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Hi there, , hope this finds you doing well as 2022 gets underway. I am going to remain hopeful that 2022 is going to be a much better year as it rolls on,  and will end with a bang!  Continuing on with a subject that is consistently beautiful…..kitchens!

The kitchen series I started seems to be one that everyone really enjoys,  I mean does looking at gorgeous kitchens ever get old? Not in my opinion! I like to include a variety of kitchens with interesting features while keeping a timeless classic theme alive. A kitchen, in my opinion, is far too expensive a room to go too trendy in. I am all about a classically beautiful kitchen. So here is my take on different variations of those types of kitchens.

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My favorite kind of kitchen- one that will stand the test of time. The classic white cabinets, subway tile, European range, metal grill cabinets are all so classic and timeless, Kitchen Lab

Navy cabinets done right!

Beauty and charm comes in all shapes an sizes, this is a small kitchen but oozes elegance and character, Sarah Bartholomew

Love the classic elements here, white cabinets, subway tile, black range, all gorgeous! Amie Corley

I like the look of a double bench but not sure how practical it is? Like the pops of blue, ,Krista Watterworth

I love seeing sconces in a kitchen, think it gives it extra warmth and character, Studio Entourage

I love nothing more if you can swing it, then a huge wall of windows…let the light flood in!  Plus love that they were able to add small sconces for extra ambiance, Cameron Interiors

This is one gorgeous hood and I just love the combination of colors and materials here, stunning! Leo Designs

Thoughts on lining the inside of cabinets with paper? I would personally be reluctant but think this makes a compelling argument! Liz Caan

Think the elements in this lovely kitchen are so pretty, always like seeing wall/backsplash tile going all the way up to the ceiling, Factor Building

Thoughts on open shelving? They elevated it with this decorative tile, Pine Bay Collective

Whenever and if ever I build another kitchen,I will absolutely build a similar cabinet where all my appliances can be conveniently accessed but hidden to keep things neat and tidy, love this idea Amy Sklar

Gorgeous painted gray cabinets makes for such a soothing space, Collins

Love this idea, and remembering it. Wide enough storage for pans…Kitchen Lab

I have never seen a hood mounted on a wall of windows like this, fascinating! Studio Entourage

I like this idea for storage with several retractable drawers, Thomas Fine Furniture

Definitely something about an all white kitchen that speaks to me, Kitchen Lab

Love everything about this and a touch of color via the gorgeous range is a home run, Liz Caan

Clever for large amounts of dog food, a large pull out bin! BHG

Lucky little pooch! This is quite fabulous, love that wall of windows, Bria Hammell

Thoughts on an open ended island? I like it but am always feeling like I am missing out on more storage (you can never have enough in my opinion)!  Beautiful kitchen by Lauren Leonard

Thought on mixing woods, painted with natural woods? I like it when done well, Christopher Patrick Designs


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Wow, so much to love here. Have a favorite? I am torn between three or four of them. I love seeing great storage options, because a kitchen that not only looks pretty but functions well is the ultimate kitchen in my book!

Would love to know what your ultimate kitchen would look like? What are your must have’s?

Thanks for stopping by, until next time….

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Rose on

If I ever get to do another kitchen, I will have more drawers than cabinets, especially under the counter. Drawers are so much easier to access than cabinets. As I get older, I wish I had them now.

Ann on

Love 💗 your collection of beautiful kitchens. It doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

Philip on

Yes, Rose , more drawers and pull outs. Love the all white, classic kitchens, Tina!
Planning on painting cabinetry ALL white to go along with my white subway tile, next big project.
Thank you,

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Definitely put in a cabinet with shelving for your small appliances. Out of sight, your counters are clear of clutter. A friend of mine got rid of her broom closet and put in shelves and voila a small appliance cupboard. This was ideal for her. It was a great idea. 👍

Patti on

I just finished building my kitchen and by far my favourite element is my massive walk-in pantry. Surprisingly to many, it does not house food! Instead it is a wonderful home to a hidden second refrigerator, floor to ceiling shelves for my massive cookbook collection, a conservatory window for growing herbs and varying heights of shelving for copper pots, mason jars, white serving dishes, bakeware, cake plates and oils & vinegars. There’s a long butcher block counter beneath the window for a charming lamp and extra serving space should I need it. I put a slotted cupboard above the fridge for my cookie sheets and platters which I enjoy so much. The cabinetry is a pale grey which differs from my white cabinetry in the kitchen and provides a warm glow at night. My canned goods, pasta etc are kept in rollout shelves in my kitchen similar to the ones shown above. I installed a glass barn door to my pantry so I can look at it beautifully lit and cozy while I work in the kitchen. Everyone says it’s their favourite room in the house! I even put a chair inside to enjoy a glass of wine and read my cookbooks!

Sandy on

Great post! And yes I totally agree about storage. No one ever said “I have too much storage!”

Ms. Tracey on

Navy kitchen cabinets were lovely. I agree with the classic timeless kitchen.

Teri on

I love my all white cabinets but also love contrast so they stand out. A black stove and hood creates such beautiful drama and elegance. The black and white also showcases my blue and white pieces beautifully. I added sconces beside the kitchen window but would never have near the stove unless I wanted to change out shades often. My new large island has only drawers this go around. They are an older persons dream.
Patti who described her new walk in pantry room sounds absolutely awesome. Wish I had the room.

Eve Melia on

Always love a white kitchen – but no open shelves for me – I try to limit dust collectors!!

Kim Whitaker-Barnett on

Love elements of all these kitchens!
Patti… would love to see pictures of your space, it sounds Devine! We are just beginning a build in March and I have a large walk in pantry, just trying to work out configuration now so looking for ideas😊. I to, have a large cookbook collection that I am hoping to house in there.

Norina on

Beautiful kitchens, if you like that antiseptic look. For my taste, even though I’m not a “loud color crazy ” person, I like more warmth and color in the kitchen. The all white look does nothing for me.

Jacqueline on

I love the idea of drawers. We live in a home built in 1927 and the kitchen is original – no updates other than a new refrigerator and AGA range. My storage is so limited and the cabinets difficult to navigate. When the time comes to make changes I’ll be all about drawers!

Jo Shafer on

Shiny cobalt blue cabinetry! My kitchen already has onyx counter tops and ivory tiling, French blue kettle on stainless stove top. I would change the hood to a taller one than the squatty-looking thing we have, and add blue seat cushions with ties for the kitchen chairs.

: on

QUESTION: Where do you all put your dish draining racks? Mine is too large to fit down inside the sink (double sink), so I keep it on a stainless tray beside the sink. Works, practically, but not aesthetic. I’m trying to declutter the counter.

sheryl on

Love to look at all these design ideas!

EDR on

Your blog is lovely and the design inspiration is always enjoyable! However, photo #15 in which the stove is placed right up against a wall of windows seems totally impractical. The glass would need constant cleaning due to becoming splattered and streaked from cooking, unless, of course, no real cooking is ever done. I prefer a window by a sink.
Cheers and happy new year!

Donna De on

My laundry room is just off the kitchen. It’s much more in that it has granite covering the washer and dryer and a built in desk with cabinets all around and a stainless sink and small closet. I keep my coffee Nespresso, air fryer and electric tea kettle in there as well. A doggie door too. It’s the most useful room in the house! All the dog food and records are there along with their toys and bathing needs as well and two windows. I don’t like having appliances on my kitchen counters so this is like having a second kitchen. I wish it were bigger so I could keep an ironing board and sewing machine out all the time.

Louise Gorham on

Never tire of perusing these gorgeous kitchens! I dream on.

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