry Christmas!!

Nancee on

I thought you already had a house in PB…. what happened to that one??

Linda Wolf on

I received my Xmas wrapping paper and love it. We also redid the kitchen over last year and I used beveled subway tile and the look is so high end ! I think my tiles were 35 cents a piece! I thought they were joking! Linda Wolf

Mary Anne on

Everything is beautiful! My favorite Christmas decorations going back 40 years were the ones I cut from my lovely yard in Connecticut … so simple , fresh and in keeping with my OWN true SPIRIT!!

Elizabeth on

Don’t like the trim painted a colour. It brings the whole ceiling down. I do like the bedroom with the vaulted ceilings and the wall colour.
Don’t like the rattan lights in the kitchen. Sorry, they look cheap.
Love the Celeste tile! I agree totally with white bathrooms. You can accessorize with any color that you love.
Do not agree with the blue cabinets as lovely as they are, I think you’ll be painting them in a few short years. The small cabinet because of the construction looks like all doors/drawers are outlined in a darker blue. Reminds me of a couple of decades ago when people were painting garage doors outlined in a different color…yikes!
Have fun. I did this for a living for decades, from bare land right thru to the finished home. Happy I’m retired 😵‍💫

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Love your choices for your new place. And You are right, white bathrooms and kitchens are timeless and beautiful. Enjoy the project!

Lucia Donahower on

Love all the photos! Keep posting

Susan Bonfield on

I have not been receiving emails from you. I don’t know why. I truly miss them. Please reinstate me. Email address: Thank you!

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