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Hello and happy new year to my treasured and cherished readers, customers and friends. I have waited a long time to say goodbye to 2021 and hellooooo 2022! While I recognize nothing will change right away,  to me, just knowing it’s a clean slate, a brand new, year gives me hope for things to normalize slowly or at least move in the right direction.

I always like to share my end of the year thoughts that I have pondered over the last year. It’s quite a random list but it’s from my heart. Not everyone will agree with everything, and that is OK. These are just my own personal reflections on this past year and on our world.

I wish each of you a wonderful start to this new year. May it be filled with good health (most important of all), love, laughter and peace (we all need more peace in our lives:)

Hope you don’t think I am being a Debby downer with this post, just feel that we need to take a few steps back, pause, reflect now on what is going on in our society. This might feel like a rant fest and I am sorry but sometime you just need to vent a little:) I realized a lot of this centers around technology, what can I say…..I have a love/hate relationship with it, not unlike many I am sure!

The one constant however has been my amazing group of family and friends……forever grateful to each of you for enriching my life and making me feel so loved. Onward we go.


It is my non professional opinion, we need to press a giant proverbial pause button, our world is moving too fast and unfortunately it’s moving too fast in the wrong direction. It scares me to see the warp speed at which things are moving and so much is getting left in dust and compromised, like civility, kindness, our youth trapped in a tech bubble, I could go on…….

People don’t know how to talk to each other anymore because they’re so accustomed to communicating on their devices and that sadly includes kids as young as two and three years old, I witness it all the time. I go to restaurants and literally everyone at the table is on the phones, why are they even out to dinner?

Our government would do the world a big favor if phones were at least banned from restaurants (barring extreme emergencies) at the federal level. It would make people look at each other and talk and have real live interactions, you know the way things used to be:)

Any restaurant who adopts this policy has a fan in me for life, good food or not (good food, big bonus)!

I think the use of cell phones to capture every single moment in life has gotten carried away. It’s so invasive and kind of unnerving. I was in the market the other day and two people were arguing loudly over if there was one line feeding into  all the cashiers or each cashier had their own line.

The argument was getting a bit out of hand and I swear,  I watched as 2 people (a man about 45 and a woman in her 50’s)  whip out their phones like little pros and started video taping them, probably hoping if something happened, their video would go viral. It was so gross to see them pounce like that. I want no part of this “trend” , can it go away?

Nothing in the world, no advancements in technology will ever be able to replace the inflection of the human voice, seeing a smile, watching someone laugh, watching the joy in their eyes, these emotions do not translate to technology and sadly an entire generation is losing the human touch and missing out on this:(

If you go onto an airline,  take a flight and then decide to become unruly,  I think you should serve jail time. No exceptions. Yes, I am a toughie but also believe in civility which we are losing fast. Why are we not setting a precedent.  To hold a captive audience like that in flight, one should be criminally charged immediately, and if a precedent was set from the get go I have a feeling it would be pretty much eradicated

Amazed that we are still grappling for cures for Alzheimer’s and addiction both at the highest levels ever, both which have taken a choke hold of our country and haven’t let go.  Crazy that we have robotic surgery, we can send people for day trips to outer space, have cancer detecting pens, our smart phones practically run our homes, machine learning AI to predict our life span, we have robots managing millions of Amazon orders in a dark warehouse, and so much more. Why and how are we not moving closer to cures for these horrific illnesses that are increasing exponentially on a yearly basis and just decimating so many families.

One look at the reality shows that pervade every network on TV,  to me is exhibit A of the disintegration of the great America as we knew it. To see so much garbage being glorified really makes me sad for future generations, clearly the networks are producing these shows left and right because this is what people want to see but really, what does this say about our culture? Tragically, not much. Mortified by what is out there.

This statement might be controversial as I recognize many will not agree,  particularly millennials however I personally think that the rapid development of technology and social media has irreversibly damaged every generation going forward. There is something so unnatural to see young girls and  boys (as young as 2 and 3) being glued to a device incessantly. Then for the teens and young adults, who are in a constant state of having to holding themselves to an impossible standard by what they see online.

We all know that not all that glitters is gold but the depression rates,  the unprecedented rates of our kids and young adults on meds, the suicidal rates among young people are all at an all-time high. Then there is the disinformation which can be catastrophic and very consequential.   There’s so much chatter but really has anything been done? I’ll answer that NO. The lobbyists,  the insatiable greed of corporate America at any cost, the big tech names have the power and though they may throw a crumb to us about holding “these ridiculous hearings” because they are suddenly going to take this seriously, nothing has yet to happen. From my perch , it appears to be lip service merely lip service to the growing chorus of concern. I have yet to see any real progressive change in a positive way. So far, PEOPLE OVER PROFIT still remains supreme. and the fate of our youth rests with the powers that be.

This is one time where I feel the federal government needs to have a stronger hand as the consequences are changing/damaging an entire generation irrevocably.

These are life altering and sometimes life ending decisions that affect both young and old alike. Social media has the privilege of very loose liability consequences so it remains a powerful de facto public forum to quench the thirst of our entire world.

This will never look normal to me.


You know what else I’m really tired of? Having to use three remotes to watch a TV!! I miss the simple days when I could get a remote it would say on off volume up and down and channel change. Now I need three different channels to control all the endless number of functions on a TV often times when I can’t get it to work I give up I don’t even turn it on….infuriating! I want things simple!

Just why?

The old adage “less is more” applies to so many things but you know what I’m else I’m tired of- a myriad of choices for such simple things. If you walk into a pharmacy to buy Advil or any other medication,  there’s 14 different versions of Advil,  ditto for every other medication it literally can take me 10 minutes to figure out which one I need,  why can’t I just walk in and buy one bottle of Advil.Easy peasy.


This makes me dizzy just looking at it…..

The one thing I wish that we could get rid of forever is needing user names and passwords I know I cannot be alone when every time I am prompted to include a username and password my heart starts racing and I’m practically hyperventilating because I just know that I don’t remember what they are! Every time I change it, I tell myself “oh that’s a good one” and I’ll make sure to remember it,  does that ever happen? No,  because I have a list a mile long of “those good ones” argh!

Me on an hourly basis…..

The other day I received two absolutely beautiful thank you cards in the mail, both on really fine stationary and so beautifully written. It reinforced what I’ve always thought and knew,  that there is nothing that can replace the art of a hand written note.

I try to practice what I preach but will plead guilty to having thanked people for things via text which I really can’t stand, receiving those thank you‘s prompted me to sit down and write a few of my own so if your old one it’s on the way😊😊 Going forward, making a much more concerted effort to write handwritten thank you’s, they are so nice to receive.

In that same vein,  I think many of us have become very comfortable communicating particularly on topics that should only be had in a person-to-person discussion,  via text. While I think it’s fine to say you’re running a few minutes late or “I’m just checking in to see how you’re doing”, it’s a whole other animal to try and apologize for something that you’ve done, or to express condolences, or to try and make a gesture that involves any real emotion. And I am guilty of this as well.

While I totally get how convenient texting is,  I just think that it should be reserved for simple casual conversation, leave the heavy stuff for face-to-face. again this is just my own opinion. I will be practicing what I preach and picking up the phone more in 2022 and giving my fingers a little break:)

It’s very disheartening to me to see that civility has all but left our country, I really rarely see small acts of civility towards our fellow human beings. I remember a week or so ago I was somewhere and a man actually held the door open for me and it really caught me off guard because I hadn’t seen anything like that in so long and I made a point to tell him how much I appreciated that,  we both walked away with a big smile on our face,  not so difficult. Then I laughed to myself thinking, some might question suspiciously why he was holding the door….is it because I am woman, lol You can’t win!


Probably dating myself here but something I really miss is when Sundays used to be the day off,  kind of a sacred day where no one worked, very little was open, almost no sports activities were held on Sundays because it was loosely regarded as a family day ditto for holidays/

Who remembers when days like Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas always and I do mean always meant that everything was closed, now it feels like just another regular day everything is open they are holding their Thanksgiving and Christmas sales the day of, encouraging people to leave their homes and families to pursue shopping and lusting after bargains they entice you with. With our crazy frantic pace of life can we not have one day where there’s no pressure to do anything! And how about the employees, don’t they deserve a day off to be with their families. Enough!

I long to see this sign in more places….

I miss the days when life was simple if I needed to make an appointment to do some thing I would call up on my phone, speak to a REAL LIVE HUMAN,  make the appointment and that was that now they want me to be able to sign into their app for their healthcare services, I probably spent more time trying to figure out my username and password then I do filling out the actual information.

So over this, give me a pen and paper!

You know what I find interesting? This is almost like a social experiment. We all have so much, everything from warp speed technology to luxury items to the access to travel, go to great restaurants, any item you want delivered to your home within hours, every modern convene ice, etc… you show all that on Instagram and guess what picture everyone is most drawn to and which gets the most attention? Very much including myself.

The one of a little cozy cabin in the woods with snow falling. Simple, nothing luxury about it, no technology in sight. What does that say? To me, it says that we all enjoy the trappings of our lives but what we really yearn for is a slowing down, a paused sense of peace and quiet. We want to shut out the outside noise of our increasingly loud world. I find that really interest and I know I am always drawn to such images, makes me calmer just looking at it.

Ahhh…my blood pressure just went down several notches

Along that line, , I am always amazed at how much simple a simple picture like beautiful farm stands or seeing the Vermont Country store on a snowy day makes me feel. I know I am not alone. Those draw me in and make me feel safe and happy. Something to be said about us that we are so drawn to those types of images despite everything we have at our fingertips.

How can this picture  not make you smile?

I love Instagram and it’s been an incredible way to connect with so many amazing people as well as grow my business,  but I do find myself taking little self imposed breaks from scrolling aimlessly through for hours, the way I used to. It is often overwhelming and overstimulating. I recognize it is also not often authentic and all that glistens is not gold.

I am always drawn to personal stories, people who are able to be vulnerable and honest, they are the ones who keep it real. I can only see so many frilly prairie dresses, all beige rooms, perfectly smiling families walking in a synchronized fashion on a pristine white sand isolated beach, it can be inspiring but it can also be exhausting. I like it in doses but it is most certainly not a substitute for “real life” and interacting in a more authentic way.

Covid afforded me some perspective. I have realized how much I love being home, being around all my favorite things, how safe it makes me feel. How much I enjoy spending time with those I care for, my friends and family. That time is the most cherished.  If I learned one thing in 2022, it is how lucky I am to have my circle of family and friends. Forever grateful!


And I know once again this is going to date me but I remember when I was young growing up with a very proper mother who always wore beautiful dresses and who dressed my sister and I meticulously in matching outfits with the right shoes, even an occasional matching hat.  I remember well that  traveling was something to dress up for,  there were something very glamorous about it, and looking back at pictures, it is so foreign compared to how the average person approaches travel today.

I do not need to elaborate on what many Americans dress like when they go to the airport to catch a plane, often frumpy velour tracksuit‘s, fleecy baggy pajama pants and furry UGG boots. That combination should be banned from all airports IMO… How far we have fallen! I totally get that people want to be comfortable and I have no problem with that because I do too but I think,  there is a way to dress where you can still look smart,  pulled together with compromising being comfortable!


If you are still reading this far, kudos to you for getting here and reading through while I stood on my little soapbox! I didn’t realize I had so much to say until I started typing away then the “opinions”started to flow:)

Guess I really went on a tangent. It felt cathartic to release some of that energy…all things I think about a lot. Its nice to have a place to air it…..granted I don’t expect all to agree with all I said and these are my opinions and mine alone. How about you? What are some of your thoughts and reflections from this past year?

You might say I am old fashioned, somewhat rigid and very opinionated and I would have to say you would be right on all three counts. But I am unapologetically honest and I accept the fact that there will be some who may not agree with some of what I’ve written maybe even all of what I’ve written.  But I think in our world more than ever,  we need to learn to agree to disagree in an amicable, respectful and civilized manner.

Cannot thank you enough for following along with me, my blog and business are indeed my happy place and I am so grateful to have such an incredible, supportive, kind audience of customers, readers and followers. Not a day goes by, that I don’t think about how fortunate I am! Who would have thought, ten years ago in 2022, I am still here typing away…..hard to imagine my life without it!

Would love to hear some of your reelections from 2021 and hopes for 2022.

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to 2022. May your year be filled with an abundance of love, good health, lots of adventure,  peace and lots of laughter! Until next time…..cheers!

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The federal, state or local government should have much less control over our lives, not more. When big business collaborates with government it is fascism (according to Mussolini who obviously knew a lot about it).

Every word you wrote is exactly how I feel!!! Thank you for saying it! Love getting your wonderful emails and beautiful products!!

Happy New Year! I agree with you 100%. Trust me, you are not alone, there are a lot of us out there that share your opinion and hope for the best for everyone’s future. Wishing a happy, safe and joyous New Year for all!

Totally agree Tina. I also remember when Sunday was a day of rest and family time. Thanks for all you do!!

Beautifully stated and in total agreement with every word! Thank you, Tina and Happy New Year!

Read through this post and nodded my head pretty much to every single one of these! you are right, America has fallen so far. We were in France a few months ago and though it is far from perfect it is much much more civilized society. if you were in a nice restaurant and someone was on their phone either they were spoken to about it or others stared at them to make them uncomfortable. Yes, they were American tourists😊

100% agree that if our government does not intervene with the social media giants it will continue to bear out in very negative ways for the current generation. We have teenaged daughters and witness the infiltration of social media in their lives on a daily basis. Not healthy.

Realty TV?? Horrendous, I rarely even turn the TV on for this reason!

Love your blog and your writing Happy New Year Tina!

Tina…we ARE “soul sisters”…I never dreamed how “things have evolved” to this present…history repeats itself…it’s documented…what have we learned… We DO live in a log cabin on a lake in a rural area…2022…here we come…ready or not…BRAVO for expressing passion. franki

TINA!! Thank you for articulating so much of what I am feeling. I TOTALLY agree—perhaps I am dating myself, too—but the lack of civility tolerated at all levels of society makes me very fearful of the world my grandchildren will think is “normal” and, what’s worse, all they deserve. The most disturbing documentary I have seen is “The Social Dilemma”, yet I am glad I have been enlightened to the manipulative possibilities of our devices. Another worry for our collective future. I am so thankful to know I am not alone in these thoughts. I am also so thankful for the beauty your business brings to me and the beauty of the images you choose to post. Thank you and here’s to 2022.

Thank you for writing what so many of us are thinking. I agree with you wholeheartedly and think many of our problems would go away if we could change some of the things you mentioned.
I will be sharing this with friends. Definitely some things to ponder.

And….start putting blame on the education system. Start asking children what goes on in their classrooms and what is being taught. You will be shocked!

Look at cell phones and other technologies in a different, positive way. If it wasn’t for my cell phone I couldn’t attend my
grandchildren’s sporting events and still be available for business calls (I am courteous and walk away while conducting business on my phone). If it wasn’t for my computer I couldn’t go on vacation and still conduct business. The ability for my customers to text and email frees up my time considerably. I no longer spend hours on the phone with customers.

I agree with you about people in restaurants talking on their cell phones, but have a different take. It is no different than if they were talking to the person at their table; we just hear only one side of the conversation. However, it is extremely rude to the people they are dining with. I would not dine with people who talk on their cell phones.

As far as rudeness on social media, let’s start with our media sources being a propaganda source for the destruction of our society. The lies and nastiness starts with them. Why get involved with any of it? Why watch reality TV? Why listen to
the lies of CNN?

My advice is to stay away from all the toxic nonsense……and live YOUR best life with family and friends.

Amen! Once discipline ,responsibility and consequences became “dirty” words …let the havoc begin!! So many believe in so much you had to say. Let us voice our thoughts in an amicable way. I believe it can be done.

From someone else who is slightly old-fashioned, somewhat rigid, highly opinionated and EXTREMELY honest – I CONCUR 🙂

Blessings for us all to have a better 2022 – and a good way to start is to bring God back into our hearts, schools and Country ! Amen

I completely agree with every single observation you have just written! Thank you. And Happy 2022!

One of your Best posts. I agree with you 100%. Loved that Sundays were a day of rest. Church, family dinners, things that matter.
Wishing you and yours a Very Happy, Healthy New Year.

Wow….You are so right with how we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by technology, haste & self fulfilling journeys. You made so many key points. Some of my friends & I were talking about issues you brought up last night. How can we ever simplify & rediscover and show the younger generations. I hope it is not too late. I hope these thoughts & ideas are not discarded. We as people need to not let politicians, technology & the quest for profit & selfishness reduce us. Peace & civilty❤️

Brava to you for boldly expressing what I believe so many think. I am 48 but consider myself an old soul.

To see the changes that have taken place in the last 10 years actually depresses me.

For Thanksgiving several of my little nieces and nephews all under 14 could not get off their phones and iPads until my husband collected all of them and said they would not see them until the end of the night.

There were protests and cries but within a few minutes they forgot about them and everyone agreed it was the best decision of the day!

Agree with ALL of this! and yes to the ban on hideous PJ pants and Ugg boots in public places,😊😊

Happy New Year, Tina!! I love this post because you expressed what so many of us think every single day. When I observe things around me I often think to myself that all these new inventions have made life more difficult instead of easier. As you mentioned just using a tv has become a trying source of frustration, why does it take so long to turn on? And what about the washing machine that doesn’t open so you can add another item or fill to the top with nice hot water, the car radio that has no dials, the dishwasher that runs for 3 or 4 hours, the light bulbs that our own Edison invented being replaced by expensive Chinese garbage( where did 3-way go?) and the supermarket coupon kiosk or phone app??? I’ve even heard young people complain about these so it isn’t an age thing, for sure, it’s an inventor and government regulation thing! UGH! All this makes my head spin. Hey, I feel better now, thanks for letting me vent! I think some of your beautiful posts and products are in order to soothe my sorry soul this year and so with that thought, I look forward to this year being a very good one as long as we can continue to let it all out occasionally! Wishing you good health. ( as I sit here with a slight Omicron sniffle!) success, and happiness in 2022!

I agree completely with every observation you made. I long for my black and white world of innocence, respect and manners of my childhood. Even the pandemic didn’t make my circle of friends use their phones for the purpose Alexander Graham Bell invented it. Type, type, type – so empty… The world so needs a dose of Emily Post! I will never adjust to filling out forms that ask “sex at birth” and “sex you identify as”. It’s so confusing and lonely now.

I agree with everything that you said. Having retired from a major airline and witnessed the demise of style and civility of the passengers, I found it a reflection of the change in attitude of Americans. I am disheartened by the direction of our government and the values of what we are led to believe is “ mainstream “.

Bravo! You completely nailed it! Thank you for your honesty, candor and putting it out there. We do need to pause and reflect but most of all take time to realize that in all the madness in the world, we have a lot to be thankful for. Happy healthy new year!

Thank you! You are putting into words the feelings I’ve had, as well. I’m hoping the responses you get are in agreement..that you find there are more who feel the same. I do have hope. Hope that we get back to some of our “old ways” knowing that there is a happy medium. Kindness is number one. Putting others first. Having faith. It’s my hope and prayer that good comes from these times. I think you may have started the dialogue. I hope, anyway. Thank you for sharing your words. For using your platform to share your hopes and dreams. Blessings to you and a happy new year, too💕

Agree with absolutely everything you said! Technology is great, but is not helping the fiber of America.

Bravo,Tina!!! What a wonderful,thoughtful post! You have expressed my thoughts perfectly ,and so appreciate your doing so. Please continue this good work! Happiest of New Years to you and your family,

I totally agree with you. Corporate America doesn’t care about the people. It’s all about money and power. I’m sure there are cures for many diseases, including cancer, that we will never see. There is no big money in them. Example: Covid. They create the disease so then they can create a very expensive vaccine, when other therapeutics would help. HCQ costs about a dollar a pill, but it was banned for no good reason.
It’s so disheartening, but if we could stick together and not buy into all this division they want to create we would be so much more powerful. Sorry, I’m so frustrated. Bless you.

Sadly, your thoughts are also the things that I worry about. I’ll add to your list my worry about what has happened to us when our culture is consumed with the idol worship of actors and others in the entertainment business as idols, when the giant media business is not just “for profit” but no longer provides unbiased reporting, but only slanted news to a gullible audience, when decision makers at all levels are guilty of abandoning leadership responsibilities for ‘the common good’ for personal gain or promotion. I, too, could go on and on. I was always a optimistic person, but at the age of 88, unless there is marked change, the future looks bleak for the country.

So glad you posted this. You are not alone ! I am sure most people feel the same way ,we all just feel helpless in making a change !

Thank You for putting into writing how many others feel. As a society, we have lost one basic thing that has negatively impacted so many facets of our lives. Basic decency

I agree wholeheartedly with all your concerns! My only consolation is being thankful I was raised in a time of civility to others, and not this era of meanness and “I have a right to say blah, blah, blah”, and carry around whatever implement I chose to intimidate you … yada, yada. Ugh.
Then add the endless technology, which in my mind has done more harm than good. It’s turned our society into soulless robots. I feel terribly for the little ones of today being raised with a phone attached to them like an appendage, and missing so much of the sweetness we remember growing up. I am older than you, and every day I thank my lucky stars for growing up in the 50’s. Sure, we had issues even back then, but never to gutter level humanity has devolved to today. Sweet memories, yet sadness for a time gone by. It’s hard to have hope for the future as things stand today.
Anyway, thank you, Tina, for voicing what so many of us feel as we reflect on yet another year gone by.
Wishing you and yours a very Happy and healthy 2022!

Love, respect, honesty, personal responsibility, kindness, caring, giving and beauty should envelop our lives. It’s quite simple but the collective “we” are losing sight of these. Your feelings, Tina, mirror those of our generation. Sadly, many younger people will never know the pure joy we had growing up. Maybe at some point “everything old will be new again”. All the best to you and yours in 2022.

Amen on all points. Thank you for putting all those wonderful thoughts out there for us to ponder. I couldn’t have said it better!! Whew! I feel better after reading and will save to reread when I need a refresher 🙂
Happy New Year! 🥂🙏

Cheers to you ! Thank you for articulating what a lot of us feel. Happy and Healthy 2022 to you and to your family.

AMEN 100% to EVERYTHING you shared!!!!! I’m about the same age as you, and kudos to you for saying what we already all vent about between our friends! Make no apologies, ever! At least we have the memories of a busy dialtone, family dinner with no telephones, and no computers and or handheld devices, playing outside with her friends, etc. I miss the 70’s and 80’s! Happy 2022 to you and yours family!

When one takes no pride in their individual appearance and goes along with the herd mentality that is when governments find it easy to take control of your life and that is exactly what is happening. The effort it takes to buy, care for, and put on nice clothes is lost. Teenaged girls walk around in nothing more than black tights and sports bras and you are so right about the PJ’s, sweats, and athletic wear. There is no reason to dress up anymore, fine dining is gone in restaurants, which is so very sad, If you’re lucky enough to live near NYC, which I am you may find a place where a couple can dress up for a night out, but long gone are the days of the lovely piano player, white tablecloth and tuxedo-wearing waiter! How sad that my granddaughter will not know what it is like to look forward to getting all dressed up for a beautiful night out with her beau dancing the night away because dancing is dead too! At Christmas, my son asked me how our generation knew how to do dances like the waltz, polka, and cha cha and why we never taught his generation. It was an interesting conversation and a sad one too, but I live in hope that things will turn around someday. God willing.

100%! And we ALL need to start saying these things out loud and often. Let’s take back this crazy world and speak up for decency!

Just a note the charming 1856 Country Store in the photograph is actually in Centerville, Ma. It is as charming inside out.

I enjoyed reading this post. I agree.. Actually I viewed Instagram this week but decided not to post. I just wanted a little break. Happy New Year! I hope it’s a good one for all.

Thanks Tina for today’s post. You expressed beautifully our collective frustrations with technology. One to add and one of my pet peeves – surveys – after receiving a service or product. The Enchanted Home requires no survey it is always Five Stars. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I agree with many of the things you said and can only hope and pray for better things ahead! Enjoy and your family, friends and all that is good! xxoo

Ditto, ditto and ditto. May the new year bring us all back to the basics and may we smile more, look people in the eye and make them feel encouraged. . Oh and when traveling, look our best. It all goes a long way to living a quality life. Thanks Tina for all of the reminders. I think we were raised by the same moms.

Well said!! I agree with it all – except, I never say ‘old-fashioned’. It sounds so old. I always say ‘old school’. Subtle difference. I know but at my age – every bit helps in this world. Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts with us. . Wishing you all the best!!

I am right there with you by dating myself. I miss manners, truly caring for one another without a paid benefit, verbal conversations, eye to eye contact, and most of all – HUGS. Being a southern girl I was raised to do all of the right things without
being told more than a couple of times. I am thankful that I still carry those values and manners. My goal every day is to do
one kind deed for someone whether it is a friend, family member, or a stranger. Thank you for reviving those thoughts and
memories and stirring many thoughts.

Dear Tina,
Thank you for saying what a lot of us are thinking, I worry so about the world our grandchildren will live in

I wholeheartedly agree with this post Tina. That airport outfit you described, a girl wore that in the office and raised the biggest ruckus when she was asked to go home and change. She quit instead of changing her clothing. I’m an old fashion fuddy duddy to many but that’s ok. I rather be that way than what they have become. 😉

Happy New Year Tina. I agree with you on so many fronts. I am not tech savvy at all, and also wish for a remote with an on-off switch, volume control and channel changer. I do not know how to even turn on the televisions in my home. Our society is going downhill fast, and it is so sad.

Thank you, Tina, for expressing in such an eloquent way what is on my mind. I often say to myself, it’s as though all Americans are depressed, they seem to not care about reality, at all! My Mother was also a very proper lady and often said to me and my siblings, “lead by example and display the behavior you want to see in others.” If she only knew now just how challenging that is with the young. Happy New Year and thank you for all of the beauty you share in your blog!

I just finished reading your email & wholeheartedly agree with you !!!
May 2022 be all that we wish it will be. It’s up to us to slow down the pace “ & smell the roses “.
As individuals only we can make the choices. And make it a joyous & special year.

Your best truth telling post ever, Tina! You articulated what sooo many of your followers feel, but may or may not wish to share. You have a forum and you used it well to throw light on our spiral into an abysmal way of life. The human species is a tribal one, meant to connect and relate to one another. When the connection is broken the destruction and demise is not far behind. Empathy and kindness are victims in this technological world. The two integral human traits we should all aspire to not only have, but practice as second nature. You have shown yourself to be one of those special human beings! Thank you for this post. May it be a reminder to us all of how short our time on earth is and how better off we’d all be, spending our allotted time relating and helping our fellow man. Health and Happiness in the New Year to you and yours, Tina.

Thank you, I couldn’t agree more. I would add children being taught good manners and applying them.

Amen! You a spot on, and I don’t think your out of line with anything you wrote. We all look around and wonder what happened to the world we grew up in, I’m all for progress but what happen to civility, Let’s hope this new year will bring back some of what we are missing. Happy New Year.

Well stated. Bringing back even a sprinkling of civility would be wonderful. That with a sizable dose of common sense. How seemingly intelligent people fall for so much of the nonsense generated via some social media is beyond puzzling. One other thing I wish for 2022, we don’t lose more newspapers. Yes, it may seem antiquated, but turning the pages of a newspaper is so good. The art of reading it, one article at a time is a guiltless pleasure. The same thing with books. Reading devices are great, especially for children dragged down with bulbous backpacks. Yet turning each page of a real book is wondrous.

Happy 2022 and please continue to give us your thoughts. You inform, inspire and entertain and I look forward to each post.

I so agree with all you had to say and the most frightening thing to me is what kind of lives our children and grandchildren will be living in the future. There seems to be so much anger and evil in the world today, there are no discussions, just arguments and fights. Our children aren’t taught simple basics in school anymore, they’ve gotten rid of civics classes and history. Ask anyone in their 20’s and they can’t tell you the way our government works or the history of our country. They don’t know who our government officials are and think nothing of erasing the history they don’t understand (monuments). We loved living in the south because people seemed so much kinder and good manners were expected and practiced. Sad to say, as our city has grown with transplants, a lot of those qualities are going away. It seems that there’s too much emphasis on the superficial (selfies, etc) and the sensational. It’s all pretty depressing!

Totally agree with your post. I have one of your bowl on the entryway table for phones when I have family/friends over for meals. I never hear any negativity about losing the phone for a few hours. Quite an adjustment for the teenaged grandchildren, but they have adjusted to it.

Tina, thanks for the VENT! I agree with most, if not all of your rants! My latest rant is that I tuned in to see the ball drop on Times Square, earlier enough to see and hear some of the GARBAGE!!! It is duly noted that some may call it entertainment!!!!!!!!! I think it is a disgrace to allow certain language and near nudity on TV. It brought to memory the New Years’ Eves that I spent watching and listening to Guy Lombardo and his orchestra’s beautiful music. There was no vulgar language and there were no costumes that had you wondering if there would be a costume “malfunction!” In the years in between then and now, there have been many entertaining New Year’s Eve parties that didn’t make one gasp at the off-color remarks.

I agree with you! But I am an old fashion lady! A big thank you note writer. To me manners are so important!
Happy New Year to you ,your family and all who work for you!

Thank you for putting a lot of our thoughts into words. It’s very concerning our world has come to a lot of acceptance of rude behavior along with the political side of insanity. Most will comment it’s because of my age you see things differently. I would disagree with that fact .Technologies certainly have not helped our fast passed lives. Like most things it’s been abused. There is something to be said about a simpler life. You have said so much of what we’re all thinking. Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy your family .

I agree with everything on this post! I know it sad but I don’t have much hope for the future…… the hatred I see all around us is freighting and so sad. I pray that things get better. Thank you for sharing,

Amen to all you have said. And I wish everyone a safe and happy new year as well. And thank you for your blog, it brings me some comfort in this crazy life.


Happy New Year friend. I agree with the sentiment of your post. The civility in society is absolutely disheartening. Because of our devices it is much easier to objectify people and therefore to treat them poorly. I’d like to think that this technology will have a big upside and as you know it has in many ways.

My background is in technology and I am a developer – . A person who codes to simplify processes and reduce errors. However, I think it is imperative that we learn that behind any technology or any process that has been created there’s a person at the other end of all of these things. That seems to have been forgotten.

One of the reasons for so many of the beautiful things on your site is because it’s a call to bring people together to share and to have a shared experience. The beautiful dishes, the exquisite ornaments, the beautiful linens et al, are designed to take people back to a simpler life; One in which we interact and get to know more about each other. We should not have to find out big events from our friends from a post on a website.

I got married on December 18 and probably one of the most difficult things for me was to send an invitation electronically! Practically, it had to do with timing and threading the “Covid needle“ of opportunity – six weeks to plan and have a formal wedding. However, I made sure that at wedding and reception there was plenty of Printed keepsakes. When I ordered my thank you notes I ensured that they would be put on beautiful paper. I was able to find a site to capture my signature across the top, along with my new initials. I will sit down to write each “Thank you“ and enclose a photograph of my husband Cameron and me. I will also attempt to include a picture of my husband and me with the particular guest and take the time to write a sentiment about what it meant to us that they came out with on chilly night, days before Christmas.

I should say it was precious to see all of our grandchildren dressed up in formalwear… the girls had navy organza dress and fur capes and shoes that were shiny with beautiful socks and big bows in their hair, and little boys had suits and ties and hard shoes. They walked down the aisle to the Christmas canon. I cannot like wait to see the video. There was not a dry eye the house and the 38 guest all said it was the most beautiful and intimate affair they had attended. Yes and we want a bit traditional and had a wonderful friend with a resounding voice sing “Ave Maria.” We learned that bigger does not mean better – it’s the quality of friends, the intimacy and the vulnerability we were all willing to have that made the experience.

So here I am at 60 years old and I have never felt more loved and more beautiful as I did on my wedding day. The experiences in that room provided so much hope. The speeches the people gave were magnificent. People who had had Covid, and my dear nephew who nearly died spoke and had incredible things to say about their near death experiences. He’s a fire captain in Los Angeles and A member of his team was the first fire fighter to die of Covid. The stories told, the vulnerability had people who did not know each other become fast friends.

So this is when technology played a major role – , the numbers that were exchanged the friendships that were made on social media, the plans that are being made moving forward really made connections. So many of the young people who were there are in college or about to graduate met with “super professionals” who were there and they were able to meet them and talk with them about opportunities.

Let’s use technology to meet them, young or old, where they are and our prowess and expertise of creating lasting relationships could hand shake them to a better time and a better way to experience humanity and People. It is imperative.

Thank you for your site Tina as I have my formal first Sunday brunch each month, people look forward to it because it is an opportunity to go back and touch the humanity in each person and create connections.

So here’s to 2022 and creating new and deeper relationships so that we learn… Remember… To love our fellow man.

Somehow I really don’t think that the good lord or God, Allah or the good energy of the universe (the Source) cares how we look, or the political party we belong to, what country we live in or any of that stuff. I do think that he or she cares about how we love each other.

So here’s to love!

Be kind to yourself and love, love, love. Happy new year everyone.

Cellphones are a blessing and a curse. Love to see us put them down and interact with each other more. Wondering what the future will hold on them and relationships.

This is your best email yet. Thank you from all of us who agree with you, and that will be many, I am sure. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” I’d like to hear more like this from you.

Thank you so much for sharing, I agree completely! We need to love one another and that is reflected in everything we say and do. We may not be able to change the entire world but we can change what we do and how we react to things and pray that catches on and others follow suit.

I think we are all ready to have a little “rant” about how we see society these days. I have a new one for you. I let my hair go to its natural color about 6 months ago. I have hair that grows extremely fast, 1/2 and inch in 4 weeks. The hair around my face is white and has been since my mid 40’s. After 2 weeks I had roots. I have always appeared younger than my age. However with the change in my hair I am suddenly treated differently. Since it literally took 6 months to grow my hair out; I find it hard to believe that I look that much older. It is shocking how differently I’m treated. The way we treat older people in this country is not right. To worship youth is so counterproductive.

Tina, lovely post~I whole heartedly agree~you are spot on. I sometimes think~”as wonderful as technology is, I LIKED our world better before we had it”. Happy New Year!

Wow Tina, that was a great read! Thanks for sharing what so many of us feel, we need a renaissance of morals, manner, culture and spirituality in our country!

I agree but the sad part is, this is all part of the ‘elites’ “agenda” to turn us into their zombies. They introduced these devices to keep us occupied and lose our human connections. They are poisoning our kids minds’ with demonic music, filthy “reality shows” and garbage school curriculums… they are after our kids 100%. They get people hooked on movies, shows, music and sports to keep them distracted from what’s really going on. They poison our food, our air and our bodies with additives, preservatives, flouride, chemtrails, medications and vaccines and the government DOES NOT care about us, they are in bed with whoever pays them the most. We live in scary times. Hope everyone has a healthy blessed year.

Thank you for expressing what all of your readers/customers think! I scrolled through the comments and EVERYONE is in agreement. It makes me feel so sad. I (73 years) work with young people who have NO idea about the way life used to be in this country just a few short years ago. They are the losers and they don’t even know it.

I agree with everything you point out, except the government dictating to restaurants about cell phones. Less government, more freedom for me. Now if a restaurant wants to make it their own policy on that and insist that their customers focus on the food and experience and not their devices, that’s great with me. But government generally cannot control our lives for the better. I suggest the book Hormegeddon by Bill Bonner. He explores the notion
that while a little of something may be good for you (government for example), in excess, it is a disaster.

Tina! This is exactly how I feel. I was hoping after the enforced slow down of quarantine, that people would want to stick to a slower-paced life but we’ve ramped right back up to constant activities and demands. As we embark on a new year, my focus is on strengthening the relationships that are important to me and not letting social media play such a large role in my everyday life. I love reading your blog, especially your Seven on Sunday. I try to stay cozy in my bed and enjoy a little interlude of beautiful things!

I agree with every word of yours as well as the excellent points made by your subscribers. Thank you for providing this important forum! My only contribution to all the excellent observations is to say that I, for one, will try to eradicate or lessen as best I can whatever is in my means to do. I’ve decided to “up the anti” on how I dress when I go out the door, to read more, and to bring God as much as I can into the lives of my little grandchildren, as well as into my own. It’s amazing how reading about the saints each morning has had an impact on my life, helping me sort the important from the needless. Children today are in the world of social media. We need to rescue them out as best we can! And to pray.

Thank you having read. All the comments there are a lot of us grieving for our children and society Bless you and yours in 2022. It has to get better



Oh my goodness, I feel like I was looking over your shoulder as you wrote this post, agreeing with every single thought and rememberance you touched on. My husband and I often look at each other and say we just don’t recognize the world we live in! We were always complimented on our children’s good manners, but I don’t feel the grandchildren are being taught the same way. It’s very hard not to be judgmental in society today, but as a Christian I try not to judge. I really miss the proper manners and way to dress etc. I will not conform to anything that goes against my beliefs! I wish all on this post a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I completely agree with you Tina. Last night was the epitome of how déclassé American society has become on the New Years Eve tv shows. It was drunk hosts, raunchy performances, barely clothed entertainers. I kept flipping around, generally getting more depressed by the minute. I promptly turned it off after the ball drop and cannot wait until I can socialize properly after Covid calms down one day! I have high hopes for 2022! If anything, it’s a cool number!

Thank you for your “rant”. I agree with all you said. It’s comforting to know so many feel the same way. I believe we must lead by example; civility, manners, kindness. We need to speak up and no longer be the silent majority. It’s up to us to stop the insanity. May 2022 bring health and happines to all.


Many good thoughts here, however it is NOT the job of government to impose good breeding and manners on its citizens. This is the job of parents and family. Think about it: Once you give that power to government, those in power (with whom you may or may not agree) will undoubtedly start to impose “their version” of etiquette. And what, my dear and beloved blogger, will you do when their version is in opposition to your own? What if those in power suddenly decide, for instance, that it is rude to post photos of private parties? Those of us who read your blog and love those photos would be deprived of seeing the beautiful photos of tables, flowers from parties you and others have hosted. Or what if the decision is made that it is rude to sell pretty home decor on line that only some can afford or find attractive? Or to post photos of your beautiful horse, when there are those who may want a horse do not have one? Or what if they decide that it is rude to have a Blue and White Club on a blog without having a Beige and Brown Club or Pink and Green Club? Think it is impossible? Just give government an inch and it will take a mile! You would not like having others decide for you and your family what is rude and what is not, when your views are not the same of those in control.

We will find happiness and be less frustrated by (in the words of preacher Joyce Meyers) being “stingy with [our] criticism. Everyone is not like you. Give them some space.” “Seek and pursue peace”. (Psalms 34:14) Surely there are things that, even you with the such great knowledge of manners, have done something that others find rude. My goodness, even the Queen of England, who let’s face it, has impeccable breeding, has probably upset a subject or two by her rebuffing them! Let us all remember that we, none of us, are perfect and in pointing a finger at someone else, three fingers point back to ourselves!

Many people are more than capable of showing good breeding when we want to do so. And in the case of those who are lacking, I find that an outlook of gratitude puts an end to the frustration you are feeling. The next time you are bothered by someone’s behaving as you think a common boor would, try thinking this : “Gosh I am so fortunate that my children and spouse know that it is rude to use a cell phone at the table and that they do not take photos constantly of every single thing they see.”

You will be amazed at how your frustrations will melt away and your joy will grow!

Love your blog.

I totally agree with EVERY word. Thank you so much!!
Love your shop and your amazing staff.
Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

I totally agree with everything you have written. I often wonder what has happened to our country. I hope 2022 brings much happiness and health to everyone. Let’s start taking back our county. It’s worth fighting for

Tina I agree with EVERYTHING you said today! We have a five year old grandson and I worry about him growing up in this environment of technology. I am in real estate in CA and I found that it is very unwise to converse via email or text if there is a problem with a client. Best to handle it directly in person and if that isn’t possible at least by phone.

Words of Wisdom…. teach by example. We can only hope our world will soon wake up and the nightmare will be over. Agree with a lot of your opinions. We need to crash sometimes in order to be put back together again. Let’s hope and pray.

I appreciate and respect everything you voiced. Too much has been lost that future generations will not ever have the privilege of experiencing. Things need to change and each of us need to be where the change begins. Respect for others has become a lost value.

Happy New Year!!

You have just put into words how I have been feeling lately. Watching “Don’t Look Up” on Netflix the other night made me realize how far we have fallen. Thank you for this post!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I rant the same things. The frustrating this is we are not alone I am certain most are like us we just don’t speak up. Hoping 2022 brings people to their senses.

Ms. Tina , amen to all of the above. The only thing overlooked was Sundays are for God and thanksgiving for what God does for us 24/7. When I was 2 my mother had polo, every Sunday my extended family came to our home to visit with our family , so many wonderful memories. This Christmas my seven year old grandson was given a cellphone. When my son and his family arrived my grandson had very little interaction with us and his father said nothing to discourage the phone. Next year, if there is one, please remain home and will send a check since that’s all people care about.

Happy New Year! Keep up the awesome work; I love your postings, pictures, wise words!👏🎉

Thank you for such an honest dialogue. After months of isolation and anxiety we are desperate for hope. We crave civility, kindness and belonging. Our youth especially are in need of compassion, connection, and meaning. I think that’s why the Vermont house in snow and the country store photos are so compelling. They speak of gracious, simple living. They whisper “Slow down, have faith, better times are coming.”

Well said, I agree on all points, the degradation of our culture and lack of civility are tragic. Somehow we let this happen. That said, ahappy New Year!

You beautifully and skillfully expressed my thinking on your variety of topics. There is too much government in our lives and too many falsehoods expressed on many of the daily news shows and papers. I always believed the truth was the truth but lies are easily spread and many willingly accept the lies without digging deeper and researching issues. We are witnessing the dumbing down in America, especially in our children and their education. Finally parents are waking up and demanding the nonsense be removed and standing up for a quality education. Thanks to these shutdowns, parents are realizing quality in their kids education is waning. There are some excellent teachers but the union rules and crew more about politics than about our children. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs. In this woke culture, it takes courage to publicly voice your opinions. Bravo and Happy New Year!!

Tina – I fully agree with your opinions 200% !! Civility is sadly missing, and dehumanization will never be beneficial. May 2022 find illumination by our thoughtful gestures, both large and small.

Picked up my quite elderly aunt at the airport. She was chatting about the flight, and said
she found herself longing for the days when air travel was glamorous and something for which she planned her outfit, etc. “I know the world has changed,” she said, “but some of those people looked like they had just come in from mowing their yards!”

Wow! I have just read through the responses you have here – your post definitely hit a nerve with so many of your followers. One of the best things perhaps that we all can do is be good examples ourselves. Show kindness, have patience, try and understand our own expectations and judgments. Stop using language that does not create a good example for our kids and grandkids – (I have banned the “H” word (hate) – whether it be for Brussel sprouts or directed about a person – and we have banned all foul language, even though it seems to common language out there these days – we explain to our grandkids that the English is comprised of so many words – surely you must be able to find other words to express yourself without resorting to foul language!) Have Sunday dinners, dress up and be polite and start positive discussions with your kids and grandkids (we play a game at dinner where one person asks a question – it can be as simple as a favourite colour, flower or candy – or as complicated as – who is the one person in your life – besides a family member – who has inspired or mentored you) and everyone around the table has to answer and the next person has to ask a question and we go around the table.. Boy, have we all learned a lot about each other and it is a game that all ages can be involved in.) Teach your grandchildren about good graces at the table – I always tell them they will appreciate it when the time comes that they have to go to a girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s house for dinner one day. When they ask what we want for a birthday or Christmas gift, I tell them we want the gift of time and experience with them. As most of us following you are more mature, shall I say, we have to remember that there is a lot we can do to set an example by how we live, what we do and what we say. Our kids in our lives get a lot of influence from lots of places as it does take a village to raise a child, but we have to remember that we all are part of that as well. They all seem to enjoy being with us as they keep coming back:)

Tina, it was a great post to get all these responses! Happy New Year and all the best in 2022!

Happy New Year Tina and to all who read this blog !! I’m guessing that we are all like minded ! I love the items sold here ! I am putting away Christmas decorations today and took a break to read this truthfully lpp

I agree with what you are saying and I think the best way to come together is through your local church.

Very well said – I am exhausted by the lack of civility in our USA culture today. Even nice pretty soft neighborhoods have turned into “Star Wars” or look like “Wally World” Yes, Less is More❤️🇺🇸💙

One question: Did I write this? You so articulately expressed how I feel about so many of these issues! I sometimes think that the world is spinning our of control & I worry about how much longer I can hold on without being thrown into the abyss. Thank you so much for putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) & expressing what so many of us feel. I think we long for a gentler, nicer society, not this crazy ‘wokism’ that is strangling us.

Unfortunately, so many kids are following in their parent’s example. So many people in the 20s-40s age group on Instagram are obsessed with filters and their instagram and facebook are filled with endless pictures of them dressed in various outfits and their homes (most if them in trendy faux farmhouse all white style). This obsession with their looks and the ridiculously long fake eyelashes is comical and sad. These so-called “influencers” are simply marketing for companies—one account has touted 3 different vacuum cleaners in the past 6 months—each one being “the best vacuum I have ever used” she says. I NEVER use a coupon code for a discount off any Instagram account because I refuse to enrich the person slogging the merchandise. There is a type of person on Instagram who professes to “love” their followers in order to make money and it makes me cringe. The children are watching this fake value system and are being damaged. Then there is the group on Instagram who are obviously well heeled and just want to show off the interiors of their homes, their jewelry, their clothing, etc. My mother would have called it unmitigated bragging and in very bad taste. I am glad my daughter was brought up before social media and spent her time at the farm with her horses. It was a much more wholesome time.

You live in NY so the crazy talk you spout doesn’t surprise. You fell for the medcial industrial propanganda to get experimentally injected. So that may acccount for your confusion. And you peddle crpp from our enemy the CCP all day long. Yoiu are part of the problem.

Happy New Year to you! I don’t know if it’s being somewhere around the same age, or something else, but the voice inside my head was with you on every rant! Less and less interaction with people may be more productive, although not in my case, but it continues to isolate us. It doesn’t afford us the opportunity to practice, in person, everyday kindness and patience, which helps us to grow and gives us practice at becoming better people, and possibly most importantly gives others an example of how it’s done. I appreciate your point of view and your amazing store, blog, Instagram et al. Thank you for bringing us so much beauty and inspiration.

Agree, agree, agree and it all starts at home! From tiny homes to glamorous homes, kindness, manners, respect for self and others, personal responsibility, dignity, hard work, integrity, compassion and a whole lot of love are what’s needed in our world. And it would really be nice if all view points could be heard, expressed, and discussed in a civil manner. Thank you for creating a space for beauty that we can all share!

ANEN!! 100% agree on all points. Thank you for making me not feel like a lonely petunia in an onion patch! Yes I am a southern girl through and through. Hats and white gloves on Easter Sunday. Good manners a must! And don’t even get me started on wardrobe! As a wardrobe and make up consultant, I always say it’s just as easy to put on a good looking outfit is it is an ugly one! You can dress properly and comfortably. If you don’t know how find someone to help you! The most alarming fact is why did your opinion become silenced if you didn’t agree with the narrative? I am opinionated and thankful that I live in the greatest country on the planet where we experience more freedoms than any other society. May God bless America. Happy New Year!!

Agree with so much of what you share here! Can only add it is disheartening that post-Sandyhook, post Oxford, post, post, post, we are seemingly immobilized in addressing gun issues in our country..

While I don’t disagree with much of what you said here, we have to realize that invention and innovation always come with unintended consequences. And while the “good old days” were good for some, they weren’t for many. How many of us would be willing to give up social media, our cell phones, cable TV and the Internet? The key is common sense and civility. I still see much of that in my daily life, perhaps because it’s what I try to practice. Here’s to a safe and healthy new year for all!


I agree with all you’ve written, I don’t mind being called old-fashioned. Please have a great new year!

As one of my favorite quotes from Steve Martin’s movie Blue Heaven. “You are not alone, you’re really not alone.” Many of your opinions are shared by your readers. One top of everything in 2021, Betty White left us to join her heavenly husband yesterday.
Mask up gals, this ain’t over yet.
To a better 2022

Absolutely agree with your comments 100%! We could be standing on the same soapbox! It truly is disgraceful and terribly sad to watch what is happening in our world and especially to our beautiful country.. and be completely powerless to do anything about it. So tempted to add my additional thoughts, but will restrain myself .. for now. Believe me.. you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings. And there are many of us out there who feel the same.

Amen! I to was raised by parents and grandparents who taught us manners. Please and thank you were taught before we could speak. Not interrupting someone who is speaking, holding a door,letting the women go first or holding out the seat for her. Putting a smile on your face when you are being served at a store or restaurant. Not hard things, just thoughtful of someone who is serving you.Parents need to respect others and their children will see their example and copy it. The way parents speak to each other and the way they speak to their children should be with respect and kindness. I my self am going to Mass this evening with my family. I have so much to be grateful for. Health and peace in our family and community. I will pray hard for all the people who lost family members and homes in the storms.God bless us. Thank you so much for making me realize how grateful I am for all my blessings!

I agree completely with EVERYTHING Tina said and it really feels great not feeling alone. I can contribute to the pajama pants thing-I see people come into the grocery stores with bedroom slippers and pajamas on! Who told people this was acceptable?? not only that but I was driving home after grocery shopping in time to see a teenage girl come out of her house in her panties and a tee shirt to retrieve something from the driveway!!! We are losing our culture and civilization and standards are becoming lower and lower-very, very distressing.

I am old and old fashioned. I agree with you Tina on allofyour thoughts. It will be interesting to see where the world heads next. I hope America can return.

Wow! Kudos to you and your long spiel, every word of which I told agree! Now, don’t get ME started or I’ll never shut up on these topics. Really and truly (as a cherished cousin used to say), I’ve relished the “enforced home imprisonment” due to the current pandemic. I’ve learned what hygge really is all about — lots of time to read and write — and nap — and avoid unpleasant behaviors/dress/speech. Besides, it’s been safer, although we’re finally immunized and boosted. Happy New Year to you and your family!

I agree, Tina, with all your comments. American’s divisive behavior over the past few years is a personal, a country, and a worldwide embarrassment. The “media” isn’t to blame, as there are many great newscasters, journalists and newspapers in the U.S. (yes the printed kind) where truth and scientific facts are printed each day. Also, there are many TV news channels to choose from. May I suggest reading and watching several of these sources to become aware of diverse subjects and points if view? We shouldn’t be the CNN vs FOX country we seem to have become.

Love your blog!
I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but I must say, I agree with most everything you’ve said here wholeheartedly. (Government intervention excluded). My mother worked hard to teach my sister and me how to live and strive to be the salt of the earth. It’s the difference in being alive and really living together. Best wishes for a beautiful 2022!

All I have to say is AMEN! Sums up my feelings exactly! Happy New Year and you go girl, I am with you all the way🙂👍

I so agree with all you say. I feel these lockdowns and fears that are being instilled in us have made people so angry. Frustrated. Hateful. And depressed. It’s time to start living again. I’m 69 and I don’t want these years moving forward to be as the past two years have been No one will ever ever ever tell me I can’t see my family or grandkids again. My grandkids do have time limits on screen time. They write thank you notes for gifts they receive. They were dressed to the nines for the holidays. My 12 year old grandson goes to dances at his junior high where they are being taught how to dance. So,etc,es I do see a little hope through them.

I agree with you! Thanks for posting this for everyone to see. It’s nice to know that there are many of us who have the same thoughts.

What a spot-on post. I totally agree with your observations and my hope is that we can turn this around. Return to kindness and appreciation for family, friends…smiling and thanking those who hold that door or pass us
on the street. It means so much.
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns. After reading your comments, it is clear that we all agree. Best wishes to you and your family as we enter a new year.

This post really hit home to me. My husband died of a tragic heart attack in the middle of our downtown community. He was driving the car and we were stopped at a stop sign. As collapsed over all I knew to do was scream to people standing outside a restaurant waiting to get in. I screamed fir someone to call 911 cause I didn’t want to leave him. I look over and a guy is videoing the whole thing. I was dumbfounded how someone could be so heartless.

Couldn’t have been said better. I am from Adelaide, South Australia and that’s exactly how things are here. Kindness is another thing missing. People are becoming more about me, me, me.
You have inspired me to also write personal notes this year.

Civility, morality and personal responsibility left the building long ago. It’s very sad, especially for the younger generation. Their minds are being poisoned and they’re left without any self-respect because of living a virtual, unrealistic life through social media. But please rethink your position about government being the solution. The government is in bed with social media as much as Wall Street which is how society was hoodwinked into this mess. Individual freedom and responsibility is what needs to be stressed. Those good old days a lot of us miss, would never have thought about behaving as so many do today and those who did screw up were looked down upon rather than glorified. My adult children tell me it’s the parents who are addicted to their devices and, unfortunately, their children then see that behavior as normal. I’m so grateful my children aren’t blinded by the decay of society because they’re teaching our grandchildren proper civility but I worry about the future world they’ll be subjected to if the status quo continues.

Not only is everything open on Sunday but the statistics of how few go to church now is disheartening (pre-Covid). I believe it’s a contributing factor to all of the self-indulgent behaviors we see today. When you lose sight of someone and something far greater than ourselves it’s an open invitation for the evils of the world to fill that void.

May the new year open our eyes and hearts!

Kudos to you. You hit so many of own “rants”. God save me from user ids and passwords. I’m constantly changing my passwords. Also, I’ve had a few medical issues recently and now have at least 15 “portals” with which to access my records. I Hate it.
The only good thing that has come from the pandemic is that I can now order online and have my groceries brought to the car. I moved to a bigger city recently and Hate the grocery store; enormous, too many choices and I can’t find Anything!!! Plus, I end up spending more.

You aren’t wrong…I’m making a concerted effort to acknowledge anyone helping me in a store, looking them in the eye and thanking them in a genuine way. They deserve it…I wouldn’t do their jobs well.

My city had a recent 100 mile an hour windstorm with trucks overturned and huge trees down…….BUT, although most of the stoplights were out, everyone and I mean everyone was so very polite at these 8 lane intersections, taking turns, waiting and acknowledging each other. It was so heartwarming, I was stunned. Why does it take a disaster for people to work together??? Thanks for listening to My rant!

Your observations are well founded. Government is not the answer. It is the social engineering by the government that has perpetuated America’s decline. Encourage people to take back their families; push back from all that destroys the family. Support parents in raising their kids in a traditional environment. Most of societies ills will fall to the back of the line. Great post.

Well said Tina! I don’t understand why American society has accepted lower and lower standards of behavior. Instead of expecting people to elevate themselves and behave in a respectful and gracious manner, we have allowed rude, egotistical, obnoxious public displays to become commonplace. I don’t know how we can change this, but I pray every day that we do. Wishing you many Blessings in the New Year.

Wow! You are so on point! I could not agree more and and you hit all my irritations, I am with you all the way. Wish more of us felt this way, the world would be a nicer place. It feels like there are too many people that only can think of themselves. Happy new year, Tina, we can hope for a kinder place in 2022.

Mother’s and Father’s need to take responsibility and correct some of these problems. They are problems for sure but NOT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL!

What a great article! I totally agree with everything you wrote and although we have been known here in the South for civility, even our region has become some of the same you speak about nationwide. Our nation (along with the world) is spinning out of control and it is sad and frightening. That is why our family has decided to wrap our selves closer, determined not to let all the outward influences tamper with our beliefs and our love for one another. It’s a shame that this has become a reality that we have to discuss but sometimes we need to revisit the things we once took for granted.

Great post. How can anyone argue with your feelings? They are your feelings just as their feelings are theirs. In my book you are right on. I feel sorry for the younger generation who do not know what a wonderful life existed for previous generations and is available to them if only they would occasionally look beyond their cell phone and their own personal interests.
What upsets me most are those people who think the world was created just for them. A very selfish way of living.
Happy New Year!

I loved reading all your comments. My feelings exactly, but you really “vented” more eloquently that I could have. Why do so many of the current series like Yellowstone, as well as others, have to use a litany of bad words constantly in every sentence?
Shame on Kevin Costner! What does profanity add to this series? Or any series? I just know this is the way people talk to each other and is quite accepted! And yes, when I go to my current medical provider as an “established” patient, get handed a tablet to fill out the forms as their receptionist staff is “overworked”. Then when I ask that my medical information be sent electronically to my email address for viewing, their reply is that “no one uses that” patient portal. Well, I do, and I told them to please send it to me for my files.
Just like setting a pretty table for the holidays….. getting out the good china (what good china), Polishing silver trays if needed, using good cloth napkins (not paper Bounty select a size). Making the occasion really nice and special to everyone attending, even if family.
And I am glad to see color reappearing in furnishings, solid wood furniture, cherished family heirlooms on display no matter how humble. Being kind to each other, writing personal notes, calling just to say they are being thought of………I can go on and on.

I needed to read all of your comments Tina….makes me think about and appreciate my relationships….as at my age, I have more time behind me than ahead of me.

Tina I agree almost 200% with everything you wrote! I’m 71 years old. It’s a given that every older generation misses what they once knew. So I accept part of my discomfort with the present state of things to that reality. The irony is that I read your whole opinion on your IG account..,,on my iPhone. So for all of us the real issue is balance, fight addiction to these devices….hit the PAUSE BUTTON daily! So that is my word for 2022…..PAUSE!!! Thank you because it’s what I need to do.

Thank you for this post! I found myself nodding along and saying “YES” to everything as I ate my breakfast. I am sure that these comments show that you are not alone. Speaking of social media – as I was watching the televised Times Square New Year’s Eve festivities at midnight, I found it odd that at 12:01 AM everybody in Times Square seemed to be TEXTING! It seems like it was just a few years ago that people showed genuine joy on their faces, hugged, kissed and sang. Now they stand there as the confetti is flying and TEXT. Ugh.

Tina, I think so many feel the same, myself included. I whole heartedly agree about the social media giants, it is shameful what is happening to our kids. Happy New Year.

Tina, your comments resonate with so many people and like you I am aghast at the way technology has now overtaken our lives and yearn for civility and kindness to return. Happy New Year!

Well said! I applaud you for making the observations and stating your opinion when most of us just roll our eyes.

Happy New Year Tina ! I do agree with you on most of that and I still write letters and send cards. Technology has improved life and communication so much also. When I first married my husband was in the Navy and the only communication when he was at sea for months was by letter (early 80s ) phone was for emergencies only. It had a romance to it but it is much easier now. Things have gone to the extreme that’s for sure. My granddaughter is 2 and loves make believe fairies in the garden and picking flowers and her dolls house. I guess computers will be introduced in the not too distant future I hope we can keep it to a minimum. I am no longer shocked when I see children at a restaurant with computers so sad I think.

I agree totally and thank you for not being too worried with political correctness which has hurt our society tremendously . As for our entertainment industry I believe in “garbage in garbage out ! “ As for closing businesses on Sunday there was a sign in one of our locally owned businesses that read “closed on Sunday , the day is worth more than the dollar !” In the end all that matters are our relationships. First and most important is our personal relationship with Jesus . May God bless you with health and contentment.

I agree with so many of your points. I am concerned about the state of the country and world for our grandchildren.
I totally understand your frustration with having to use various remotes for the tv. The media/tech company we use at home installed a Harmony remote. Yes, one remote that we can select watch tv, use dvd, watch Apple TV, or use Xbox. It it a gamechanger!!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

We definitely do not need more government interference in our lives. The government is, in large part, what is wrong with our country today. They seem to think they are our medical advisors as do celebrities, not to mention how those in office today are moving us away from America as we know it. They certainly do not need to tell us when and where we can use our personal devices. Technology can be good or bad according to how we as individuals use it. Yes, I hate to see young people consumed by it, but it’s also a way to find and reconnect with long ago friends. It puts information at our fingertips. It puts products at our fingertips (how would you sell yours, Tina) that we may not otherwise have access to. Like anything else, it has positives and negatives.
I do agree with you about the entertainment on television and the behavior and the language and the clothing the celebrities display. There seems to be no self-respect among most of them. I also agree with you about the way some people present themselves in public and what they find acceptable. I hate to see someone dressed in pajama bottoms. I hate to hear parents holler at their children or talk in mean tones to them. They wonder why their kids talk back to them in the same way.
It all goes back to values instilled in us at home by parents. I was fortunate to have loving and educated parents who cared. Morals, values, manners, social skills, etc. aren’t meant to be taught by teachers at school. It’s not our educational system that’s failing us. A lot of the unacceptable things we observe can be credited to the breakdown of the family unit and children made to feel entitled and empowered. I taught school for twenty-seven years; I saw it on a daily basis.
I try to see the good in others and will always treat others with kindness. Maybe, in some small way, I can be an example.

FYI- the 1856 Country Store (photo shown above) is located in Centerville, MA (Cape Cod) and is affectionately know as “The Penny Candy Store” by locals. I grew up about 0.3 miles from there and always loved going there for my penny candy. I’ve moved back to Cape Cod and still enjoy going in.

I love this post ❤️ So many reflections that, I know, are felt by so many. And I applaud your authenticity! Screens have given people the permission to be incredibly rude and hurtful, I appreciate your honesty and hope you delete any thing that makes you regret it. It often seems that people don’t want to be inconvenienced by doing anything that will put a dent in their unhealthy habits. So, they go on the offensive and justify why they shouldn’t try and be a better human. Somehow having a ‘right’ has become an excuse. Just my opinion:). I will tell you something that makes me shake my head all the time- all the chemicals put on landscape and all the blowers polluting moving leaves from one area to be blown back to where they were. The smell and the noise drives me crazy. What ever happened to weeding and raking lol?

Happy New Year, Tina!!! Because you gave me great advice on a new ballpoint pen some months back, I want to return the favor! We just signed up for One Password, which is a password manager. You have one superpassword – and use the website to generate strong passwords for all of the sites you visit. It takes a bit of setup (I’m just getting started), but once you have put everything there, no more different passwords to remember!!!

I agree with you, and I am worried about decency and civility going away. I’m glad you wrote what was on your mind, and so many of us feel the way you do. I hope the eventual end of the pandemic ushers in a happier, kinder and nicer society. Cheers to a better year!!


You have expressed the way so many of us feel. I hope we will all take our disdain for what is happening in our society to the ballot box. I am a customer of The Enchanted Home and will continue to be especially after reading this post! I read through almost all of the many comments and it makes me feel hopeful that so many feel exactly the same way.

Whole heartedly agree with all you stated in your post! You and I are from the same generation!

Happy New Year! Loved your post about Cell phones. Was in a meeting recently when I was lead. I asked everyone to please put away their cell phones. A couple of men got angry at me. They are in the 60’s! Crazy!

Happy New Year! After reading your post, would you like a new friend? One who was born and raised in the south, still knows how to write in cursive, sends thank you notes through the mail and often wears a cute shirt dress with wedge heels when traveling? If so, just drop me a line!🌸

Agree with everything you have written….. Smart, right to the point and so profound…… You took the words right out of my mouth….Have a pleasant day and a Happy, healthy New Year….gotta think positive!!!!!

I agree with everything you expressed, with the exception of government involvement. We need less government involvement in our lives. I would like to add one of my pet peeves to your list: total disregard for proper protocol in houses of worship. Over the last ten years I have witnessed gown ups and children wearing blue jeans with untucked shirts, people entering the sanctuary with Starbucks or Yeti cups of coffee, parents allowing children in the sanctuary with doughnuts, popcorn and beverages. One day a man actually sat down next to me on the pew in shorts and sandals! Another day I witnessed a woman in the choir eating during the sermon! People have become far too casual and behave as if they are in a movie theater. There is a definite lack of respect for dress code and behavior in houses of worship.

I so agree with you on every level. Please be the start of a trend by turning off on Sundays. Reminding people that Sunday is set aside for family. We had the best New Year’s Day because we were home with our children, grand children who were playing inside out side sharing there toys, bikes, scooters. Adults helping with dinner and working on a puzzle together. The conversations were great! Loved every minute of our family ♥️ Loved to get off of this 24 hr merry go round!

I agree with your opinions. Sadly, things which used to be so simple have become frustratingly complicated. Communicating with your doctor is a prime example.

Thank you for this post! While long, it is SO on point! Every point you mentioned is long over due being addressed, I think you are wonderful using your platform to voice these concerns. Our civilization is disintegrating by the day!

Just reading this now, couldn’t agree more with your observations! Wish more people would be exposed to your thoughts.

Your reflective blog is inspirational! You have eloquently verbalized on so many topics that so many of us have mused over for a long time.
Covid has indeed required us to slow down and although a devastating illness for many, has given us a contrast to a life that was forging ahead with little time for reflection.
It’s as though the world has had a stop watch applied and we’ve had to pause and give greater thought to where we have been and where we might want to head. in the future.
Thank you for taping into the thoughts so many of us have had.

Agree! Here’s my additions… to see common sense count for something again……it used to be in style. And one that makes me laugh a little: when someone (younger) speaks of indulging in ‘self care’ and they are actually talking about what I would deem as necessary grooming!!

I find the idea of more government intervention in our lives terrifying, rare exceptions apply. If you want to support business that close on Sunday, Chick Fil A and Hobby Lobby are a rare two. I do agree with your comments regarding a lack of civility in society, the difficulty of using the tv remote(s) and the challenges of airline travel. Best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and blessed 2022.

Agree with much of what you opine here. Not all, but quite bit. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home here. I very much enjoy when you share recipes and and table scapes. I also am touched every time I get to the bottom of a post and see dear Teddy. Hoping that this year brings peace and joy for all.

Agree with every single word! Thank you! Refreshing to know I am not alone in these opinions/values! Happy New Year! I love your posts and beautiful homes!! XO

I agree with every single one of your points. In my opinion, the minute our schools and government decided to ban public prayer, the ten commandments, and to take God out of off everything our country started to slide backwards.. Not only do most people never think of God, they never think of others.

You can’t be serious about wanting the government to tell you when and where you can use your phone! I do agree with a lot of the things you said but this is America, our individual rights are sacred. We can communicate with whoever we want- whenever we want.

I agree with you on every point. There has been a rapid lowering of standards throughout the country during the last few years, and our culture seems to be deteriorating before our eyes. It saddens me to see. There are lots of challenges, of course, but the collapse of the nuclear family is, in my opinion, the biggest part of the problem. We need to prioritize families and instill values in our children that will help them navigate the world and contribute to its betterment. Hopefully, that will happen. Often, the pendulum swings back to the middle after a while, and I believe more and more people are recognizing these problems. Happy New Year to you and yours!

First time I read your
Blog. Having seen your home in the post gazette this morning I thought “who are these people?” So I went to Google of course and found the blog You are a woman after my own heart I agree with all your thoughts and opinions. Right on Sister! Enjoy your new life in Erie.

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