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Hello friends, well no rest for the weary over here. I am ready to click my heels and land in 2022!  Talk about burning the midnight oil, I am guilty as charged. Not a single extra minute in my days lately. I have recently stepped up my holiday decorating and am pleased to say I am about done..woo hoo. We are having a family Christmas party this weekend which was definitely a motivator in getting things done.

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I love the way it came out, used lots of fresh greenery and and accents of white, as you know I love blue and white against the lush greenery that is so plentiful this time of year, it is a hard combination to beat. Walking into my living and dining room makes me happy seeing all the pretty festive decorations in my favorite color scheme.

I still have some wreaths to hang and some fresh greens to add (do that last minute) but am 90% about done. Soooo happy about that. This year I was really feeling the pressure so this is a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I decided to bot stress the way I normally do and somehow it all came out exactly as I had hoped. Its been a stressful season so was not quite feeling m y usual vigor and spirit, but marched forward and did the bet I could.

So without further ado, here is my holiday decor…..


Glancing into the living room from my foyer, I mad this giant oversized amaryllis arrangement with faux amaryllis and fresh greens as my centerpiece arrangement

Did this with our big village scene bowl we just sold out but getting more around Dec 29th

Added fresh greens, little berries and clusters ornaments for a little sparkle

 My tree and stockings all hung!

Just love the colors

I have not added the fresh cedar greenery quite yet but will!

The lily of the valley paper in green is a perfect paper for the holidays too

White berries? Yes!

Next year, we will once again offer our sensational custom stockings. They are really so beautiful.

Love eucalyptus for the holidays, these will be mixed in with fresh cedar

The tree at the golden hour

And then moving into the dining room, I did a similar look to the mantle with our beautiful custom stockings, more blue and white including our white artichoke topiaries (a favorite). Added the faux eucalyptus and fresh greens. Started to set my table and tried three different place settings. Unfortunately,   I love them all equally!

I put fresh greens inside my stockings to give them a little fullness

Love seeing everything by candlelight

The new Lily of the Valley collection done in collaboration with Carolyne Roehm sure sets a gorgeous table! WE are sold out of the dinner sized plates but getying more in about 3 weeks!

Love it with the octagonal pierced silver chargers, so elegant!

Added a little nutcracker/favor with some fresh greens

And our beautiful pagodas silverware is the perfect finishing touch! Sold out but due to get it again early Jan.

Isn’t everything by candlelight just a little prettier!

A few more areas of the house where i dded small doses of holiday cheer like outside my door, still a work in progress but here are things so far


Hope you enjoyed my little holiday tour. Still tweaking but by tomorrow I expect to be done and that in itself will be reason for celebrating. How about you? I know so many of you have been done for so long….impressive and inspiring. Many of your pictures are what motivated me to get busy!

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Thanks everyone for stopping in. Love hearing from you and so happy you make TEH part of your daily routine, can’t imagine life without it:) Stay calm as we head into the home stretch of the holding frenzy. Wishing everyone a good, smooth and peaceful day. Until next time……


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Judith on

Love love love!!! So Beautifully done!!!

Eve on

One word—Stunning!

Eileen on

Beautiful, as always!! I scheduled my Christmas brunch on December 5th this year. (I do this every year, early, I mean) In that way, I have a deadline for decorating and entertaining…..but the best thing to scheduling earlier is to enjoy the rest of the Christmas season with everything decorated and Done!! I’ve been able to enjoy the season so much more and am enjoying my home tremendously. It leaves time for enjoying gift buying, wrapping, going to events, etc. So much easier this way! I know you have been under a tremendous amount of stress. I hope this suggestion helps for next year.

Linda Rubin on

Everything looks so beautiful. Merry Christmas

Friedman Fredrica S. on

Are the white faux amaryllis for sale?

Vicki on

Most beautiful holiday decor I have seen all season!! i’m still in the process and you have given me some fantastic ideas just love your color scheme it is so soft and dreamy.
Brava Tina!!!

Caron on

So tasteful and serene! A beautiful treat. Thank you for sharing this creative bliss.

Mary Pickett on

Your home is magnificent! It is such a treat to see it! Thank you for sharing for it so beautiful,

Jo Shafer on

Beautiful blue and white Christmas decor! I agree that candlelight casts a soft glow of calm and, yes, Hygge in winter, from sconces on the walls to candles in the windows.

Peggy Wilkins on

You have such beautiful and elegant tastes, I love your home. I am wondering what color your walls are (where your Christmas tree stands), it’s so soothing, creamy white-ish like soft snow. Are you able to tell us the color? Thank you for allowing us to see your “inter sanctum” of loveliness!

Jane C on


Nancy Brantley on

Love the exterior. Is that red dogwood twigs in containers? Pop of color looks great.

Peggy Thal on

Just gorgeous! Merry Christmas.

Deb V on

Just found you today via Pinterest! LOVE the Blue and White. Can’t wait to see your Christmas Eve dinner ideas
Stay well

Lyn Tayloe on

Hey Tina….I know you are a Brilliant, smart, and very talented lady………Your home is more than magnificent and only a dream for most of us, so I must ask one question…..How much Help do you have in home Staff to help with decorating and floral design to get your very large home accomplished to look as fabulous as it always does……plus meal preparation for Dinner Parties ?????
Do you still have your home at Palmetto Dunes by chance ? It is such a delight to be able to enjoy your home in photo’s !!!

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