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Hello there!  Who is feeling ready to say hello to 2022 with a new porcelain piece or two? I am always ready!  Forewarning- you will want to sit down and take a bit of break for this. There is a lot to take in here and I promise you will not regret it:)  One thing that has me very excited for the new year is getting in this most sensational container of porcelain.

This is our biggest container to date and what a way to start the new year! This container is arriving to our warehouse this Friday or next Monday so this is almost instant gratification. Which means in less than 10-12 days these beauties will be on their way to you!  So many exquisite new pieces plus a return of things we have been waiting on for several looooong months.

Many amazing pieces for the porcelain collector or if you are just starting out,  we have an incredible selection from which to choose. Something for everyone here.  We are also adding many new pieces which I think you will love.

If you are new to these sales, please read over the rules prior to ordering

  • There are only 2 ways to order- email or call 800-804-9565 (office hours 9-5 EST) or email
  • IF EMAILING YOU ORDER- Only email to (please only use this email) – you must include your name, address, phone number, item number(s) and size or color if applies
  • Once we get your email request we will send you an invoice that can be paid online
  • All sent invoices are due within 12 hours
  • Subject to availability, sorry no rainchecks
  • This sale is on for 4 days and ends Friday at 6pm
  • Shipping is extra and these are final sale
  • Very large items or orders with multiple pieces will be charged shipping at time of shipment
  • These is a presale order- this shipment is due here end of Feb.
  • Some can be shipped internationally. Please email for a ship quote
  • Every order over $600 will receive an additional 10% off
  • Wholesale? If you are retailer and have a tax ID you can sign up for a wholesale account by clicking here or emailing
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565


And here we go, I tried to include some lifestyle shots for reference as those are always super helpful. Enjoy….

ITEM 1 Yes, they are finally almost here!! These LONG  awaited large pastel ginger jars were a big hit and have been on reorder for several months. Thrilled they will be back in just a few days. These have been lightly antiqued and feature the larger chunkier ginger jar body that makes these so attractive, complete with a foo dog lid.

Measures 19.75″ tall


specify color when ordering, pale blue, pale green or pale pink

ITEM 2 And another fan favorite…….the incredible Ralph vase is finally coming back also. Absolutely love these vases, such beautiful and intricate detailing offered in two sizes. I love putting two of the large on a mantle, filling them with seasonal branches, flowers, blossoms, etc….super elegant. This is one spectacular fluted vase that is as beautiful with flowers as it is big willowy branches.

Small measures 11″ tall $85.00

Medium measures 16″ $115.00

ITEM 3 Our popular sitting emperors will be here in just a few days, these always sell out and for good reason. These beautiful statues are gorgeous placed together or you can separate them.

Measures 11.5″ x 5″

Set of 3 $140.00

ITEM 4 NEW! Thrilled to offer your our much anticipated fabulous pierced white bowl in two sizes. This exquisite piece is beautiful for a centerpiece or filled with flowers. Features a beautiful basket weave pattern on border with pierced detailing, so elegant. Offered in two sizes!

Medium 10″ round $75.00

Large 12″ round  $85.00

ITEM 5 NEW! In love with this new style garden seat. Such a beauty! Elegant and very detailed bird and floral scenic design. Can’t wait to bring two home, know just where they are going, a big fan of this shape, and love the delicate cutouts. So fabulous!

Measures 17,5″ x 11″



ITEM 6 Our very popular chunky jar series is being fully restocked in all styles. This is a beautiful jar, which has been antiqued, beautiful as a pair or mix them up. These are stunning as a pair or used individually with an existing porcelain collection/vignette. Beautifully antiqued and fabulous shape complete with charming foo dog lid.

Measures 18″ tall

Specify style, lotus, dragon, open field or phoenix

$180 each or $350 for a pair


Open Field



ITEM 7 Our best selling large pieced scalloped planters are coming back! You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful planter, the detailing is sensational.. Beautiful for orchids, flowers, plants, ferns, etc….a real showstopper. Offered in two shapes, round and rectangular/oval.

Round scalloped 14″ round by 8.5″ tall $220.00

Rectangular scallo9ped 14.5″ across by 8.5″ tall $225.00

Round scalloped-

Rectangular scalloped-

ITEM 8 Only getting about 12 of these best selling grand pagodas, so if you are one of those who has been waiting, here is your acne. This is grand with a capital G. The beauty of these tall pagodas as they are actually two in one. You can take the top part off and use as a small pagoda. Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. If you  know what these sell for, you will recognize the amazing value here!

Measures 47 ” tall

$545.00 each or a pair for $1040.00

ITEM 9 Our wonderful  best selling small tulip vase is finally coming back! One of my personal favorites, this is the perfect sized vase for your weekly market flowers.Great tulip shape.

Measures 10″ tall


ITEM 10 NEW! TWO SIZES. Stunning antiqued large and medium bird flat top. A beautiful jar to add to an existing vignette or start a new one! Two sizes so more to love.

Now two sizes!

Medium 9″ $80.00

Large 11″ $105.00

ITEM 11 NEW! Getting in a beautiful assortment of stunning pierced dishes/bowls this shipment. This beauty is a scalloped, pierced bowl. Ideal for display or serving. A stunner.

Measures 10″ round


ITEM 12 NEW! Another variation is this elegant footed bowl which is also pierced and comes in 2 sizes. Fabulous display piece, could also see it with candies or berries.

Small 8″ $48.00

Medium 10″ $60.00

Large 12″ $75.00

ITEM 13 NEW! Love this stylish double happiness flat top jar. Beautiful tones of blue, ideal as a pair or used solo with an existing ginger jar collection, this one is a beauty!

Measures 9″ x 8.5

ITEM 14 Our stunning bird flat top jar is back, very limited quantities (the rest will be in our next container). This is another  customer favorite , a real standout complete with a darling foo dog lid.

Measures 20″ tall

$195.00 each

ITEM 15 FINALLY getting our trellis and floral bowl back in! Waited such a long for these. We are only getting half of our allotment this container, rest will be in the next tone. This is a beautiful centerpiece bowl, also makes a great vessel for an orchid arrangement.

Measures 12″ x 6.5″


ITEM 16 Our beautiful trellis and floral garden seat remains one of my all time favorites. Love the detailing and the beautiful tones of blues. I have three of these in my own home which I am constantly moving around:)

Measures 18″ tall


ITEM 17 Very limited numbers of this item. This beautiful large fishbowl is back for those who have been waiting! Such a fabulous piece, love this bird and floral design hand painted in these gorgeous  panels on both front and back.

Measures 20″ x 17″


ITEM 18 Two of our most popular straight fishbowls are coming in, in both of these fabulous styles. The figurine or the floral.  Just waiting to be planted! One of my all time favorites because everything looks good in these:)

Measures 17.5″ tall

$230.00 specify figurine or floral

ITEM 19 NEW!  So excited that we are getting these back in stock!  Our third shipment of the best selling dinner sized Lily of the Valley Carolyne Roehm dinnerware is coming back! These as many of you know, go really fast so don’t wait too long if you have been waiting. Such an elegant service.

Dinner plate 11″ round-

4 plates for $75.00

8 plates for $135.00

12 plates for $195.00

A single plate $22.00

Salad plate 8.75″ octagonal

4 plates for $65.00

8 plates for $130.00

12 plates for $180.00

A single plate- $18.00

specify blue or green when ordering

With purchase of the C.Roehm plates only we are offering our 13.5″ pierced white charger *which many use with these at a special prcie

$45.00 each

4 for $170.00

8 for $330.00

12 for $430.00

ITEM 20 Stunning pierced scalloped bowl. Ideal for display or fill it with your favorite candies, or nuts! So elegant, great hostess gift idea too. 2 sizes. Such beautiful pierced detailing, very delicate looking.

Med measures 10″ round. $55.00

Large measures 13″ round $70.00

ITEM 21 NEW! How stunning are these blue and white pierced bowls. I love them for candies, berries, nuts, or just a beautiful display piece. Love all three placed togehter!

Three sizes

small measures 8″ $45.00

Medium measures 10″ $55.00

Large measure 12″. $65.00

ITEM 22  Getting our gorgeous village scene fishbowl back in after being sold out a while. Cannot wait, these are so perfect for large scaled trees, boxwood balls, big hydrangea plants int he summer, endless number of possibilities! Indoors or out, these are magnificent!

Measures 18″ x 18″


ITEM 23 One of my all time favorites is finally coming back. This incredible large scaled chink pheasant jar is a standout. Beautiful handpicked and lightly antiqued. Such a regal looking ginger jar.

Stands 22″ x 14″

$180.00 or a pair for $350.00

ITEM 24 It’s back! Our best selling extra large village scene bowl is back, these sell out fast. Sensation as a centerpiece bowl you can fill it with flowers, fruit or just about anything you designer!

Measures 16″ round


ITEM 25 Our fabulous and very chic Mimi vase is back. Offered in med and large. Just a beautiful tulip shape for your favorite flowers. This is such an elegant vase with the delicate fluted shape and fine detailing. A really lovely and delicate vase. These work well on mantles too.

Medium measures 10.5″ x 6.5″ at it’s widest point $80.00

Large measures 13.5″ x 7″ at its widest point $95.00

ITEM 26 Our  large pretty cherry blossom jars are coming back. Very limited quantities. A really regal jar! Beautiful cherry blossom design is hand painted on entire body of antiqued jar with foo dog lid.

Stands 20″ tall

$190.00 each

ITEM 27 Darling solid white pagodas are finally arriving! Measures 8″. These also make very stylish little bookends!

Pair $45.00

Measures approx 3.75″ x 7″

ITEM 28 This fabulous navy cherry blossom jar is finally coming back after waiting for many months! Such a striking jar, a real standout and a beautiful piece to mix and match with existing porcelains. Really fine quality.

Measures 13″ x 9,5″


ITEM 29 The regal tall standing emperors sell out regularly for a reason, they are just so elegant and work everywhere. Used together or separated an used to fill in to existing vignettes. These smiling emperors are charming!

Measures 17″ x 6′

$135.00 for the set of three

ITEM 30 This fabulous square scalloped ginger jar is a newer addition and has become a customer favorite. Love the detailing with the little accented lid and “handles” that grace all four sides. This is a great mantle jar due to the shallow depth.

Measures 13″ x 5.5″


ITEM 31 Everyone’s  favorite small vase is coming back. This stylish double happiness vase with two “handles” is the kind of vase you will fill weekly with your market flowers. Perfect size, great little hostess gift too.

Measures 9″ x 4.5″


ITEM 32 NEW! You want GRAND jars? Here you go! What could be better than our chunky jar series ginger jars? Bigger versions of them! Yes, the dragon and  0pen field are now available in an extra large size! These are simply spectacular and have the wow factor. I will definitely be taking two of these home:)

Measures a grand 24″ tall

$245.00 each or $475.00 for a pair

Open field


ITEM 33 NEW! Just love this solid white antiqued light crackle  ginger jar with foo dog lid. A really striking piece and the extra large size makes this s standout. This is lightly antiqued, features the chunky body style that so many like and a charming foo dog lid.

Extra large jar measures 22″ tall

$170.00 each. or a pair for $330.00

ITEM 34 Getting back our super stylish bamboo handled blue and white ice bucket/wine chiller. This is a must have for any entertainer/hostess. I use mine year round and adore it. Use without handle as a pretty planter!

Measure  10″ x 9.5″ (bamboo handle is removable)


ITEM 35 This is my all time favorite smaller/midsize fishbowl. I adore this piece, for the beautiful detailing and scenery. The tones of blues are gorgeous and this looks fabulous with a tall topiary, a big flowering hydrangea bush or an oversized boxwood. Indoors or out and not so heavy that you can’t do it yourself! I use mine inside and out.

Measures 15″ x 15.5″



We are giving away one of our fabulous double happiness vases to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment on this post telling us your most favorite item or two. We will select a winner on Sunday so be sure to check back!


Simply call or email your order in-


Please, if ordering via email use this format below (we cannot send you an invoice without ALL this info)


Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day. If you like someone, really like them- then tell them about our sale. It is something any blue and white lover wouldn’t want to miss! Until next time……

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Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

Tina you have so many new and beautiful pieces. I love the bamboo handled chilled, the double happiness jars and the garden benches. Happy New Year!

Todd Smith on

This giveaway is my favorite in this group of sale items! Nice!

Deb R on

I Love the new shape of the garden seat and the pierced blue & white bowls are so exquisite, I cannot pick a favorite!

Marguerite on

Its so hard to pick a favorite but the little white pagodas are so wonderful , I’d always want to keep 2 on my dining table with a beautiful bowl in between, or even on my desk.

Deborah B Sorgi on

My favorite is ITEM 21 the new blue and white pierced bowls. They are so elegant! Love that they are available in different sizes.

Eve on

Everything on this post is eye-candy! Love the sitting Emperors and the ice bucket/wine cooler.

Elizabeth Croft on

Seriously loving everything esp the Ralph vase

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So many beautiful things in one place!

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I love the straight fishbowls, so beautiful

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Love the sitting and standing emperors!

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How could one ever choose a favorite!!! But, my eyes keep going back to the gorgeous trellis and floral bowl. Wow!!

Anita Morgan on

I’ve been waiting for the Ralph vase to return. You can’t have too many of your vases as evidenced by the photos of your home and customer photos. This one will definitely add to my collection. 💙🤍

Jennifer on

Happy New Year Tina!!!
Beautiful options as aways 🙂
I have my eye on that cute ice bucket with bamboo handle.

Regina on

I’m loving the Ralph vase. So elegant!

Donna Byers on

Oh my such a task to pick a favorite! The mid-sized fishbowl (Item #35) is definitely calling to me as I can picture it as the base for my small pencil blue and white chinoiserie Christmas tree in the master bedroom! But I do keep coming back to the exquisite large pastel ginger jars (Item #1) and the way you have displayed them in the picture with the hydrangeas, roses and tulips! Just feels like spring!

Jill Hendrickson on

If I had to choose just one of your porcelain pieces, it would be the white antiqued light crackle ginger jar with foo dog lid. It reminds me of our trip to China in 2007. What a great gift! Stay healthy and happy.

Donna on

Such lovely items! My favorites are the navy cherry blossom jar and the square scalloped ginger jar.

Linda Dunn on

Love the shape of item 5, garden seat! Quite stunning!

Patricia Cermak on

I am in love with every piece of porcelin but my favorite is the extra large village scene bowl. It would look stunning on my dining room buffet! The antiqued bird flat top jars could be used in so many ways as well!

Dianne Kropp on

What a beautiful assortment! The emperors are on my radar, as well as the pretty vases. Decisions! Decisions!

Mary on

This is an a beautiful collection of porcelain. I have to say the Grand Pagoda is quite amazing in its’ detail.

joyce Hartmann on

You really expect me to narrow it down?? Impossible, I love it all but the emperors and tulipierre are standouts. thank you for bringing beauty into my life

Philip on

Love the Ralph vases and the large town display bowl for the center of my dining table.
Of course, would enjoy winning anything from your beautiful artwork!
Take care.
Have a Wonderful Day,

Janet Masterson on

So many lovelies to choose from…….I too love the new garden seat and the elegance of the white pierced pedestal bowl……..the perfect spot awaits her!

Kelly Avant on

Oh my goodness! So hard to choose one or two items! All so gorgeous!
Would have to go with your fishbowl/planters as my first and the mantle jars as my second. They’re just amazingly gorgeous pieces that I really need to go ahead and invest in.
The vases are ALL outstanding!
Keep up your incredible work! The BEST!

Kathy Faragalli on

I love them all, but the garden seat is a favorite. I can be used in so many situations. You can’t have too many. A strong second is the towering pagoda! Holy cow is it spectacular.

Kathryn M on

Everything is Beautiful! It would be difficult to choose a favorite. The sitting Emperors stood out for me, I didn’t realize they were sitting on garden stools. The life style shots definitely show the pieces off.

Liz on

Oh, Tina. The garden stool #5 is gorgeous!! So many pretty choices.

laura on

oh my gosh, I love the ice bucket planter – I might need one for my orchids! I also love the little pagoda bookends. so unique!

Deborah C Johnson on

I love all the pierced bowls! Can’t decide which one!

Betty Sue Newton on

What “eye popping” beauty! Prettiest yet! I do have favorites:
antiqued jars, white pagodas and bamboo handle ice bucket!

Suzanne on

I live item 34 with the removable handle…that feature makes it a relly versatile piece!

Blake Black on

Love love the case you are giving away! Would love to win !😍🤞

Megan on

I love this container- especially the variation of your new garden seat and your straight fishbowls!

Ann on

Oh, so many beauties to choose from! I especially love the seated emperors, large planters and the dragon ginger jar. Happy your big shipment finally arrived!

Lorraine Hutchinson on

I’m thinking that a. And loan would insure that all these beautiful things would be mine
If only
Wishful thinking But maybe one or two

Marianne Lille on

Everything is wonderful! Right now… I am going to purchase several footed bowls for gift,s and for myself, as there are so many wonderful applications throughout the year … winter greens, spring narcissus, autumn gourds, summer fruit… Love! Love! Love!

Anne Nelson Morck on

I think this may be your most beautiful collection of porcelain ever! As I scrolled through I kept noting things that might be my favorite, and in the end, they all were! The new garden stools are beautiful and the shape is so unusual.

Colleen on

Just adore that bamboo handled wine chiller!

Elissa Cron on

It’s starting to look a lot like SPRING! Hooray!! What a vast and beautiful variety of goodies! Love all of the new pierced bowls , just stunning!! Also the garden seat with cut outs!! Just wow!!

RicMil on

So happy to see the pierced white pedestal bowls in stock and just ordered the large. Yours always look so lovely with the magnolia leaves in them.

Laurie King on

Hi, Tina. I love the dishes you have in this grouping. Also, the Happiness jar! 😉 I’ve been collecting since I was in high school and now I am a Grandmother! Long time loving blue and white! Love this collection!

Louise Gorham on

My two favorite items are # 30 and 31! Am pondering…
The entire collection is fabulous…certainly know why you are so excited to receive it!
Will peruse the collection often. Thank you.

Jordan Welch on

All of the pieces are absolutely exquisite!! The large pastel ginger jars and large cherry blossom ginger jars are gorgeous and perfect with the flower arrangements. And I also just love the little double happiness vases!

Francine W on

Just a beautiful collection! The pastel ginger jars and large fishbowls would look fabulous in my home.

Mel on

I may be missing something but why do I see some photos with the C. Roehm salad plates with a butterfly and some do not? Thanks

Carol on

Hi, I LOVE all your items. It’s hard to pick my favorites. The Mimi vase and pierced bowl are today’s favorite. Also love the double happiness vase!

Andee on

You did a beautiful job of displaying the porcelains with your flower arrangements. I will always love the “antiqued” jars and the fabulous dragon as it is all so imperfect.

Sue Yuditsky on

While everything is just beautiful, I love the Ralph vase. I would really like two of them to use on my mantle!

Kathy Chandler on

Everything is so beautiful, as usual! I really love the little bamboo handled ice bucket, so very special and can have many uses.

Carol on

I love the ice bucket!

Debbie on

You aren’t kidding! So many wonderful porcelain pieces! I adore the extra large village scene bowl, the straight side planters, and the Carolyne Roehm round green Lilly plates. Need to find some space!!! All really special pieces.

ShawnaLea Burnett on

The garden stools are so very versatile.also love the ice buckets with the wooden handle.

Cindy on

The PHEASANT jars are scrumptious!

Susan Kayden on

Hard to choose just one favorite, but I love the chic bamboo handled ice bucket.

Fanny on

You were so right! There are many wonderful porcelains to choose from. It’s so difficult with so many beautiful things. But, I must pace myself! As I narrow down the choices, I always ponder their perfect setting in my home. I’ve been searching for the Happiness jars so a pair is on my list, as well; to complete a set of 12 of the Carolyne Roehm dinner and salad plate. It is perfect, that I can purchase 4 of each. But frankly there are 4 others that I’m over the moon about too. Happy New Year!

Amy on

Trellis and floral garden seat😍

Linda Owens on

I love the straight fishbowls and the cherry blossom jar.

Victoria Taylert on

Just WOW!! I am blown away at the selection of porcelain items! It would be a difficult task to choose just one or two, what my budget would allow. They are all so beautiful!

Sandy W on

Well, it’s certainly hard to pick just a favorite from all these lovely pieces, but I really like the green lily of valley plates with the white chargers.

Janet on

The pale pink pastel ginger jars are breathtaking and would be gorgeous on a Spring mantel. The frigid temperatures of the Midwest have just become more bearable after seeing all of these beautiful pieces!

Meredith B on

So many goodies, but hands down, my all-time favorite is #23 the pheasant ginger jar. Just beautiful. A pair of those is on my wish list!

AFN on

So many beautiful pieces. I particularly like the square scalloped ginger jar, the pierced scalloped bowl, the blue and white pierced bowl with handle, plus the pierced footed bowl. Guess I’m into pierced in this selection. So many new and unique pieces. Thank you Tina. You are so clever.

Kim M on

Everything is so pretty. I love anything with birds on them and think the emperors might have to come live with me, too. Love the new plates. The butterflies add an extra touch!

Linda Beth on

The square scalloped ginger jars are so unique. Really special!

Susan Millen on

I love all the new items, especially the white pierced bowl – stunning!

Cindy Strong on

So many beautiful pieces – it’s hard to choose !

Sandra C on

The village scene fishbowl with a glass top would make a perfect table inside or out.

ReneP. on

I am still in love with my two Ralph vases, so classic and beautiful! But I must add just how pretty the Mimi vase is!!

sabrina Morgan on

What’s NOT to love! It’s all so beautiful! Any piece would be a welcome addition to my collection, but I am partial to dragons!!

Marilyn on

Love, love, love the tall pagodas especially since they can be taken apart. Such a useful idea and so versatile. I can see it go from mantle to a garden party to a lovely antique credenza. Enjoyed ALL of your items. One of each please!!!!! Lol

Jo Shafer on

My all-time favorite blue-and-white porcelain remains Item 7, the scalloped planters, both the round and rectangular shapes. Even without anything in them, they are stunning pieces incorporated within a bookcase in my home library.

Alissa S. on

I love the shape of the new garden stool, and the fishbowls are so gorgeous! Also, I may need to save this email and copy your pink and white floral arrangements in blue and white vases.. They are just perfect for Valentine’s a day!

Cheri Howard on

Love love love all the beautiful pieces.
I especially love the round planter!

Marcia Moorhead on

Love the mid size fishbowls and anything with a dragon 🐉 on it.

Barbara on

I love item # 34 for its function and versatility. Also love # 32 with the dragon.

Kelby Copeland on

I absolutely LOVE the two large scalloped planters, the bird flag tops, the village scene bowl, and all of the fishbowls! I am getting married October 22 of this year and all of our decor is blue and white chinoiserie! Absolutely obsessed with it all!

Mary Flaherty on

The Carolyn Roehm dinner, salad and charger plates are amazing…..prettiest set I have seen in a long time!

Carmen on

So hard to choose! The sitting emperors on their garden stools are calling my name.

Carolyn Blodgett on

Do I love blue and white? Just ask me!
What a lovely selection of everything pretty.

KAB on

I’m addicted. LOVE everything and placing order now. Love the grand jars!!

Bobbi on

The Ralph vase and the straight fishbowl are my two favorites.

Susan S on

Tina, a wonderful container sale. Loving the 3 different sizes of the blue and white pierced bowls with handles! Also the Mimi vases are stunning. So chic!

Marilyn on

The garden benches are lovely.

Ann on

My favorite item(s) would be the C.Roehm round blue and green plates. Lily of the valley motifs are so rare and these are stunning.

Marsha Natkins on

Again how can one choose?
I love that you have pictures that show how the items could be used.
Here in Illinois we are in a deep freeze but with my newly finished sun room the garden stool #16 and the ice bucket #34 would lend some cheer for winter entertaining.
Happy New Year and thank you for the inspiration!

Julie P on

#14 is my favorite. I love the shape of the jar, the motif, and the foo dog topper.

Sherry B on

The large cherry blossom ginger jar! Beautiful!

Requi on

Wow, this porcelain sale is a stunner. So many favorites.

Rochelle on

I love the tall pagodas–they are so striking

Patti S on

The Ralph vase, the cherry blossom ginger jars and the ice bucket – all favorites!

Marge on

Still loving the garden stool!

cheryl p on

Wow what a selection! I love the new extra large jars and always the Ralph vase, so pretty! Thanks for the opportunity to win the happiness vase!

Cindy G on

Love EVERYTHING! I’ve long thought two of your standing emperors would make lovely bedroom lamps in the master bedroom.
That will be my next project! Thank you for all the beauty you bring into our lives!

Peggy Patterson on

Item #24 extra large bowl is my favorite. I had to go back three times to determine this fav. Love all of these.

Kim on

Just getting into the blue! Late as usual, but can’t get enough! My favorite is the more antiqued finish pieces.

Vicki Wells on

Those monogramed napkins are gorgeous! Are you selling them?

Tiffany Groscost on

Any of the fishbowls! Amazing as planters!

Angie on

I’m in love with all of the ginger jars-just trying to pick my favorite and so far the beautiful birds are in 1st place!

L Herzog on

My favorite is #18, the beautiful floral fish bowl!

Joan Brogan on

Beautiful pieces! My favorite the round scalloped planter! Fabulous with flowers as a centerpiece!

Ann Baker on

I’m drawn to the Dragon Grand Jar. Loving the foo dog on top and the antiqued finish.

Jennifer on

I love the number 30 mantle jar, a wonderful size and shape, also the number 35 fishbowl is a classic. I need both!

Katie McGrail on

Love the white pagodas… and everything else!

Kay D on

You hit it out of the park with everything on this list! I love it all! The pierced bowl pieces are gorgeous and would make a lovely display.

Rachael W on

The blue and white pierced bowls are just stunning!!!! LOVE!!!!

Maureen Winchell on

So very many things to love here but the sitting emperors stole my heart!

Victoria Johnson Abshire on

Oh my goodness – so many amazing items I don’t know how to choose a favorite…!!! I LOVE the pastel ginger jars.. but also the rectangular scalloped bowl! It’s all beautiful!

Ellen Graham on

My two favorite pieces are the Ralph vase and the bamboo handled ice bucket.

Susan Spencer on

I’d like to purchase one of the large 16 inch bowls, How do I do that?

Juawanna Schuller on

The straight fishbowl is so versatile-I think I’ll need 2!!

Susan PM on

I love the 16″ centerpiece Village bowl and the large-scaled chink pheasant jar

gigi on

Everything is absolutely wonderful! The regal emperors both sitting and standing are my favorite and the grand pagodas….AMAZING!!!

Mary Lu on

LOVE the vases…all sizes! Next on my wish list.

Robin on

Tina, love all the porcelains – just gorgeous! I especially love the new bird and floral garden seat with the cutouts! Wow – so pretty, I just had to order two of those! Can’t wait to see. on

I love them all I have several ginger jars but love the plates & small vases on

Those Ralph vases are beyond beautiful!!! Also loving the straight sided fishbowls!!😍😍

Julia P on

LOVE the garden seats! I have been looking for one for some time and keep admiring your selection on the website, but think the one in this sale is spectacular.

Joyce on

The beautiful extra large village scene bowl is so versatile. It is very nice! Love it!!!
Thanks Tina!

Ann Fuller on

Love everything! Hoping to be declared a WINNER!

Robin Loving on

I absolutely love the blue and white garden stool with the unusual shape and the cutouts. Perfect for beside a chai or out on the patio.

Laura Colvin on

Yay, love a giveaway!!! Love it all but today I’m swooning for the ice bucket/ chiller and the cherry blossom jars for spring of course! Dreaming of adding them all to my little collection!

Diane McCord on

I love the smaller/midsize fishbowl.

Pam on

Absolutely adore the pheasant jars! So regal!

Holly W on

Beautiful! I love the open field grand jar.

Lady Di on

Love the blue and white ice bucket with the bamboo handle! Cheers!

A Callis on

Absolutely love the shape of the new garden stool. They are indispensable inside and out!

Kim Gay on

I love the fish bowls and the garden seats. I love anything blue and white!

Judith E Orazi on

I love all the fishbowls. They are my favorite! No, wait, the double happiness vases would fit perfectly in several locations. Then there are the pierced bowls…I cannot decide!

Kim Letschin on

Love #14!!! Everything is beautiful though!!

Jane C on

The pastel ginger jars are such show stoppers! A MAZ ING!!!

Pat on

I especially like the emperors. All of the pieces shown are beautiful.

Gail H on

I love the garden seats and the grand pagoda!

Mickey H on

I love the Ralph vases.

Charlene H. on

Fabulous blue and white offerings from you!!!

Elaine Blazys on

That long awaited container was like hitting the chinoiserie Jake Pot! The pastel ginger jars are to die for…. Finding anything in that shade of blue is next to impossible. I am placing an order today. Thank you for all that you do, going the extra mile to offer beautiful products at reasonable prices for all to enjoy. Truly love reading your blogs as well.

Maria on

Love the antiqued jars and the fishbowl containers!!

Sallie Lewis on

I am new to your site and have fallen in love with everything! So grateful I stumbled on your beautiful items! One of my favs is the navy cherry blossom container! Looking forward to more sales to come. I want a large bowl, at least 13 inches wide for my large island. Would love flowers instead of Chinese motifs on the sides. Hope you have one in soon!

Mary Lou Layden on

SOOOOOO many items that I want !!! At this moment I’m thinking I may go for the chunky jars that I’ve been wanting a long time. Love EVERYTHING !!!

Tricia on

I love item 2, the Ralph vase and any of the pierced dishes/bowls. You always have such beautiful items it’s difficult to decide what to buy!!

Christopher S on

The sitting emperors are my favs, but there’s soooo much great stuff here it was hard to just pick one!

Lisa on

It is so hard to choose a favorite. All of your items are so gorgeous. I would have to say the ones I most wish for are the Floral Trellis Bowl and the Navy Cherry Blossom Jar. I may have to treat myself to both of them!

Cheryl on

White pagodas and garden seat are my favorite.

Rachel Colleary on

Can they all be my favorites?!! Spectacular collection. The Mini vases are at the top of my list. They are so sweet.

Tracy on

Oh, my goodness, so many beautiful pieces! One of my favorites is item #7 Rectangular scalloped planter, such an unusual shape and look. I can just see it on my dining room table!

Julie Peek on

I have so many of your brain Lue and white pieces!! My favorite in this grouping is the pheasant jar item 23. So beautiful 😍

Terry P. on

WOWsie 🙂 YAY on the “Sitting Emperor’s”, the RALPH vases and your NEW #5 Garden Stool ! Something is coming home to Momma – LOL

Deborah Cisneros on

Tina, It was a joy to go through this entire catalog of products. I love the new pieces. The sitting emperors and bird flat top jar with the foo dog lid some of my favorites.

Jane Ellis on

Love the cherry blossom jars!

Victoria Wells on

Hello Tina,
I am sending this message just to clarify something in my mind and my daughter’s mind. We submitted the photo of her toddler daughter in white coat and knit cap, turned sideways, looking at the tree with Christmas lights. She was one of the finalists in your photo contest. We were told that she came in 2nd. However when you look at the voting scale, she has more votes than the other photo. Now, we may have been looking at the scale wrong so could you please clarify that for us? Thank you!

Donna on

My most favorite is the Happiness Vase but I wish it was taller. As a result the Ralph vase is another to consider.
I also love the idea of using one as a crock for tools or as a cookie jar. And the fish bowls. And the garden seats. I could go on and on….

Cory on

The pagodas are amazing!! Love it all

Alex on

Lotus ginger jars are so fab!!!

Adrianne on

I hope I didn’t miss the Sunday deadline for this, as the Sunday date wasn’t specified. I’ve always loved blue and white porcelain. Although many here have wonderful collections, I am just starting mine and only have a couple small items. This gorgeous vase would be the centerpiece and a standout in my newly growing collection. Would that I could get them all!

Jennifer on

The ice bucket! 😍😍😍 a favorite item for sure!!!

Paulette T-K on

Dear Tina,
I have adored anything in Blue & White since a wee tiny girl seeing Grace Kelly wearing these colours. A passion has been collecting porcelains in unique patterns. Item 2 – Ralph Vase, and Item 25 Mimi Vase are favorites of mine. Reason being they hold
flowers which are created by God. Consequently, having stunning vessels in our home supporting magnificent arrangements I am always reminded of God’s energy in a most beautiful way. May You & yours enjoy a kind year. Cheers…. PTK

Sandra K on

So many new beautiful items! It is hard to pick a favorite, but I ordered some of the new Pierced bowls.

Holly on

These are fabulous!! Love the bamboo handled ice bucket; it would look so great on a bar or styled on a bar cart. I love the squared scalloped large ginger jar! Such a unique shape and the three sitting emperors are awesome!!

Jacqueline Yevoli on

Love it all!!!! Definitely want the Ralph. Anymore ormolu?

Brooke on

I love the cherry blossom jars. Actually, everything is just fabulous! I’d love to have one of each in my home and it’s hard to choose just one favorite!

lisa long on

I absolutely love my Hurricane candle covers and my blue and white ornaments I purchased from enchanted home. They were packaged so well and I received them in a timely manner. So excited to use them for days and seasons to come.

Sarah Fooshee on

So many beautiful pieces!! I love that trellis bowl and the tulip vases are so perfect!

Caroline on

You are AMAZING! Great pieces make buying decisions difficult. Thanks for adding more beautiful blue and white jars

Robyn Dubinsky on

Not a single item in don’t love! The chunky Lotus jar is amazing and the Ralph vase is just beyond. Wow.

Laura Koning on

Love all the fishbowls!

Amy on

Just gorgeous. I love them all but in particular the phoenix chunky jar.

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